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Keeping a classroom tidy and organized is an almost impossible task for teachers with lively students and cramped space. Often the classroom is too small, and the storage space not sufficient to keep everything neat and tidy. Students may be taught to become organized and put the books back where they found it, but how do you teach them organizational skills if there’s no place to store the books? The available storage and bookshelves are often not adequate or practical for the needs of the students and teachers.

When a teacher can’t find an item during a class, it disrupts their teaching flow. Feeling disorganized adds to a teacher’s stress level. How do teachers solve this dilemma without having to spend tons of money, that they don’t have?

Classroom Book bins!

Book bins for classrooms are cost-effective and practical solutions for teachers in storing books in the classroom library or reading corner. These bins give teachers the freedom to organize classroom books and stuff in a way that is practical for the teacher and their students. With color coding and labeling, the teacher and students will know where to find the books and where to put them back after the lesson.

These storage bins enable teachers to keep their classroom neat and tidy. No more disruptions during the class when searching for a book, r wasting valuable time searching for an item. With storage bins, the teacher utilizes the limited space efficiently and thereby freeing up space for other needs. No more wasted space, now every inch of the classroom is used productively. 

With everything in its place, the teacher is more relaxed; the students notice it too and mimics the teacher. The changed atmosphere in the classroom inspires students to concentrate on the lessons and to keep the class tidy.

Best Book Bins for Classrooms

Really Good Stuff Durable Book And Binder Holders is a set of six sturdy baskets enabling teachers to organize and group topics or subjects according to the days of the week. The versatile bookbinders hold magazines, books, folders, binders, and files. Each book holder in the set is a different color making it easy to distinguish between groups, days of the week, or subjects.

With the self-adhesive labels, teachers may quickly label a bin. The labels are large enough to see at a glance which book bin you need. When empty, the book bins stack neatly into each other. The book bins are narrow enough for storing in tight spaces or vertically.

The plastic material is wiped clean and durable enough to last for years. These best book bins for classrooms are sturdy and won’t topple over when filled with books. These book bins are versatile to use in the classroom, the library,or even for storing magazines at home.

Dimensions:  5 ¼ x 12 ½ x 7 ½ inches, tapers inside to 3 3/8 x 10 ¼ x 5 ¾ inches

Material: Plastic

Colors: Primary

The Really Good Stuff Large Plastic Book bins solve two problems for teachers. It is large enough to hold picture books and reference books. Unlike hardcover books, picture books often can’t stand upright but tend to slip when placed in a shelf or bin. Each of the Really Good Stuff Large Plastic Book bins may be divided into one, two, or three sections to store picture books. The removable snap-tight dividers help keep the books upright, avoiding books slipping and pages tearing, bending, or damaging. The dividers work well for separating picture books or large reference books in smaller categories or topics.

The books face forward in the storage bin for convenient selecting the picture book the teacher needs. In a classroom library or reading corner, the forward-facing setup helps students identify the books by the pictures on the front cover of the books. It also teaches kids to search for books in an organized manner.

Each bin has a built-in label holder at the front of the book bin. A plastic cover protects labels from being damaged or getting dirty.  The book bins are made with a durable plastic that cleans effortlessly.

Dimensions: 13 ½ x 13 ½ x 7 ¾ inches, tapers to 11 ¼ x 10 ½ x 5 inches

Material: Plastic

Colors: Neon, Primary, Rainbow

The Storex Interlocking Book Bins are taller than the regular book bins to give taller books and letter-sized folders the backing needed to avoid bending or falling out of the container. The book bins come in a set of five colorful plastic bins: red, yellow, blue, purples, and green. Since each bin has its color, these cheerful colored bins could be used to categorize or group books. A teacher can even color code the content that matches the bin color.

Included in the package are label pouches for teachers who prefer labeling the bins that way. The internal size of each label is 2 5/8 x 2 ¼ inches, which is large enough to identify the book bin’s content adequately.

Each bin has a set of grip handles-one at the front, and one at the back-to carry books to the library or a reading corner in the classroom. The handles are sized to fit smaller hands too for eager students who want to help the teacher.

When stored as a unit, the bins connect and interlock, forming a single unit that doesn’t shift. Each bin may fit taller books and letter-sized folders.

Dimensions: 5 1/3 W x 14 1/3 L x 7 H inches

Material: Plastic

Colors: Primary

The set of four Good Stuff Book and Organizer bins hold books upright, making it easy to read the title of the book. The bright neon colors may delight the students inspiring them to keep the classroom organized. The set of book bins may be used to separate books by topics, author, or subject.

For a fun bright effect, the teacher may use the multicolored set of four consisting of a bin in each color: neon pink, neon green, neon blue, and neon orange. Some teachers, however, may prefer the bins in one tone and differentiate by labeling each bin individually. To accommodate various styles, classroom needs, and teacher preferences, the set of four is available in the four colors or a single tone. The book bins are also available in a twelve-pack in one color.

The bins are large enough to hold books, puzzles, toys, and other items a teacher may want to organize in their classroom.

 Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5 ¾ inches, inside 10 x 8x 5 inches

Material: Plastic

Colors: Neon colors

The Tot Tutors Kids’ Small storage bins may be too small to store most books but are ideal for storing the accessories used with books and workbooks. The small storage bins fit on bookshelves placing it conveniently close to the books that require pencils, crayons, stickers, and so forth.

Stationary accessories like crayons, erasers, stick-it notes, and markers easily get lost in a classroom during a lesson. A child may neglect to put it away, and it rolls underneath a desk or into a corner where it is forgotten. These small storage bins are an excellent solution for storing those accessories students need when working in workbooks, coloring book, and other lesson books. The small bin with content is small and light enough for students to carry to their workstation and to return the bin to its shelf after the lesson. With the crayons and pencils within their reach, students are more likely to place it back in the bin than leaving it on the table or floor.

The small storage bins are in sets of 4 with a variety of color options: primary colors (red, yellow, blue, green), pink and purple, blue, or grey for teachers who are looking for a more neutral effect.

Dimensions: 11 ¾ x 8 x 5 ¼ inches, internal 9 x 5 ¼ inches

Material: Plastic phthalate and PBA-free

Colors: Primary, Pink/Purple, Blue, Grey

The set of 24 white Dunwell Magazine File Holder may be the perfect solution in organizing a classroom’s library that contains magazines and books with soft covers that tend to flop over or slide off the shelf. It is one of the best book bins for classrooms sized to organize 2-pocket folders, manila folders, magazines, and other paperback books.

A variety of color combinations may blend with the classroom theme or the taste and style of the teacher. The blue set or the set containing green, red, and blue colored book bins may brighten the classroom, whereas the white set gives a neutral tone. The black set may be decorated with colorful labeling. The self-adhesive labels are 1 x 3 inches in size. The sticker feature of the tags enables teachers to reuse the folder holders by replacing the labels.

The sturdy corrugated cardboard material won’t tear easily or topple over when filled with magazines, folders, or books. With a taller back panel, the content has a sturdy back that keeps the magazines upright. Side panels are taller at the end and shaped to accommodate the shorter front panel. A shorter front panel enables convenient reaching for a teacher or students to remove a magazine or folder from the holder without bumping against the sides. Placed with the front panel facing forward, it is the panel that endures the most usage. To ensure extra durability, the front panel is a double panel with a locking tab.

Carry the file holders by taking hold of the two-round hole grips inserted one at the front and one in the back at the same height.

For storage purposes, the empty file holders flatten and are stacked to take up minimum storage space. Assembly takes seconds.

Dimensions:  10 x 10 x 3.75 inches

Material: Corrugated cardboard

Colors:  White, Black, Blue or set of Red, Green, Blue

The STERILITE Medium Ultra Baskets with its titanium inserts are one of the best book bins for classrooms when frequently transported. When empty, most book bins are easily carried, but when filled with books, bins may be bulky. Often the handles may last, but the teacher’s fingers won’t if they need to regularly transport the book bins with handles pressing into their skin. The STERILITE book bin with its titanium contoured handles are designed for regular use. The smooth edges won’t irritate the skin when carrying the full baskets from one end of the classroom to the other several times a day.

A pack of six baskets gives teachers the freedom to creatively group or categorize the items stored in the bins. The book bins are conveniently sized to store paperbacks, art supplies, or work station supplies. It is not tall enough to hold larger books or folders. Each bin has ventilation holes the size of a pencil that ensures a regular airflow over the content stored in the basket.

Older students may prefer the black color to bright neon or rainbow colors that may seem babyish to them. The black blends in with any classroom theme and is a neutral background for the interesting content it holds. Should the teacher prefer a more neutral tone, the storage bins are available in white with titanium inserts.

When empty, the bin holders stack into each other to minimize storage space. Be mindful that after multiple uses, some of the titanium inserts may pop off.

Dimensions:   13 ¾ x 10 ¾ x 5 inches

Material: Plastic

Colors: Black or White

The STERILITE Small Clip Boxes with lids and latches are great storage bins for the classroom when storing smaller items like art supplies, stationery, and index cards. When a teacher doesn’t want to store the crayons, stickers, and other supplies in an open container, these containers with lids may be a great alternative solution.

The latches click safely shut so that the content won’t fall out and get lost. The locks won’t open accidentally when pushed against when stored. The latches are tight enough to discourage students from opening the storage bin unless authorized to do so, especially if there are other supplies more conveniently available.

Containers are clear so that a teacher can see what is inside at a glance. It saves time identifying content when multiple storage bins are stacked on top of each other. The containers come in a variety of sizes and packs ranging from two to a 48-pack. Depending on how many boxes a teacher needs, they may select the package that suits their needs. The various sizes stack neatly for storage purposes.

The STERILITE Large Clip Boxes storage boxes fit letter size paper and are ideal for storing puzzle pieces, craft papers, and art supplies. The depth enables storing books or paper in small quantities without wasting space with too deep storage boxes.

Dimensions:   Small 11 x 6.88 x 2.75 inches, Large 14 x 11 x 3.25 inches

Material: Plastic

Colors:  Clear

Which one would you recommend as the best book bins for classrooms or did we miss your favorite book bin? Do you have a favorite size storage bin you prefer for your classroom library?

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