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It doesn’t matter where you live, in the country or a bustling city, Christmas is the best time of the year! Joyful memories emerge from singing Christmas carols, decorating the Christmas tree, filling the stockings, and reading the best Christmas books for kids with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

We’ve spent weeks and weeks creating a list of the top Christmas books. It took so long because the stories were so engaging, funny, heartwarming that we sometimes forgot about the list. Our list includes classics, chapter books, board books, Nativity stories, books about Santa, Christmas trees, and more. Check out the list, but be warned time flies with a good story.

Christian Christmas Books For Kids

Christmas In The Manger – Nola Buck

One of the most wonderful children’s Christmas books on the list is this beautiful board book introducing the wonder of the Nativity to the youngest in the family. The lyrical text and incredible artwork will speak to the adults reading the story as much as to their little ones hearing about the first Christmas, and perhaps their first Christmas too.  

Age: Baby-4 years

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories – Zondervan

Bright and vibrant illustrations accompany more than 90 Bible stories parents can read to a child. The easy-to-read text with redesigned full-color illustrations is an excellent gift to introduce your child to the Word of God. Why not start your toddler’s lifelong journey by reading the story of Baby Jesus and explaining the true meaning of Christmas.

Age: Baby-3 years

The Crippled Lamb – Max Lucado

Joshuah was a little lamb with black spots, a limp, and sad eyes, but his prayers were answered on Christmas day. He couldn’t run and play like the other lambs. Left behind in the Bethlehem stable, he experienced his Christmas miracle. The touching story helps kids see that God has a unique plan for them, even if they are different. The book is an excellent choice for kids with disabilities, being bullied, or learning about inclusivity.

Age: 3-7 years

The Christmas Promise: A Captivating Retelling Of The Birth Of Jesus – Alison Mitchell

The picture book tells the true story of how God kept His promise to send a new King with colorful illustrations. The Bible-centered story retells the story of the birth of Jesus in a manner that will touch the entire family. The story starts with the promise and the question, “Would you like to know how He did it?”

Ages: 3-6 years

Best Christmas Books About Santa Claus

Letters From Father Christmas: Centenary Edition – J. R. R. Tolkien

One of the best Christmas traditions in the Tolkien household was the letter from Father Christmas that arrived each December. The letters told delightful and wonderous tales about life at the North Pole. Published on the 100th anniversary of the first letter to his firstborn, this collection of letters is available to kids worldwide to enjoy; it is an excellent Christmas present to become part of fun Christmas traditions.

Age: 3 years and up

Santa Claus The World’s Number One Toy Expert – Marla Frazee

Nobody knows more about Christmas gifts and children than Santa; he even dreams about them. If you were wondering how Santa stays the number one toy expert, here is your chance. With humor and a warm, unexpected ending, Marla Frazee gives kids a peek at a day in the life of Santa.

Ages: baby-3 years

How To Catch Santa – Jean Reagan

Hot cocoa, cookies, riddles, and tree lights could be the plan to catch Santa, the one with the red suit, this Christmas Eve (the hot cocoa is for kids and family planning to catch Santa). Santa is busy, so be ready with the questions you want to ask, your Christmas wishes, the things you want to tell him, and the plan to catch him. This how-to book offers excellent tips on how to catch Santa for those kids who don’t know-how. Filled with humor and holiday warmth, the book is a treasure to celebrate Christmas during the festive season or read before going to bed (it will keep you awake to catch Santa).

Ages: 3-8 years

Funny Christmas Books For Kids

The Christmas Crocodile – Bonny Becker

The fun book with its gorgeous illustrations will have the entire family giggling, from toddlers to grandma. Surprised, Alice Jayne finds a crocodile with a bow, which he subsequently eats, under the Christmas tree. Although he doesn’t mean to, the crocodile was eating up Christmas, including the roast and the Christmas tree! The family is in an uproar, and Alice needs to find crocodile a home, but where – Africa, the zoo, an orphanage? 

Age: 4-8 years

If You Ever Want To Bring A Pirate To Meet Santa, DON’T – Elise Parsley

Everyone knows a pirate is on the naughty list! Although Santa and a pirate have beards and red suits, there is a difference! When Magnolia, a young girl with the Christmas spirit, meets a pirate, she decides it’s time he changes his ways; she takes the pirate to Santa Claus. For those in grade-level preschool-3, Magnolia warns you in this hilarious book NOT to bring a pirate to Santa.

Age: 4-8 years

Santa Duck – David Milgrim

The idea of a duck in a Santa suit singing Jingle Quack will have your toddler giggling before the adventure even begins. When he meets a chicken that calls him Santa Duck, the silly adventure starts in detailed illustrations. Santa Duck is one of the best Christmas picture books for a little girl or boy; a quirky picture book with an underlining lesson of giving and receiving, a concept difficult for many toddlers to understand. 

Ages: 3-5 years

Construction Site On Christmas Night – Sherri Duskey Rinker

Kids who enjoy trucks, fire engines, and building things will love the story, and mom will have as much fun reading the story. The holiday picture book with its cute rhymes will engage a young audience as Excavator, Bulldozer, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer rush to finish the last construction job for the year. What is the special surprise that awaits each vehicle? The beautiful Christmas tale has a message that teaches toddlers about the joy of giving and the value of work.

Ages: 3-5 years

Christmas Books With Favorite Characters

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Deluxe Edition – Charles M. Schulz, Maggie Testa

Everyone is having fun with all the holiday celebrations except Charlie Brown. Snoopy decorated his doghouse for the holiday season, the Peanuts gang is ice-skating, there are Christmas carols, but Charlie Brown is missing out on all the Christmas cheer. Discover how the Peanuts can help Charlie Brown discover the true meaning of Christmas. With its cloth cover, beautiful illustrations, and lush foil stamping, this deluxe edition is one of the best Christmas books for kids and an excellent Christmas gift to Peanuts fans. 

Age: 4 years and up

The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – Alice Schertle

The Little Blue Truck is full of Christmas cheer as he delivers Christmas trees to his friends in the country. With counting up to five and back, preschoolers can count along and enjoy the surprise of flashing colored Christmas lights at the back of the book. The child-friendly text with the signature gentle rhymes and illustrations is a sweet picture book for the Christmas season. 

Age: baby-3 years

Bear Stays Up For Christmas – Karma Wilson

Bear’s friends decide to wake Bear up and keep him awake for Christmas day. Bear stays up as he helps with all the preparation for Christmas; he has to bake cakes, find a Christmas tree, sing Christmas songs, and hang Christmas stockings. The sweet book also has a lesson; Bear discovers giving is one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all.

Ages: 2-8 years

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr. Seuss

The Grinch hated everything about Christmas; he hated the candy cane, mistletoe, carols, Christmas tree, and most of all, the joy kids express as they celebrate Christmas. He devised a plan to prevent Christmas from happening. The Dr. Seuss holiday book is an excellent gift for young readers, guaranteeing some giggles and joy.

Ages: 5-9 years

Fantastic Christmas Books About Christmas Trees

The Year Of The Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story – Gloria Houston

It was Ruthie’s family’s turn to pick the perfect Christmas tree for the village. She and her father searched for it, and when they found the perfect tree, they marked it with a red ribbon. Part of the tradition was that Ruthie would be the angel in the Christmas play that year. Then her father went to war, and she had no angel costume. How will the family provide the perfect Christmas tree to the village on time?

Ages: 5-8 years

Pick A Pine Tree – Patricia Toht

One of the joyous traditions of the Christmas holidays is when a family selects the best Christmas tree. Many adults and children have glorious memories of decorating the tree. The cute picture book takes the reader through the wondrous journey of picking the right Christmas tree, taking it home, and decorating the tree. A beautiful story to remind everyone of happy family traditions during the holidays.

Age: 3-7 years

Mr . Willowby’s Christmas Tree – Robert Barry

Mr. Willowby had ordered his Christmas tree well in advance for the holidays. The tree arrived, but before they could start decorating the tree, he noticed it was too tall for his parlor. Baxter, the butler, cuts off the top of the tree and, in the holiday spirit, gives it to Miss Adelaide, who clips off the top of the tree and gives it to Timm, the gardener. His trimming goes to Barnaby, the bear, and in the end, all the forest animals have a Christmas tree for the holidays, precisely like Mr. Willowby’s. The cute story and cheerful illustrations are filled with valuable lessons like giving, considering others, and recycling.

Ages: 3-7 years

Christmas Farm – Mary Lyn Ray

The adorable tale of friendship between Wilma, an older lady, and her five-year-old neighbor Parker will delight readers. Together they plant 62-dozen balsam seedlings. Year after year, they nurture the growing trees, counting how many perish and how many grow into tall Christmas trees. Although the story focuses on the trees, the reader experiences the deep friendship, an excellent read for the holidays.

Ages: 4-7 years

Best Christmas Chapter Books

The Vanderbeekers Of 141st Street – Karina Yan Glaser

It’s five days before Christmas, and the landlord, Mr. Biederman, refuses to renew the lease. The twins Isa and Jessie, their siblings, parents, the dog, cat, and bunny will be without a home on Christmas if they can’t change the landlord’s mind in time. Will they be able to?

Age: 10+ years

Winterfrost – Michelle Houts

Bettina thought setting out the Christmas rice pudding for the tiny nisse a silly custom; only her grandfather believed the nisse was real. Then her baby sister, Pia, disappears. Bettina must venture to the miniature world of the nisse to set things straight and find her sister. 

Age: 8-12 years

The Family Under The Bridge – Natalie Savage Carlson

Beautiful illustrations elaborate on the heartwarming story of Armand, who has no cares in the world. Just before Christmas, he finds three hungry and cold children under the bridge where he lives. Children will enjoy the fun adventure tale as Armand tries to find a home for the children.  

Age: 8-12 years

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Barbara Robinson

The Herdman siblings are the worst kids in all the world and none of them have ever heard the Christmas story. Their outrageous mischief and pranks were none in town, but the most shocking escapade to the town’s children, was when they took over the Christmas pageant with their interpretation. The fun book has a depth of meaning that shines through as the Christmas story unfolds. The story is a classic and excellent book for kids’ book collections. 

Ages: 3-7 years

Great Classic Christmas Story Books

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – Thea Feldman

Donner, the lead reindeer for Santa’s sleigh became a proud parent in Christmastown; they called the baby reindeer Rudolph. Soon after his birth, Rudolph’s nose began to glow, disqualifying him from the reindeer team; Rudolph felt like a misfit because of his glowing nose. The beautiful story about self-acceptance is filled with adventures of escaping the Abominable Snow Monster, Island of Misfit Toys, and more. This classic picture book was aired for the first time in 1964 and is a must for the holiday books reading list. 

Age: 4-7 years 

Polar Express 30th Anniversary Edition – Chris Van Allsburg

A young boy was doing what every child does on Christmas Eve, trying to stay awake to hear  Santa’s sleigh bells. Instead, he heard the train whistle of the Polar Express. When he peeked through the window, he saw a magical train outside the house waiting for him. The Polar Express took him to the North Pole to a city atop the world where he could make a Christmas wish. The special edition of Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg includes a new cover design, expanded interior layout, an author’s note, and downloadable audio by Liam Neeson.

Age: 4-8 years

The Nutcracker – Susan Jeffers

Many families attend the Nutcracker ballet performance during the holiday season, celebrating Christmas. However, ballet isn’t always preschoolers’ and toddlers’ idea of holiday spirit, but they don’t have to miss out on the magical Christmas Eve adventure. The Nutcracker picture book by the New York Times bestselling artist is one of the best Christmas books for kids to introduce a little boy and a little girl to the lovely story; when they attend the ballet, they will be able to follow the story.

Age: 4-8 years

Christmas Books For Kids With Christmas Songs And Poems

The Night Before Christmas – Clement Moore

The classic poem about Christmas Eve brings Santa to life for many children as the story ushers in a merry Christmas. The classic poem was first published in the Troy Sentinel, New York newspaper, in 1823. With lavish illustrations from renowned illustrator Charles Santore and a four-page gatefold, the book is one of the best Christmas books for kids of all ages.

Ages: Baby and up

The 12 Days Of Christmas – Greg Pizzoli

Elephant’s dad despairs as the twelve days of Christmas continue, and Elephants keep receiving Christmas gifts; the gifts keep piling up. Strange gifts that he has no idea what to do with, like ten lords a-leaping. Kids will enjoy the read-aloud around the fireplace on a snow day as much as Elephant delighted in his gifts, a delightful twist to the classic song that appeals to young readers.

Age: 4-8 years

Christmas Songs: Interactive Children’s Sound Book

Jingle Bells, Away In The Manger, Santa Clause is Coming To Town and more classic Christmas carols for kids to sing along. The festive illustrations introducing lyrics to ten Christmas songs and carols will delight little ones. Sing along to the music when your toddler presses the play button.

Age: baby-5 years

Best Christmas Companion Books And Holiday Sequels

Snowmen Series – Caralyn And Mark Buehner

Snowmen At Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, and while everyone is snug in bed, the snowmen are preparing for a celebration in the town square. Snowman Santa Claus is coming to visit! The bestselling series consists of five snowmen stories and is available as a board book too.

Snowmen At Night

Have you’ve wondered what snowmen are up to at night? Why are their smiles all crooked the next morning? The story reveals the secret life of a snowman.

Snowmen All Year

It’s sad to see a snowman melting at the end of the season. What would it be like if you could have a snowman all year? What would a snowman wear to the beach?

Ages: 3-5 years

Christmas Chapter Books Trilogy – Matt Haig

A Boy Called Christmas

If you wondered where Father Christmas or Santa Claus came from, read the story. It’s all about the 11-year old Nikolas who was nicknamed Christmas. He had a turnip doll his parents gave him. One day his dad went missing and Nikolas had to travel to the North Pole to save his missing father. On his journey, the young boy befriends a reminder, helps elves, and bests a troll. Like elves, he believes in the impossible…

The Girl Who Saved Christmas

Amelia Wishart was the first child ever to receive a Christmas present. When her mom became ill, Amelia had to work for cruel Mr. Creeper, and she lost hope. Christmas was drawing close, but magic levels were low; Santa knew something was wrong and he needed Amelia’s help. But first, she had to hope and believe again.

Father Christmas And Me

The third book in the series is about the jealous Easter Bunny. He wants to ruin Christmas; he attacks Elfhelm a town adopted by Father Christmas and Mrs. Mary Christmas. Amelia also lives in Elfheim town, and it is up to her and the elves to save Christmas.

Ages: 8-12 years

Pete The Cat Christmas Companion Books – James Dean

Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

Pete the Cat fans will enjoy the holiday spirit with Pete the Cat’s version of the classic The Night Before Christmas. Pete the Cat proves that giving your all is a groovy thing to do. His adventures and fun on Christmas Eve will appeal to and delight young readers. Included is a sheet of colorful stickers and a free downloadable song.

Pete The Cat’s 12 Groovy Days Of Christmas

Pete The Cat and friends count the days to Christmas with a cool-cat spin to the well-known Christmas carol. Who needs five golden rings if you can have five onion rings?

Ages: 4-8 years

Chronicles Of Narnia – C. S. Lewis

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe (Book 2)

The White Witch had canceled Christmas in Narnia. Lucy is the first of the four Pevensie kids who discover the land of Narnia at the back of a wardrobe. The four kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, adventure through the land of Narnia until Peter’s disobedience leads to a great sacrifice by the Great Lion, Aslan.

The Chronicles of Narnia Box Set

The Chronicles of Narnia box set includes all seven titles with original black-and-white interior illustrations. Each book is a standalone read; siblings don’t have to wait for the slower reader in the family to finish a book; they can read the stories in any sequence. 

Ages: 8-12+ years

The Quiet And Loud Companion Books – Deborah Underwood

The Christmas Quiet Book

Steaming hot cocoa and making snow angels can easily become a new tradition when reading this bedtime story about a special kind of quiet at Christmas. Engage with little ones during story time while they discover the magic in the quieter aspects of the Christmas holidays.

The Quiet Book

There are many kinds of quiet and none are the same. Lollipop quiet is totally different from pretending to be invisible quiet. In this cute board book, the forest animals discover all sorts of quiet.

The Loud Book

Hooray and Crash are different kinds of loud demonstrated by noises kids like to make. Another excellent bedtime story.

More Christmas Books For Kids

How To Catch An Elf – Adam Wallace

Santa is too clever for a child to catch, but what about Santa’s elves? They are smaller and may be easier to catch. If you’ve been waiting all year to catch one of Santa’s elves, here’s your opportunity. The hilarious story with goofy traps and daring escapes is a fun read-aloud for young kids.

Age: 4-8 years

Stick Man – Julia Donaldson

The sweet story of Stick Man with lush illustrations is one of the best books for children. One day Stick Man went for a jog when a dog grabbed him and ran with him playing fetch. Things became worse as he was carried farther and farther away from home. When he helps Santa, Stick Man finds the opportunity to find his way home in time for Christmas.

Age: 4-8 years

Humphreys First Chistmas – Carol Heyer

Humprey is one of the camels who carried the three wise men to bring gifts to Baby Jesus. The rich acrylic illustrations showcase Humphrey’s quirkiness who lost his blanket on the long, cold journey to Bethlehem. The humor is delightful as he finds a new blanket, and what he does with the blanket is a great lesson of being selfless.

Ages: 4-8 years

Disney Christmas Storybook Collection – Elle D. Risco

With 18 stories and over 250 lush illustrations, the Disney Christmas collection is a must-have for this holiday season. Discover how favorite Disney characters celebrate Christmas. Disney fans can join the Toy Story gang’s Christmas, the Bad Guys party, have the best Christmas with Dumbo, or a big blue Christmas with Nemo.

Ages: 3-5 years

Activity Christmas Books For Kids

The Jolly Christmas Postman – Allan Ahlberg

Despite the convenience of email, receiving a letter in the mailbox is still a thrilling experience. With gorgeous illustrations and pull-out letters, children in grade-level preschool-3 can experience the thrill of reading letters. Christmas activity books embrace the holiday spirit in a fun way, and the Jolly Postman has a batch of beautiful letters stashed inside the interactive picture book. Take out the notes and discover what does favorite characters write to each other; there’s even a letter from the Big Bad Wolf.

Age: 4-8 years

LEGO(R) Iconic: Build Christmas Fun Activity Book with Minifigure – AMEET Publishing

Preschool to kindergarten LEGO fans will want to add this activity book to their list of favorite Christmas books. The funny comics tell about Santa, a reindeer, and an elf’s Christmas fun. The package includes the elements to build these characters, puzzles, mazes, and craft activities. Let lose their holiday imagination as the child reads, builds, and explores their creativity with this fun activity book.

Age: 3-5 years

Presents Through The Window – Taro Gomi

Father Christmas with a pink mustache and a helicopter is no ordinary Santa. He thought he had a better idea for delivering presents by peeking through the windows and tossing a gift inside. With interactive cut-outs, kids follow Santa’s hurried plan and discover the identities of the gifts’ recipients; it seems like Santa could be making some mistakes.

Age: 3-5 years

Which are your favorite holiday stories?

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