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Have you tried hand-fanning your baby and pushing a baby stroller at the same time? If you have, you understand how hard that is – and you get the value of having a clip-on stroller fan.

We spent three full workdays reviewing and researching the best stroller fans on the market today. First, we looked at the various ways fans are used to keep babies cool while sleeping in the crib or the car. We also took into account portability – for parents who enjoy camping or traveling. We set out the features and the uniqueness of each to help you select the best stroller fan for your little one.

After all our work, the upgraded Opolar 2020 is the overall best mini fan. The ease of use, multiple power sources, and flexibility make it a great choice for nearly all parents. Like most baby stroller fans, the Opolar 2020 is also usable as a desk fan, car fan, at sporting events, on the beach where sun exposure is high, attached to a picnic bench, staying cool while exercising on the treadmill, or a golf cart in the heat of the day. You’ll be able to get plenty of use out of this fan well after your baby has outgrown strollers.

Top Stroller Fan Picks

Comlife F179 Clip On Stroller Fan
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Dreambaby Stroller Fan
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Anglink Clip On Fan Stroller
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Blueboon Clip On Fan
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Cool On The Go Personal Clip On Fan
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Best Overall: Opolar 2020 Upgraded Baby Stroller Fan

Opolar 2020 Upgraded Baby Stroller Fan

The Opolar 2020 Baby Stroller Fan is overall the best stroller fan for moms who want to use the fan for other purposes too. The upgraded version has improved the features of an already great clip-on fan. A long battery life, secure clip-on, and USB cord are features moms may appreciate.

Although the fan can be used as a desk fan, on the golfing cart, or while exercising on the treadmill, parents would appreciate the fan’s versatility to keep their baby cool. The clip-on fan has a strong clamp with a firm rubber grip for multiple applications like at the beach, in the car, or your child’s room. You can even take it along on your next camping trip. The rubber grip prevents scratching when clipping the baby stroller fan to a car seat, crib, or other surfaces you want to protect.

The 5.5-inch baby stroller fan is lightweight for portability, traveling, and storage purposes. Its compact dimensions make it one of the smaller fans, but a powerful competitor. The long-life battery gives it the extended use often needed on hot summer days.  When fully charged, the 5000MAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery functions between 5 hours to 20 hours, depending on the wind speed. The fan comes with three adjustable wind speeds to keep your baby comfortably cool at various temperatures.

At fan speed 1, the battery can function up to 20 hours, which gives mom ample time to take a walk in the park with their baby and keep the baby cool in the car on the way home. You should get about 5 hours of battery life at speed 3, and about ten hours at speed 2.

A 360-degree rotatable head avoids the air blowing directly in your little one’s face for a long time. The rotation also covers an extended area keeping the surroundings cool too. The combination of fast speed and the 360 degrees rotation of the head enables a powerful airflow making sure you and your baby experience the benefits of staying cool.

The blades have also been upgraded. The advanced aerodynamic mechanism of the larger blade help produces that strong thrust of air that keeps your little one cool. Noise level is incredibly low, making the Opolar 2020 stroller fan one of the best fans for strollers and other uses. The negligible noise level won’t wake up the baby. A new back housing structure design ensures an excellent airflow and helps keep the noise level low.

One of the best upgrades is the charging port. The USB charging port is universal and more accessible to replace than the charging port on the older version.

Best Durable Fan: SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip On Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip On Fan

The well-designed SkyGenius Clip On Fan is one of the best fans for stroller, desk, or car seat that will last a long time and endure many outings. The stroller fan is made from quality plastic that is sturdy and durable. The steady clip has a 2.1-inch gap for clamping onto the stroller handle, car backseat, crib, or outdoor camping. The wide gap gives greater flexibility in attaching the fan to thicker objects like handles. A non-slip mat keeps the clip secured to the object.

The versatile power source feature allows for charging the battery in various ways convenient at that time and place. Your options are charging the battery connecting the USB port to a power bank, car charger, cellphone adapter, or via the computer or laptop. With three speeds to choose from, the 2500mAH 18650 lithium battery life varies between 3 hours and 6 hours when charged. The rechargeable battery takes about 1-2 hours to recharge fully.

Another great feature of this stroller fan is its rotational ability. The 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation ensures keeping your baby cool from any angle. Combined with the powerful wind speed, parents can attach the stroller fan where it is most convenient. The fan has a maximum wind speed of 16.5ft/s, circulating enough air volume for a comfortable breeze. Despite the strong airflow, the noise level is low.

Best Aroma Diffuser: Comlife F179 Clip On Stroller Fan

Comlife F179 Clip On Stroller Fan

If insects are as much of an issue as heat, then the Comlife F179 Clip on Stroller Fan is an excellent solution to both. The strong stroller fan may keep your little one cool while the aroma diffuser tank is ideal for aromatherapy essential oils or baby-safe insect repellent.

Step-less speed control means you can decide what the perfect speed setting is. The 80 degrees auto oscillation blows the air without blasting the airflow directly onto the baby’s face. Combined with the left, right, up, and down 360 degrees rotation, the fan can blow air from any direction. The flexibility of the auto and manual oscillation moms don’t have to worry about clamping the stroller fan at the exact angle for the baby to benefit.

The rechargeable batteries have a long life and capacity. Depending on the speed, the fully charged lithium batteries have a working time from 6 hours up to 40 hours. Within 3-4 hours, the cells will be fully charged. The fan functions with one battery too. The USB cable allows you to use the USB power source instead of batteries. Therefore, your child will not sleep uncomfortably because of the heat, even while the batteries are charging.

Best Flexible Neck Fan: Dreambaby Stroller Fan

Dreambaby Stroller Fan

The flexible neck design of the Dreambaby Stroller Fan allows you to tilt the fan head at angles not possible with many baby strollers’ fans. The neck stretches and retracts for perfect positioning. The fan is ideal to use when you are restricted to how and where you can clamp the fan.

Soft foam fan blades are strong enough to produce enough wind output for cooling purposes, but safe should a child accidentally touch the foam blades. Some would argue that the foam fins are not as active as other stroller fans. However, the foam fins blow strong enough, and one doesn’t always want this extreme wind.  A high-speed desk fan may help for the heat but could blow all the papers everywhere. The flexible neck fan gives the suppleness you need to enjoy the breeze without scattering the documents on your desk.

Another benefit of the foam fins is the child-safety aspect. Children are curious, and they explore and discover by touching…and tasting. The fan shouldn’t be within the baby’s reach, but if the child does come in contact with the fan, the foam blades are harmless. However, the blades are not designed to withstand the gripping and handling of babies; the blades will tear.

The fan comes in seven bright colors to brighten the playpen, stroller, or nursery. With the selection of color options, you should find a color combination that complements the nursery décor or looks good on the baby stroller.

The Dreambaby Stroller Fan, with its flexible neck, is one of the best baby fans. With its turning capabilities, the fan can be attached anywhere and then positioned to blow fresh air over the baby. The stroller fan uses 2 AA batteries which are not included in the purchase.

Quietest Fan: Anglink Clip On Fan Stroller

Anglink Clip On Fan Stroller

If you are looking for a super quiet stroller fan, then the Anglink Clip On Fan with its 30dB noise level is the best stroller fan for low noise levels. The stroller fan is not only quiet; it blows at high speed too. Despite the minimum noise, the powerful brushless motor operates at four different fan speeds with a maximum of up to 80 ft/s.

With speed options, your baby may experience a cool breeze even on the hottest day. It is an ideal stroller fan that is small enough to fit in a diaper bag but powerful enough to combat the summer heat. Vertical and horizontal rotation of 360 degrees allows you to tilt fan head so that your baby receives the maximum benefit of the blowing breeze.

The clamp has a sponge surface to protect the items it clamps onto. The opening, however, is about 1 inch, which may be too narrow for some objects.

The rechargeable fan comes with a 18650-lithium battery that has a 2600mAh battery capacity. It takes about 3-4 hours for a full charge. A red LED light blinks while the battery charges and stops blinking when charged. The LED lights also warn when the battery life is low. Depending on the speed mode, the battery works for 3.5 hours to 8 hours. The battery-operated fan can also run directly with a micro USB cable using a power bank or laptop.

The 3-year manufacturer’s warranty is a side benefit that confirms why Anglik is one of the best stroller fans.

Best Rechargeable: Blueboon Clip On Fan

Blueboon Clip On Fan

The Blueboon Clip On Fan has all the features the best stroller fans have with one unique feature, the power source versatility. The fan, which you can use as a stroller fan, desk fan, clamped to the car seat, or multiple other ways, have a solar panel charging option.

The various ways of charging the battery open the means and places you can use this fan. Charge the battery through the USB car charger on road trips or use sun source for solar panel charging when camping. At the office or back at home, you can use your laptop, power bank, or any socket with a DC 5V USB power adapter. With a charging cord length of 30 inches, you should be able to reach the power source nearby conveniently.

Run time of the 2200mAh flat lithium battery varies between 2-6 hours; the different speed modes affect how long the battery life lasts. Although some battery packs may have a longer battery life, the versatility of the recharging options makes up for the average battery life. Plugged in, the fan operates even without the battery. The speed, however, is not adjustable when plugged in.

The size and weight make the fan very portable and usable in smaller areas like bathrooms or tents. The fan swivels in 360 degrees allowing you to adjust the direction the air flows. With two adjustable speeds, you have the option of a slower movement of air and longer-lasting battery life or higher speed.

Best Mini Portable: Cool On The Go Personal Clip On Fan

Cool On The Go Personal Clip On Fan

The Cool On The Go Personal Clip On Fan with its unique design makes it the best mini clip-on fan. Mom can clip it to the baby stroller and also have her personal stroll fan. The personal multifunctional fan can be worn with a lanyard, keeping mom cool and having her hands free to assist the baby. Dad can clip the fan to his belt during a golf game, and the teens can use it at a concert.

The wearable fan is small and lightweight, ideal for clipping on to the stroller canopy without sagging it. Another great feature of the design is the casing that conceals the fan blades. Babies and children’s attention aren’t drawn to the rotating blades, tempting them to want to touch it.

You won’t run out of battery power at the theme park, in the car, by the pool, or at picnics. The 4 AA batteries may last up to 8 hours on medium speed and about 5 hours on low speed. A 4ft USB cable help reaches power outlets at a distance. The fan is convertible to a rechargeable fan with the 7.5V AC wall charger, which is sold separately.

Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Stroller Fan


The best stroller fans are lightweight; you want a portable fan that is easy to carry and store. You may not notice the weight of the fan until you start using it. If clipped onto the handle of the stroller, it won’t be as much of an issue as clamping it to a stroller canopy. A too heavy fan may pull the canopy downward, causing it to sag and bringing the fan too close to the baby’s face.

The fan is adding extra weight to the already loaded stroller that could be a nuisance to some parents pushing the baby stroller over rough surfaces.

Clip and Grip

The clip should be sturdy with a firm grip clamp that attaches to the handle and doesn’t shift when the baby stroller moves. The opening must be sufficient to fit on the handle, crib, and other surfaces.

The inside of the clip should have a rubber padding to protect the baby stroller handle from scratches. It should also help keep the clip in one position when going over uneven terrain.

Adjustable Speed

The speed technology should adjust the airflow strength according to the day’s temperature, the child, and where the fan is used. A fan with various speed settings gives that kind of versatility.

Many stroller fans have three or four speed settings allowing you to set the speed at the highest speed when it is sweltering and at a lower speed to blow air without disturbing the baby while sleeping. More top speed operation has a higher power consumption than lower speed.

Some fans have step-less speed settings. You can adjust the knob to the ideal speed you need.


The best stroller fans have rotation and oscillation features. The stroller with fan could be an irritant if the fan doesn’t have the turning capability. A child doesn’t sit still; you don’t want to change the fan’s position every time the baby moves.

Manual rotation allows the parent to place the fan at a convenient angle. The oscillation feature allows for a more flexible airflow with a more extensive area coverage. Then the air doesn’t blow directly into the baby’s face like with a static stroller fan.

Batteries and Charging

Generally, stroller fans are battery operated. Some fans work with one battery and others with two rechargeable batteries. The battery pack varies from AA batteries, a single rechargeable lithium battery, a flat battery, or holding two rechargeable batteries.

Batteries and battery life on the mini fan for stroller vary. Make sure the battery life is sufficient for the purpose you have in mind. A charged battery may last from two hours to a day, depending on the speed setting and type of battery.

The charging method may seem unimportant until you lose the cable and notice it was unique to the fan and not replaceable. Many baby stroller fans come with a USB cable and USB port, which is universal. It is easy to replace and gives a variety of power outages.

Noise Level

The sound of a fan is soothing because it is white noise that disappears into the background. Outdoors you may not even hear the fan’s sound while pushing the baby stroller. In the car or the nursery, the sound becomes more noticeable.

You don’t want the noise level too high that it disturbs the baby. You also want it safe for your child’s ears. Make sure the noise level is lower than 80dB to prevent hearing damage.

Design Safety

The clip fan’s design should be child-safe; you don’t want your child poking their fingers between the grid while the fan is on. The fan case should have narrow openings that little fingers can’t push through. When placing the fan a foot away from the child, it is out of their reach but close enough that the child experiences the air blowing.

Some fan blades are sponge blades, and the fans come without a casing. Although the blade material is safe, the child could grab and tear the blades off. These fan blades aren’t as effective in blowing power but works well for low airflow speed.

The clip should be firm and keep the fan in place while in use. You don’t want the clip releasing its grip on the fan and injuring the child.

The speed and power that the airflow circulates should be strong enough to keep the baby cool but at a safe distance. Directing airflow straight at the baby may cause the baby to lose body heat faster, especially a newborn.

Ease of Cleaning

Although a stroller fan is a low maintenance, it does accumulate dust and grime. The fan cover of the fan should open easily but must lock securely to avoid a toddler from opening it.

Ensure the fan blades are made of a material that is easy to wipe and that the fan blades are conveniently accessible with the opened casing.

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