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It’s not news that Squishmallows are a really great product. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer for your niece or nephew, and they’ll love them to death!

But did you know there is an entire line of Halloween-themed Squishmallows? It’s another reason to love Halloween!

Squishmallows come in so many different adorable shapes and sizes: as a pumpkin, ghost, witch, spider, and more. You can even buy packs of two or more stuffed animals at the same time: maybe shop for one for your sister and one for mom! The best part is that they’re soft and squishy, and that’s pretty much the best combination ever.

My favorite thing about Halloween is the candy and the scary Halloween masks. But if you’re looking for a different “treat” this year, we have just the thing for you. Squishmallow plush toys are soft polyester and huggable toys in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Squishmallows are perfect for any type of celebration or occasion- not just Halloween!

Please Be Aware: You know if you’ve been looking – the best Halloween KellyToy brand Squishmallows in 2021 are hard to find both at a local store and online, but it’s not just because they’re popular. There are supply chain issues going on with not enough truck and trains running to deliver toys to market. Availability will change daily. If you want a quick way to see what Halloween ‘mallow plush toys are currently in stock, check out this link.

Some of these shop offers are at prices many times what you would pay retail. That’s ok – it’s supply and demand – but make sure you are comfortable with your purchase price. It’s easy to get excited and snag some Squishmallows without checking the price tag!

If you aren’t sure which one of the many cute and adorable Squishmallows is right for you – RELAX! This is where we come in! We’ve done the research for you and have independently selected the best Squishmallows for Halloween that will make sure you and your kids have a great holiday.

The Best Halloween Squishmallows Compared

Best Halloween Squishmallow: Detra The Witch Octopus
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Purr-fect Halloween Feline: Autumn the Black Cat
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For Frankenstein Fun: Frankie Frankenstein Squish Doos Halloween
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Great Adorable Halloween Dog Plush: Reginald the Corgi Devil Squishmallow
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Top Squishmallows For Halloween Reviewed

Best Halloween Squishmallow: Detra The Witch Octopus

Who doesn’t love a good cephalopod? Detra, the red octopus is here! She has an adorable body covered in eight short tentacles with each one being different colors. From butter yellow and neon yellow to peach; you’ll find them all beneath her skin – it’s like she cast a hocus pocus spell on herself!

Her black eyes sit underneath her cute witch hat where she wears an orange buckle around its left side for extra style points.

Purr-fect Halloween Feline: Autumn the Black Cat

As the darkness fills the skies, a black cat with pointed ears comes out to play! Autumn’s belly and inner ears glow light purple; she has two white whiskers on either side of her cute petite mouth. Add pinchable-cute pale skinned cheeks spread across an adorable face topped off by round dark eyes and you’ve got Autumn.

Autumn never really knows what will come next – one moment your exploring some ancient ruins or reading up information from history books about how humans used magic before they knew better while another time might find those very same hands holding onto tightly – so tight not even letting go despite everything below ground shaking wildly beneath.

Or she’ll just sit on your bed. Your call.

For Frankenstein Fun: Frankie Frankenstein Squish Doos Halloween

Frankie is a friendly giant who aspires to become a police officer after Halloween. He doesn’t scare easily, but you might want to leave him some carrots or something because this customer loves his treats!

Frankie is one of the most cuddly, huggable Frankenstein Squishmallows with an all green body. His black hair on top of his head makes him look like some kind-of alien and the silver protrusions that sprout out from side to side are eerie enough for anyone! But what really sets him apart? The unique stitch right above his left eye!

Great Adorable Halloween Dog Plush: Reginald the Corgi Devil Squishmallow

People loved Reginald so much from the Dogs squad, it was a sign that this adorable white and brown Corgi should make an appearance in a wonderful outfit. He’s no devil – but he’s dressed up as one for Trick Or Treating!

Best Ghost Squishmallow: Grace The Ghost Squishmallow Plush Toy

For the ghost lover in all of us – without any nightmares! Grace the ghost makes an appearance this year with a Halloween striped orange and black hat. Grace the ghost is super-cute and one of the top Squishmallows you can buy to get in the holiday “spirit”!

Great Disney Squishmallow: Jack Skellington -Nightmare Before Christmas Plush

For those fans of Tim Burton’s 1993 classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas, you now have the opportunity to give media giant Disney even more of your money in the form of a Jack Skellington squishmallow!

I joke (a little) – but this is a cool looking plush toy.

Best Vampire Squishy: Tally The Vampire Cat

This vampire cat plush toy would look great on watch over the family pumpkin patch on Halloween! Another one of the favorite Squishmallows, Tally is back in 2021 – dropping her witch costume from last year and donning a dapper vampire outfit. The cape is outstanding – something no simple country barn tabby would be able to pull off. No, Tally has style of her own.

More Information About Squishmallows

Where Can I buy Squishmallows?

Online at Amazon, Walmart, or some local retailers. Hallmark, Target and Five Below also have some inventory.

What other themed Squishmallows are available?

There are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween themed Squishmallows, among others.

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