It’s well known that creating a sense of shared identity and class spirit is a great way to encourage students to work hard, pull together and help one another to achieve their greatest potential. When kids feel part of a team, productivity is likely to increase and they have something to work for and take pride in, as well as feeling a greater sense of connection to and solidarity with one another, which can lead to productive and supportive peer relationships and interaction.

The idea of being proud of your class isn’t new, but the advent of education technology has made it easier and more exciting than ever before to create a strong sense of identity for an individual class or year group. Here are three ways to get started…


1. A Class Blog


Starting a class blog is a brilliant way to foster a sense of group identity by creating an online presence and making a creative space where students can work together to build a picture of what they want their class identity to be. With brilliant online platforms like Edublogs, WordPress and Primary Blogger, it’s never been easier to start a blog and the necessary input and commands are simple enough for students to master, meaning that they’ll pick up some important tech tools at the same time!

Use the blog to encourage class spirit by describing class activities and praising good work, as in the great example of Mr Curtis’ Class Blog, or showing off student artwork as in this great blog from Richmond Primary school. Or get students to work together to create news articles, stories and group posts.


2. A Class Twitter Account


Getting your class on Twitter is a brilliant way to create a strong sense of online identity, whilst also providing great opportunities to interact with other student peers. The Twitter account Giraffe Class is a lovely example of an account run by the students themselves, and they include updates like pictures they have drawn as well as accounts of the work they have been doing and the topics they have been learning about.


3. A Class YouTube Account

Take a look at the brilliant class video above from Titchfield Primary, using YouTube to show off recent events, activities and class work. Or even this innovative school, who used their channel to look for a new head teacher!  Anson Primary School’s YouTube channel is a great example of creating a strong sense of school identity and spirit through brilliant videos showcasing all the exciting things going on in class, from dressing up to world book day!


Does your class have an online presence? Share your links and tips in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Alex of Gothenburg.

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