There are so many useful websites for educators; it is inevitable that some get missed. Here is a list of some lesser known classroom web apps that might come in handy next year…



1. A Web Whiteboard

A touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your device to easily draw, collaborate with others, and even share them. Works on a wide range of browsers and devices.



Let's Crate

2. Let’s Crate

Ever had files at home that you wanted to use in school? Or wanted a quick and easy way to share files with your colleagues or students? Box or Dropbox are very good, but require signing-up to their services before allowing you to share files, and can be slightly daunting for some. Let’s Crate makes file-sharing as simple as possible, without having to create accounts.



3. Tagxedo

Yes, it is another word cloud generator – but it allows for much more configurability. Change fonts, layout, shape, and more. Sources can be a key word, a URL, or even a Twitter account. Your pieces of art can be downloaded as an image, printed or shared onto a website.



Type With Me

4. Type With Me

This resource is a free, open-source, online, collaborative word processor. It is perfect for anyone who has been curious about setting up a project involving students working together. No sign-up is required, but it works across many devices and browsers. For more control, PrimaryPad is a good alternative, too.



5. Screenleap

A ridiculously simple way to share your screen with others. No limit to the number of viewers. To share, just email the link to everyone (or ask them to visit the website, and enter a nine digit code).




6. Magisto

This service allows you to upload a few of your videos, add some music, and then it automatically picks the best parts, and edits everything into a more suitable, edited final video. I suspect that magic may be involved. It does require you to create account, but it allows anyone who does not have the skill or time to create to edit their video to have a perfectly usable end product.



7. Fotoflexer

FotoFlexer is the world’s most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software. As with many of these types of services, accounts are a necessary requirement.




8. Screenr

Recording a screen is a very useful, efficient way of teaching something or sharing a resource. They can be used to capture a class brainstorm on what makes a good story, or used to record an example of a mathematical formula. In fact, they can be used to record anything that is presented on a screen. Screenr is a nice tool, very simple, and very useful.



9. Lino

A free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a web browser. Take a note right away wherever you are. Organize your stickies visually. Complete control of the layout of your pictures and movies. Use stickies to share files among friends and colleagues. Send an email and take a note online, then share your ideas with texts and pictures.



I am always on the look out for more. Do you use any that you think others would find useful?



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