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Playing with LEGO is fun, but kids seldom care for sorting, storing, and keeping all those Legos neat and tidy. Finding the best LEGO storage ideas that suit your family, the LEGO collection, mom’s organization needs, and available space can be a daunting challenge.

We’ve made it easier for you by creating a list of the top LEGO storage solutions and ideas; we even included some DIY storage projects. Each LEGO organizer item has unique features; some focus on LEGO organization, whereas others consider the storage area and kids’ tendency to keep things tidy and neat.  No one wants to lose pieces to the best LEGO sets.

If you were wondering how to solve the LEGO storage challenge, here are excellent storage ideas using drawers, bins, buckets, and more.

The Best Lego Storage Ideas

Room Copenhagen LEGO Storage Box Brick 8
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LEGO Storage Head
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Lay-n-Go Large Building Block Toy Storage Mat
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Really Useful Storage Box 11 Litre Clear
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LEGO 3-Piece Organizer Cubes Multi, One Size
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Seville Classic 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer
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LEGO Storage 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat
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Best Stackable LEGO Storage Boxes: Room Copenhagen LEGO Storage Box Brick 8

Room Copenhagen LEGO Storage Box Brick 8

The Room Copenhagen LEGO Storage Boxes are probably the most fun toy storage ideas to keep all those bricks inside and one of the best stacking solutions for a little storage room. What fun for kids to store LEGO bricks in a giant color-coordinated LEGO brick!

These storage boxes are an excellent size to store LEGO DUPLO too. They are designed like a LEGO brick and function; likewise, your little one may have fun cleaning their bedroom by stacking these giants that contain their LEGO sets and toys. If the playroom or the closets in your kid’s room are filled with toys already, use these colorful storage bricks as a decorative piece in the bedroom corner.

The LEGO boxes come in various sizes and knobs for storing different shapes and sizes. Be aware that the square corners are part of the LEGO design but make it more challenging to search and find the perfect piece.

Best Decorative LEGO Storage: LEGO Storage Head

LEGO Storage Head

The various LEGO Storage Heads is one of the most creative ways to store LEGO. If you were looking for a unique bedroom storage solution, then these iconic, buildable, and stackable storage containers are an excellent pick.

Doubling up as a decoration, these storage bins will avoid LEGO pieces lying around in your child’s bedroom, the playroom, or any other room in the home. Kids may love this playful storage system. The LEGO Minifigure Head comes in five different facial expressions: boy, girl, pumpkin, silly, skeleton, and even a winking LEGO head. With three sizes available, you can sort and store smaller accessories separately from the larger LEGO bricks.

Three-year-old toddlers and older kids may appreciate this exclusive LEGO toy storage method because they can play with these large Minifigure heads too. Be mindful, however, that small pieces may get stuck inside the head base.

Best Kids’ LEGO Swoop Bags: Lay-n-Go Large Building Block Toy Storage Mat

Lay-n-Go Large Building Block Toy Storage Mat

The Lay-n-Go Large Building Block Toy Storage Mat is possibly the most practical way to store LEGO sets or a small collection of about 2,000 LEGO pieces. The innovative storage mat with drawstring gathers the LEGO toys quickly together. Kids may play for hours, but clean-up takes less than five minutes.

With dimensions of 60 x 60 x 3 inches, the swoop bag creates a large play mat. Young children may sit on the mat during play, staying clean. Moms may appreciate the protection against germs and dirt they playmat offers.

It is perfect for taking along on camping trips, playing in the backyard, or taking to the beach. The LEGO stay contained on the map avoiding parts getting lost. The drawstring forms a slight lip around the sides to help manage the pieces.

The large size allows room for the LEGO pieces and space to build. When it’s time to go home or clean up, you pull the drawstring creating a bag that contains the LEGO pieces and your kid’s work-in-progress.

If carried upside down, LEGO pieces may fall out; the drawstring does not close that tightly. However, the backpack straps allow you to carry the swoop bag with the right side up. It is an excellent bedroom storage idea; you may hang the swoop bag inside a bedroom closet, hook, or dump it on the closet floor.

Best Plastic Storage System: Really Useful Storage Box 11 Litre Clear

Really Useful Storage Box 11 Litre Clear

As the name implies, the Really Useful Storage Box is a particularly useful LEGO organization, sorting, and storage concept. Plastic storage containers are lightweight, stackable, durable, and clear material that helps you identify the content without opening the box or unstacking multiple storage containers. Base plates and bricks alike can be stored in the Storage Box.

Color-coding is one way to store thousands of LEGO bricks. A clear storage container shows you the brick color before opening it; it also makes a colorful display. Even the youngest may keep the LEGO tidy if sorted and stored by colors.

About 250 standard LEGO bricks fit in a 1-liter container, which means the 11-liter storage containers should hold about 2500 to 2750 pieces. If the box is not too full, it makes it easier to search and find the individual LEGO pieces. The LEGO container is not too deep, which also makes it easier to search for that piece.

The product dimensions are 17.95 x 4.72 x 14.02 inches and weigh 2.29 pounds, making it exceptionally portable when moving the boxes from the bedroom to the living room and back. The size is not too large to be uncomfortable to carry and filled with LEGO pieces not too heavy. A tight-fitting lid with clip lock handles ensures portability without losing the LEGO during transport.

Best Small LEGO Collection Storage: LEGO 3-Piece Organizer Cubes Multi, One Size

LEGO 3-Piece Organizer Cubes Multi, One Size

If you were looking for ways to organize a small LEGO collection, the LEGO3-Piece Organizer Cubes could be what you hand in mind. Each container stores about 500 LEGO pieces allowing siblings to keep their building project separate. The cubes make it easy for kids to take their project along when traveling, visiting a friend or grandma.

The set of three cubes nest together, fitting inside each other when empty, minimizing storage space. The best way to reduce the amount of LEGO pieces your kids want to take on holiday is to give each a storage cube. They may soon realize they cannot take their entire collection with them.

These cubes work well for beginner LEGO collectors or color-coding more extensive collections. Keep kids’ rooms tidy by storing their LEGO in these cubes. The transparent mesh top makes it easy to see what is inside. The zipper keeps the LEGO safe during travel and makes it very portable toy storage and travel container.

Best Unorganized Storage Solutions: Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket And Play Mat

Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket And Play Mat

The Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket is perhaps the most convenient LEGO storage basket for your unorganized toddlers and kids. If LEGO pieces are scattered all over your kid’s room, the living room, and the rest of the home, then this storage basket could be the perfect solution.

A 52-inch integrated mat comes with the storage basket. The sorting mat contains all the toys and even has room for little ones to use it as a play mat.

The storage basket comes in various colors to fit with any room’s décor. It does not take up much space when stored. However, when opened and the LEGO slides out onto the play mat, there is more than enough room to spread out the LEGO within reach of everyone. Kids can scatter, search, and build within the contained mat borders and, when done, gather and clean up by pulling the handles and storing everything in the container basket.

Creative QT is the original creator of the SlideAway Basket storage solutions. The storage basket is designed with high-quality materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The heavy-duty handles may endure many storing, sorting, and carrying of LEGO.

Best Storage Ideas with Drawers: Seville Classic 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

Seville Classic 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

Storage drawers like the Seville Classic 10-Drawer Multipurpose Storage Organizer could be the best way LEGO organization and storage method for keeping the bedroom tidy and the LEGO organized.  Storage drawers are one way to sort your kid’s brick collection by color, pieces, or elements and keep the entire brick collection together.

Some LEGO fans like to dig into the storage bins and use what they find; other LEGO builders prefer better organization where they can easily find a small piece without searching too much. These colorful storage drawers make it easy to store the bricks and pieces according to the main colors. A shallow drawer also makes it easier to find a specific piece or color tone. The storage drawers’ inner dimensions are 0.5 x 13.63 x 2.6 inches.

A child can pull out one drawer and see its contents without requiring an adult’s assistance; no cumbersome lid cannot get open. They can effortlessly remove a single drawer and carry it to the next room. Alternatively, the complete set of storage drawers come in a movable cart with four casters to transport it anywhere in the home. Two locking casters move in the direction you go by pushing and pulling the storage cart with the tall handles.

Best Storage LEGO DUPLO Pieces: LEGO Storage 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat

LEGO Storage 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat

Designed for small hands, the LEGO Storage 4-Piece Tote and Play Mat is an excellent way to store LEGO and LEGO DUPLO at home. Not all storage bins or containers work for the storage and organization of a DUPLO collection. However, these storage totes have enough space and are made for comfortable handling by little hands and contain space for storing DUPLO bricks.

LEGO organization, sorting, and storage is on mom’s agenda but not always part of the kids’ idea of having fun. The set includes a large LEGO haul tote that unzips into a flat play mate and three smaller containers, one for each child. Store the containers in your kids’ rooms or keep them together in the playroom.

Oversized webbing pullers and zipper end tabs features allow little ones to quickly open and close the storage bags; the different colors help them identify their allocated storage container.

DIY LEGO Storage Ideas

Storing LEGO Manuals

LEGO organization systems do not stop with LEGO. If you were looking for LEGO storage ideas that include a way to store the multiple LEGO manuals, one LEGO enthusiast used ring binders.

DIY Lego Table with Storage

A Little Bit of This made a DIY LEGO table with storage using Ikea Trofast medium storage boxes. If you don’t feel like the DIY project, you could purchase a UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Constructions Play Table with Storage Drawers.

DIY LEGO Table with Storage Buckets

Another DIY LEGO table with storage ideas is the one by Koodesigns. They made an IKEA LEGO table with storage buckets using an Ikea table, buckets, and magnetic strips.

LEGO Minifigure Organization DIY Storage

If you wondered how to store the many Minifigures, Mama in the Now suggested a display shelf using: Melannco Floating Wall Mount Ledge, LEGO Classic Green Baseplate, and double-sided tape.

Under The Bed Storage Ideas

Using the space under the bed is one of the most practical DIY LEGO storage ideas. Your kid’s bedroom stays neat, and the LEGO is readily available by pulling the cart out from under the bed.

Did you find the storage idea that may keep your home tidy? Why not share with us your favorite LEGO storage ideas?

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