Best Snowsuits For Kids

I know that snowsuits are one of the best ways to keep newborns, toddlers, and older children comfortable and warm in the winter. When choosing a great snowsuit for a child, I keep a few things in mind. What are the best snowsuits for kids?

I suggest buntings and one-piece snowsuits for newborns and babies because it keeps the baby warm and is convenient for diaper changes. However, I am mindful not to choose too bulky snowsuits as they may not be car seat safe. The excess material can prevent the seatbelt from being secured sufficiently, making it unsafe for the infant.

For toddlers, who are independent and potty trained, I recommend one-piece or two-piece snowsuit to undress quickly for bathroom emergencies. One-piece and two-piece snowsuits have their benefits, and often it depends on what works best for the kid and the purpose of the snowsuit.

To help parents search for the perfect snowsuit, I created a list of the best snowsuits by focusing on each snowsuit’s features and how it may benefit the wearer. For example, you will find snowsuits that are water-resistant, with elastic cuffs, coverings for hands and feet, hoodies to keep ears warm, ankle zippers for dressing over snow boots, and various closures for easy diaper changes or putting on and taking off the outerwear.

Top Choices for Kids’ Snowsuits Compared

1. Best Baby Snowsuit: Hope & Henry Layette Faux Fur Hood Romper

Hope & Henry Layette Faux Fur Hood Romper

The Hope & Henry Layette Cable Sweater Romper with Faux Fur Hood is one of the best one-piece kids’ snowsuits to take your newborn home from the hospital. The stylish design will have your baby ready for any impromptu photoshoot.

Environmentally conscious parents may appreciate the 100% organic cotton material used to make the snowsuit. The company believes in manufacturing sustainable garments that are durable and will last a long time; they also believe in using fabrics free from pesticides and insecticides, protecting your little one, parents, communities, farmers, and the earth.

The plush cable knits are beautifully designed, and the quality fabric is soft to the touch for parents and against the baby’s skin. Faux fur trim on the hood outlines your precious baby’s little face while the hood protects ears and head against the wind and cold.

Little ones may stay warm dressed in this trendy snowsuit, and the buttoned front makes diaper changing easy. The snowsuit may keep your newborn warm in autumn and moderately cold winters.  The cotton fabric is machine washable.

2. Best for Infant Snowsuit: Simple Joy by Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit

Simple Joy by Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit

The Simple Joy by Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit, with its cute bear design, could provide the warmth newborns to 9 months old kids need on cold wintry days. The attractive bear design with fuzzy foot art and little bear ears on the hood is so adorable you may want to cuddle your baby in this snowsuit.

Made from 100% polyester, the fleece snowsuit comes with a zipper closer for convenient nappy changes and easy dressing and undressing of the baby. Convertible hand covers function as mittens to keep tiny fingers and hands warm. Although not a baby bunting bag, the snowsuit can easily slip on over other outfits when going outside or taking a trip in the car to the grandma or the mall. The snowsuit keeps your baby’s body heat inside; the zipper is convenient for cooling little ones when indoors.

The adorable bear design baby snowsuits feature three colors, ivory with bear ears, a brown bear for a snug bear effect, or the grey one-piece suit with animal prints.

3. Best for Slim and Husky: Lands’ End Kids Waterproof Iron Knees Squall Snow Bibs Snow Pants

Lands’ End Kids Waterproof Iron Knees Squall Snow Bibs Snow Pants in green

If a regular size does not fit your boy or girl, then the Lands’ End Kids Squall Bib Snow Pants are one of the best snow pants that may fit your child and keep snow, wind, and water out. Like adults, kids vary in size and build; some kids are smaller than regular size, while others need that little extra space. The one-piece snow bib and snow pants come in standard, slim, and husky sizes that may fit two-year-old toddlers to teenagers wearing a size 20.

The adjustable straps feature clip-in buckles for a snug fit and extension; kids do not need pesky shoulder straps that keep falling off their shoulders when preparing for a snow fight or making snow angels. The adjustable straps can be lengthened as kids grow.

One of the snow pants’ best features is the reinforced iron knees and seat interior fabric patches for crawling, sitting, and playing in the snow. The durable patches are soft against the child’s skin and invisible from the outside. The windproof, waterproof outer material and 100 grams of insulation inside keep kids warm and dry.

The snow bibs overalls come with a zipper and elastic waist and armholes for easy dressing and quick undressing for toddler potty breaks. Ankle zippers on the legs fit over snow boots already on or can keep snow out when placed inside the boot. Elastic ankle gaiters inside the legs also help block out wind, rain, and snow, keeping your kid’s feet and legs warm.

4. Best for Girl Toddler Snowsuit: Pink Platinum Baby Girls’ One-Piece Puffer Winter Snowsuit

Pink Platinum Baby Girls’ One-Piece Puffer Winter Snowsuit in pink

The Pink Platinum Baby Girls’ One-Piece Snowsuit is one of the best toddler snowsuits to keep kids warm in frigid cold winters. The thick poly-filled fleeced-lined material is designed for warmth when playing in the snow.

An asymmetrical front zipper in contrasting colors ensures your toddler is zipped up to their chin. If your little one needs a potty break, the zipper unzips down the left leg to quickly get out of the snowsuit. The long zipper is convenient for nappy changes too. The kids’ snowsuits come in sizes that may fit 3-months old infants up to two-year-old toddlers.

The plush polar fleece hood has a Sherpa trim and embossed logo. Optional mittens may cover toddlers’ hands against extreme cold or leave them free when the temperature allows it. Berry, plum, and blush are the three girly colors you can suit up your little princess in to keep her warm during the winter season.

5. Best for Wind and Water-Resistant Winter Gear: Arctic Quest Puffer Ski Jacket and Snow Bib Snowsuit Set

Arctic Quest Puffer Ski Jacket and Snow Bib Snowsuit Set

The two-piece Arctic Quest Puffer Ski Jacket and Snow Bib Snowsuit Set, with its vibrant colors, may entice any little girl to go outdoors for adventurous winter fun. The ski suit consists of a fleece-lined hooded puffer jacket and bib snow pants color-block design and contrasting colorful zippers.

Shoulders straps on the bib pants adjust to accommodate growth spurts. The ski pants fit with ease over winter boots, and boot gaiters keep warmth inside. The reinforced knee panels improve the durability of the snowsuit. It also ensures the cold stays out when kids kneel in snow and ice during play.

The jacket, with its colorful lining, comes with two side pockets. The sleeves have elastic cuffs protecting arms against wetness and cold. Sizes range from acute fit for 12 months old infants to toddlers, and little girl sizes up to 6X. The boys equivalent Arctic Ski Jacket and Snow Bib Snowsuit Set sizes range from 18 months infants to boys size 7. The water-resistant material is machine washable and dries quickly.

6. Best for Boys Ski and Snow Gear: iXtreme Boys’ Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuits

iXtreme Boys’ Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuits in blues

The iXtreme Boys’ Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuit may keep your kids warm while they explore the winter wonderland created by snow and ice. Whether it is keeping your kid warm on ski slopes, fort building, or a snow fight, the two-piece bib and jacket are one of the best kids’ snowsuits for cold weather.

Bright color combinations allow moms to keep an eye on their kids without them realizing it. The dungaree style bib with snow pants offers great movement, and the adjustable shoulder straps grow with your child. Ankle gaiters keep snow and wet out and fit snugly in winter boots.

The polar fleece lining insulates the winter gear, and the water-resistant material keeps water and mud out. Designed to keep kids warm during their winter outdoor activities and adventures, the insulated hood protects their ears and heads. The elastic cuffs keep warmth inside and cold temperatures away from little ones’ arms. A robust zipper ensures durability with multiple uses. Kids can keep their hands warm in the jacket pockets or store some interesting but vital items in it.

7. Best for Girls Winter Coat: OshKosh B’Gosh Girls Printed Heavy Weight Winter Coat and Snow Pants

OshKosh B’Gosh Girls Printed Heavy Weight Winter Coat and Snow Pants

The OshKosh B’Gosh Girls Printed Heavy Weight Winter Coat and Snow Pants are girls’ winter wear designed for active baby girls and toddlers. The multi-colored jackets come in rainbow pink, neon, and royal variants with matching snow bibs.

Both the jacket and snow bib have front zip closures that may come in handy when your little girl needs to go to the bathroom. Adjustable buckle straps ensure a comfortable fit and allow for adapting as she grows.

The rainbow color-block jacket comes with comfortable flap pockets and an attached hood. The fleece lining is snug and warm against your child’s body; she may enjoy sledding and having fun in the snow without noticing the cold weather.

If you were looking for a snowsuit for your princess that isn’t too girly but fashionable and keeps the cold and wet out with insulation, cuffs, and gaiters, then the OshKosh B’Gosh snowsuit set is an excellent pick.

8. Best for Wind Resistance and Water Repellant: Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting

Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting

The Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting is the best baby snowsuit to keep newborns and toddlers dry and warm in wind and snow. If your toddler likes being outside, then the wind and water-resistant taffeta shell may protect them from getting wet and cold.

With a soft, down 450 fill power and a plush microfleece lining, Infants may stay comfortably warm when pushed in the baby stroller, and toddlers won’t even notice the cold. Arm sleeves and the interior hood feature snuggly-down insulation. The fold-over hands-and-feet covers offer warmth and comfort to tiny toes and fingers.

Changing diapers or potty breaks is easy with the full-length zipper. The gussets cover the zippers protecting tender skin from accidental scratching.

The machine-washable bunting snowsuit comes in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes. Parents may cuddle their kids in bright colors, floral prints, or pretty animal prints.

9. Best Character Snowsuit: Carter’s Baby Boys’ Heavyweight 2-Piece Skisuit Snowsuit

Carter’s Baby Boys’ Heavyweight 2-Piece Skisuit Snowsuit

The Carter’s Boys’ Character Snowsuit is one of the best snowsuits for kids who enjoy dressing up. Boys should find an interesting theme among the multiple designs. Wearing a character snowsuit with scales at the back of the jacket may convince any unwilling toddler that getting dressed is a good idea.

The dinosaur print should appeal to dinosaur fans; most boys can’t resist the monster snowsuits in various colors. There are also camouflage designs for the adventurous, polar bears, and multiple color block combinations.

A thick jacket and snow pants may keep your little one warm on their role-playing excursions. Elastic cuffs at the arms and ankles keep the heat inside and snow away from your child’s warm body. Depending on which theme you choose, the two pockets are either at the front or sides with side gussets.

The ski jacket and snow bib are water and wind-resistant and come with zippers for easy putting on and taking off. Kids may wear it as a two-piece snowsuit or wear the pieces separately.

Parents can write the child’s name and phone number on the tag stitched on the jacket’s inside. Your child’s snowsuit won’t easily be mislaid or confused with another kid’s ski jacket.

What Makes A Snowsuit Perfect For A Kid

Snowsuit Sizes

Some snowsuit brands run small or large; therefore, it is good to check the retail website’s sizing guide and consider customer experiences.

Dungaree-style snow pants with bibs often feature adjustable shoulder straps to adjust as kids grow. Parents may also change the straps to fit kids who are taller or shorter than their age group.


Insulation in snowsuits varies. Some one-piece snowsuits have insulation in the hood and the top jacket part but are not fully insulated in the snowsuit’s bottom section. Make sure you purchase a snowsuit with insulation that correlates with the type of weather.

Zippers and Buttons

Full-length zippers, buttons, or button snaps make it easier to change diapers and dress babies. Toddlers should be able to quickly get out of a snowsuit or snow pants for an urgent potty break.

Babies may scratch their chin against zippers that aren’t covered. Some snowsuits come with safety chin closures and gussets to protect the infant from rubbing against the zipper.

Hoodies and Hats

Most snowsuit hoods come with insulation to keep the child’s head and ear warm. However, not all hoodies fit snugly. Wearing a hat with a hoodie may provide the comfort, snugness, and warmth your child may need when building snow angels on snowy winter days.

Car Seat Safe

Snowsuit outerwear tends to be bulky, could be too warm inside the car, and is not car seat safe. The bulky material gives the illusion that the seat belt is strapped securely around your infant, but it is not. However, some buntings come with slips for the seat belt.

When indoors or in the car with a heater, it is best practice to take the outerwear off to prevent your infant from overheating. Seatbelts fit better over warm onesies that aren’t made from bulky fabric.

Mittens and Booties

Many infant snowsuits come with fold-over covers that work like mittens and booties to keep feet and hands warm. Elastic cuffs at ankles and wrists also help keep the cold and snow away from the child’s body.

These fold-over covers may work well for infants, but with active toddlers and older kids, you may need extra gloves and snow boots made for kids. We found a list at if you need suggestions.

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