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Can fluorescent light covers contribute to student success? Headaches, sore eyes, vision fatigue, stomach aches, and stress are familiar complaints teachers and parents hear from students every day. Often the cause is the glares and flickering emitted from the overhead fluorescent lights. Kids aren’t the only ones affected; parents and teachers also suffer from harsh rays. One way of solving the problem is fluorescent light covers for the classroom, a child’s bedroom, and office.

We’ve compiled a list of various fluorescent light filters giving people the option to select the type of filter they like without going through the research process. The list has something for everyone at an affordable price, from standard white covers to themes and classy stained glass effects. If you’re in a hurry, check our editor’s pick for the best fluorescent light cover.

Our editor’s choice for classroom light filters is the Educational Insights, The Original Fluorescent Light Filters. It reduces flickering and glare from harsh lights creating a pleasant student learning environment. The affordable light covers attach easily to the light fixtures with sewn-in magnets, and the flame-retardant, nylon fabric panels should last for years.

What Makes Fluorescent Light Covers Great?

Fluorescent light covers are an affordable solution to the negative impact of harsh glare and fluorescent lighting. When choosing the best filters for your classroom, consider these features. 

Fluorescent lights come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, a fluorescent light filter design fits standard recessed light fixtures. If slightly oversized, you can trim the light filters to match the fluorescent light fixture. 

The best fluorescent light covers will block harmful UV rays, reduce glare, harsh flickering, and transform a limited color spectrum to full-spectrum light. 

The fluorescent light cover material should be flame-retardant fabric that withstands the heat emitted by light fixtures. Make sure the light covers conform to safety standards; manufacturers often include the Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy as one of the items in the purchased package. 

Although white and blue are the standard color options, there are delightfully patterned and themed filters available. However, make sure your light sources, including natural sunlight, are sufficient if you choose blue, decorative, or darker colored light filters. Some decorative filters could darken the room more than a white or off-white color would.

Fluorescent light covers should be durable; the materials should last for years without cracking or tearing. The magnets used for attaching the cover to the fluorescent light fixture must be long-lasting, built-in, sturdy magnets.

One person can easily install filters that come with super strong magnets. The material shouldn’t be rigid but flexible for effortless installation. Most covers ship in rolled packages; unroll the cover for installation.

The 7 Top Classroom Light Filters Compared

Light Blue 1232 Fluorescent Light Filters
Lowest Price
Check price at
Pete The Cat Decorative Light Filters
Check price at
Octo Lights Fluorescent Light Covers
Check price at
GlareShade Fluorescent Light Coverings
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ShadeMagic Fluorescent Light Covers
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Pool Pub Stained Glass Fluorescent Ceiling Light Cover
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Best Fluorescent Light Covers Reviewed

Editor’s Pick For Best Fluorescent Light Cover: Educational Insights The Original Fluorescent Light Filters

The Educational Insights, The Original Fluorescent Light Filters, are our editor’s choices as the best fluorescent light filters for classrooms. The bestselling classroom light filters were one of the first light filters on the market. The products are still popular today because the fluorescent light covers have all the features teachers want to cover their classroom lighting fixtures. 

Removing the filters is as easy as attaching them. With six sturdy sewn-in magnets, anyone with a ladder can attach the light covers to standard ceiling fixtures. The harsh glare and flickering from the fluorescent ceiling light disappear, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Teachers should notice fewer tension headaches, blurred vision, lower stress levels, and decreased anxiety among their students. 

Each package includes four panels made from heat-resistant fabric measuring 2 x 4 feet and a Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy. The two color options, tranquil blue and whisper white, give a different tone for the classroom; the classroom light filters whisper white are lighter than the blue filter ones. Before purchasing, make sure your classroom has enough natural light from sunlight or other sources if you opt for the blue filters.  

Reducing health issues caused by UV radiation and glare, fluorescent light filters are ideal for offices, hospitals, homes, and classrooms. It’s more pleasant to read and learn in a calm environment than bright lighting that flickers, causing eyestrain, tension, and migraine headaches.  

Great Decorative Light Cover For Calming Atmosphere: Light Blue 1232 Fluorescent Light Filters

The Light Blue Fluorescent light filters have a simplistic design adding decorative style to the classroom without drawing attention away from the lesson. The patterned blue light filters are also made by Educational Insights, offering the same health benefit features as the plain white or blue filter products. 

The Educational Insights ceiling light cover reduces overexposure to bright light, decreasing the adverse effects of eye strain, migraines, headaches, and tension. Bad light has a negative impact and can even cause health issues. In learning and focusing environments, calming colors, like blue lighting, can promote performance and improve concentration. The light blue color and subtle patterns create a soothing environment without clashing with office or classroom decor. 

Each of the two-pack decorative blue light filters measures 2 x 4 feet, covering a standard overhead lighting fixture. Six built-in magnets attach the fluorescent light filters easily to the fluorescent lighting. The fire retardant material is heat resistant, and the package includes a Certificate of Conformance for flame retardancy. 

Fun Light Covers For Elementary School Teacher Classroom: Pete The Cat Decorative Light Filters

Colorful Pete The Cat Decorative Light Filters protect students against harmful artificial light exposure, inspiring students to learn and have fun. The elementary school teacher can have as much fun with Pete the Cat, the main character in the best-selling picture book series, motivating and teaching the students. 

Pete the Cat creates a fun and pleasant atmosphere, and the colorful fluorescent light covers reduce glare and harsh flicker from classroom fluorescent lighting and LED lights. Each of the three Pete The Cat panels features a fantastic scene; on one panel, Pete the Cat is on a skateboard, on the second panel, he is playing guitar while waiting for the school bus, and on the third panel, he is having fun at the playground. 

Education Insights is one of the best brands for fluorescent light covers; they were one of the first brands to manufacture classroom light filters that cover fluorescent ceiling fixtures. The beautiful light cover is similar in quality to the other Education Insights products. A teacher will quickly notice the benefits of covering fluorescent light panels with fluorescent light covers. Kids and the teacher will have fewer visual fatigue complaints, migraines, stress headaches, stomach aches, and eye strain.

The heat-resistant panels can be used with fluorescent lights and LED lighting fixtures. The 4 sturdy built-in magnets attach the fluorescent light covers to the light fixtures. Pete the Cat Decorative Light Filters is an excellent product to cover classroom light fixtures and for people looking for fun decorative filters for their office or home. 

Best Light Covers For Classroom Customization: Octo Lights Fluorescent Light Covers

 The Octo Lights Fluorescent Light Covers are marvelous to expand a classroom theme or focus on a specific type of subject. Transform the science class by covering the fluorescent lights with high-quality photo prints of stars, galaxies, and nebula or inspire kids to explore nature and learn about plants with the flower and tree themes.

Kids and adults who suffer from cluster headaches or migraines will appreciate the Octo Lights astronomy collection that engagingly darkens the room. These themed light diffuser covers create gorgeous images while covering LED or fluorescent ceiling lights. Select from eight decorative categories for a calming environment in the classroom, kid’s bedroom, or any other low-light space. Teachers can combine these items in their classroom; for example, the astronomy and cloud themes go well together or mix some landscape, some waterfall, and some beach images for a fun atmosphere.

Some standard fluorescent lights vary in size; each style comes in three different product dimensions to accommodate the three most common sizes of a fluorescent light fixture. The three product dimensions are 36.5 x 11.19 inches, a square 22.38 x 22..38 inches, and a standard rectangular 46.5 x 22.38 inches. 

The Octo Lights film covers the light diffusers, effectively cutting back the glare and flickering of harsh lighting, stimulating natural light, and spreading light evenly across the space. The items are available in adhesive film for a LED light, a backlit film for a traditional fluorescent fixture, and ships rolled up in environmentally friendly packaging. Easy to install, the light diffuser cover fits over the ceiling light panel inside the frame. The light panel covers are made of eco-friendly, self-extinguishing, flexible material that is UL certified. 

Instead of migraines, blurred vision, and sore eyes from the glare of the light fixture, enjoy stargazing, waterfalls, or the beach with the colorful collection of themed light diffuser covers. When comparing prices, it may seem like this type of product is more expensive than some blue and white color light covers, but teachers could be saving on other classroom decorations. The beautiful images are one DIY way to decorate classrooms and simultaneously solve health problems, headaches, and sore eyes caused by harsh, flickering, and glaring lights. If you consider the price of lamps, room decorations, and finding another option to reduce the effect of glaring fluorescent lights, then this product has excellent value for the price. The single unit allows teachers to purchase the number of covers they need.

Best Budget Light Filter For Value: GlareShade Fluorescent Light Coverings

The GlareShade Fluorescent Light Coverings is the best skylight or ceiling fluorescent light fixture covers for people on a budget looking for value at a low price. Classrooms and offices with multiple lights will appreciate the bigger packs GlareShade offers; the product comes in a 2-pack, 5-pack, and 10-pack.

When people suffer from headaches, double vision, tension caused by harsh glares, and flickering fluorescent lights, softer lighting is something to consider. The pulsing vibrations from fluorescent lights have a negative impact on people with sensory procession issues; it may cause a lack of focus and unwanted behaviors. The white or blue cover options help reduce these symptoms creating a calming environment for better-focused learning and studying.

The GlareShade covers install easily with 10 high-strength magnets; these sturdy, built-in magnets attach securely to the metal frames without sagging or creating gaps. The rare earth magnets ensure a flush fit on standard light frames. The polyester blend material meets fire safety standards, and the fire-retardant fabric washes easily. Inside the package, you will find the certification confirming compliance.

Suppose you were looking for something affordable to help reduce headaches, tension, and other symptoms caused by a fluorescent skylight or ceiling light’s harsh glare. In that case, the GlareShade Fluorescent Light Covers is an excellent product, especially if you have multiple lights to cover.

Best Fluorescent Light Filter For Dropped Ceilings: ShadeMagic Fluorescent Light Covers

The ShadeMagic Fluorescent Light Covers, with clouds and sky motifs, are fun options to decoratively cover lights in dropped ceilings. The relaxing clouds protect students from the harsh glare of overhead bright lights.

Ten powerful magnets securely attach the fluorescent covers to standard ceiling fixtures. The heat-resistant polyester material won’t sag; for a dropped ceiling, you want a tidy, flush mounting effect. The innovative micro-fiber flame retardant technology produces durable, long-lasting covers ideal for schools, hospitals, businesses, or homes.

ShadeMagic Fluorscente light covers offer more themed options to help reduce migraine headaches, stress levels, eye issues, and loss of focus caused by flickering and harsh ceiling lights. The Seascape Light Filter pack and the Beach Light Filter pack are excellent fun, decorative alternatives for school classrooms or busy offices.

Great Stained Glass Light Cover Film For The Classroom: Pool Pub Stained Glass Fluorescent Ceiling Light Cover

The beautiful stained glass image of the Pool Pub Stained Glass Fluorescent Ceiling Light Cover immediately reduces harsh light and transforms a room atmosphere. Suppose teachers prefer a more natural theme for a classroom environment. In that case, they can opt for the Forest Canopy View from Dockside Decor & Graphics to cover the fluorescent ceiling or skylight lights.

Both options are decorative, self-extinguishing film (Class A fire-rated) that reduces the fluorescent glare of standard ceiling lights and enhances the benefits of classroom lighting. The product dimensions are 2 x 4 feet and fit inside the frame of the dropped ceiling light fixture. Like X-rays, the film is thick and easily trimmed with scissors or a utility knife to the desired size. The films fit over smooth or patterned light diffusers; however, the pattern could shine through. The films work well attached to windowless skylights too.

The film panels transform a harsh, clinical room into a warm but functional atmosphere. Depending on how light or dark you want the room, make sure the light sources are sufficient for the darker effect produced by the light covers.

Which fluorescent light covers on the list is your favorite product?

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