For the past year, I’ve seen these cute, plush, stuffed-pillow things lying around the house.

First it was one…then two…three!  Eventually, I thought they were multiplying on their own!  For my own safety, I had to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

It turns out, these adorable plush toys are called Squishmallows.  They’ve been available since 2017, and the product line now reaches well over 500 strong squishy lovable buddies.  This year, they are particularly hot gift ideas.   Our panel of Squishmallow fans has put together this list of the best Squishmallow plush toys in 2024.  Our review section will have fewer words than normal – because the appeal of these Kellytoys is their look and feel – better captured in a picture.

Whether you buy them on Amazon, from other retailers, or from squishmallows.com, we wish you good luck in your shopping hunt. Considering how popular Squishmallows are this year, products move in and out of stock on a daily basis.  Try getting a Halloween Squishmallow in October for example!

Remember: most of the following Squishmallows are available in a wide range of sizes.  While we link to a particular size, you can always select a different one that fits your needs better!

Best Squishmallows In 2024

Squishmallow 20″ Baby Yoda The Child
Lowest Price
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Our Favorite Squishmallow: Squishmallow 20″ Baby Yoda The Child

Baby Yoda was a worldwide sensation when he hit the scene in 2019 – and this Squishmallow lives up to the hype.   Baby Yoda was already an adorable character – so when you see him in Squishmallow form you won’t be able to resist picking him up and giving him a BIG HUG!

We like the 20″ model because it’s perfect for younger children to use as a pillow or nap buddy.   It has the “marshmallow” softness you’ve come to expect from the product line which can help your child when it’s time to sleep.

Any Mandalorian (or Star Wars in general) fan would love to get this pillow toy as a gift.  Come on – everyone loves Baby Yoda!

Best Christmas Squishmallow: SQUISHMALLOWS Kellytoy 2020 Christmas 8″ Carol The Xmas Tree Plush Toy

We had some other contenders in this category – the Polar Bear in particular – but in the end, we all agreed: Carol the Xmas Tree is the best Christmas-themed Squishmallow.

A Christmas tree is one of the better-known symbols of the holiday.  It’s also the perfect shape for a great Squishmallow character.  Why?  The conical-shape is made to be hugged and squished.  It also looks great as a display piece.

Great Pug Toy: Squishmallow Kellytoy 12” Prince The Pug Super Soft Plush Toy

I love pugs.  Not my own pug – I’ve done extended time in my life dog-Uncling a bulldog, so I’ve had enough snorting, smelling and snoring from a live dog.

But this Pug Squishmallow – it’s got all the pug cuteness without any of the downsides.  And it is extremely cute.  Let’s face it – pugs are already a half-step away from a stuffed animal in adorable looks so it’s not a stretch to make them into a plush toy.

Top Dog Squishmallow: Squishmallows Shiba Inu Dog Plush 8 inch

We have a soft spot in our heart for this Shiba Inu Squishmallow – it was the first one our family had bought.  In my opinion, the real Shiba Inu is one of- if not the most charming dog breed in the world (just shallowly judging on looks here – can’t comment on personality).  It’s the number one companion dog in Japan.

However, I’ve 1) got a great dog already and 2) don’t hail from the Land of the Rising Sun.  It’s likely a stuffed Squishmallow Shiba is as close as I’m going to come to the breed in real life.  Luckily. it’s a great plush so I don’t feel too bad about the constraints life has placed on me.

Best Unicorn Squishmallow: Squishmallow Soft Plush Unicorn Purple Pillow

While not a unicorn authority, I’ve always felt the unicorns were way too angular, too muscular.   I’m pro-muscle by the way – but since the unicorn is mythical anyway, why not make it softer, less threatening.

In essence – a Squishmallow unicorn.

Now that I’ve seen it in the real world – I know I was right.  This unicorn plush toy is a real cutie – your kids will love the look.  The miniature horn is just delightful!

Cutest Squishmallow Groundhog: Gilbert The Groundhog – Fall 2020

2020 has made every day feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day, so why not commemorate it with this awesome Squishmallow Groundhog.   I’d much rather remember this year with the feelings of joy and happiness I get from this sweet stuffed rodent than…well most anything else from 2020.

It’s one of the more minimalistic Squishmallows, but it certainly is cute.

For Jerry Garcia Lovers: Squishmallow Sharie The Tye Dye Sloth Stuffed Plush Toy

I’ll be honest – I didn’t realize this was a sloth until someone told me.   I was thinking more baby seal.

But that’s ok.  What’s more important is I know how this Squishmallow makes me feel.  It’s hard not to smile when you look at the sloth’s face. It’s simply cute.   I think the tie-dye pattern is a nice touch – but even if this plush toy had been all white, it’d still be a winner.

Frequently Asked Squishmallow Questions:

What sizes Squishmallows can you buy?

Squishmallows come in a wide range of sizes from a 3 1/2 inch keychain all the way to two feet.  The exact sizes are 3.5” (keychain), 5”, 7″, 8”, 11″, 12”, 13”, 16”, 20”, and 24”.  Not all Squishmallow toys come in every size.

Can you use Squishmallow Toys as a pillow?

You certainly can use a Squishmallow as a pillow.  That’s one of the great features of this plush toy.   How comfy a pillow depends on the size of the pillow and of your head.  For example, I can’t imagine the keychain would make a great pillow for anyone.

I bought my Squishmallow at Five Below.  Why am I unable to register my Plush Squishmallow?

While Five Below is a fine store, they often have special deals with manufacturers in order to bring unique products to customers.  That’s the case here.  According to the company, Five Below Squishmallows can’t be registered because they do not have a name or a bio.    Don’t worry, they are just as huggable as any other in the lineup!

Can fans submit their ideas for the next Squishmallow Squad?

Of course! The company behind Squishmallows loves them as much as you do, and wants to develop the best Squads possible.  If you have an idea or suggestion, you can fire off an email to hello@squishmallows.com with the subject: Squishmallow Suggestion.  Otherwise, you can Direct Message them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/squishmallows.

Are Squishmallows machine washable, or do they need to be dry cleaned?

Squishmallows are made to be machine washed and dried.  One tip we learned to help keep your plush looking like new: put it in a tied pillowcase before throwing in the washer and drier.  It’ll help keep its fluffiness intact.

Are Squishmallows organic?

No, Squishmallows are not organic.  They are made of polyester fibers.  Polyester is a strong, manmade fiber that keeps its shape due to the fact it is resistant to creasing.  Most soft toys are made of a poly blend – for example, plush Cocomelon toys aren’t organic either.  For something as fluffy as a Squishmellow, it’s a great fiber choice.  They don’t add any potentially toxic chemicals to the outer layer or the inside fibers.  The tradeoff for that is these toys are not flame retardant.

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