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As the proud owner of my brand new shiny new iPad (did I mention it was new?) I have spent a lot of time researching the vessel in which it will travel… Yes, much like people do not wander around in the buff, it seems that mobile devices must also be suitably ‘attired’ for a journey outside the home. Over the years it has become clear that while kids love iPads, iPads don’t always love it when kids drop them. Not at all.

Since the original iPad was released in April of 2010, there have been 21 different iPad models to buy –  counting the mini’s. So when shopping for iPad cases for your child, make sure it’s compatible with the model you own. I’ve made a table under each description so you can pick the right case for the model your child or teen uses.

There are a TON of cases to choose from – I expected there would be this many catering to adults. But what I did not expect to find was the huge number of iPad cases for kids.

Not just your regular case with a picture of Elmo, these are designed from the ground up to engage, entice and endure play with children of all ages. So, as I waded through the thousands of options to smartly dress my iPad, I collected the 9 most fun, practical and (in some cases) insane iPad cases for kids. See what you think!

Best iPad Cases for Kids

Gumdrop Hideaway Case
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BMOUO Kids Case
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JETech Case w/ Smart Cover
Lowest Price
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Ledniceker iPad Mini Kids Case
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LTROP iPad 10.2 2019 Case
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Unicorn Beetle
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New Tent iPad Case
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ROARTZ iPad Smart Rubber Folio Cover
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1. Best Overall iPad Case: Gumdrop Hideaway Case

best overall kids ipad case - Gumdrop

The editor’s choice for the best iPad cases for kids is the GumDrop Hideaway Case series because of its exceptional protection features, built-in stand, and unique iPad cases for different iPad models. The kid-friendly rigid internal frame of the iPad case will keep the iPad, including the screen and port covers, safe even with multiple drops. The iPad case is shockproof, impact-resistant, and its heavy-duty tread design shield has survived repeated 6-foot falls on concrete and tiles.

An integrated screen shield protects the iPad screen from scratches, water spills, and is replaceable, which means more prolonged usage of the cover. Kids carry iPads everywhere, and their fingers are not always clean when using the touch screen. The surface of the iPad case cleans effortlessly by merely wiping it—a clean cover protects kids against viruses and bacteria.

The built-in stand of the iPad case hides away in the silicone cover keeping it safe when not in use. With a flip and click, the kickstand is revealed from within the easy-grip rubber pattern of the case. The kickstand feature allows for horizontal and vertical viewing.

Installation is quick and easy with the snap on and off feature.

Recommended for: Durability, Impact Resistant, Young Kids, School

Sizes: iPad 10.2 (7th Gen); iPad 9.7 (6th, 5th Gen); iPad 3; iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd, 1st Gen); iPad Pro 11 (2019); iPad Pro 9.7 (2016);  iPad Air 10.5 (3rd Gen); iPad Air (2015, 2014); iPad Mini 5; iPad Mini 4; iPad Mini 3

2. Best For Younger Kids and Toddlers: KIDO Case

Superior case choice for younger iPad users

The i-Blason Kido iPad Case has a carry handle convenient for toddlers and younger kids to carry the iPad. Their fingers may comfortably grip the kid-sized handle. The silicone-like material provides a secure grip ensuring the iPad case won’t slip out of your toddler’s hands.

Should a child accidentally drop their parent’s new iPad 10.2, the multiple layers of TPU material the iPad case is made of will provide a robust defense protecting the iPad from damage. The shockproof iPad case material is lightweight for kids to carry the case.

The kid-friendly case comes in four fun colors that any toddler may like and will happily cover the iPad with the extra protective case.

Recommended For: Small Hands, Toddlers, Younger Kids

Sizes: iPad 10.2 (7th Gen, 2019); iPad9.7 (2018, 2017); iPad Air 2; iPad Mini 3

3. Best for Easy Installation with Integrated Kickstand: Azzsy iPad 10.2 High Impact Protective Case

The kickstand sets this ipad for kids case apart

The Azzsy iPad case for the iPad 10.2 is easy to install and comes with a functional built-in kickstand. Children do not have to hold the iPad case while watching movies, reading on the tablet, or following instructional crafts and hobbies videos. With the kickstand, the iPad displays the screen at a convenient angle for hands-free watching.

Placed on a flat surface, kids can have fun with video exercises and other outdoor activities. Indoors they can watch their favorite shows or play games without compromising body posture. The kickstand feature allows for the vertical and horizontal placing of the iPad.

The triple layer full-body skin of the iPad case is made from durable TPU material and hard polycarbonate materials. It is designed to absorb the shock when accidentally dropped or bumped and protects the iPad against dust and scratches.

Precise cutouts give users full access to all buttons, charging ports, speakers, and cameras. The iPad case is designed to fit the iPad 10.2 snuggly. Azzsy also has iPad cases for other sizes, as set out below.

Recommended For: Children, Versatile Kickstand, Hands-free watching

Sizes:  iPad 10.2 (7th Gen); iPad Pro 11 (2020, 2018); iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 10.5 (2017);

4. Best For iPad 10.2 with Built-In Screen Protection: BMOUO Kids Case

Sturdy ipad for toddler screen protection - BMOOU

The BMOUO Kids Case for iPad 10.2 with screen protection is a top iPad case for kids who like to watch TV, play games, and use the iPad at various angles. This iPad case is custom designed for the 7th generation iPad 10.2, but there are BMOUO cases for other iPad models, as seen below. It fits snugly with precise opening holes.

The iPad case covers your tablet completely to avoid scratching or damaging the iPad when dropped. One reviewer forgot their iPad with an iPad case on the roof of the vehicle. The EVA foam material only loosened its grip when the driver accelerated to 55 mph. The iPad was unscathed even after the iPad case flew off the roof and landed in the emergency lane.

A crystal-clear screen protector fits over the top of the iPad. The screen protector has two thin layers of film, one on each side; users should remove it when inserting the iPad. The responsive to touch, built-in screen protector keeps the iPad screen immaculate and is water-resistant should your little one drop fluid.

A built-in kickstand allows for multiple viewing angles, which will enable kids to watch movies hands-free.

Recommended For: Young Kids, Multiple Angle Viewing

5. Best Value-Priced iPad Case for Older Kids: JETech Case w/ Smart Cover

Smart cover for teen ipad users

If you were looking for value at a reasonable price, then the JETech Case is one of the best iPad cases for kids. Each iPad case is designed for a specific model iPad. The iPad Case design, with its tri-fold front cover protects the iPad and may appeal to older kids.

The magnetic cover supports an automatic sleep/wake function with easy access to all controls and features. The perfect cutouts to cameras, charging ports, buttons, and speakers are accessible with the closed cover. With the tri-fold design, the iPad case can have two standing positions for better typing and viewing.

Teens may approve of the variety of colors and the slim design. The PC and PU material provides a smooth interior and a sturdy synthetic exterior.

Recommended For: Older kids, Value-Priced

Sizes: iPad 10.2 (7th Gen; iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen, 2020); iPad Pro 12.9 (2018); iPad Pro12.9 (2nd, 1st Gen, 2017, 2015); iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen, 2020); iPad 9.7 (6th, 5th Gen , 2018, 2017); iPad Pro 9.7 (2016); iPad Pro 10.5 (2017), iPad Air 3 (2019); iPad Air 2; iPad Mini 5 4; iPad Mini 3 2 1

6. Best Kids Case for iPad Mini: Ledniceker iPad Mini Kids Case

A supremely fun ipad case

The kid-friendly Ledniceker iPad Mini Case is made from non-toxic, tasteless high-quality EVA foam and fits all iPad Minis. The iPad case covers the back, sides and extends toward the front, protecting the screen from scratches and damage when placed face down.

The EVA foam provides shock protection against drops and bumps, and its durability withstands considerable wear and tear. With the built-in handle and lightweight, the iPad case is easy for kids to handle and carry the iPad safely.

A foldable kickstand its snugly in the mold, protecting it from damage when not in use. The two feet unfold, allowing dual viewing in a vertical position or at a slight horizontal angle. The seven fun bright colors may appeal to kids of all ages.

Recommended For: Young Children, Dual Viewing, iPad Mini protection

Sizes: iPad Mini 5 4 3 2 1; iPad 10.2 (7th Gen); iPad 9.7 (6th , 5th Gen, 2018, 2017); iPad 4 3 2 (4th, 3rd, 2nd Gen)

7. Best For 7th Gen iPad Case with Handle: LTROP iPad 10.2 2019 Case

Easy to use handle on this 2020 ipad case

The LTROP iPad 10.2 iPad case for kids is another excellent case designed for kids. The shockproof cover with its vibrant and cheerful colors may motivate children to protect their parents’ new iPad in the iPad case. Kids and adults may find the handle easy to grip and to carry the lightweight iPad case.

Designed with kids in mind, the iPad case for kids is kid-friendly with its child-proof bumper, strong corner protection, and sturdy material that is easy to clean. The raised screen bezel on the edges decreases the impact when the device is accidentally dropped. Weighing only 11.5 ounces, the iPad case is light for kids to handle.

The handle also functions as a kickstand for leisure viewing in landscape or portrait mode. Sticky fingers do not have to hold the iPad case, but if they do, it is easy to wipe the iPad case clean.

Recommended For: Kids and Adults, Kid friendly Corner Protection

Size: iPad 10.2 (7th Gen); iPad 9.7 (4th, 3rd ), iPad2; iPad Mini 5 4 3 2 1

8. Best For Tough Protection with Fashionable Flair: Unicorn Beetle

A great looking protective case that can take a beating.

The Unicorn Beetle iPad case for kids with its fashionable flair is one of the most robust iPad cases. It is built to handle just about any accidental drop, bump, or shock. The case uses a dual-layer design that combines a hard polycarbonate shell and a softer inner material to absorb shocks and bumps.

Its drop test exceeds military shock standards. The Unicorn Beetle was dropped tested 26 times at a drop height of 48 inches. A solid front casing comes with raised edges to keep the iPad screen up off surfaces. The built-in screen protector shields against scratches but does not compromise on sensitivity.

Port plugs protect charging ports free from debris and dust. The exact design of the Unicorn Beetle case gives convenient access to all the ports and buttons.

A built-in kickstand folds out for convenient screen time watching.

Recommended For:

Sizes ; iPad10.2 (7th Gen, 2019); iPad Pro 10.5 (2017), iPad Air 3 (2019); iPad Pro 12.9 (2015); iPad 9.7 (6th, 5th Gen, 2018, 2017); iPad Air 2; iPad Mini 5 4; iPad Mini 3 2 1

9. Best SOLID iPad Pro Case For Klutzy Kids: New Tent iPad Case

This is a beast- if your kids drops everything, you'll want this to protect your iPad

So, what iPad cases for kids have caught your eye while on the lookout for iPad outfits? Which of these eight could you see appealing to your children. Let us know in the comments below!

The robust New Trent iPad Case supports iPad 6th and 5th generation iPads as well as iPad Air2. The two-layer PUT material and the raised edges of the case provides maximum protection to the iPad. The front part consists of a screen protector, and the rear of the case is a combination of a hard polycarbonate and softer TPU. The rear edges protect the screen of the iPad Pro when placed face down.

The three-piece dual-layer iPad case is surprisingly slim and does not add bulkiness to the iPad. A leather hand straps at the back of the iPad case makes it easy to hold the iPad with one hand. The 360-degree rotation feature allows kids to rotate the iPad screen at a convenient angle. A built-in metal kickstand also rotates for vertical or horizontal viewing.

Recommended For: Toddlers and Kids, 360 Degree Rotation

Sizes: iPad (6th, 5th Gen), iPad Air 2; iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen, 2018); iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd, 1st Gen); iPad Pro 11 (2018); iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Air 3

10. Best Smart Case for Older Kids: ROARTZ iPad Smart Rubber Folio Cover

The ROARTZ Smart iPad Case saves energy with the auto wake features that respond when opening the trifold front cover of the iPad case. The extra magnets attract the cover to the screen protecting it from dust, scratches, and smudges caused by fingers.

A rubber finish covers the exterior made from a hard and durable polyurethane material and an inner lining of soft microfiber. The magnetic trifold cover flips into a triangular stand for convenient watching, typing, or facetime.

The precise cutouts give access to features like ports and buttons according to the iPad 10.2 design. The variety in colors is also available for all ROARTZ iPad cases that support other iPad models.

Recommended For: Older Kids, Smart Auto Wake

Sizes: iPad 10.2 (7th Gen); iPad Pro 11 (2018); iPad 9.7 (6th, 5th Gen, 2018, 2017); iPad Air 3; iPad Air 2; iPad Air 1; iPad Mini 5; iPad Mini 4

11. Best Stylish Case For Teenagers: Snugg iPad Legacy Case

This case will make an older iPad shine!

The stylish Snugg iPad Legacy case gives an older model iPad a trendy and luxurious appearance that will appeal to the picky teenager. Subtle, contrasting stitching adds a touch of elegance. The iPad screen protectively lies snugly in the smooth nubuck fiber interior. The exterior material is premium bonded PU leather that shields the tablet from scratches, bumps, and accidental drops.

A folding rear panel makes day-to-day tablet activities practical and comfortable. The iPad case contains a folding rear panel that transforms into a handy flip stand for vertical or horizontal viewing. Closed the cover activates the sleep mode, and when opened, the iPad auto awakes.

Light in weight and with the slim design, the iPad case is not bulky or heavy.

Recommended For:

Sizes: iPad Pro 9.7; iPad Air 2; iPad 9.7, iPad Air 1 (2013)


    1. Thanks for the comment Robin. I did see a number of iPad mini cases on my journey :) I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable making a recommendation for such a large roll-out as I don’t own a mini and don’t yet know the intricacies of what makes a good case.

      I would recommend going to Amazon or Newegg and sorting by best review. From there you can at least get a shortlist and perhaps trial a few before pushing to a large scale deployment.

      Hopefully someone can add their own personal advice in a comment below!

  1. Steve Jobs thought brushed metal finishes looked great dented and worn, but he could just pluck a free iWhatever off the showroom floor on a whim.

    iphone 5s

  2. I’m surprised the e-fox case isn’t here! It’s similar to the first one, but made from much better quality material, comes with a screen protector AND a touch screen pen (and a few slots to put it when not in use). Got the blue one for my son, found it on Amazon. I’ll post a picture of the images they have on their Amazon page.

  3. #like them. I can really see good value in this my child and I were looking at these and likes bonus and 7&8. Looking forward

  4. I am UK based grandmother to two 6 year old siblings, both autistic, who can not speak and have learned everything they know from iPads. We have to date purchased around 8 iPads over the past 3 years as they are broken beyond use. One of the children also suffers PICA…that is she must chew EVERYTHING for sensory input….she has eaten everything from stones, polystyrene filler of beanbags , carpet to leather furniture, and of course all toys made from plastic. Once she has chewed something or “felt” something in her mouth she THROWS it down. This is why eventually all the iPads become irreparable. This is now becoming an even bigger problem as the iPad is her personal ” go to” chill out object/activity when she is near meltdown, and nothing else can calm her down.
    Apart from the outstanding cost of iPads over the years our biggest problem is that we can not find a CASE which she can not BITE through. Also she dislikes having a case on so will go to great lengths to undo any clips …with her teeth usually… And remove the case…or eat through seams etc until it falls apart.
    So this is our challenge to you…can you help where very one else has failed?

    1. Hi Viv,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sounds like you have a real challenge. The case I would recommend you consider looking at is the ‘Ballistic Tough Jacket’. It has multiple layers for extra protection from bumps and chewing and has re-enforced corners that should protect against dropping.

      If you are looking for other options I would suggest checking out this article too:

      Another idea might be to consider cheaper Android tablets so that you are not having to replace expensive iPads so regularly.

      Lastly, if your grandchild is chewing through to the device itself, it may be worth looking at alternatives to electronic devices. Many of the elements and chemicals used in the devices could be quite harmful.

      Best of luck!

      1. Hello Viv, I also have an autistic son, aged 9 but built like a 13 year old, who has destroyed iPads and cases and chewed through,and/or smashed them all. He eats everything, flooring, car seats, the lot, and when the iPad is out of charge, or not doing what he wants, he launches it at the ground with extreme force. The ballistic doesn’t work, he can peel the layers off and gnaw at the rubber. The fisher price is the best one for him. We haven’t had a smashed iPad since using this case. You lock it at the back with a coin slot, so he just can’t get in to it. There’s a screen cover, so little spills like dribble, don’t destroy the device. The rubber is on the inside of the case, so her can’t bite the protection off. It’s tough, really tough.
        Good luck, Annette, Brisbane Australia.

      2. Wonderful advice Annette! Thank you so much. (Love Brisbane by the way :))

  5. this covers the mic and speaker. I just returned mine. the seller said they are made that way because kids can damage things…. my kid cant hear anything!

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