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This is our review of the best kids Halloween costumes in 2024! 

Sometimes, the hassle of putting together Halloween costumes can turn a fun holiday into a stressful one. And if your kids are sick of the traditional white sheet ghosts and witches, finding a unique costume can be even more difficult. 

For busy parents who don’t have time to think of costumes or throw one together by hand, it may be best to simply buy one online—but knowing where to start can be a challenge. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to search any further–we’ve compiled some of the best kids Halloween costumes that your little trick or treaters will love. They’re fun, affordable, and, most of all, don’t require much assembly. 

After reviewing the best Halloween costumes, we’ve settled on one that’s simply too good to pass up. Parents looking for a fun, creative Halloween getup should surely consider the Rubies Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Costume! This costume is notably creative yet easy to assemble, so parents with a busy schedule should have an easy time dressing their kids up in this fun dinosaur suit. 

Of course, the inflatable T-Rex might not be suitable for every child. Some kids may prefer princess dresses or a costume from one of their favorite movie characters. That’s why we’ve included a few other great products for you to choose from. 

Ready to see some unique, no-work kids Halloween costume ideas? Let’s get started! 

The Best No-Hassle Halloween Costumes For Kids Compared

Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Baby Lion Costume
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Top Kids Halloween Costumes Reviewed

Rubies Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Costume – Best Overall

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Great for older kids 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Suitable for boys and girls 

This inflatable dinosaur makes an awesome kids Halloween costume! It’s funny, unique, and will surely be a big hit at your next Halloween party.  It’s a great kids dinosaur costume for pre-teens and teens alike.

The Rubies Inflatable T-Rex is inflatable and runs on a battery-powered fan, so make sure you have some AA batteries on hand.  It’s of great quality construction, so you’ll be pleased with the workmanship.

The jumpsuit design and zip-up back make it easy to dress your kids up in this costume. It doesn’t require much assembly, so once you put some batteries in the fan, your kid will be all set for the festive night ahead. Add a funny sign or a cute headband for a complete look! 

Kids up to 4’6’’ will fit comfortably in this cute costume, so remember to take your child’s measurements before purchasing. It’s also great for both boys and girls, so you could buy one for the whole trick or treating crew. 

Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Baby Lion Costume – Best Adorable Costume for Babies

  • For kids four years and under 
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Easy to put on and take off 

Is it your baby’s first Halloween? Whether you have a boy or a girl, this costume from Spooktacular Creations will turn your tot into the cutest lion in the world.  Who doesn’t love little ones in animal costumes?

You can purchase this lion suit in four different sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, and 3-4 years. It’s among the best costumes for toddlers.

It’s a one-piece suit with an opening in the back, which makes it easy to change your kid’s diaper if necessary. It also includes soft, movable polyester material, making it comfortable and easy for your baby to play when they’re wearing it. 

This is one of the best kids Halloween costumes for your little one. Whether your baby has an affinity for lions, or if the whole family is dressed up in a safari theme, it’ll give your little one a fun-filled Halloween night. 

Princess Peach Costume – Best Kids Halloween Costume for Princess Lovers


  • Durable and comfortable polyester fabric 
  • Great for siblings or friends who want to match 
  • Includes accessories 

Do you have a girl who loves princesses and video games? This Princess Peach Halloween getup is a perfect fit! Your child will look adorable dressed up in this costume. 

It comes in two colors—pink for Princess Peach and yellow for Princess Daisy. The vibrant color and puffy sleeves give this costume a cute princess look. It’s perfect for sisters or friends who want to match costumes! Or, you could have another sibling dress up as a dragon for a fun fairy tale theme. 

Aside from shoes, this product includes a complete outfit – the dress, a crown, and an underskirt. If you live in an area that often has chilly Halloween nights, you can add a pair of white leggings or pants underneath to complete the look and add some extra layers. 

The dress includes a durable, comfortable, polyester fabric that should hold up for years—just make sure you take good care of it! The seller recommends that you wash this costume by hand. 

Superhero Cosplay Jumpsuit – Best Kids Halloween Costume for Superhero Lovers

  • Suitable for a wide age range of kids 
  • Multiple designs 
  • Easy to wear 

Is your little one a super hero fan? This cool Spider Man costume might be the perfect thing to wear to their next Halloween party. 

This costume includes a zip-up bodysuit, which makes it easy to dress up. It also has a pull-on mask your kid can pull off and put back on with ease, in case they have to stop and enjoy some candy. On top of that, it even includes three different designs, so your kids can choose their favorite version of Spider-Man to dress up as! 

The sizes range from XS to XXL, making it suitable for kids aged from preschool to late elementary school. To ensure that it lasts for years to come, wash this jumpsuit by hand. 

Does your child enjoy superhero costumes year-round? This is the costume for them, then; it’s super soft and stretchy, so it’s comfortable to play in. It can also make an excellent Christmas gift! 

Toy Story Deluxe Costume – Best Kids Halloween Costume for Disney Movie Lovers

  • Best for younger kids 
  • Includes all items in the product image 
  • Very comfortable 

Want some matching costumes for your Disney Pixar fans? These Buzz and Woody jumpsuits are the best kids Halloween costumes for families who love Toy Story! 

Both outfits come with a printed polyester jumpsuit. The Buzz Lightyear costume includes a hood and detachable wings, and the Woody costume comes with a vest, badge, and cowboy hat

These cool Halloween getups are very comfortable, so your kid or baby can run and play while they’re wearing them. Keep in mind that the Buzz Lightyear costume is mainly white, so you may want to take it off before your little one digs into their candy. And if these costumes do get dirty, make sure you wash them by hand. 

Kids Halloween Costume Buying Guide

If you want to find the best kids Halloween costumes, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. Your kid deserves a fun, unique Halloween costume, so choose carefully before making your purchase. 

Features in Kids Costumes

Pay close attention to the features in a costume before you add it to your cart. The materials, additional parts, and ease of use are essential. 

The material of a costume can make a huge difference. Try to find a costume that has a sturdy, comfortable fabric that will hold up, and will be comfortable for your little one to move around in. 

If you see a product with accessories in the preview picture, make sure it actually includes those items. Many products will only have the main parts, and essential pieces like a cape, headband, or magic wand are something you’ll need to buy separately. 

You’ll also want a costume with little to no assembly that’s easy to put on and take off. Zip-up backs, well-fitting pants, and easy-to-remove masks are key! 

Problems in Kids Costumes

Just about any Halloween costume can have problems. 

For example, some popular Halloween costumes may have uncomfortable or flimsy material that can rip or wear down. This may not be much of a problem if your kid will only be wearing it for one night, but if you’d like a costume you can use for years down the road, make sure it’s durable. 

When you receive some costumes, they may look drastically different from what you saw on the product page. Browse through the Amazon reviews and see pictures people have posted of the costume; that way, you can decide for yourself if it meets your standards. 

Child’s Interests

Even the best kids’ Halloween costumes aren’t suitable for everyone. Consider your kid’s unique interests—after all, not all little boys like superheroes, and not all little girls like princesses. To find the perfect costume, discuss it with your kid beforehand. 

Whether they want to dress up as their favorite characters from Star Wars or Sailor Moon or would rather do something traditional like a black cat or dragon, there’s sure to be something out there for them. 


Are you still wondering how to find the best kids Halloween costumes? Here are the answers to a few questions that might be on your mind. 

What Size Costume Should I Buy for My Child?

The size you buy may vary from product to product. To ensure the best fit for your child, take their measurements before you start your search. Then, when you go to buy the costume, you’ll have an easy time finding their size on the product page. 

Is it Safe to Buy Kids Halloween Costumes Online?

Yes! In fact, some of the best kids Halloween costumes are ones you can only buy online. So long as you are buying something that’s good quality and make sure you’re choosing the right size, there shouldn’t be any problems. Be sure to order ahead of time, too, as many of these products may have to ship across the world. Overall, when you purchase costumes with high ratings and plenty of reviews, you can expect to get your money’s worth. 

There are plenty of kids Halloween costumes that are entirely safe for your little ones! So rest assured that your infants and toddlers don’t have to miss out on some free candy. The best Halloween costumes for children under three years should be comfortable, free of small parts, and allow them to move around with ease. 

What Are Some Halloween Costume Safety Measures to Consider?

It’s essential to make sure that you don’t choose a costume with small parts for younger children, as these can pose a choking hazard. If you’re trick or treating at night, you will also want to avoid costumes that are too dark—and if you do choose a dark one, consider giving your kid a glow stick bracelet. 

And if you’re trick or treating or visiting a party in an area with a high spread of Covid 19, you may want to choose a costume with a mask. Even if the costume itself doesn’t include one, you could find or make one that matches the costume. 

Our Verdict

After browsing this list of the best kids’ Halloween costumes, you may still be unsure which one to choose. Overall, our highest recommendation ultimately goes to the Rubies Inflatable T-Rex Costume

With its durability and comfortable design, your kids will want to wear this costume for years to come. And unlike other items on this list that may lose popularity over time, goofy dinosaurs are always in style. 

Do you want to purchase one of these fun costumes for your family? Visit their respective product page to add it to your cart, and the website will take the rest from there. And if none of these items are what you’re looking for, check out our review of scary Halloween masks.

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