9 Fantastic Toy Fire Trucks for Junior Firefighters and Flaming Fun

Bright colors, howling sirens, extendable ladders, and gushing hoses… what’s not to love about fire trucks? Screeching through the city streets and bringing your little firefighters to the inferno just in time to save the day, these toys are ideal for immersive role play and teaching young kids all about the important work done by our emergency services.

Needless to say, firefighters are incredible role models. Genuine heroes from the real world inspire greatness and encourage bravery, kindness, empathy, and responsibility.

Fire trucks are eternally popular among kids of all ages, but with fleets of fire trucks to choose from, it can be tough to pick the best! But fret not – we’re here to the rescue with our Top 11 fire truck toys.

Best Toy Fire Trucks For Toddlers and Kids

Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle
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Little Tikes Spray And Rescue Fire Truck
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Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire Truck
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Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump
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Lego City Fire Ladder Truck
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FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sound
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Paw Patrol Marshalls Fire Fighting Truck 6056854
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Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck
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Best For Babies And Toddler: Green Toys Fire Truck


While you’re saving that kitty in the tree, why not help save the planet too? Designed and produced in the United States, the Green Toys Fire Truck is entirely made of recycled materials. If you want to introduce your little one to a fire truck without the noisy accessories, then this is one of the best fire trucks.

Green Toys make non-toxic toys with durable recycled materials. Imagine transforming empty milk jugs (HDPE #2 plastic) into an exciting firetruck toy for your child; that is what Green Toys did. High-density polyethylene plastic is one of the safest forms of plastic and cost-effective to recycle for reuse.  The fire truck and the packaging are made from recycled materials. These durable fire truck toys are super-safe and durable toys for kids; no external coatings, dyes, or paints are used.

The fire truck comes with three ladders; the two side ladders are removable and stored to the side of the truck. The roof ladder pivots and, when placed vertically, rotates to 360 degrees. Hatchets, dials, a compartment, and a GTFD shield are molded on the truck’s body. Printing is done with soy inks.

The 10.5 x 6.2 x 7.5 inches toy is the right size for 12-months old kids to grip and enhance fine motor skills. Weighing 1.4 pounds, it is not heavy for young children. Older children up to 10 years old may want to play with the fire truck indoors or outdoors; there are no metals that can rust if left outdoors.

And if it gets covered in mud, simply throw it in the dishwasher! It may be a firetruck red, but it is also super green!

Recommended Age: 1-10 years

Best For Remote-Controlled Firetruck Toys: Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle

Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle

The Liberty Imports My First Remote Control Cartoon Car is the best fire truck for young children interested in technology. The remote-controlled toy may strengthen your child’s fine motor skills, cognitive skills, imagination, and hand-eye-coordination. It is an excellent choice to introduce your child to the world of RC toys, a fascination that may stay with them into adulthood.

Honking sounds, music, and flashing headlights may delight any toddler. The light and sound effects are activated by pressing specific buttons. Pressing the cartoon fire engine’s steering wheel emits an engine starting sound. The button on the fire engine’s roof activates a siren sound for speeding to the fire. The remote-control fire truck comes with a removable firefighter figurine. Pushing the firetruck driver’s head activates the music sounds.

The remote-control toy comes with a steering wheel-shaped RC controller to enhance the experience of controlling the fire engine’s movements. Two buttons control the forward and backward movement of the firetruck. The simplistic design may help a young kid learn the basics of remote-control toys, fire engines, racing cars, and more.

Constructed with non-toxic ABS plastic, the fire truck toy is ASTM F963-17 tested and certified. The child-safe toy features soft edges to prevent injuries, and the remote antenna is also soft for additional safety precautions. The fire truck care measures 6 x 5 x 4 inches and uses 5 AA batteries—2 AA batteries for the remote and 3 AA batteries for the fire truck. The batteries are not included in the purchase.

Recommended Age: 18 months and up

Best For Toddler Ride-On Fire Truck: Little Tikes Spray And Rescue Fire Truck

Little Tikes Spray And Rescue Fire Truck

The Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Ride On Fire Truck is one of the best fire truck toys for your toddler and kids ages up to 5 years or weighing 50 pounds. With a pressurized water tank and water squirting hose, your kid is ready to fight any fire. If your toddler loves firetruck toys, then this ride-on firetruck is an excellent gift for your little one.

With the foot-to-floor design, your toddler uses their feet to maneuver the fire truck’s speed and direction. The friendly smiling face may invite any toddler to climb into the fire truck for some water squirting, fire extinguishing fun. The water tank holds up to one gallon of water. The water tank is easily removable for refilling; alternatively, your toddler may fill it using a water bottle or hose.

Refilling the water tank before your child goes on a fire and rescue adventure may teach your kid at a young age responsibility and the benefit of planning. Using their feet and legs to reach their destination help strengthen and develop their leg muscles and is good exercise.

Keep in mind the fire truck toy requires assembly before your firefighting hero can start their rescue fire adventures in this cute retro-style ride-on toy.

Recommended Age: 18 months – 5 years

Best For Learning Words and Phrases: Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n’ Lower Fire Truck


Little People, assemble! The Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n’ Lower Fire Truck is an incredible toy set to help toddlers and young children during their language development phase. The firetruck toy is not just an awesome truck with tons of features – you also get three little firefighter figures: a girl, a boy, and a cute dog.

The light and sound features respond to the firetruck toy’s manipulating parts, which may entice your toddler’s curiosity to try more actions. Move the truck forward or slide the firefighters up and down the ladder to set off lights and sounds and cute songs for your child to sing along. By pressing on the driver’s seat or pivoting the ladder more sounds and phrases are activated that correspond with the actions required. An on-off switch is located at the bottom of the firetruck when parents want to switch off the sound for a while; it should not dampen your child’s firefighting enthusiasm but could motivate more imaginative play in a quieter environment.

This learning toy teaches kids about fire safety and rescue while inspiring interactive playtime. Kids may also learn about teamwork; it takes a team to rescue cats and people and extinguish the fires.

With over 25 songs, sounds, and phrases that teach kids about colors, opposites, and firefighting, this toy will entertain for hours on end. The 2 AA batteries required for the firetruck toy light and sound effects are included in the package. Highly recommended!

Recommended Age: 1-5 years

Best For Playing Indoors and Outdoors:Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump


There’s a fire downtown – send your best engine! The Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump is large enough (28” x 8” x 11”) to tackle even the toughest blazes. Manufactured in Germany from high-quality ABS plastic with no glue or screws, the fire truck is sturdy in design and jam-packed with features.

Work its various cranks to extend the ladder high into the air and maneuver it into position on its 360-degree circular base. Don’t worry – it won’t topple over thanks to its four extendable support legs. The turntable ladder adjusts up to 4 feet, high enough to rescue someone and bring them safely back to the ground in the rescue basket.  It’s reminds me of pretty cool toy semi trucks.

Once you are in position, put out the fire with its hand-pumped water cannon. Make sure the integrated water tank is full, and there are no kinks in the water hose when installing it. With its sounding sirens, flashing lights, and movable wheels, doors, mirrors, and more, this fire truck creates an incredibly immersive world of firefighting fun. The fire truck toy requires 2 AAA batteries.

Recommended Age: 3-15 years

Best For Educational Toy and LEGO Fans: Lego City Fire Ladder Truck


Lego City’s finest, we need you again! The Lego City Fire Ladder Truck is a challenging 214-piece building toy that results in an awesome playset. With a hazardous fire bursting out of an oil drum, the two included firefighters (one male, one female) had better hurry to the scene. They can then climb the extendable ladder, spin it into position, pull out the retractable fire hose, and shoot the Lego water piece at the fire.

Packed with accessories like a fire extinguisher, shovel, circular saw, and helmets, this is one of the most complete and fun-filled firefighting toys out there. So, get building and save the city!

The toy has an educational value like all LEGO toys. The LEGO firetruck toy is designed for kids from 5 years and older to learn different shapes and how each form interacts with another. The movable ladder, firefighters, building, and disassembling of the LEGO bricks provide ample scenarios for imaginative role-playing fun. Keep in mind that the small pieces could be a choking hazard to kids younger than three years old.

Recommended Age: 5-12 years

Best For Extendable Ladder Truck Toys: FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sound

Image of Funerica Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sound

The five figurines included with the FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck are from the TV show Fireman Sam and will help your toddler fight the imaginative fires, inspiring interactive play. The extendable ladder ensures the firefighters may reach the windows of the tallest buildings to rescue civilians.

The ladder swivels 360 degrees, moving the fireman to the fire. Place the firemen on the ladder, take them to the fire, or help save a cat from a tree. The civilian figurines are ready to be rescued, or as bystanders are cheering the heroic deeds of the firemen.

When the child pushes the toy fire truck over a level surface, the robust friction wheels roll the truck to its destination. The friction movement teaches kids cause and effect when pushing and pulling the toy truck. It helps them develop their motor skills and understanding their impact on an object.

The light inside the fire truck toy and the sound effects mimic real fire truck sounds and delight any toddler. Activate the four sounds by pushing the buttons on the truck. The sounds are not continuous, which means our toddler needs to use their creative imaginations to activate the sounds.

With its lights and sounds feature, the realistic-looking fire truck is made from quality plastic with no sharp edges that are safe for kids. The batteries needed for the lights and sounds are included in the package.

Recommended Age: 3+ years

Best For Marshall And Paw Patrol Fans: Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fighting Truck 6056854

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fighting Truck 6056854

All Paw Patrol fans can again rescue the people of Adventure Bay with Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck. Firedog Marshall is a member of the Paw Patrol rescue team. Dressed in his signature firefighting uniform, Marshall needs your toddler’s help to fight the fires.

Your toddler may engage in problem-solving skills in using the moveable ladder to get Marshall to the fire. The sturdy material will withstand toddler enthusiasm during playtime. The moving wheels are sturdy and pop on and off.

The Paw Patrol rescue team, each with its function and vehicle, is designed for secure gripping by small hands. Collect the team or let your toddler play with his favorite pup in the series.

Recommended Age: 3+ years

Best For Two-Year-Old Disney Fan: Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck

Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck

Oh boy! Disneyland is in trouble, and only you and Mickey can help! The Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck is an excellent gift for younger kids. Zoom to the rescue with real fire engine sounds.

Mickey Mouse comes in a firefighter’s uniform, and you can put him at the wheel or in the cherry-picker to deal with the emergency. Whenever the truck moves or the pump raises, Mickey says something which may teach your child new words and phrases in a fun way.

The firetruck toy is designed with no sharp edges that may injure your child. Your two-year-old is at a milestone in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which means they are still learning cause and effect and how to control toys. The safe round edges help avoid damaging furniture if the toy fire truck collides with it. Designed for ages two and up, there are no small pieces that may cause a choking hazard. The package includes 3 LR44 batteries.

So, grab your helmet – you and Mickey are going to save the day!

Recommended Age: 2-5 years

Best For Water Shooting Fire Trucks:  Toy Race Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump Spray

Toy Race Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump Spray

H2-whoa! Facedown any inferno with the Toy Race Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump Spray. With a fully functional pump that shoots water up to six feet at the push of a button, this toy is perfect for summertime fun in the sun. Other fantastic features include a 1-foot extendable ladder, flashing lights, and howling sirens.

Designed for older children from ages five years and up, it is one of the best fire truck toys that spray fire for realistic firefighting adventures. The water sprays with the press of a button, and the swiveling ladder does not affect the water pressure. The child may pour the water in the funnel as part of the maintenance procedure before they need to go out and extinguish any imaginative blazing infernos.

With the water shooting up to six feet and the swiveling 360-degree rotating ladder that extends up to one foot, there is no fire or citizen in distress that your firefighting champion cannot rescue. The flashing blue and red lights and siren may signal that help are on its way. The lights and sounds feature requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included in the package.

As the name suggests, the Bump and Go Fire Truck can take a hit; when driven into an obstacle, it backs out, changes direction, and continues on its mission. Its durable design and fun functions make it an ideal addition to any fire department. Time to be a hero!

Recommended Age: 5+ years

Best For Preschoolers: LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit 10901


LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit 10901

If you really want the best fire engine, maybe you’ll have to build it yourself! The LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit is an awesome multi-purpose toy for young kids aged two years and up. It is one of the best fire truck toys with educational value for young children.

The 21-piece set is ideal for boosting a toddler’s agility and critical thinking skills. Sharing their firetruck toys encourages children to strengthen their social and emotional skills. Rescuing the cat from the buildable tree, which is included in the LEGO Duplo set, is one of the endless firefighting adventures your children may embark on with their toy fire trucks. The building and playing feature may enhance your kid’s imagination and creativity, creating memorable moments to treasure.

Once constructed, the fire truck is durable and filled with fun features. The button activated lights and sounds features make the adventure more realistic. The tilting ladder can be used separately from the fire truck when rescuing the cat out of the tree. A drawer at the back of the fire truck opens to the side for storing essential items.

If your child wants to expand their firetruck toys building kits, they could add a fire station with the LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station building kit. Endless hours of constructive fun are guaranteed!

Recommended Age: 2+ years

Features to Look For

Just like real fire trucks, toy engines have a wide range of functions. As you begin your shopping journey, keep in mind the following points.

Individual Fire Truck Vs. The Toy Fire Engines

Your needs here will depend on your children. A toddler isn’t as likely as five or six-year-olds to begin building a “play pretend” world around the firetruck. They are more likely to be happy moving the toy fire engine around on the carpet, making funny noises.

An older child might need the structure a firetruck set brings to the world. There’s usually a fire station with the set, maybe some hoses and a fire hydrant to pretend play, etc. The best toy fire truck is one that gets played with – so make sure you pick the one appropriate for your daughter or son’s age.

What’s, Is The Fire Truck Toy Made Of?

There are only three choices here; Metal, wood, or plastic.

Metal – This is the most durable material you’ll find for a truck. It’s unlikely to break easily. The downsides are that it’s usually heavy, hurts ALOT if you step on a toy made of iron or steel, and can rust if left outside.

Wood – Ah, wood – the nostalgic choice of many parents. Woodfire trucks have many advantages – they are sturdy and usually don’t have any sharp corners to hurt you or your child. They can last a long time – you might get lucky and find your grandchildren can play with the same toy someday. Negatives include the cost and low-tech nature of the toy. Most wooden toys don’t have the bells and horns of plastic toys. (This might be a positive depending on your view of the world.)

Plastic – most fire engine toys are made of plastic. They are cheaper to produce, so they cost less. Their light-weight means they don’t hurt as much as wood or metal if thrown at you or a sibling. Finally, they can include fun lights and sirens that some children LOVE to play with because they are molded. On the downside, these toys usually break easier.

Your Sanity – (AKA How Many Lights and Horns Can You Put Up With)

You might not believe it, but you can get toy fire trucks almost as complicated as the real thing! There are models that pump water, blast a horn, and have a siren to wake up the neighbors. For some parents, it’s no big deal.

I like to think that those toys are great gifts for my nephews and nieces.

Remember, this toy will be LIVING WITH YOU for months. What seems like a fun flashing light now might get on your nerves after a few weeks of exposure. If you’d rather keep these annoyances out of your home, make sure the product you choose doesn’t have them.

So, there you have it. Our best toy fire trucks for 2024. Have you used any of the toys on our list? Or have we left out any of your favorite fire trucks? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, PINTOY®.

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