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So your school or district has made the amazing, forward-thinking, paper-eradicating move to Chromebooks… Pretty exciting stuff! Well, what about the not-so-exciting side of a Chromebook rollout? What about the ongoing battle to protect these expensive devices in the relentless battlefield that is a school?

Here we have compiled some of the highest-rated and most popular Chromebook cases to help your school choose the right way to protect your devices (Samsung, HP, Acer, and more). From carry-all bags to clip-on covers, this list should help you choose a case for every school, grade, device, and student.


Chromebook Cases for Schools and Students Compared

Case Logic Molded Chromebook/iPad Sleeve
Check price at
Gumdrop Cases Droptech
Check price at
Case Logic Chromebook/Netbook Sleeve
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Arvock Laptop Sleeve Neoprene Notebook Carrying Case
Lowest Price
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Supgear Laptop Sleeve Case
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Best Chromebook Case For Schools Reviewed

Case Logic Molded Chromebook/iPad Sleeve

best chromebook case for school

This case would be my all-rounder top pick. With a solid outer clamshell design and quilted padding interior, the Case Logic Molded Sleeve offers both protection against scratches as well as more heavy-duty protection from knocks and drops. The case has padded carry handles, allowing students to transport their Chromebook easily without the need for a backpack or any other bag. – more info

Suits: Chromebooks that need solid protection while remaining portable and easy to access. For students of all ages.

Gumdrop Cases Droptech

For kids that drop things

Gumdrop Cases is well known for innovation and quality, and their Droptech line continues the tradition.  These rugged, rigid cases are fit for specific brands and models but they make products to fit most Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and HP Models.   They have rubberized sides, backs, and edges and build small air pockets into the case to help absorb and deflect damaging impact.  While not the most colorful products on the market, these products WILL protect your precious laptop from dings and falls. – more info

Suits: Younger kids or older ones tend to drop other electronics.  It’s cheaper than buying a new Chromebook!

Case Logic Chromebook/Netbook Sleeve

Case Logic Chromebook/Netbook Sleeve

Clean, simple, and effective, the Case Logic Sleeve is probably the most popular option for most middle and high school students. The Chromebook case offers a fitted sleeve with Impact Foam padding to prevent damage from incidental knocks and bumps. The benefit of a slimline sleeve such as the Case Logic is that it can still be easily slotted into backpacks, satchels, lockers, and handbags, adding very little weight or additional clutter. With no extra pockets or zips, the sleeve does one job and does it very well, all for a very reasonable price. – more info

Suits: Chromebooks that will predominantly travel in backpacks. Older students need a sleeve that is simple and effective.

amCase Chromebook Sleeve/Case

amCase Sleeve

The amCase Chromebook Case is a neat combination of a lightweight sleeve with a solid handle to give all the portability of a case. A great option for students on the move, the case is slim enough that it won’t bulk out a backpack or school bag, but robust enough that it can be used on its own. With a seamless wrap of impact foam padding, the case provides top to bottom protection and additional storage space in front makes for easy access to cables, adapters, and other accessories. – more info

Suits: Chromebooks that will need to be carried in both bags and standalone. Best for older students who require a little flexibility.

Arvock Laptop Sleeve Neoprene Notebook Carrying Case

Ideal for travel and daily use, the Arvok Laptop Neoprene Carrying Case offers an ultra-slim lightweight design with superior protection. The Chromebook case features a durable zipper that glides smoothly to easily access your laptop. The compact design fits effortlessly into a backpack, briefcase, or luggage bag.

The 0.25-inch thick case provides the standard protection from scratches and bumps, and also protects from those accidental spills with a water-resistant neoprene exterior. Also available in a number of colors, the case allows students to have a little individuality in how they protect their devices. – more info

Suits: Chromebooks that require convenient access. Students need a sleeve with a compact design for easy traveling and daily use.

Supgear Laptop Sleeve Case

A more heavy-duty option, the Supgear Laptop Sleeve Case Carry Bag offers a shockproof, waterproof laptop case. The hard shell features shock resistance from drops, impacts, and collisions. The Chromebook case laptop sleeve protects expensive electronics from dust and water.

With four pouches, the internal sleeves carry and protect the laptop, a tablet, smartphone, notepads, and other accessories. The case is ideal for carrying various expensive electronics safely. – more info

Suits: Chromebooks that will travel regularly with accessories. Students that want to use the case as a multi-data storage bag protecting their Chromebook, tablet, and other devices.

Caseable – Design your own case!

A wonderfully creative project for kids, Caseable is a super cool site that lets students design their own Chromebook case. From color, to printed text, to images and designs, every aspect of the case is completely customizable. Whether students want to select a design from the huge caseable collection or upload your own artwork or photos they can visualize and preview the whole process right there on the site.

With options for all Chromebook sizes as well as phones, iPads, and pretty much every device under the sun, you can spend hours messing with ideas for your very own personalized iPad case. Use the search bar on the website to find the Chromebook case you want. – more info

Suits: All Chromebook models. For students who want to stand out from the crowd and show their own style.

BONUS: Chromebook Sleeve Padded Cover – City Cat

Sleeve Padded Cover - City Cat

Etsy has some of the most wonderful and crafty options when it comes to fun and imaginative ways to store devices. Perhaps not the most practical for a large school/district rollout, this ‘City Cat‘ themed Chromebook case certainly is the cutest of our list. Handmade from canvas, cotton, foam and string, this unique and individual case would most certainly go down well as a gift or present for any student.

Suits: Chromebooks that are looking for some individual flare. Students who have a little extra money to spend on something very unique.

Chromebook Cases FAQ

Why use a Chromebook case or a cover?

Dust accumulates on the screen and the keyboard and between the keyboard keys. All Chromebook cases minimize the amount of dust and debris that collects onto your device. You’ll need to clean the screen and keyboard less often because dust won’t accumulate as much as without a protective casing.

Water-resistant Chromebook covers will protect your investment against water damage if any fluid is spilled or it gets wet in the rain.

Some covers are padded with foam or made of a hard shell. These covers are designed to minimize damage when dropping, knocking or accidentally banging the Chromebook against a hard object.

What types of Chromebook cases are there?

The nylon or plastic sleeves fit the Chromebook snugly and take less space in a school bag. Its primary purpose is to protect the electronics from dust or debris when toting around or stored. The sleeve, however, isn’t strong enough to prevent damage from banging, heavy knocks, dropping or other accidents. Some sleeves are water-repellent which means it protects against getting wet in the rain or fluid spillage.

Chromebook covers made from polycarbonate material are hard shell casings made to be shatterproof. These covers fit with clips directly onto the computer like a lid.

Chromebook cases that serve as a case or carry bag usually have foam padding for protection. These plastic or leather bags have handles or shoulder straps for easy transport. Inside the case, there’s space for the Chromebook and extra space or a separate compartment for the power cable, adapter, and other accessories.

Vinyl Chromebook skins stick onto the Google device, and its object is to protect the mini-pc from dust and debris. Silicon keyboard skins protect the keyboard from wear, dust, and spillage during usage. The keyboard skins are washable.

How do you clean a Google notebook case?

When using disinfectant wipes, take care not to use the scrubber wipes. You don’t want to scratch the case or the device inside.

  • Remove the Chromebook, adapters, accessories, and anything else in the case.
  • Wipe the outside of the Chromebook case with a disinfectant wipe. Make sure you wipe the top and bottom of the case too.
  • Cases with pouches and zips may collect dirt, crusts, and dust at the seams and folds. Wipe the cover clean or shake it first over a dustbin.
  • Wipe the inside of the case. Make sure you remove all the dirt and dust that gathered at the seams and folds.
  • Wipe the case inside and outside with a damp microfiber cloth to ensure that no disinfectant sticks to the Chromebook when replaced into the Chromebook case.
  • If the case feels damp, wipe it with a dry fiber cloth.

How to figure out what Chromebook case fits my needs?

Chromebooks currently come in four different screen sizes: 11.6”, 13.3”, 14”, and 15.6”. The diagonal size of the screen determines the size of the Chromebook itself. If you know the screen size, it’s easier to find the case that is big or small enough for your device.

Many of the hard cover cases are model specific. When purchasing a case, make sure the port openings are the same as your Chromebook, at the back or to the side.

How do you install a Chromebook case?

  • Open the device and slip the screen under the elastic band in the middle of the case.
  • Make sure the bottom of the computer fits snugly on top of the bottom padding.
  • Next, slip the four elastic rubber straps at each corner over the corners.
  • Zip up the case.
  • Connect the shoulder strap.
  • Slip the identity card into the plastic holder on the outside of the Chromebook case.

How do you install a skin?

  • Lay the skin on top of the closed device.
  • Use the edges as a guideline to line it up correctly.
  • Remove air bubbles by smoothing out the skin with the palm of your hands. Start at one edge and with a sweep motion move to the opposite side.
  • Press down the edges to avoid curling.

How to install a hard-shell cover?

  • Place the Chromebook on top of the bottom part of the hard-shell case. Make sure it’s facing the right side.
  • Now place the top part of the case on top of the Chromebook.
  • Note the clips on the sides of the cover. Push on the case where the clips are. You’ll hear a click when the clips slip into place.
  • Open the Chromebook and check if the corners of the hard-shell case are on the Chromebook.
  • Unclip the feet at the back of the bottom cover.

How much should I expect to spend on a Chromebook case?

Chromebook cases vary from as low as $9.99 to top of the line quality for $60.00 to $100.00. It all depends on what type of cover you need for optimal protection.

What is your school using to protect students’ expensive devices? What Chromebook cases have you seen that work well in a school setting? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for the research. We are finding, after only two visits to school, our daughter’s Chromebook’s screen is getting scratched by the pressure of her books on the device…while in her backpack. And this is WITH a neoprene sleeve. Sounds like a hard case is the way to go.

    1. Great tip Lee! Thanks for sharing and good advice for anyone with ‘brimming bag’ syndrome :)

    2. Lee, this is exactly why I created the Cranium Chromebook Protector. It is made for this type of abuse, plus the whiteboard is a bonus to teachers and you can’t beat the price.

  2. Our school recommends that the students do not place the Chromebook in a backpack. They want the students to carry them as if carrying a book.

      1. The school says that the screens and keyboards seem to get damaged when the Chromebooks are placed in a backpack with other books and items.

      2. That’s an interesting one Galen. Personally I would imagine more Chromebooks will be damaged from being dropped, but I guess it depends a lot on what else is being carried in the bag.

  3. These cases are nice, but none offer protection from the lid/screen torquing. Students carry the Chromebook around the class by the screen, regardless of what we stress.

    The Cranium Chromebook Protector eliminates the flex in the lid/screen, thereby almost eliminating screen breakages. The other feature people love is that is doubles as a white board. Check it out at:

    Oh, and with the cover, having it in a backpack is no longer an issue. After all, why get a bag that students want to put into another bag, their backpack. This is the cheapest solution out there that offers the best protection.

      1. Hi Mickey, I need 1 of these for a Toshiba CB30-B007 13.3″Chromebook. Do you make these covers for this model? If so how much plus cost of shipment to Australia. Thank you!

      2. As a classroom teacher I needed something, so I designed and created he Crainum for the classroom. They can be purchased directly through me.

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