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Children explore multiple interests, hobbies, and sports as they develop. Buying the necessary equipment for the latest fad can become expensive, especially if learning to play the piano is your child’s desire. Your child, however, could have the musical inclination to be the next Bach, Martha Argerich, or Murray Perahia. Playing the piano is fun, and if your child is enjoying themselves, then it is also a significant investment in your child’s life. How do you know if you should invest money on a piano or keyboard and that the child won’t lose interest when practicing interferes with playtime?

If your kids want to learn piano and you’re not sure if they are going to continue when it comes to practicing, the best alternative is downloading one of the best learning piano apps. Piano teachers and pianists develop many of the piano lessons in the apps. These apps are available on iPhones, Android, and tablets. Most of the apps are free for the basic piano lessons with offers for premium in-app purchases. The apps may help your children decide if they genuinely want to play the piano.

You can always switch to the real deal if your child has the aptitude or shows long-term interest in becoming a pianist. In the meantime, we have created a list of the top learning piano apps your children can download to learn the basics.

Best All-Rounder: Yousician

Yousician is the best interactive music apps that provide lessons for piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and singing. It is an award-winning music education app with over 1500 lessons, exercises, and missions.

The finger position coaching feature is some of the best features for beginners to learn to play the piano. The notes on the sheet music and keyboard have matching colors. Without knowing anything about pianos, the player plays by placing their fingers on the matching colors on the keyboard legend.

The learning piano app listens and gives real-time feedback. Notes change to red or green depending on whether you played the correct note. Inspiring comments like perfect or too slow or too fast follows your fingers for each note played.

Feedback and lessons developed by experienced music teachers help self-learners to learn to play the piano using the app. The piano learning app is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop, which means you can practice your lesson on any of the devices. You don’t need a piano or keyboard, the device screen functions as your piano.

Another benefit to the app is the variety of songs to choose from. New songs are uploaded regularly, and the community may provide songs too. Interactive lessons introduce concepts to kids they practice during the exercises. If you don’t feel like the interactive lessons, the piano player can practice on songs of their choice.

The weekly challenges inspire a budding pianist to show off their skills. Players can select one of two songs, each with different skill levels to accommodate everyone.

It is a subscription-based app with 7-days free trial.

Best Beginner: Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Join 1 million music learners a week and learn piano on Simply Piano by JoyTunes, one of the best apps for learning to play the piano. The piano learning app listens to the notes played through the microphone and give instant feedback. Every you need to play the piano, you will find on this app which features as the number one education app in twenty countries. If you don’t have a piano or keyboard, the Touch Courses turns your iOS or Android device into an on-screen keyboard using 3D touch.

The learning piano app is versatile, ranging from basic teachings on how to read sheet music to lessons for advanced players who play with both hands. The selection of songs varies from popular to classical, making it easy to personalize the piano learning workout. It also gives players the chance to practice various types of music.

The free version on your iPhone or Tablet entitles you to two free courses. If you want to continue learning piano, then you should subscribe to unlock all the course material.

Best Online: Flowkey

Flowkey helps beginners learn piano scales and chords, enabling them to play almost any pop song. The app’s interactive, modern, user-friendly approach may appeal to kids and adults too. It is the best piano online learning app for learning piano from renowned music teachers and pianists.

Unlike other apps, Flowkey pre-assess the student to determine where the user should start. This feature personalizes the learning experience because the kid starts from their knowledge base and not at a too high or too easy level. The combination of sheet music and videos is a great tool for demonstrating the skills and technique. Students can see the correct way of playing and adjust their techniques to the examples given.

The app is compatible with acoustic and electric pianos and keyboards. An inspiring benefit is that your kid can learn by playing their favorite songs. Song choices vary from classic to pop, accommodating various music genres.

It is one of the best apps for developing hand movement techniques by watching videos and practicing what you have learned.  Flowkey is endorsed by musicians, teachers, and famous YouTube pianists. The free subscription gives access to selected songs and course content. The in-app purchase offers a subscription for one, six, and twelve months.   

Best Toddler: Bimi Boo Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers

Bimi Boo Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a music game for toddlers and children from 1-6 years old. The interactive games are the best for pre-K to preschool kids to help them develop an ear for music while improving and strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The app offers five entertaining, educational activities for toddlers. Your child may enjoy eight classic nursery rhymes, the lullabies, or enjoy the piano and other instruments. The educational music games inspire the love for music in toddlers as they help Bimi Boo in his adventures.

The Baby piano game doesn’t need WI-Fi to play, which means your toddler can play anywhere. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The apps are free with in-app purchases.

Best Celebrity: Playground Sessions

Learn piano with famous Grammy and Emmy award-winning musicians on Playground Sessions app. Co-created by Quincy Jones, the app teaches all users from beginner level to advanced. The app is fun to use; play hits from today or go back to the 60s and play The Beetles.

The app is designed for easy use and uses gamification features to motivate learners. Realtime feedback includes color changes of the sheet music notes when played correctly, wrong or if your rhythm is not right.

A lesson and also the songs are broken down by skill level, which makes it easy for users to identify what they can or cannot play at a certain skill level. You can start as soon as you have connected your keyboard to your iPad with a MIDI or USB cable.

The app is free on the App Store for the iPad.  

Best Musician: Gismart Piano

Musicians for musicians develop the Gismart Piano app. Users can record their music or play piano games, impressing the audience. Winner of the Appy Awards of the Best Music App, the electronic keyboard simulator app is fun for all music enthusiasts.

A realistic 88 key piano keyboard switches between nine octaves, can transform into a dual keyboard and has a Forte pedal. You can change the keyboard to sound like other instruments, which means playing the piano or creating the organ, grand piano, guitar, violin, harpsichord, or accordion sounds.

Without having previous piano teaching, users can play music by enjoying mini-games. The basic techniques and knowledge that you learn can easily transfer to playing a real piano.

The app is free with in-app purchases for iTunes and Google Play devices and smartphones.

What is the best piano app for beginners?

The best piano app for beginners is the app that teaches the basic skills and techniques in a way that appeals to the student and works best for them. Online piano lessons should be fun, not work. Most of the apps give users free access to basic songs and lessons, which is helpful for users to try out the apps and see which is the best piano app for them.

What are the best online piano lessons?

The best online piano or keyboard lessons would be the app with the features that users like enough to follow the directions and learn the piano. In other words, it depends on what the users want to get out of the learning experience.

Some features users should consider are:

  • Apps that have popular songs inspire users to practice those songs.
  • The online lessons should be easy to follow for new users and advanced players.
  • The app should be available on the user’s device of choice: iOs, Android, or desktop.
  • Make sure the app or online teaching works with your musical instrument, whether it is a MIDI keyboard, non-MIDI keyboard with speakers, or an acoustic piano. Also, consider apps that cater to teaching piano without the user needing a keyboard or piano.

How can I learn to play the piano by myself?

You can learn piano with online piano apps that teach you in various ways. Some app makes use of games; others use videos and lessons to teach basic piano skills and techniques. These apps are user-friendly and designed for self-learning.

The instructions, feedback, and video demonstrations help users to read sheet music, play chords with one and both hands, and all the other techniques that are helpful in learning the piano. Most of the apps have different music, and songs learners can learn to play and use to practice their skills.

Which is the better Yousician versus Simply Piano?

When comparing Yousician with Simply Piano, the better app depends on the preferences of the person who is learning the piano.

Simply Piano is easier to follow for beginners who want to learn to play sheet music.  Although Yousician also provides standard black-and-white sheet music, the color keys and note length bar may be more appealing to beginners. Later, when they want to play from sheet music, it could be more challenging because they aren’t used to it.

Simply Piano has a practice session before playing songs. Yousician provides the practicing features within the song selection. The autoplay mode within the song increases the speed automatically with each replay, starting at speed the learner sets. Yousician also gives three options when learning to pace during a song.

From a pricing perspective, the yearly subscription is the same. Yousician has a monthly or yearly subscription for piano lessons only or one of the other instruments.  It has three-month, six-month, and yearly subscription options.

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