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Quiz takers aren’t the only ones having fun; the best online quiz tools make it engaging for the quiz maker. No, it’s not difficult if you use the right quiz builder software. This article will help you find the best free online quiz maker for your needs.

What Is an Interactive Quiz?

An interactive quiz is outcome-based and allows quiz takers to engage actively with the question sets. The outcome is linked to the student’s response; each result depends on the quiz taker’s answers. 

Online quizzes are highly interactive; users receive instantaneous results in delightful reports and advanced analytics explaining the outcome. 

Interactive quizzes are helpful to educators to assess students’ knowledge of a subject. These types of quizzes can motivate students to engage with the interactive content actively. It can help students get better grades using it as a learning tool and reviewing the material. 

Businesses use interactive quizzes as marketing tools to test customer opinions and as part of their marketing strategy to gather emails and generate leads. Personality tests are based on interactive quizzes.

Why Use Online Quiz Testing Software To Create Online Quizzes For Students?

Online quiz testing software is an excellent tool for teachers to test and assess students online in the hybrid classroom and distance learning. Online assessments allow teachers to test students whether physically present in the class, completing the quiz as a homework assignment, or in an online teaching environment.

Teachers and students save time with the on-demand delivery, and automated enrollment online quiz maker tools provide. Teachers don’t have to mark quizzes or create reports; most online quiz makers create useful reports and take over the administrative tasks.

Taking a digital test is less stressful; the test taker is often in a friendlier environment. Quiz takers can take the test in their preferred language, making it easier to understand the questions and answer. It is an excellent feature for online educators and businesses that assess employees globally. 

Random and customized questions remove the possibility of cheating, and online testing avoids students copying answers from peers. Test results are more accurate. Real-time analytics gives students results immediately, and real-time reports and detailed feedback tell teachers where their kids are struggling and what they’ve mastered. 

Quiz building software creates beautiful quizzes, inspiring quiz takers to engage in completing the quizzes interactively. Most software features allow quiz builders to create quizzes specially designed for their purpose.  

Free Online Quiz Makers Reviewed

Best Online Quiz Makers For Online Tests: Interact

interact logo

Interact is one of the best quiz makers for teachers; it is an all-in-one quiz builder creating various types of quizzes, including personality quizzes, quizzes with multiple question formats, and scored quizzes. With over 800 templates, teachers can create tests, assessment quizzes, or create online exams.

Businesses use Interact as marketing tools to generate leads, embed quizzes on their websites, and integrate with an opt-in form plugin. The fully mobile responsive custom designs and social sharing make Interact one of the best quiz makers for teachers and businesses.

The drag and drop branching logic is a unique feature available in all paid plans from Lite to Pro. The branching logic hides or reveals specific quiz questions to quiz takers based on their answers. Teachers don’t have to create different quizzes for each knowledge level; the same quiz adapts to the students’ performance.

Interact’s free basic plan allows unlimited quizzes, an unlimited number of users, and custom design. The advanced features of the paid plans include email lead capturing, branching logic, and integrations. The Growth and Pro subscriptions also feature custom branding and advanced analytics.

Best Quiz Creator For Quiz Templates: Typeform

typeform logo

Typeform is an intuitive online quiz maker for teachers; you don’t need coding to create fun quizzes and quick surveys. Typeform features various applications to make learning and gathering data fun. Teachers will use all of them to create quizzes: the quiz maker, survey maker, form builder, poll maker, and test maker. The one question at a time format engages students better because it feels more like a conversation than an online test. 

The free quiz maker features unlimited Typeforms but limits the questions to ten per Typeform and ten responses per month. Some of the amazing features available in the free version are the calculator function, numerous templates, embed code for the website, integration with third-party apps, hidden fields, logic jump, and multiple ending screens. 

More than 400 photos and videos in the content library help make engaging quizzes. Custom layouts and themes complement brands and subject themes. The logic jump function asks the right follow-up questions based on the person’s responses and hides the rest.  

If you want more features, you can opt for a paid plan; the basic version is for one user, and the plus and business plans are for 3 and 5 users. Typeform integration supports various platforms, including Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Intercom.

Great Online Quiz Creator For Variety: Quiz Maker

quiz maker

Quiz Maker has over 40 types of questions to create quizzes that enhance a student’s learning experience. There are six quiz types available, and teachers can create new quizzes or use pre-made quizzes. A user-friendly dashboard is easy to use, creating customizable quizzes in three steps.

Quiz takers receive automated certificates based on their scores and grade. Gamifying the quiz allows for timed quizzes, and leaderboards inspire healthy competition. With the integration of third-party tools, teachers can use the interactive Quiz Maker to create courses. Quiz Maker allows custom themes and branding, and businesses use it to capture leads and grow their email lists. 

The free plan limits questions to 10 and 25 responses. The 14-day trial unlocks unlimited questions and responses. The Standard, Premium, and Platinum versions include monthly or yearly subscription options.  

Best Quiz Maker For High School Students: Quizlet

quizlet logo

Quizlet, an educational resource with over 50 million visitors, was created by Andrew Sutherland in 2005. High school, college, and university students use Quizlet to study using flashcards and gamification features. With seven different study modes, students easily find a style that suits their way of learning. 

Interactive quizzes and gamification features keep students engaged. Teachers can create a quiz from scratch or use the over 500 million study sets created by students and teachers. Predictive text and image-matching features help teachers create awesome lesson materials for their classes. 

Vetted experts created the GCSE Resource Centre based on exam board specifications. These ready-to-use quizzes, flashcards, and games covering 24 GCSE subjects are ideal supplemental learning material. 

Quizlet is free, but QuizletPlus, with a free 30-day trial, offers advanced features to create better quizzes, customized live games, and receive more in-depth class progress reports.  

Best Quiz Makers For Personality Quizzes: ProProfs Quiz Maker

proprofs quiz maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a powerful online quiz software tool for teachers. The creation software has a drag-and-drop interface to build assessment quizzes and online exams to score or grade students. Companies will find personality quizzes helpful in assessing the perfect job for an employee.

The quiz builder features ten types of question types to create quizzes, opinion surveys, and polls. With over 100 quiz templates and more than 100,000 ready-to-use questions, teachers don’t have to start from scratch in building a quiz.  

The free plan covers almost everything to create quizzes. You need to subscribe to a premium plan for advanced features, including detailed reports, branding, cloud storage, email integrations, automatic grading, security settings, and to sell quizzes.

Best Online Quiz Makers For LMS: EdApp Rapid Refresh

ed app logo

The free learning management system EdApp features a powerful online quiz maker Rapid Refresh. Teachers can use the quizzes to reinforce learning engagingly, and businesses use the reinforcement quizzes for onboarding, training, and meetings. 

The quiz maker Rapid Refresh helps teachers assess their students’ understanding of course material, knowledge retention, and identifying a knowledge gap to reinforce content. Build a quiz using the easy-to-complete spreadsheet. 

Teachers can time the delivery of the quizzes in bite chunks or deliver the entire quiz at once using EdApp’s microlearning templates. The EdApp notifications, gamification, and leaderboards functions are available in the quiz maker.

Best Classic Online Test Makers For Vocabulary: Vocab Test

vocab test logo

Vocab Test, a traditional online service for vocabulary testing, features a quiz creator to test students’ vocabulary. The question types focus on vocabulary quizzes, tests, and games. 

Students can create a quiz based on the new words they want to master, and the teacher can build practice tests to prepare students for exams. 

Although an online tool is great for digital learning, teachers can create printable tests for use in their classes. 

Great Quiz Maker For Question Types: FreeOnlineSurveys.Com

free online surveys logo is a free, quick, and easy quiz maker that works on any device. The ten-question types include multiple-factor, open-ended, picture-choice, ranking, dates, and multiple-choice questions. 

The multiple-choice questions have the option of selecting a single or more than one answer. Teachers can apply points to the answer options and set a minimum and maximum limit to the number of answers to select. Text box question feature form one word to essay answers, and with the date questions, teachers can insert a calendar. 

Automated scoring and segment filtering saves teachers time and provides valuable information. Teachers can add personalized feedback based on the test results. The free quiz creator allows for customization.

Best Quiz Maker For Teachers: ClassMarker

class maker logo

ClassMarker is an excellent online quiz maker for creating online exams and tests for educational institutions. No software installation is needed to use the quiz builder, and a teacher can add extra administrators to assist them. Automated grading gives pupils real-time quiz results, individual feedback, and completion certificates.

Key features include quizzes with time limits, private and public test access, numerous question types, and multiple embedded images. Teachers can randomize questions from the question bank, and quiz analytics include breaking down the individual and group performances.

Users can sell their quizzes online. The limited free version features 100 credits per month which are 1200 tests graded per year. Professional plans are for regular online quizzes, and credit packs are for occasional or bulk online testing. The paid plans feature Business pricing and Education pricing for non-profit organizations, including education and government institutions.

All the features make it easy for teachers to build quizzes and grade them, and businesses find them useful as marketing tools, online courses, recruitment, and pre-employment assessments.

Best Online Quiz Maker For Interactive Quizzes: Fyrebox

fyrebox logo

Creating quizzes with Fyrebox adds interactive content to lessons; the colorful quizzes boost learner engagement. With the interactive interface, teachers can effortlessly adapt the customizable templates by moving buttons, changing colors and fonts, uploading background images, and changing the theme.

Teachers fill in the form fields; they can include instructions at the beginning and a message at the end of the quiz. The quiz designer for teachers creates the quiz and generates real-time statistics. The quiz results page summarizes the statistics showing how many quiz takers started and completed the quiz with details on each question.

Teachers can export the reports to an Excel spreadsheet for their records. Businesses use the quiz builder to collect leads and email addresses, generate leads, use the embed code with a landing page builder on websites, and chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

The free version offers unlimited quizzes, integration with Zapier, and up to 100 participants. Image quizzes, complex quizzes like rules quizzes, certificates, emailing participants, multi-language quizzes, and Google analytics are some of the Standard and Professional Plan features.

Best Online Quiz Makers For Gamification: QuizGame

quizgame logo

QuizGame is the right quiz maker for teachers to make learning fun for their students. With over 40 corporate clients and 300,000 quiz gamers (82% using mobile devices), it is more fun than completing existing tests traditionally. Gamification elements produce a dynamic, playful, competitive way to test and practice knowledge retention.

Six quiz types offer teachers various ways to test student performance in different subjects. Quiz templates include games like Arena for teamwork, Group Trivia for online events and assessment, Live Trivia for adrenaline-rushing live contests, Duel with personal moves, and fast-paced Challenges.

Reports include performance analysis from the start to game completion.

Great Quiz Maker For Groups: Kahoot!

kahoot logo

Kahoot! is the best online quiz maker for remote online learner engagement and exciting classroom fun. More than 50% of US teachers use Kahoot!, and over 1 billion play Kahoot! each year. Teachers can build a learning game in any language in any topic within minutes. Share a quiz game or host a live game at online classes for students to play on their devices.

Each quiz, aka Kahoot, is accessible via a mobile app or web browser. Students can play independently or, using a shared screen, a group of players can answer questions simultaneously. The free version limits remote teams to ten, and quiz types include multiple-choice, true or false, point value for answers, and time limits.

When building a game, teachers add questions, toggle correct answers and incorrect answers. Features include a question bank, quiz types mixing questions with slides, puzzles, polls, and questions with time limits.

Great Online Quiz Maker For Basic Quizzes: Google Forms

google forms icon

Google Forms is the best solution for straightforward quiz building with instant feedback. A teacher can pull data from Google Forms into Google Sheets for analysis. Use the basic templates or build multiple-choice, dropdown, and checkbox quizzes from scratch.

The summary results page is immediately available after the completion of a quiz. Google Forms may have limited customization options, but teachers save time by not having to compute results. Flubaroo is a nifty free tool for grading; teachers can use it with Google Forms.

Best Quiz Makers For Game Styles: TriviaMaker

triva maker logo

Five different game styles inspired by TV game shows produce TriviaMaker fun quizzes to challenge students and teams. With hundreds of templates to choose from, teachers can transform their classroom into a game show for learning and reviewing content.

If your students enjoy TV game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune, TriviaMaker allows them to participate in similar game quizzes in your classroom. Perfect for homeschooling!

The free online quiz maker features Grid, Trivia, List, and multiple-choice game types, whereas the premium version includes Wheel and Tictactoe game styles. The paid version feature customization, custom theme song, adding photos, embedding YouTube videos, and more teams, categories, questions, and answers. Subscription costs are so low; it is almost free.

Best Online Quiz Maker For Digital Tests: EasyTestMaker

easytestmaker logo

EasyTestMaker allows teachers to create digital tests and quizzes in various question formats. Questions types include multiple-choice, matching, short answer, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank.

Teachers can build online exams and tests from existing tests by copying questions from one test to another; no retyping is necessary. Build a test with a random set of questions by adding all the questions from their question bank. Alternate answer choices to reduce cheating; answer choices to a question automatically resort.

Online tests are automatically graded, saving teachers the effort and time. Teachers can publish the test results page online, print the results, or allow a student to download their scores.

The free plan limits teachers to 25 tests and 25 results published per test. The Plus plan and Premium version add additional features, including the number of test results, more test options, and a detailed results page.

Some Benefits of Teachers Using An Online Quiz Maker

More Student Engagement

Taking a test or exam is stressful, but taking a quiz is fun, easy, and promotes student engagement. Teachers have a wide range of drag and drop features to create enticing tests and online exams. Using gamification elements, images, videos, and beautiful forms, teachers can expect more interactive participation. Learners enjoy quizzes; it doesn’t have the negative association of tests and exams causing anxiety.

Save Time Collecting Results

Built-in analytics create real-time feedback of student responses and scores. These insightful reports show student performance without teachers needing to collect and calculate the results themselves.

Using an online quiz creator, teachers recreate similar quizzes focusing on key areas highlighted by the reports. Instant feedback helps teachers suggest areas of improvement to individuals or the entire class. Students see their results immediately. With the results still fresh in their minds, students can easily connect their incorrect answers with the teacher’s improvement suggestions.

Reuse Quizzes

A drag and drop builder allows teachers to reuse quizzes without retyping each question with answers again. Some software has premium features allowing a teacher to create one quiz with their entire question bank. It will enable teachers to randomize questions, reuse quizzes, and minimize cheating.

How often do you use a quiz maker for teachers? Which is your favorite or do you use more than one online quiz builder?

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