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Little girls like playing with dolls. They pretend-play being a mom. Baby doll strollers are some of the most fabulous gifts parents can give their toddlers and little girls. Your little one may have hours of fun pushing the stroller while developing nurturing skills and improving their gross motor skills.

Taking care of an infant doll is fun, and it teaches your children the responsibility of looking after someone. Children also learn life skills and relationship building. Even little boys may have fun developing these skills looking after toy babies.

A child’s body language shows how much fun they are having. Boys and girls enjoy pretend-play, and playing house is one way to develop skills at various milestones and ages. The toys parents buy for their children often feature an educational and learning component. The child may not even realize they are learning valuable life skills while having fun.

Baby doll stroller reviews provide valuable information about products, primarily when written by parents whose children use it. Dolls strollers have standard features designed for kids, but each stroller has something different that may satisfy your baby girl’s desire.

We have compiled a list of the best doll strollers to save parents time and effort in selecting the stroller your baby daughter wants.

Best Doll Stroller for Kids

Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram
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Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller
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Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller
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Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller
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Mommy and Me My Frist Baby Doll Stroller
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Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger Stroller
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Best Overall: Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram

Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram in grey and white polka dots

Available in grey or pink polka dots, pink gingham, or navy colors, the Badger Basket 3-in1 baby pram is the best baby doll stroller for toddlers and young children. The baby doll stroller has everything a baby doll mommy would need for pushing, strolling, or carrying her baby dolls.

Most baby doll strollers only have the stroller, but the Badger Basket 3-in-1 converts into a stroller, a pram, and a doll carrier. With the all-in-one pram, your child’s imagination won’t be hampered. It complements her play if she wants to carry her sleeping baby doll, change to stroller mode with the doll sitting upright, or simply push the pram.

The Badger Basket 3-in-1 can hold dolls up to 22 inches, which means Madame Alexander, My Life As, Our Generation, and American Girl dolls fit in the baby doll stroller. The baby doll stroller is designed so that smaller 15-inch dolls like American Girl Wellie Wisher and American Girl Bitty Baby dolls may also fit in the doll stroller.

Transforming the polka dots of 3-in-1 doll stroller into the various pieces is effortlessly accomplished by seven-year-old kids during playtime. Once your three-year-old daughter grasps the concept, they may easily convert the doll carrier to a portable bassinet and the bassinet into a stroller. The bassinet cover keeps the toy snugly tugged in for a nap; it is removable when changing into a pushchair.

The four large wheels, a sturdy frame, and wide wheelbase ensure stability and safe passage of the dolls, and the child.

Best Toy Stroller For Toddlers: The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller pink with white hearts

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller is one of the best baby doll strollers for toddlers from 2-4 years old. The cute pink with white hearts doll stroller may delight your little girl to learn how to take care of others.

It has all the features you would look for in a baby stroller. A foldable canopy protects the toy’s face against harsh sunlight. A seat belt keeps the baby doll secure so that it does not fall out when your toddler pushes the doll stroller. The double wheels of the New York Doll Collection doll stroller may keep the stroller steady despite the energetic maneuvering of a toddler. The stroller also has a cute basket at the back to store doll accessories or necessary things your two-year wants to take while pushing the stroller.

The New York Doll Collection doll stroller is the best first stroller for a toddler. It fits up to 18-inch sized dolls. The stroller folds to take less space when storing or putting it into the car truck on the way to grandmas. The Doll Collection stroller is also a comfortable height for toddlers, and its sturdy design may assist two-year-old kids who started walking and sometimes need to balance by holding onto the handlebar.

Best Play Umbrella Stroller: Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller

Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller pink with white polka dots

Decorative white polka dots are scattered all over the sturdy Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller. The polka dot design makes it one of the cutest umbrella strollers parents can buy their child as their first doll stroller.  The umbrella doll stroller has two umbrella handles for your toddler to grasp and steer the doll stroller.

It is easy to push the umbrella stroller with the four swivel wheels. The double wheels rotate and turn effortlessly in the direction your daughter wants to go. It also provides extra stability for the baby doll stroller irrespective of how rough or hard the toddler pushes it.

With dimensions of 22.5 x 11 x 14 inches, the baby doll stroller fits an 18 inches doll. The metal frame and materials the stroller is made from is durable, lead-free, and the safety tests passed the USA safety standards. Kids from one-year to eight-years-old may enjoy playing with the umbrella stroller.

The baby doll stroller comes fully assembled. The stroller folds in half for compact storage or travel.

Best Tandem Doll Stroller: Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller

Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller in blue

The Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller is cute with its realistic detail to a tandem baby stroller. It does everything a real stroller does; it even has the adjustable car seat adapter for infant baby dolls to ride alongside your little one at the back!

The front seat’s five-point harness with its locking mechanism safely secures the baby doll. It also has a removable snack tray for placing snacks and baby doll’s bottle, making it easy for moms. The baby doll double stroller has a bench seat with a safety harness and a safety buckle for taller dolls that stand on the platform. Your toddler can fit three of her dolls up to 20 inches tall, seated in the front seat, a toy sitting on the bench seat facing the child, and a doll standing on the platform.

The detail is astonishing. Footrests adjust in two positions, just like a real stroller. The front seat has a 5-point harness, and the back seat a 3-point harness. A canopy protects the dolls from the sun, and the storage basket to the back below the chair is large enough for stuffed toys and other precious things.

The tandem baby doll stroller has small parts that could be a choking hazard for kids younger than three years old.

Best Double Doll Stroller: Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller

Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller black and pink with two dolls in stroler

If your daughter cannot decide which toy should stay at home, then the Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller is an excellent choice. The realistically designed pink and black color pram is made to carry two dolls. The double stroller has a sturdy aluminum frame holding two dolls up to 18 inches in size, including accessories.

The doll double stroller is one of the largest toy pushchairs with its 19-inch wide carriage. Although larger than most pushchairs, the large rubber wheels make it easy to push across smooth surfaces. The seat belt in each seat secures the dolls in the twin doll pram. The storage basket at the bottom is large enough to hold essential baby doll mommy items. The twin doll pram stroller also comes with a free carriage bag that can be used as a pretend diaper bag.

Your little daughter may enjoy hours of imaginative play with the double baby doll stroller that looks like the real deal. It has a retractable hood with three foldable segments to protect the twin dolls’ faces from the sun. Details like the adjustable handle and retractable seats make the Babyboo Deluxe stroller one of the best-rated doll strollers. By adjusting the handle to the same side as the front wheels, the dolls can face the child playing mom. You can also pull the handle toward the back so that the dolls face the street. The retractable seats provide a means for the baby dolls to lie flat in a sleeping position or to sit up straight.

Best 4-in-1 Doll Set: Fash n Kolor 4 Piece Doll Play Set

Fash n Kolor 4 Piece Doll Play Set pink with polka dot design

The Fash n Kolor 4 Piece Doll Play Set is not just a baby doll stroller but has all the other pieces kids need when playing with baby dolls. The set features four pieces in multicolored dots or pink base hue. The set contains a baby doll stroller, a baby doll playpen, a baby doll high chair, and an infant seat.

When the baby doll is tired from being pushed in the baby doll stroller, your child can lay her down in the cushioned playpen using it as a baby girl crib. The baby doll playpen fits baby dolls up to 18 inches. The playpen comes in a drawstring carry bag for safe storage and, when removed, unfolds into the playpen.

It is the best baby doll set, ideal for your toddler’s doll nursery. Your child can carry her baby doll in the infant seat, and when it is time to feed the doll, place it in the highchair to pretend play feeding the baby comfortably. The baby doll stroller comes with a storage area at the back where your little girl can store the baby dolls accessories, toys, and even a couple of doll mom items. Both front wheels and back wheels are fixed, but the stroller is so light in weight that it does not hinder your daughter when talking her toys for a walk in the baby doll stroller.

The baby doll set is an excellent gift for toddlers aged 18 months and older.

Best For 2-Year-Olds: Mommy and Me My Frist Baby Doll Stroller

Mommy and Me My Frist Baby Doll Stroller in pink

Your child may enjoy taking her baby doll for a stroll in the My First Doll Stroller. The bright pink color may delight any child. The Mommy Me Doll Collection comes in stripes, dots, gumball, and blue too. The doll stroller is designed for little girls who like to pretend play being mommy looking after their babies.

The simplistically designed baby doll stroller has all the necessary bits and pieces real baby strollers should have. A cute ruffle hood may keep the baby doll’s face out of direct sunlight. A safety belt straps the baby doll in the seat, keeping the doll safe when your child pushes the doll stroller. The bottom carriage basket is safely tucked at the back to hold all the necessary toys, accessories, and refreshments that accompany a toddler mommy and her dolls.

It comes fully assembled. Unfold the doll stroller, and it is ready for action. When done playing, it folds in a compact storage size. The baby doll stroller measures 22.5 inches tall, which is a comfortable handle height for toddlers to push the stroller. The stroller fits a doll up to 16 inches in size.

Best Toy Jogging: Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger Stroller

Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger Stroller in pink with three wheels

With joggers in the family, the Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger Stroller is a cute jogging stroller for your toddler. The baby doll stroller looks like an adult stroller; its front wheel is fixed like most jogging strollers. Mommy joggers prefer the fixed front wheel because it keeps the stroller running straight along the jogging trail.

The hot pink and black colorful jogger doll stroller is designed for 1-year-old toddlers. The handle of the baby doll stroller may be too low for older and taller kids. It is a great baby stroller toy as a first doll stroller. It mimics the design of mommy’s jogging stroller she uses to push the baby on the jogging trail.

The stroller comes with a storage basket conveniently placed below the seat and out of the way. Your toddler won’t accidentally bump against it, spilling the precious toys and things, while pushing pretending to jog with the pram. It also has a seat belt with a buckle so that your child can safely secure their baby doll in the seat.

Assembly requires attaching the wheels to the body of the baby dolls stroller. The toy stroller makes a great addition to the Mommy Me Doll Collection.

Best Adjustable: Doll Strollers Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller

Doll Strollers Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller in pink with quilted fabric

It takes less than a minute to put the wheels on the assembled Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller that mimics a real baby buggy. It is one of the best baby doll strollers for a kid. The adjustable handle transforms the infant pram to a doll buggy within seconds.

The Pro Deluxe doll pram comes with a carriage bag that fits over the handle when pushing the infant in the baby carriage. The baby doll carriage transforms into a baby doll stroller by flipping the handle to the other side. When the doll faces the road, the stroller seat is more upright allowing the doll to sit upright. The toddler can also push the carriage with the dolls lying down facing her.

The Pro Deluxe doll pram has a luxurious design. The handlebar is covered in soft plush materials protecting your child’s hands from forming callouses when pushing the doll stroller. The carriage and seat are made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean. The fabric components are removable for washing in the washing machine and the plastic fabrics clean by wiping it with a cloth.

It is one of the best baby doll strollers with swiveling wheels that steer effortlessly in the direction the child wants to go. She can open the folding hood or close it to give the dolls some shade. The seat belt keeps the doll seated, even when accidentally pushed too hard or going over a bump in the sidewalk.

Best First: My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll pink heart on the denim fabric

My First Doll Stroller Denim for Doll is designed to be the first doll stroller for children aged two years and older. Denim material is an exceptionally durable fabric, and products made from denim may last for years. The cute little pink heart on the backrest gives the doll stroller that extra touch that makes you smile.

Fully assembled, the doll stroller is ready for action the moment your daughter removes it from the packaging and unfolds the doll stroller. It is as easy to fold it flat when storing it in the cupboard.

It is one of the best baby doll strollers constructed from safe and durable denim fabric. The seat of the doll stroller is made for comfort, and the double-folded quilted material avoids tearing at the edges. The 20.5 inches height to the top of the handle should be the right sizes for kids from ages 2-4 years old.

A basket at the bottom of the baby stroller is large enough to store all the necessities needed for taking the doll for a walk. Dolls up to 18 inches fit comfortably in the doll stroller.

Buying Guide

Types of Doll Strollers for Children

The classic doll stroller is the pushchair style. The doll faces forward, and the toddler pushes the stroller by the handle from behind. Storage baskets below the seat provide storage space for toys, doll accessories, and other items children want to take with them.

Some strollers have adjustable handles to transform the pushchair into a pram. These strollers accommodate infants who lie down in the pram and dolls that sit upright in the stroller.

Twin strollers are designed to hold two baby dolls at the same time. The dual doll stroller seats the dolls next to each other. In a tandem stroller, the two seats are behind each other. The doll at the back faces the back of the doll sitting in front. These toy strollers may have a platform to stand on or a back seat facing in the opposite direction.

Best Baby Doll Strollers for Toddlers

When selecting the best toy stroller for toddlers, you should consider different features and what works best for your child.

Doll Size and Height

Most doll strollers generally fit dolls with a height of up to 18 inches. Some strollers, however, may be smaller, and then there are those designed for dolls up to 22 inches.

Make sure that the size of the doll, how big it is, fits snugly in the stroller.

Child’s Age and Height

Many doll strollers do not have adjustable handles. They may adjust to transforming the pushchair stroller into a carriage or pram but cannot change the height of the handle. When your child grows too tall, they outgrow the stroller, although. Make sure the handle is at the right height for your daughter and that they won’t outgrow it too soon.

A doll stroller is generally designed to be suitable for covering a range of years for specific age groups. A stroller may be manufactured for kids as young as two years old and some for preschoolers and older.


Doll strollers come with four fixed wheels or swivel wheels. Swivel wheels steer easier because it moves automatically and with ease, in the direction your child steers by pushing the handle. Doll strollers, however, are so light in weight that the fixed wheels often do not matter that much and should not hinder your child’s play.

Toddlers and children rarely play with the doll stroller on rough or uneven terrain. They are generally indoors. When the child plays outside, she walks on flat ground like the sidewalk or driveway.

The double wheel that strollers have gives additional stability to the stroller when toddlers push too hard or rough. It also gives kids that extra balancing stability when holding onto the rubber handles.

Foldable Stroller

A foldable doll stroller is a delight to store in a compact space. It is easier to transport and doesn’t take up too much space in the trunk.

The foldable feature is an excellent choice if you have the option. When carrying your child’s pushchair up a flight of stairs or at the park, when she is done playing, you will be thankful that it can fold.


Doll carriages come generally fully assembled; parents can unfold it, and it is ready for your child to play. Some strollers may require attaching the wheels.

If assembly is necessary, the package usually includes assembly instructions to guide parents through the process.

Quality and Durability

The design of the pushchair’s frame and the quality of the materials used directly affect the durability of the product. A fabric may be good quality, and the product may look great, but if the seams tear, then the design didn’t produce a quality product.

Features in Design

A toy pushchair with a canopy, seat belt, and basket resembles the real deal. The hood of the pushchair may be removable, foldable, or could be adjusted. Some pram designs look like a miniature replica of a brand; others may have similar qualities but aren’t accurate replicas.

Parents may be tempted to wanting to purchase the brand or the replica. Having a sort of look-alike may be enough for some children; they just want to take their doll for a walk in a pushchair, just like mommy does.

Extras and Special Features

A toy stroller may have the standard features you would expect it to have, but some have those little extras. For example, a stroller may come in various colors, design, or include extras like a blanket or bonus bottles your child may use to inspire her creative play.

Another feature that may benefit an imaginative little one, when playing house, is a stroller that converts into various items used in a nursery. It may be a convertible toy that transforms into a playpen, stroller, crib, or infant seat.

It makes a choice difficult for parents because there are some very lovely strollers to purchase.

FAQ for Kids Doll Stroller

Is a doll stroller only for little girls?

No, playing with dolls and doll accessories like pushchairs are toys, boys and girls may enjoy. It’s common knowledge that playing with a doll helps a child develop nurturing and other life skills. All children, boys, and girls may benefit from playing with doll prams and developing and strengthening their skills.

When siblings play together, they build relationships and learn the positive benefits of having a big brother or sister. Playing house together may help them strengthen these traits. Children at a young age don’t have the necessary social skills; they need to learn that sharing, playing together, and waiting for your turn is fun and have positive outcomes.

Playing together also teaches children how to communicate by listening, watching body language, and facial expressions.

At what age can a child play with a pushchair?

If your child is stable enough to walk by herself, she can push her doll around in a pushchair. Many strollers are designed for children from 2-years old up to elementary school. The growth rate and development of a child may influence the choice of toy stroller a parent may purchase. Most handles aren’t adjustable and designed for a certain age and height. Make sure your child isn’t too tall or too short for the stroller you want to purchase.

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