Whether it's a tandem stroller, double stroller or twin stroller - the best duble stroller will get you and your kids out and about. We have choices in double stroller front and back, double stroller with a car seat, side by side stroller, or lightweight double stroller. Maybe you want a tandem double jogging stroller - we got you covered.

The good news is you’ve just found out you’re pregnant. The bad news is you’re already a mom to a three-year-old, which means your good single stroller isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to add the best double stroller to your list of parenting gear.

Why should you trust my judgment, you ask? Because I’ve been there, done that, and got the spit-up stained T-shirt to prove it. I’ve wrestled with the most stubborn of strollers, cursed at wheels that wouldn’t swivel, and sighed in relief when I finally found the ones that made my life a breeze. And now, I’m here to share that knowledge with you.

Choosing the right double stroller can be the difference between a peaceful outing and a day filled with unnecessary stress. Because let’s face it, as parents, we have enough on our plates without adding “struggling with a stroller” to the mix. The right stroller can make your adventures smoother, more enjoyable, and let’s not forget, safer for your little ones.

Also, as much as you need to find a good double stroller that fits your needs, you have to find one that fits in your car. Convertibility is important, along with being ultralight, user-friendly and high-quality for the money. Long have we snickered at the families who have had to purchase larger vehicles to accommodate the tandem stroller.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect double stroller, or simply curious about what’s out there, stick around. I promise, by the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision. After all, our little ones deserve nothing but the best right?

Best Double Stroller Recommendations Compared

Chicco Cortina Together Good Double Stroller
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UPPAbaby G-link 2 Twin Double Stroller
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Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller
Lowest Price
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Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller
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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Tandem Stroller
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Joovy-Scooter X2 Twin Double Stroller
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Top Double Strollers Reviewed

Most Versatile Convertible Double Stroller: The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Cortina Together Double Stroller

This is one sweet ride! What I really like about the Chicco Cortina Together Good Double Stroller is its versatility. It’s what those in the business of strollers call a ‘multi-configuration double stroller ‘which is a fancy way of saying it can be used in several ways. It makes for easy traveling whether you have two infants, one toddler and an infant, two toddlers, or a toddler and a sibling (weighing up to 40 lbs).

It is also the first double stroller to accept 2 of the No.1 rated Keyfit and/or Keyfit 30 infant car seats. This stroller has everything, from a one-hand, activated, self-standing fold to a large zip-up storage basket and cup holders. Now, if it could just change diapers.

The versatile stroller adjusts to each baby’s needs. The front and rear stroller seats recline independently, and each canopy rotates forwardly separately. With adjustable canopies, mothers can adapt the individual canopies to shield the child from a different angle. The rear stroller seat has a bassinet enclosure for newborns.  

The Chicco Cortina is one of the best convertible strollers for parents who need the flexibility and versatility provided by the double umbrella stroller features. The one-handed fold activates and releases the double stroller, and the ability to pull or push the folded double stroller makes life so much easier for moms who seldom have more than one hand free.  

A zip basket for storing baby gear opens to the rear for quick access. Tall parents will appreciate the height-adjustable handlebar, and the parent tray is conveniently placed. The padded adjustable handlebar adjusts in three positions accommodating mom or dad, making it an excellent choice for parents. The cupholder is within reach, and the small storage compartment holds keys or phones. The armbar and cupholders for the kids are interchangeable and removable; the cups can face inward or outward. 

All-wheel suspension creates a smooth ride over bumpy or even terrain; it won’t disturb your little ones. The locking front swivel wheel keeps the double stroller steady, and the rear foot brake stops and holds the double stroller in position. The modern Chicco Cortina comes in Ombra and Minerale color options; it’s the perfect solution for families on the go and on the “grow.” 

Ages: Newborns up to 4-year olds (or 40 lbs child weight limit)

The lightweight aluminum frame and carry handle make the double stroller easy to transport UPPAbaby G-link 2 Twin Double Stroller, one of the top double strollers. A single-action folds the G-link double stroller into a standing position, and the carry handle helps to navigate a flight of stairs or take the double stroller to the car.

With four sets of wheels, instead of six like most double strollers, this side-by-side buggy pushes and steers like a single stroller but has the comfort of a double stroller. Each seat reclines separately, which helps when the baby wants to sleep, but your toddler is on an adventure. Four seat positions accommodate babies to toddlers and their ever-changing needs. Snap-on mesh foot barriers create a safe environment for your twins.

Extra-large canopies with extendable UPF 50+ sunshades ensure complete coverage of the children against sun and wind. The huge canopy features a peekaboo magnetic-closure window allowing you to watch over your kids without them realizing it. The peek-a-boo window will enable them to see you too. 

Store your smartphone and other personal items in the reachable double storage pockets at the back of the pram. The cupholder prevents unnecessary spillage and is within reach of the parent. For larger items, there is an easy access storage basket.

The UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller with double stroller seats is an excellent option for infant twins for everyday usage, strolling, and shopping.

Age: Newborn+

Best Double Stroller For Travel – Lightweight: Delta Children City Street Side by Side Twin Stroller

Delta Double Stroller

If you need a compact and lightweight double stroller for traveling, look no further than the Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller. The compact fold and lightweight frame weighing around 20lbs make it the perfect travel companion for planes, trains, cars, or buses.

Even though the lightweight double stroller is very sturdy and well made, it’s not an all-terrain stroller but more of a walk-around for a trip to Disneyland, a visit to the zoo, or popping into the mall. It’s a great choice in terms of value for money and what you need from it.

A three-point safety harness secures your babies for a safe ride, and the 360 degrees swivel shock absorbing front wheels ensure a smooth and easy ride. Lock the wheels for greater stability over bumpy surfaces. A parent cup holder with two attachment points and two hanging storage bags makes the double stroller practical for walkers. 

The everyday stroller is an excellent choice for twins up to 3 years old and has a 35-pound per stroller seat weight limit. Measuring 29 inches wide, the double umbrella stroller fits through standard 30-inch doorways. The DX Side By Side Stroller is JPMA certified, meets ASTM safety standards, and conforms to all CPC standards. It is an excellent choice for families traveling and wanting convenience.

Ages: Approximately 8 months +

Best Single To Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller


The Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller is perfect for the “I’m not little, I’m big” older brother or sister wanting to flex their independence. They can choose to sit, stand, face forward or backward, or get off.

It’s also easy to assemble and open and fold away and light enough to lift, which, as most parents know, is essential when you’re out and about on your own with two children. The JOOVY Caboose Stand-On is a good-looking stroller, and as far as tandem double strollers go, it’s the most compact and maneuverable one on the market, with a price tag that makes it a very popular choice.

The Joovy Caboose Graphite is a single stroller with the full functionality of a double stroller, perfect for mothers with a baby and older child who still gets tired from walking and needs a ride sometimes. The stroller is compatible with the Caboose Rear Seat (sold separately) for kids too young to stand, a full-size forward-facing rear seat. Converted into a tandem stroller, the stroller weight limit is 90 pounds, 45 pounds per stroller seat. The stroller fits through narrow doorways and is easy to maneuver through tight spaces.  

The universal car seat adapter fits most car seat brands. The third position front seat recline is perfect for babies taking a nap, and the large canopy shields them against the sun. A snack tray with two cupholders easily detaches when not in use. A parent organizer and rain cover are additional accessories sold separately.

With the single to double stroller option, seating configuration and built-in stand-on platform for toddlers, the Joovy Caboose Graphite is one of the best double strollers for parents expecting a second child or siblings a few years apart.  

Ages: Newborn +

Best Double Strollers For Tons Of Storage: Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller

Fold the Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller with one hand while holding your baby in your other hand. You don’t need to bend; the stroller folds into a standing position with an automatic storage latch.

The extra-large storage basket has enough room for all the toys, essentials, gear, and more. A parent’s tray on top close to the handles has two deep cup holders and a please to store keys. Both seats have trays with two cupholders for the children. Remove the trays when not in use.

Each seat has a canopy, a footrest, and a removable tray. The tandem stroller can carry two kids with a stroller weight of 40 pounds per seat. Although both seats recline, the rear seat flattens into a bassinet for a sleepy baby. The lockable front swivel wheels with suspension ensure maneuverability and give the babies a smooth ride.

When awake, the stadium-style seating ensures that both children may enjoy their surroundings. The back seat is higher positioned than the front seat to give clear visibility to both kids. The tandem stroller is compatible with two Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats. With the Click Connect technology, the Graco infant car seats attach securely to the double stroller. The car seat-compatible double stroller is ideal for every running around and traveling to the mall or grandma.

Age: Newborn +

Best Double Umbrella Double Stroller: Delta Children LX Side by Side Double Stroller

Image Of Delta Children Lx Side By Side Stroller

If you like to travel, the Delta Children LX Side by Side Double Stroller is one of the best double strollers for traveling and theme parks. The twin stroller meets Disney requirements and fits through a standard 30-inch door. Weighing less than 19 pounds, the double stroller is lightweight to take on a plane or other transport. The compact umbrella fold takes up little storage space.

Delta is a family-owned business, and the safety of children is very important to them. Safety 1st, children are strapped in with a five-point safety harness to keep them safe. The 360-degree swivel shock absorbing front wheels ensures a comfortable ride. The double stroller with its large European style canopy protects toddlers against heat and rain. With multiple position settings, the reclining seats adjust to the twin toddler’s needs; the infant seats accommodate children up to 35 lbs per seat.

Set a new trend by choosing one of the wide range of stylish color options like ice green, vivid orange, red, or bright blue accents. The Delta Children LX Side By Side Double Stroller with reclining seats, swivel wheel, and the huge canopy is a top pick for comfortable travel and theme parks.

Age: Babies and Toddlers

Best Sit N Stand Double Stroller For Growing Family: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Tandem Stroller

Image Of Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Tandem Stroller is designed for a growing family with children in different age groups. The versatility allows for having a newborn and a toddler comfortably in the tandem stroller.

A child up to 40 inches tall and weighing less than 40 pounds can stand on the rear platform or sit on the padded jump seat. Eighty pounds is the maximum weight the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller can hold. Both seats recline or sit upright to 40 inches which comfortably fits toddlers up to 2.5 years.

Each child and the parent have a tray with cup holders. The child tray swings away to lift the child out of the chair. The child snack trays can be replaced by the optional two cup holders (sold separately) for older kids. The covered parent tray has two cup holders and a storage compartment for personal items such as a purse or bag.

The tandem stroller accepts two Baby Trend infant car seats or other brands weighing 22-35 pounds. A five-point safety harness secures toddlers or babies in the seats, and Baby Trend fashion has a selection of colors to choose from. You can easily move the seat from your crib to the stroller.

The front-wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride over uneven or bumpy terrain. Canopies protect the toddlers against the sun and are removable when not needed. A storage basket underneath the seats is large enough to contain all the necessities for the day. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand umbrella stroller is an excellent tandem pick for a growing family that can’t sit still.

Age: Newborn to 2.5 years

Best Double Stroller For Doorways: Joovy- Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Image Of Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller For Kids

Unlike many double strollers, the Joovy-Scooter X2 Twin Double Stroller fits through a standard doorway. It accommodates two kids weighing up to 45 pounds each. Lightweight to carry, the stroller folds with one hand.

The stylish graphite frame measures 30 inches wide enough for two seats side-by-side and moves comfortably through a door. The canopies and seats are made of durable 600D nylon and come in five vibrant colors. A one-hand reclining mechanism adjusts each footrest and seat separately to a napping position.

Five-point safety harnesses strap kids safely into their seats. The removable bumper bar prevents kids from climbing in and out while strolling. The upgraded larger sealed bearing 7-inch front and 9.5-inch back wheels give a smooth ride for kids and easy maneuverability of the double stroller. Double front wheels ensure stability, and the sealed bearings make pushing 90 pounds a breeze.

With the most significant storage basket for double strollers on the market, there’s ample room to store everything and more. The mesh pockets in each seat hold sippy cups, snacks, and toys, and parents have their storage space for snacks, keys, and two cup holders. The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller with its narrow frame is ideal for everyday spaces, doorways, and traveling.

Age: Newborn +

Best Double Strollers For Jogging: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Double Stroller

Image Of Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Double Stroller is designed for kids weighing 6-50 pounds each and up to 42 inches tall. Its lightweight, sturdy construction appeals to joggers and parents who need to fold and unfold the double jogging strollers in and out of the car trunk.

One twelve-inch front and two 16-inch rear all-terrain tires will steer the double stroller wherever the parent chooses to jog. The rubber pneumatic bicycle tires give babies a comfortable ride over rough terrain. The swiveling front wheel is excellent for slow-speed shopping and maneuvering around corners and crowded streets. The locking mechanism keeps the front wheel steady in a straight line while jogging.

With the multi-position reclining seat, your kids will be comfortable during the mall or jogging outings. The canopy provides shade for your little ones while enjoying the outdoors. Store their toys and snacks in the basket below the seats and your drinks and keys in the parent tray that provides covered storage and two cup holders.

The foot-activated rear brakes are conveniently placed when you need to bring the double stroller to a safe halt. The double stroller is fast to pack up with the convenient trigger fold. With its bike tires, swiveling front wheel, and overall lightweight design, the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller is a choice for jogging and everyday expeditions over uneven terrain.

Age: Newborn +

Best Luxury Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite V2 Tandem Double Stroller

Image Of Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

The stylish Contours Options Elite V2 Tandem Double Stroller has multiple seating configurations for toddlers and babies. Seven seating options and car seat compatibility adapt to the terrain, circumstances, and the needs of parents and kids.

Depending on how adventurous, sleepy, social, or dependent the babies are, you can configure the best seating for your children’s needs and desires. Seating options include face-to-face, forward, back-to-back, and backward with eyes on you. Seating arrangements won’t affect the smooth ride with dynamic front and rear wheel suspension and 10-inch quick-disconnect rubber-coated rear wheels. Brake pedals are sandal-friendly for casual summer strolls.

The padded five-point harness protects babies from falling out of the tandem stroller. Expandable zipper mesh canopies give shade and protect their delicate skins against the sun and wind. Each seat carries up to 40 pounds. The large storage basket and in-seat pockets have ample storage space for toys and necessities. The zippered basket opens to the side for easy access without needing to bend low. With adjustable footrests, mesh panels, peek-a-boo windows, and comfortable seats stadium-style, kids can nap, explore, and enjoy the outdoors.

The lightweight aluminum frame of 37.5 pounds is easy to fold and transport. The tandem stroller features car seat adapters for two infant car seats and is compatible with most major car seat seats. The compatible car seats attach with the universal car seat adapter or brand-specific adapter clicks in two brand-specific infant carriers. 

Parents can’t go wrong with this award-winning upgraded double stroller. The lift-assist mounts move the reversible comfortable seats into the preferred position. With two kids on board, the double stroller pushes effortlessly due to the lightweight aluminum frames and contoured handle for comfort. The double stroller dimensions 55.5 x 26 x 41.3 inches are Disney size-approved when both seats face inward.  

The Contours Options Elite V2 is an upgrade pick. Its car seat compatibility, larger wheels at the back, and versatile seating arrangement make it an excellent choice for twins and one of the best double strollers for families with babies and toddlers who can’t sit still. 

Age: Newborn +

Best Double Stroller For Active Parent: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 Jogging Double Stroller

One of the best double strollers comfortable for your babies over versatile terrain is the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 Jogging Twin Double Stroller. The mountain bike type of suspension and air-filled tires will give your babies a smooth ride in the city and over rough terrain in the park.

The swivel-locking front wheel maneuvers the double stroller around corners and in crowds. A twist of the knob refines the tracking alignment to ensure the locked front wheel moves in a straight line while jogging or running by the competition.

Nine handlebar positions adjust to a comfortable height for the person pushing the stroller. The wrist strap secures the double stroller safely to the jogging parent. While parents are jogging, the babies can sit upright to enjoy the scenery and adventure or recline when sleepy. Ventilated seats and the UPF50+ canopy protect children from the sun and keep them cool.

The jogging pram stroller carries kids up to 50 pounds in each seat and newborns with a minimum weight of 5 pounds per seat. It is Disney park compatible. Store the toys, essentials, snacks, and gear in the large cargo basket underneath the seats or the integrated pockets for easy access.

The sturdy aluminum frame folds, easily fitting the double stroller comfortably in the trunk of a car. The seats with the BOB Duallie Infant Car Seat Adapter are compatible with a BOB or Britax Infant Car Seat for traveling purposes. Talk about ease of use! The jogging stroller is excellent for maneuverability over versatile terrain.

Ages: Newborn +

Features To Look For In The Best Double Stroller

How Will The Stroller Fit In Your Life?

Choosing a stroller is not just about having twins or a second child; it’s about fitting into your lifestyle. It should be convenient, not an extra burden. How much value you get from a double stroller and how user-friendly it will be will influence what you buy.

How Old Are Your Children?

The age contrast between two children requires different features than what you need with twins. Older kids like to stand or sit on a toddler seat while newborns want to lie down. If your children are twins or the age gap is a year or less, then a sit-and-stand stroller isn’t necessarily the best double stroller. If you have a newborn and toddler, however, the sit-and-stand tandem stroller may be essential. The toddler seat gives the toddler freedom to roam and to rest when walking becomes too much.

Age gaps affect how long you will need the stroller. Popular strollers have weight limits, and kids physically outgrow them. Generally, a bassinet holds up to 20 pounds, and a toddler seat about 50 pounds. How old your oldest child is will influence how long you will need the tandem stroller. Some single strollers convert into tandem strollers. When children are old enough to walk, they may tire quickly, and then a sit-and-strand pram may still be the option.

Best Stroller Size and Seating Options

The two types are side-by-side and tandem.

With side-by-side double strollers, the kids sit next to each other, and with the tandem or inline stroller, they sit behind each other.

Tandem strollers fit through doorways and narrow shopping aisles in the same manner as most single strollers would. Side-by-side strollers could be too wide for particular doors or cumbersome to move down narrow aisles.

Side-by-side strollers steer easier around corners than tandem strollers, and they also fit in most car trunks. Two infant car seats, however, may fit into the frames of some tandem strollers.

Your Budget

Umbrella double strollers are often the cheapest but not so sturdy and durable. A more expensive stroller could be of better quality with more features. However, after a specific price point, you pay for the fashion trend, the brand name, and the gadgets; the quality is similar to the cheaper double strollers. Select what works well with the necessary features at a reasonable price and you’ll get the best bang for the buck.  

Your Interests

Your parenting style and lifestyle interests impact the type of double stroller you need.

Do you jog? If so, do you prefer having the time to yourself, or would you like your kids along? Jogging strollers accommodate parents who enjoy jogging with their kids. The frames, suspension, and wheels are designed for rougher terrain, helping the jogger and allowing for children’s comfort and safety. The safety wrist strap is additional security to keep a grip on the handlebar.

What size is your car? Double strollers fit easily into car trunks, but tandem strollers may be too cumbersome for your car trunk. A smaller car means you only have room for a smaller stroller. Some larger double strollers will fit if it folds into a compact, more modest size.

Do you like camping or taking walks in the parks? All-terrain double strollers are sturdy and made to withstand rough and even terrain without being uncomfortable for the kids. Good front and rear suspension will ease the ride for children on hiking trails, jogging paths, and uneven cobblestones in town. These strollers steer easy but could be expensive and bulky.

What Makes The Top Strollers – Good Features You’ll Want In Your Double Stroller

Many parents buy strollers for the different development stages of their children. Others prefer purchasing one stroller and using it for the longest time. The first group of parents will focus more on the features needed for that period in their child’s life. However, the second group looks at what they need for a more extended period and adds the features and accessories.

How Easy Is It To Lift?

If you travel a lot or need to carry the stroller up flights of stairs, the weight and size are essential. All-purpose strollers may be too heavy and bulky, whereas umbrella strollers are lightweight and fold easily.

Can The Double Stroller Fit A Car Seat Or Two Car Seats?

Many tandem strollers are designed to fit one car seat and some two infant car seats. Be mindful of the infant car seat brands of the specific tandem stroller. Some infant car seat adapters are brand specific, while others allow for a variety of brands. If you have twins, then check if the double stroller supports only one car seat and whether you can fit more than one infant car seat on the stroller. 

How Easily Does The Stroller Fold?

The excellent features of tandem strollers often require removing bits and pieces before folding them. Many double strollers, a mom can fold with one hand while holding a baby in the other arm. If you are in and out of the car a few times a day, a lightweight stroller with high convertibility with one hand is a better option.

Some double strollers fold into an umbrella stand position, which makes it easy to lift into the trunk of the car. Detaching a baby car seat from a tandem stroller means you can strap your newborn safely in before folding it.

How Many Wheels/How Big Wheels?

The number of wheels, the type of wheels, and the size of the wheels influence the steering maneuverability over different terrain. A jogging stroller’s wheels are different from the wheels required to maneuver in malls and crowded places.

Often three-wheel steer easier through doors than four wheels. Swiveling wheels that turn 360 degrees improve maneuverability when shopping or moving forward, backward, and around corners. Locked front wheels keep the stroller running in a straight line when jogging, rolling over cobblestones, and on uneven terrain. All-wheel suspension and air-rubber tires warrant a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Takeaways – Best Tandem Double Strollers, Twin Strollers and Your Life

Take note of the width of doorways, living and recreation spaces, and terrain that’s part of your life and daily routine when choosing a double stroller.

  • Slim strollers fit in small apartments, narrow alleys, and tiny spaces.
  • Suspension, locked wheels, and type of wheels give kids comfortable rides over jogging paths, rough terrain, and cobblestones.
  • Lightweight and easy folding work best for traveling and carrying strollers up flights of stairs.
  • Kids with age gaps of more than a year may benefit from sit-and-stand double strollers.
  • Swindling wheels that turn 360 degrees helps with steering and maneuvering double or tandem strollers in crowded streets, shopping malls, and busy subways.
  • Age is an important indicator, but often the height and weight of your children determine how long the double stroller is usable.
  • Tandem convertible strollers offer numerous configurations front-to-back, two-level, face-to-face, bassinet and toddler seat, and sit-and-stand options. 
  • An adjustable handlebar for adults, all-wheel suspension, and a lightweight frame make the double stroller easy to maneuver.

Have any best double stroller recommendations you want to share? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

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