As schools and districts across the county are wrapping up the school year, they are also beginning to plan for the return in August. Part of that planning process involves the technological component (or lack thereof). 21st Century Learning includes both instructional best practices and the implementation of technology to enhance and supplement classroom learning.

Meeting the student learners “where they are” requires the adult teacher/learner to adjust, modify, and adapt pedagogy and methods to truly enhance student engagement and learning. Students across the country continue to claim “We have to power down when we come to school”. Why should this happen in today’s schools? If educators are to truly meet the needs of each learning style and ability level, then the issue of technology must also be addressed. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is one way to eliminate the “power down” syndrome impacting today’s students.

By advocating and introducing BYOD to your school, the following will unfold:

Student engagement (student voice) will increase when you incorporate the “back channel” into your classroom via TodaysMeet. The Tellagami app will allow students to create avatars to tell a story or to introduce a project based learning endeavor. BYOD allows students to readily participate in “exit slip” activities using today’s technology. Poll Everywhere, Socrative, and Schoology are just three ways students can take ownership of immediate feedback with mastery checks. PowToon and Empressr will empower students to creatively construct media rich portfolio presentations. HaikuDeck and Flipagram will permit student learners to think outside the box regarding short, insightful presentations. Implementing the use of Augmented Reality (AR) apps will allow you to literally bring “learning to life”! This is figuratively just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how you can endow students through the introduction and implementation of BYOD in your school. Here are a few AR apps: Aurasma, DAQRI 4D Studio, ColAR Mix, SolarSystem AR, Reality AFib, AR Flashcards, and Geometry101. Don’t limit yourself, tap in to the incredible AR learning potential!

BYOD is one way to eliminate the “power down” syndrome impacting today’s students.

Student devices can enhance the Flipped Classroom as well as the Blended Learning experience. By adding student devices to your classroom experience you are literally allowing the power of technology to transform the learning experience. This will advance learning to the level of “standard student application” that they are already implementing outside classroom.

You can begin small and grow the BYOD movement in your school. Providing opportunities for your students is indeed your responsibility. Tap into this incredible resource for student growth and amazing learning potential! We ca no longer sit by the wayside and continue “business as usual” in the school house. Make BYOD the rule, and not the exception in your school this fall!

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