Best Keyboards for Kids

Recently I was chatting to a friend who was asking what laptop he should get for his three-year-old… My first response was “Are you serious?“, followed by a tirade on why a three-year-old did not need a thousand dollar machine to spill juice on and pluck’n’suck keys.

After a brief rebuttal, it became clear that the main reason for considering this purchase was that he did not want his own laptop to become his daughter’s personal saliva stockpiler. Interesting… “What about just buying a keyboard?” I suggested. Putting some distance between those dirty digits and your Dell is actually not an original idea, and it’s actually a very popular way of protecting your own expensive equipment.

Within minutes we had ordered a specialty keyboard for kids and had spent about 1% of the cost of a whole new machine. Not to mention that his daughter now has a specially designed custom colored keyboard to call her own. Here are some of the best options if you are looking for a keyboards for your kids.

Best Keyboards for Kids

Crayola 3-Piece Computer Kit
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Chester Creek LearningBoard A Full Featured Keyboard
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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
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1. Crayola 3-Piece Computer Kit

Best Keyboards for Kids - Crayola 3-Piece Computer Kit

This colorful child computer keyboard has been created by arguably the most colorful company there is. Crayola. With a focus on BIG keys and a very simplified keyboard interface, this is the best choice for very young kids. Like a few of the options for younger children, keys have been color-coded to differentiate individual functions. This is particularly useful when you are teaching your child how to use the keyboard, not to mention great for helping kids learn their colors. Although the keyboard is the main show, it does come with a mouse and mousepad that can also be useful if your child wants all their own equipment.

Recommended age group: 3+

2. Plugable USB Kids Keyboard

Image Of Plugable Usb Kids Computer Keyboard

Oversized keys on the Plugable USB Kids Keyboard makes it easy to hit the keys for kids from three years old. The bright color-coded system may encourage little ones to want to learn. Initially, hitting the keys may be their ultimate goal, but the colorful keys may entice them later to learn how to type.

The standard layout is easy to learn with its bright color coding. Vowels are purple, and consonants are green. Punctuation is orange with blue for editing and the function keys. The bold characters are white, which is easy to ready on the colorful background.

Durable ABS plastic may endure heavy use without characters wearing off. The child computer keyboard is a sturdy design that will withstand consistent usage and your child’s enthusiasm during the learning curve. The keys are large, about ¾ by ¾ inch.

No batteries or driver installation necessary; plug in the USB cord, and the computer keyboard is ready to use. The 5-foot cord should be long enough to reach the power plug without being in the child’s way.

The flip-up feet tilt the computer keyboard to a comfortable position for the child.

 Recommended age group: 4+

3. Chester Creek LearningBoard A Full Featured Keyboard

Image Of Chester Creek Learningboard A Full Featured Keyboard For Kids

The Chester Creek LearningBoard Full-Featured Keyboard is designed for the hands of a child. The kid’s keyboard helps kids learn the location of the alphabet letters and other characters. It not only teaches them to type, but it also teaches them to read letters. The standard QWERTY keyboard with its vibrant color-coded characters makes it easy to identify the right key.

Consonants, vowels, numbers, and function keys are different colors to help the child learn to identify the correct key quickly. The color-coding makes it easier for kids in elementary school to learn to operate a computer keyboard.

The computer keyboard layout is the same as adult models. A child who learns to touch-type on the computer keyboard for kids will quickly adapt to adult keyboards and computers. With the keyboard layout, the child can practice typing with emails and homework assignments.

Recommended age group: 4+

4. Nuklz N Large Print Computer Keyboard

Image Of Nuklz N Large Print Computer Keyboard

Young kids who’ve outgrown the colorful ‘baby’ keyboards may find the Nuklz N Large Print Computer Keyboard useful when learning to type. High contrast in white with black characters makes it easy to recognize the characters on the keys. Black characters on the white background are easier to read than white on black; characters look larger and bolder too.

Although the keys are standard size, the letters and characters are large for easy reading. Children will, therefore, learn to type on a standard-sized computer keyboard but with larger characters to help them find the right one while learning to type. It allows them to focus on their typing skills when they can quickly find the character. Building confidence in their typing skills will open the world of computers to them, including gaming fun!

The sleek design ensures a relaxed position for the hands. Fingers will comfortably type on the soft keys creating a positive typing experience. You hear the mechanical sound of the keys, but it is more on the quiet side than being noisy.

Recommended age group: 6+

5. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

For older kids who are over the candy-colored keyboards, you really want something that is good value, reliable and looks good. In my opinion, for nearly all peripheral devices (mice, keyboards, etc.) it is impossible to go past Logitech. This wireless keyboard is well priced, attractive, extremely popular and is perfect for any kid who is looking for a real keyboard. Wireless is also a brilliant option if your children are looking to use it with different devices and it is just as good for playing games as it is for doing homework.

Recommended age group: 6+

6. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

A great budget option created by Amazon, this is the perfect keyboard for kids who just need a good reliable peripheral. With everything you would expect from a USB keyboard, there is not much more to say than, you will not find anything of the same quality for this price. And the below 5-star review says it all really.

Recommended age group: 6+

7. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

Yes, another plug for Logitech, but the popularity of this keyboard really does speak for itself. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is one of the most well-regarded covers because of its easy to use Clip-and-go design. This is essentially the magnetic clip that attaches the keyboard cover to your iPad. Of all the keyboards for kids, this is the one you need to be sure your kids are going to treat well. Priced at over $60 it is the most expensive option, so it is certainly not a throwaway cover. Also with different models for the iPad 3/4 and iPad Air, do be sure you are looking at the right one for your tablet.

Recommended age group: 8+

Are you using any other keyboards for kids that have been a hit in your household or school? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below.


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  1. This is completely backwards

    The correct criteria for kids:

    Physical size of keys.

    Kids have smaller hands and shorter fingers.

    Its 2021. 5 year olds routinely play desktop computer games with WASD directional control.

    They used and will use QWERTY keyboards extensively in their education

    It is arauqbly more important that kids learn to type earlier and with greater dexterity than print-handwriting (cursive is now, permanently, 100.00% irrelevent)

    They key-to-key span is too long for children (and some adults!)

    Small key size keyboards are what matters.

    Cost also matters.

    Like most children’s items, an important consideration is that they will break/damage, soil/despoil, and outgrow everything.

    Children’s keyboards should be borderline disposable in terms of cost

  2. I share Rod’s opinions. I can’t find a small keyboard for my niece, only giant ones that encourage hunting and pecking. If an adult keyboard strains her joints and encourages taking her hand off the home row to click SHIFT, these are putting her at a disadvantage to kids whose genes just give them bigger hands. This is silly.

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