Remote Control Crawlers

Remote Control (RC) toys are fun, but RC rock crawlers push it to the next level of adventure! Imagine maneuvering over rocky terrains, through crevices, steering almost sideways to cross a narrow ridge, to be faced with muddy puddles and large boulders blocking your path…

Remote-control cars and buggies are often designed for speed. RC rock crawling, however, is something different; it tests your accuracy and your level of control when guiding your RC toy over rugged terrain and rocks. If you are looking for more challenging toys for yourself or your kids, then the rock crawlers could provide that ultimate adventure your kids were looking for.

You don’t have to be an expert; novices can have as much fun learning to maneuver their remote-control rock crawlers over the rocky terrain, through sand and uneven surfaces.

We have created a list of the best rock crawlers to make it easier for you to select the RC toy that has the features you and your kids would enjoy. These toys are ready to run, and although you can upgrade it, assembly isn’t required.

Top Ready to Run Remote-Control Rock Crawlers

Maisto RC Rock Crawler
Lowest Price
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Click N Play Remote Control Rock Crawler
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DOUBLE E RC Cars 1:18 Truck Rock Crawler
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Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Trail and Scale Rock Crawler
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Axial SCX10 II 17 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Rock Crawler
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Altair Fast Remote Control Rock Crawler Truck
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Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II Scale Rock Crawler
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Best Budget: Maisto RC Rock Crawler

Maisto RC Rock Crawler red monster truck

If you are looking for the best RC rock crawler for an all-terrain experience at a low price, then the Maisto RC rock crawler ticks all the boxes. Ready to run, the Maisto has all the features you would want in a rock crawler.

With two motors and low gearing, kids may steer it over obstacle courses. The wide-area radio range enhances the ability to control the vehicle across a distance. It also makes you appreciate how highly responsive the RC crawler’s off-road performance is.

Although lightweight, the high-quality plastic body and copper parts may endure the rough off-road terrain it travels across. The plastic material is scratch-resistant and won’t break that easily.

TPE tires assure that the extra grip provides skid resistance when needed. The articulated front and rear suspension links provide stability holding the remote-control rock crawler firmly on the ground while crawling.

If there are three rock crawling enthusiasts in the household, the tri-channel transmitter connects three Maisto RC crawlers at different frequencies. Now siblings can compete against each other and don’t have to wait their turn or have the frustration of interfering signals. The transmitter requires 2 AAA batteries and the rock crawling truck 6 AA batteries.

Best Entry Level: Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler blue

With its monster truck look, the Redcat Racing Everest-10 rock crawler may be crawling and scaling rocky terrain the moment you release it from its box. The 1:10 scale monster truck is already assembled and ready to run.

At an entry price level, the Everest-10 is an excellent RC rock crawler that is well-built for beginners who are entering the fun rock crawling element of remote-control toys. Its dual 42T RC550 brushed electric motor and aluminum-coated shocks filled with oil gives it the power to drive over the harshest terrain.

The bead-lock tires secure the monster truck tires for aggressive trails. The four-wheel steering system has a forward and reverse ability to readjust and maneuver tight spots and steep hills. It comes with the waterproof 40Amp brushed ESC protecting the electronics from getting wet when crawling through water.

The double high-torque motors make it a powerful crawler even at entry-level. It is easy to upgrade for greater reliability. A 2.4gHz 3-channel radio system, 7.2 NIMH rechargeable battery, and charger are included in the package, but the 4 AA batteries for the transmitter is not.

Best Value: Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Pro 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Pro 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler in black

The body tilt system of the Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Pro rock crawler makes it one of the best RC rock crawlers for the price. With less than $50 difference in the price between the Pro and the GEN7 Sport, it is the best value buy. The apparent difference is the cool gadgets on the roof, but at closer inspection, you notice the mudguards, no clips, and the body tilt for effortless maintenance.

Probably the top feature is the tilt system. You will detect no holes or clips that can break off. The body is attached to a Velcro bracket system. A set of body clips are included in the package for those who prefer the standard body clips system. A stand keeps the body up so that you can change the batteries and do other minor maintenance tasks.

The attention to detail on the rock crawler is impressive. It has side mirrors and hooks to grab onto when stuck in the mud. On the roof is a usable spare tire, gas cans at the back, and tools to the sides of the roof rack. Mudguards form part of the frame protecting the inside of the truck from mud, dirt, and debris.

With the 550 brushed motors, waterproof ESC, three selectable brake modes, threaded aluminum shocks, steel axle skid plate, ball bearings, and a torque metal gear steering servo, the truck is ready to run over obstacles in its way.

The 3000mAmp NiMH rechargeable battery, NiMh charger, and 2.4Ghz radio system are included in the price.

Best Off-Road: Click N’ Play Remote Control Rock Crawler

Click N’ Play Remote Control Rock Crawler in red and white

The lightweight Click N’ Paly Remote-Control Off-Road Rock Crawler has a durable anti-collusion structure ideal for off-road and rocky surfaces. Powerful double motors can reach a speed of up 6.2 miles per hour, which is a decent speed for six-year-old kids. Its sturdy body may endure the stunts of young beginner rock crawlers and young kids.

The 1:18 full-scale remote-control monster truck comes ready to run. The large oversized rubber tires can crawl over tall grass, gravel, sand, and uneven surfaces without skidding. Together with the high suspension springs, the crawler truck is protected against the terrain onslaught.

A 2.4Ghz radio control frequency with a tri-channel transmitter controls the crawler and maneuvers the four-wheel-drive over obstacles and through the sand. Built for climbing, kids may have lots of fun exercising their crawling skills. The tri-channels allows for multiple monster trucks competing at the same off-road area.

Red, blue, and green are the color options for the monster truck. The quality and durability for the price tag make the RC car one popular product to buy for kids to experience a new way of outdoor fun.

Best Personalized: DOUBLE E RC Cars 1:18 Truck Rock Crawler

DOUBLE E RC Cars 1:18 Truck Rock Crawler graffiti design

With personality graffiti, each exterior shell of the Double E Remote Control car has a unique look that stands out from the crowd. The new cross-country graffiti of the 1: 18 scale RC crawler has a trendy and fresh design. Kids may quickly identify their rock crawler from the bundle; even other graffiti crawlers don’t look the same.

The full-body IPX4 design waterproofs the body, allowing the versatility of crawling on dry land or wet area. The graffiti shell is made of non-toxic Premium ABS Plastic, which is safe for kids. A detailed interior gives it that extra touch.

Solid independent bumpers protect the body against damage when the crawler connects with an obstacle. The Shockproof suspension shock absorber of the wheels creates damping resulting in a steadier run.

Ready to run, the powerful twin motors and 4WD gives it the strength and power to challenge hilly routes. Two 4.8-volt 800mAh batteries ensure a more extended run before recharging is necessary.

The 2.4Ghz anti-interference radio transmitter allows for a control range of up to 328 feet (100 m). The anti-interference allows multiple crawlers in the same area without frequency interference.

The Double E RC Cars off-road vehicles come nicely packaged, ideal for a gift for kids 8-18 years old, and is the best RC rock crawler for kids who like unique designs.

Best Battery Life: LAEGENDARY Large RC Cars

LAEGENDARY Large RC Cars black with red and yellow stripes

If you are fed up with running out of battery power when the fun truly starts, then the Laegendary Remote Control crawler with its double battery pack is one way of overcoming short run time. The monster truck comes with two rechargeable 7.4A 1600mAh LI-PO batteries providing an average run time of about 30 minutes when fully charged.

The waterproof design, 4WD, and anti-skid tires challenge dirt, water, rocks, and everything else on the course that wants to stop the RC truck from crawling over or through these obstacles. Oil-filled metal shocks and the heavy-duty tires protect and provide stability to the remote-control monster truck.

With two brushed powerful built-in motors, the 4×4 truck is ready to run when you take it out of the box. The 2.4Ghz radio remote controller has two-speed modes, low speed for beginners or rough terrain, and higher speed.

The battery pack is stored in a fireproof bag for safe transportation and storage. Two USB chargers ensure fast charging of both batteries simultaneously. The 1:10 scale remote control monster truck is a great birthday gift for kids eight years and older.

Best Classic: Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Trail and Scale Rock Crawler

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Trail and Scale Rock Crawler black and red 1979 model

If you are a Ford fan, then you may appreciate the ready to run Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco crawler. The highly detailed 1:10 scale remake of the classic 1979 Ford Bronco may delight you; it has all the components you would expect, including the chrome bumpers and wheels, grill, side mirrors, wipers, and more.  The black and red colors accentuate the features and accessories on the vehicle.

Just the look and authentic detail of the classic Ford makes it worth the price, but it also supports a great list of specifications. Underneath the beautiful classic body, you may find the high-end technology expected from a Traxxas TRX-4 RC: XL-5 HV ESC; electric 21T Titan 550 reverse rotation motor; shaft-driven 4WD steering, chassis-mounted servo; four gear remote lockable differentials; and a chassis structure with a steel ladder frame with nylon composite cross-members. The list of specifications is astounding.

The innovative portal axles provide 3.4 inches of ground clearance that almost eliminates chassis torque twist. Waterproof electronics protect the electronics when crawling over and under the worst terrain. Grippy tires are bead-lock mounted to the large wheels. The classic truck’s wheelbase is 12.3 inches compared to the TRX-4 Land Rover’s wheelbase of 12.8 inches.

The 2.4Ghz transmitter has four channels compared to other RC crawler transmitters with three channels. With the two-speed transmission and cruise control, kids from 14-years and older may experience the ultimate rock crawling navigation experience with the controller. It supports six or seven cell NiMH or 3-cell LiPo batteries. The batteries and charger are sold separately.

Best Jeep: Axial SCX10 II ’17 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Rock Crawler

Axial SCX10 II ’17 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC Rock Crawler red 2017 model

The Axial SCX10 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC at 1:10 scale provides an unmatched trail-ability with details representing the looks of the ’17 Jeep Wrangler. With a steel construction for maximum performance, some of its specialized components feature CRC front and rear bumpers, molded front and rear fenders, CRC-inspired hood, and unique rock rails with additional body-mounting points.

A stunning representation of the Jeep Wrangler, the body, includes the molded side mirrors, door handles, hood latches, radiator, rock rails, fenders, and windshield wipers. It has a full set of six lights realistically mounted into a radiator-light bucket combination. The LED lights include four red and two white lights for real taillights, turn signals, and headlamps,

The updated WB8 HD Wildboar 3-piece driveshaft has a larger diameter cross pin with an M4 screw shaft for additional strength. A center splined slider reduces fatigue and flex. Leading in the industry is the AR44 axle with the high pion gear set for improved driveshaft angles and ground clearance.

Test the Jeep Wrangler on the worst crawling trails for ultimate performance. The waterproof AE-5L ESC with drag brake encases the receiver and electron speed controller in a watertight chassis. Be mindful that submerged in water and poor maintenance may still cause electronic damage.

A switch changes battery pack compatibility from LiPo to NiMh battery types to ensure that maximum endurance needed on a rocky trail. The 1.9 KMC xd 229 machete crawl wheels with 1.9 Nitto trail grappler m/T S30 tires may crawl over and through any challenge in its way with maximum traction.

Ready to run, it merely requires the 2-3 LiPo or 6-cell NiMH battery packs. Place the controller into your 15-year-olds hands and watch the fantastic ease with which your boy controls and directs the RC. The 2.4Ghz receiver has the standard 3-channels for multiple players.

Best High Speed: Altair Fast Remote Control Rock Crawler Truck

Altair Fast Remote-Control Rock Crawler Truck black with yellow and green monster truck

At 30mph, the Altair Remote Control rock crawling truck is one of the fastest ready to run RC trucks for all-terrain crawling. It is the perfect gift for a 14-year-old who wants to test their skills in controlling the RC monster truck over rough terrain and racing on dirt racetracks without losing control.

The 1:10 scale remote control monster truck is a four-wheel-drive with a water-resistant IPX4 system to combat muddy puddles and rocky terrain. The sturdy includes all-metal sealed bearings and a steel-structured chassis and drive to endure racing and crawling irrespective if it is in the backyard, a sandy beach, muddy puddles, or street racing. The body is from a durable plastic that may withstand accidents.

The rubber wheels with individually mounted six metal springs always ensure four-wheel drive power. Double motors for maximum power and speed requires a 7.4V 1600mAh battery. You should get about 15-minutes of driving time. Batteries recharge with the USB charger within 2.5 to 3 hours. The remote control requires three AA batteries. With a two-speed setting, beginners and experienced drivers can control the truck.

Best Upgrade: Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II Scale Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II Scale Rock Crawler orange

Out of the box, the improved Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout II scale rock crawler is a robust machine to endure difficult terrains. The ready-to-run truck, with its gorgeous orange body, is impressive to look at and won’t let you down in performance. It has many upgraded parts that are easy to upgrade, including 3D printable parts for an even better exterior appearance.

One of the noticeable upgrades of the Gen8 is the absence of the bottom lip of the front bumper that should give more clearance. Another great feature is the buckets to lots of lights. The orange body has a lovely sheen to it, and the stickers give it that authentic appearance. The door handles are also stickers. The side mirrors, however, are foldable, to avoid breaking off.

Many parts are adjustable to increase performance. The adjustable wheelbase, ride height, toe angle, approach, and departure angle, lockable slipper clutch along with the multiple shock positions, and tunable suspensions create a truck that conforms to the terrain and the driver’s needs.

Ready to run the Gen8 is a professional trail crawler with high-performance features. Some of these parts include the C-channel frame rails. Low center gravity battery tray, aluminum shocks, centrally mounted divorced transfer case, the portable axels with metal gear covers, MOD-1 gears, and the 17T 550 brushed motor.

Buyers Guide

What Is The Best RC Crawler?

The best RC crawler is the one your kids have the most fun without damaging it too much. These remote-control toys have distinctive features enabling rock crawling that standard RC cars, buggies, and trucks typically don’t have or need for racing over open terrain.


Four-wheel drive steering (4WD) has steering modes for front and rear wheels enabling the RC rock crawler to maneuver and crawl across challenging turns and difficulties.

Turning the large wheels in tight spaces requires a high torque steering servo.

Most 4WD remote-control rock crawlers have a high torque steering servo and a 3-channel radio system to switch between the various steering modes.


A flexible, articulating suspension system helps keep the wheels on the ground for maximum forward motion.


Large, soft wheels with grippy tires are the ideal for crawling. The deep treads extend to the side of the wheel for maximum traction.


It requires a lot of torque to crawl over the rocky surfaces and steep hills. Crawling is often at low speed that requires low gear ratios.

RC crawlers have one or two electric motors to supply the needed torque and low gear ratios.

Ground Clearance

Low center of gravity protects the RC crawler from tipping when crawling with its large wheel over rough terrain. The high clearance suspension system, portal axles, cassis rail design, and multi-link arms can make the difference if the RC trail crawler can crawl over the hurdles or not.

Locked Differentials

Locked differentials and switchable units avoid power wasted on spinning wheels or wheels off the ground.

Waterproof Electronics

Waterproof electronics protect the electronics when going through rivers, puddles, and streams.

Scale Sizes

The most common scale sizes for RC rock crawler toys are 1:10 scale or 1:8 scale. Rock crawlers are also available in 1:16 scales and 1:5 scale for indoor rock crawling.

What Is The Best RC Crawler For The Money?

The price you pay depends on the brand, the upgrades, and the features of the RC crawler. You can buy models for a few dollars and then upgrade it with a kit, or you can purchase model types with all the specifications and pay a few hundred dollars in the beginning.

You may also consider the pros and cons of the crawler and compare it to your needs. There are models on the market that may cost about $200 with components, accessories, and features that correlate with the highly upgraded models.

How Much Is A RC Rock Crawler?

The price range of an RC rock crawler may vary in prices from less than $30 to a minimum of $100. It all depends on whom you are buying it for and what the purpose is of purchasing the toy. If you or your kid enjoys competitions, then rock crawling may be an expensive hobby.

It also depends on how much you spend on additional items like an extra battery, spare parts, and upgrade kits. An entry-level price is low, but after all the upgrades, an RC rock crawler may cost you over $200. Make sure you know what you are getting for the price you pay.

How Fast Are RC Rock Crawlers?

RC rock crawlers aren’t designed for high-speed racing, but to cover terrain that varies in its level of difficulty. When competing, the goal is to cover the rugged terrain as fast as possible, but the focus is on the skill level to steer the RC rock crawler over rock formations, up steep hills, and through dry riverbeds. It requires a different driving style than a rock racer that may have the speed but can’t crawl over the hurdles.

How To Upgrade RCs?

Most people don’t have the expertise or the inclination to build a remote-control rock crawler from scratch. Some, however, do enjoy upgrading the ready to run vehicle by buying parts and kits online to improve their RC.

One of the pros of upgrading is starting with a low-priced entry-level model and purchasing the upgrade parts as you need them, or your budget allows. A con to improvement may be the warranty. Keep in mind that when you upgrade, you may void the warranty on the toy. Check the manufacturer’s warranty instructions about what is allowed and what not.

What is the difference between an electric rock crawler and a gas/nitro?

Although most remote-control rock crawlers are ready to run, there is a difference between the gas/nitro models to the electronic ones.

An electric remote-control model has less power than the gas/nitro model, but it is quieter and has lower maintenance. Battery life may drain out quickly compared to the gas/nitro vehicles that have longer running time. It is also quicker to refuel than to recharge a battery.

Gas/nitro rock crawlers have more power and are faster than the electric models. It needs getting used to and is not as user-friendly for beginners as the electric crawlers.

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