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YouTube has always been a huge. But as the years have gone by this enormous platform continues to redefine exactly what huge is. With more than 1 billion users uploading more than 300 hours of video every minute, this online video behemoth is an evolving resource that should, nay must, be taken advantage of. Finding the balance between entertainment and education is not easy, so here are five of the most popular YouTube channels educators are using to compliment, supplement and augment their lessons with online video.

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In Practice

1. For posing perplexing questions

Vsauce is easily one of the most popular science (based) YouTube channels. Its popularity stems from one simple concept. Answering obscure but intriguing questions that no one else will ask. What color is a mirror? How old can we get? Is the 5-second rule true? These questions will not only get your students’ brains ticking over but the dialogue and discussion that these perplexing problems will spark is both intensely fascinating and insanely fun.

2. For more than just video

Much like its elder sibling TED, TED-Ed takes knowledge from the greatest minds and shares it with the world. With magical animations, high quality production and developed specifically for schools and educators, TED-Ed is a treasure trove of resources no matter what your subject. Also be sure to check out the TED-Ed platform for integrating video into lessons, assessment and more.

3. For inspiring art

The Art Assignment is a weekly video series hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green and author/vlogger John Green. Each video takes students around the U.S. to meet artists and solicit assignments from them. Students can also engage and get involved further in the project using the #theartassignment hashtag on Twitter.

4. For lecture material

There is no going past Khan Academy when it comes to YouTube. With over 4500 video lectures it is the king of online video resources. Try looking for ways to make the most of this huge collection or point your struggling and excelling students towards the channel so they can work on specific skills at their own pace.

5. For something personal

Vihart is a slightly different style of educational video channel where ‘recreational mathemusician’ Victoria Hart shares Math in her own quirky, fun and personable way. Playing with food, singing and doodling in class are all parts of how she makes Math a bit more interesting and relatable.


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