Online Anti-Bullying

With the explosion of the Internet into the classroom and the ever-growing confidence of our children and teenagers at navigating websites, social networks and online forums, there is every reason for teachers and parents alike to guard vigilantly against the problem of cyber bullying. But with the help of fantastic sites and initiatives like these, there’s also brilliant support out there to help us tackle it and give our students and children the tools they need to counter it too!


Online Anti-Bullying Initiatives


1. Stop Cyber Bullying

This fantastic site is great for helping teachers approach the subjects with students in the classroom, as it begins with a slideshow-style presentation of key questions and answers about cyber bullying, such as what it is and the different ways it can manifest itself.

With separate sections aimed at children of different ages, the site also has specific materials appropriate for catering to young Internet users at different stages, so can be really helpful across a range of different classes.


2. Childline Cyber Bullying

Aimed specially at kids themselves, this site is as effective, well-thought out and perfectly angled towards its audience as you would expect from the UK’s leading children’s charity. It has fantastic questions and answers designed to reflect the kind of things students might wonder about, such as: “What is sexting?” and “My friend is being cyber bullied, how can I help?” A great site for all ages, particularly in contexts where pupils need extra support in addition to lessons and talks.


3. Let’s Fight It Together

This great short film, created by Childnet, features first-hand testimony from young people (played by actors), which is likely to engage and draw in students and help them to relate to the issues being discussed.

Covering the whole range of technology, including mobile phones, this is a great way to introduce the topic and would be perfect for kicking off a classroom discussion about cyber bullying, raising important issues and providing the prefect starting-point for questions and ideas. The film also includes subtitles.



This website provides a wealth of information for parents and teachers, including fact sheets, courses and online webinars, news articles, helpful resources and advice.

The in-depth information covers all kinds of different Internet settings in which cyber bullying might arise, making it a particularly useful resource for less Internet-savvy grown ups wanting to learn more in order to be able to understand what young people may face online.


What online anti-bullying initiatives have you seen used successfully? How does your school approach and manage the problem? Let us know in the comments below.


Image courtesy of Flickr, JD Hancock


  1. Great list here Laura. Love to see tech being used to help teach kids such valuable lessons. Thanks so much for sharing your post.

    Will definitely be sharing it shortly via Twitter (@wiredimpact).

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