A Teacher's Help

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A Teacher's Help Classroom Poster
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This Week’s Classroom Poster

In celebration of Chinese New Year, this week’s classroom poster pays tribute to teachers in the words of Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma. Known for bringing Ch’an (meditation) to China, Bodhidharma was actually given this name by his own teacher. The name translated is “Highest teaching of enlightenment”, putting Bodhidharma in a strong position to be quoted on the value of teaching and education in regards to enlightenment and learning.


Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without a teacher’s help.


There will be more and more classroom posters added to the collection over coming months. As part of this, we really want to hear your feedback. What do you want to see on your classroom walls? What images and words inspire your students to be their best? And what other forms can these messages take? iPad covers? Books?

If you have any great ideas or specific designs you’d like to see in future classroom posters and wallpapers, let us know in the comments below or drop us a line!


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