Best Ice Skates for Children of All Ages

Whether your child wants to learn how to figure skate, play ice hockey or have fun with their friends at the local pond or ice rink, there is a pair of ice skates that may fit your youngster perfectly. Famous brand designs that professionals wear also manufacture skates for kids and beginners.

If you are new to buying ice skates for your children, you may find this buying guide helpful. After days of researching the top brands and styles, we created a shortlist with information on the best ice skates for kids. The editor’s choice is the American Athletic Shoe Tricot Lined Ice Skates, made explicitly for recreational ice skating and beginner figure skaters. If your child prefers speed skating or an ice hockey game to dancing and twirling on the ice, then the Bauer NS Junior Ice Hockey Skates is a good pick. Bauer is one of the best brands for ice hockey skates.

Our list also contains the best ice skates for a toddler and the most adjustable pair of skates that adapts to the child’s growing feet. Each pair of skates have their unique features making it easy for parents to select the best pair of skates for their kids.

Top Ice Skates for Kids

American Athletic Shoe Girls Tricot Lined Ice Skates
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Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates
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Jackson Ultima Finesse SoftSkate Figure Ice Skates
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Bauer Ns Junior Ice Hockey Skate 1052948
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K2 Rink Raven BOA Adjustable Skates
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Best Overall Kids’ Skates: American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

The American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates are overall a great entry-level pair of kids ice skates for your child skating outdoors on the pond or indoors at the local ice rink. The ice skate is designed for recreational use giving maximum comfort and support at a reasonable price.

The high-quality boot is made for optimal performance combined with ultimate comfort. The exterior PVC material looks like leather but is lightweight, maintenance-free, and should keep your child’s feet dry while out on the ice. The excellent insulation of the boot will also avoid feet becoming cold.

The ankle boots are well padded with the multi-layer ankle support that fits snugly and gives beginner skaters the best flexibility in movement. The comfortable form-fitting padded split tongue also provides additional stability to the skater, making it easier for novices to balance and focus on their skating.

A small toe pick at the front of the blade adds to supporting the skater. The pick helps with more natural push off and the first few steps until the skater gains speed. It also helps kids to stop and is used when performing tricks. The nickel-plated blade is appealing to the eyes but is also a durable blade that is rust-resistant and wear-resistant.

The American Athletic Shoe series have ice skates for boys and girls. The pair listed above are girls ice skates – but if your child prefers a black boot to the white, then the American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Tricot Lined Skates should satisfy them. Just make sure to size them appropriately.

Best for Toddlers: Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates

Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates in blue with red accent

The Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates are the best kids ice skates for toddlers from 18 months to 4 years old. The skates are designed for the smallest of feet, making them perfect for little kids and toddlers who want to start skating from an early age.

Designed by Bauer, a brand famous for ice hockey skates, parents will know their little ones are wearing beginner skates intended to protect the skater’s feet and with ample ankle support. The sturdy boot shell keeps the toddler’s feet steady while ice skating. Toddlers can concentrate on learning the skill without worrying about wobbling on the skates and losing their balance.

Kids’ feet will stay warm with a comfortable and warm one-piece nylon interior lining. Your little one’s feet stay warm with the inner liner while skating on the ice. Parents may appreciate the single ratchet buckle system that keeps the ice skate a tight fit. It also makes it easy to put the skates on and take it off; sometimes, parents need to get their toddlers quickly out of their skates.

If you are looking for a great pair of skates for toddlers, our advice is start your search here with the Bauer Lil Champ line.

Best Adjustable Size: Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

The Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skates are the best if you do not want to buy ice skates every time your child’s shoe size changes. It may become an expensive exercise when growing kids start skating at a young age. Buying skates one size bigger is not recommended; you make balancing and control of the ice skates more difficult for kids, especially those who are still learning the ropes. Neither do you want to buy ice skates every time your occasional skater wants to join friends on the ice?

Adjustable sizing is the solution. These boys’ adjustable ice skates expand to four shoe sizes allowing a comfortable and firm fit for growing children. The skates adjust quickly to the new shoe size.

All parents need to do, is loosen the bootstrap, push the bottom at the heel, and slide the toe forward or backward until the correct fit. Then release the button. By pulling at the toe, the skate adjusts one shoe size up, and by pulling the heel, it fits one size down. The sizes fit true to U.S. children’s shoe sizes.

The combination of a locking buckle, power straps, and laces ensure a secure fit wherever needed. The buckle and power strap close quickly provide a secure fit and ankle support. The laces, however, tighten the shoe more precisely around the foot. The hybrid style boot allows for a snug fit for fancy skating, and the deluxe comfort padding keeps your child’s feet warm for as long as they are on the ice.

The stainless-steel blades are hockey-style blades and require sharpening before the first use. The ice skates are designed for an indoor skate rink or outdoors and are among the best ice skates for kids taking skating lessons or ice skating for fun. The ice skates shown above are for boys, but the Lake Placid Girls Adjustable Ice Skate has purple trimmings girls may appreciate.

Best Beginner Figure Skating: Jackson Ultima Finesse SoftSkate Figure Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Finesse SoftSkate Figure Ice Skates white iwth purple inside

TheJackson Ultima Finesse series are the best pair of skates for beginner figure skaters.

By selecting the right skate-size, adults, children, and even tots may learn how to figure skate at any age. The boot and the blade are designed for beginners giving the necessary ankle support.

Cold feet are not something parents have to worry about with these figure skates. The upper part of the ice skates has reinforced vinyl with a rolled padded collar and a padded covered tongue. The foam padding gives warmth to the feet, provides strength and extra support, and ensures a comfortable fit. The cushy padding protects the feet minimizing potential abrasions and tears while skating.

Teens and tweens may appreciate the fashionable design of the trendy figure skates. The stylish chromed inserts at the back of the boot and the grey PVC outsoles give the figure skates a sophisticated and chic look. The PVC sole does not require any maintenance.

The Jackson Ultima Mark I Blade has a less aggressive pick pattern than the Ultima Mark II figure blade. The Mark I is an entry-level blade, which is the perfect figure skates for beginners who have not mastered the more excellent skills of figure skating. The stainless-steel blade comes factory sharpened, and the stainless steel is easy maintenance and constructs a more durable edge.

The Jackson Ultima figure skates is a well-known brand and designed with the input of coaches, skaters, and skate technicians. These figure skates, from a starter skate to pro skates, are made for the best performance on the ice rink.

Best Beginner Ice Hockey Skates: Bauer Ns Junior Ice Hockey Skate 1052948

Bauer Ns Junior Ice Hockey Skate 1052948 in black with red trimmings

If your child is new to ice hockey, then the Bauer Ns Junior Ice Hockey Skate is

the best kid ice skate for recreational skating and having fun at an ice hockey game. These skates are designed for beginner ice hockey players. The unique boot construction with the ankle padding, footbed, and other features needed to play ice hockey provides the necessary strength and support.

The distinctive boot design ensures a better anatomical fit and 15% more ankle support with the AnaForm ankle padding.  A proper fit of hockey skates usually is 1 to 1.5 sizes down from the U.S. shoe size. For example, a size 6 pair of ice hockey skates should fit a 7.5 shoe size. The tongue is 30 ounces consisting of one-piece black felt, and the injected materials make the boot more robust and durable.  The EVA shaped footbed is comfortable and supports the foot, and the injected comp weave of the outsole is integrated into the boot.

The holder and blade are upgraded from the previous model. The Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II Holder gives better leverage for young players, stability, and greater control than the first-generation holder. The Tuuk S-Stainless Steel Runners are crafted from mid-grade steel giving maximum durability. The runners are not replaceable.

Best Closure System: K2 Rink Raven BOA Adjustable Skates

K2 Rink Raven BOA Adjustable Skates

The K2 Rink Raven Adjustable Ice Skates

omes with the BOA closure system, one of the easiest ways to take skates off or put them on. Parents may appreciate it when their child needs to go to the bathroom, which may happen often, and they must remove the skates quickly – only to put them back on a few minutes later.

Ice skates should fit snugly. This goes for beginners and kids too. A child’s feet need the support these snuggly-fit skates provide. That is why the lacing system on the K2 Rink Raven BOA works well.

It can be adjusted for a personalized fit for your child from the toes to the heel. The BOA closure system may override the effectiveness of the lacing system. By turning the knob on the adjustable ice skates, the Junior BOA cuff automatically tightens around the child’s foot, providing stability and precision ankle support. Your child may even adjust the fitting while on the ice rink without parental assistance.

The shoe is made of water-repellant materials that will help keep your child s feet dry. The Original K2 Softboot, with its brushed liner, is soft, comfortable, and designed to keep feet warm. An interlocked stainless-steel blade is pre-sharpened. It requires almost no maintenance, is wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

FAQ About Kids Ice Skates

Which Ice Skates are Best for Beginners?

The best ice skates that kids should learn to skate with are ice skates that fit well but not too tight. Sizing is important for your little customer. The child’s foot should not move around in the boot because the parent bought a size too big for growing feet. Some skaters prefer starting with a double blade for more manageable balance, but many novices master ice skating with single blades.

Kids’ ice skates for recreational skating are made with sturdy boots for ankle support and better balancing. Hockey ice skates are often used for recreational skating. Hybrid ice skates that have toe picks may help kids who are interested in figure skating.

However, if your child is an occasional skater, switching between ice skates with and without toe picks may challenge their learning process and even demotivate them. Playing sports like ice hockey and figure skating requires diverse skating styles and, therefore, a different ice skate. Mixing the two types of ice skates may confuse beginners and young children.

What Age is Best to Start Ice Skating?

If you think your child is prone to technical skating, then starting them at a young age may benefit the child. Your child can be as young as five or six years old and learn to skate with toe picks. Decide early on if you want your child to skate with or without toe picks. The skating style varies, and you want your child to grow accustomed to one style first.

A child or adult used to skate with ice hockey skates, or recreational skates may find adapting to figure skating ice skates a challenge initially. Pressing the pick into the ice may cause them to stumble because they are not used to the sudden stopping technique.

What is the Best Brand of Ice Skates?

That’s not an easy question to answer. There are many great brands that manufacturer high-quality pairs of ice skates. The best brand of ice skates depends on the purpose of skating. Bauer is the leading brand in ice hockey skates, whereas Jackson Ultima, Risport, Graf, Botas, and Edea are more known for their figure ice skates with toe picks and blades designed for technical skating and spins.

Jackson Ultima and Riedell make ice skates for all ice skaters. Whether you are a beginner skater or skate at the Olympic level. These are not the only brands on the market that sell quality ice skates; there are multiple other brands too like American Athletic and Lake Placid.

How Do I Choose the Right Ice Skates For Kids and Toddlers?

Ice skates must fit firmly without being too tight, especially for sports like figure skating and for beginners. Buy ice skates according to the shoe size of the toddler or child and not a size bigger. Loose-fitting ice skates are challenging to control.

An excellent fitting test is placing a finger behind the heel before tightening the ice skates. There should be about a finger space between the heel and skate when the child’s feet are pushed forward. Another way to ensure the skates fit correctly is to have your child wear their skate socks when fitting the new pair of skates. Socks vary in thickness and may influence how tight or loose the skate will fit.

What’s Special About Toddler Skates?

Toddler skates are built to help combat the toddler problem of undeveloped balance. They might have two runners or blades on the blade mount or provide more support through better buckle closures.

Of course, toddler skates are built for your younger daughter or son’s proportions as well. They are smaller, usually are adjustable figure ice skates, and come in colors or themes children will love.

What is the Difference Between Hockey Skates and Figure Ice Skates?

Ice hockey skates are great skates for beginners. The sturdy boot, comfortable inner lining, and support for ankles and feet are all features that may help novices with balance and comfort while mastering their skating skills out on ice rinks.

The primary difference between ice hockey skates and figure skates is the blade shape and toe picks. Ice hockey skates have straighter blades designed for speed, and the skates are made with more excellent protection. Figure ice skates have a curved blade with additional toe picks at the front of the blades. The toe picks look like teeth and are used for technical spins, tricks, jumps, and clean starting and stopping.

Are There Any Differences Between Girl Skates and Boy Skates?

The only real structural part of skates that are distinct for girls and boys is the width and length of the skate. Much as with standard shoes, boys’ boots are usually bigger and longer in the same size as girls’ shoes.

This is true of skates, too. Girls’ colors and styles are more feminine with pastels and soft prints. Boys’ skates often seem to be powerful dark shades in blues, black, and brown that will better complement their simple dress colors.

Do Ice Skates Need To Be Sharpened When I Buy Them?

Yes, your skates will need to be sharpened before use. Ice skates are shipped with a dull blade to avoid shipment and product injuries. They must be sharpened to keep the child from having a rounded ice tip. A bad tip is going to make them slip constantly because the blades are not going to catch on the ice.

This is a common confusion among people who buy ice skates. Most people do not realize fresh skates must be sharpened.

Styles for very young kids sometimes do not require sharpening. These toddler skates are mainly meant to make the child stand and move a little on skates and are not really for ongoing use on the ice. All other types of ice skates need to be sharpened.

Are Adjustable Skates Any Good?

A good pair of adjustable kids ice skates will last you a long time. A cheap pair will leave you disappointed. We’ve mentioned a few great models in this article – like the Lake Placid Summit and the K2 Rink Raven.

How Can I Teach My Toddler To Ice Skate?

The easiest way to teach a kid to skate is to put on and tie the laces of the skates while still off the ice. Once out on the ice – challenge him or her to take major moves, including marching/big steps while maintaining as much balance as they can.

How About Used Kids Ice Skates?

Buying used kids ice skates is a great idea. You’ll need to do more work to make sure the used product is up to the high-quality standards of the best ice skates for kids – but if you stay with a well-known brand like Lake Placid or Jackson Ultima softec, you should be fine.


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