Best iPad Cases for Schools

There is a lot to take into consideration when trying to find the best iPad cases for schools and kids. What age group of children will be looking after the devices? How will students be using their iPads? How much budget is available (or not as the case may be)? It’s important to take all of these factors into consideration as well as the needs of your students, and all going well you should have iPads that can handle even the toughest environments.

So before we jump into the list, here is my number one top tip… Regardless of what case you decide to go with, if you have any fears of screens getting scratched, cracked or even just unusably filthy, I would highly recommend investing a small amount in getting clear screen protectors. These microscopically thin films will not only protect your iPad screens, they will also repel dust and will reduce many signs and impediments of daily wear. For the small price, these have saved many an expensive iPad display.

Best iPad Cases for Schools

Gumdrop Drop Tech Color Case
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i-Blason iPad Case for Kids
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Snugg Smart Cover with Flip Stand
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AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve
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OtterBox Defender Series Case
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ESR Illustrators Series Folio Case
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SHARKK iPad Keyboard Case
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1. KHOMO DUAL Super Slim Covers

The KHOMO DUAL Super Slim Cover is one of the most popular choices of iPad cases for schools because of its simple design, high quality build and exceptionally good price. The iPad case is virtually identical to cases provided by Apple but is less than half the price. It protects the iPad on all edges, back and front as well as containing the inbuilt magnetic strip that allows the iPad to wake automatically when the case is opened.

Recommended for: Value, Slim, Multiple Colors

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini

Looking For iPad Cases For Your Child?
While most of these iPad cases would make a good choice if you are looking to buy one for your son or daughter, we also created a guide to buying the best iPad case for kids. Check it out!

2. Gumdrop Drop Tech Color Case

Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Color Case

Built for for durability, the Gumdrop Drop Tech Color Case is made for little hands that are still a little clumsy with expensive devices. Coming in a series of colors, the Gumdrop case has an outer silicone skin that absorbs shock and vibration. The case has reinforced bumpers corners, protecting the most fragile part of the device as well as a textured finish making the device easier for small hands to grip.

Recommended for: Durable, Young Students, Multiple Colors

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


3. i-Blason iPad Case for Kids

i-Blason iPad Case for Kids

One of the most popular iPad cases for younger students, the i-Blason iPad Case for Kids is both protection and portability. With an impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell and a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve, the case can handle any knocks, drops and bumps. And with a convertible stand that doubles as a handle for easy carrying, the case is as practical as it is a lot of fun.

Recommended for: Young Students, Classroom, Multiple Colors

Sizes: iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Pro


4. Snugg Smart Cover with Flip Stand

Snugg iPad Case - Smart Cover with Flip Stand

One of the most versatile iPad cases for schools, the Snugg Smart Cover protects the iPad as well as functioning as a sturdy stand for viewing and presenting material. Suitable for young and old students, the Snugg cover offers a high level of protection in a discreet and professional looking case. With a bonus pen/stylus holder, the case is an excellent middle ground for iPads being used by both students and staff.

Recommended for: Classroom, Discreet, Multiple Colors

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


5. AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve

Best iPad Cases for Schools - AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve

The AmazonBasics Tablet Sleeve is one of the best options if you are looking for protection that will not stay fixed on the iPad. This can be especially useful if the device is being used for multiple purposes or is the personal property of the student. Recommended for older students, the tablet sleeve comes in a range of sizes for different devices and is perfect for students who need cheap and simple protection for carrying their iPad in their bag or backpack.

Recommended for: Older Students, Value

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


6. OtterBox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case

The OtterBox Defender Series Case has been the market leader in iPad cases for a number of years now. This accolade comes from a combination of its robust design, its overall simplicity and its thorough protection of every aspect of the device. The OtterBox also includes a shield stand giving it an extra layer of protection on the go, as well as doubling as a stand for typing, presenting and watching movies.

Recommended for: Durable, Classroom, All-Rounder

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


7. SUPCASE Heavy Duty Beetle Defense Series Case

SUPCASE Heavy Duty Beetle Defense Series Case

If you are expecting your devices to take some serious bumps and knocks, the SUPCASE Heavy Duty Beetle Defense Series Case is one of the most rough and ready iPad cases available. With an advanced dual layer design of hard polycarbonate shell and flexible thermoplastic the device can withstand any accidental drop, bump or shock. The front cover also comes with a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches without compromising sensitivity.

Recommended for: Durable, Outdoors, Multiple Colors

Sizes: iPad Air / iPad Mini


8. ESR Illustrators Series Folio Case

ESR Illustrators Series Folio Case Stand Case

The best iPad cases for schools don’t always have to be boring. The ESR Illustrators Series Folio Case not only embraces the fun side of digital devices, it also protects the iPad just as well as many of the generic cases on the market. It may not be as durable as some of the options above, but there is a lot to be said about how students interact with and perceive their device.

Recommended for: Fun, Multiple Colors & Designs

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


9. SHARKK iPad Keyboard Case

SHARKK® Apple iPad Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The SHARKK iPad Keyboard Case is one of the best iPad cases for schools that are looking to replace student laptops or that are using iPads for more than just consuming content. With an inbuilt Bluetooth keyboard and a smooth 360 degree rotation stand, the case does much more than just protecting the device. The case also contains a Lithium Ion battery that gives up to 60 hours of continuous iPad use on a single charge. This is the ultimate case for students who really want to make the most of their device!

Recommended for: Older Students, Typing, Laptop Replacement

Sizes: iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 2,3,4 / iPad Mini


What cases, covers or sleeves would you be first to recommend? Give your opinion on the best iPad cases for schools in the comments below.


Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, pestoverde.

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