“There’s an App for that”… Well actually, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes the App you want is the one in your head, not in the App Store. This is where German startup “Cleverlize” steps in to help educators create their own custom apps… In minutes… With no programming required at all!


Help educators create their own custom apps… In minutes… With no programming required at all


With a simple and intuitive interface, Cleverlize makes it extremely simple to add your own custom content to a fully functional App. Each step is clearly defined and has been simplified down so that anyone, regardless of technical experience, can work their way to a fully published App. With the process made so easy, the focus can then be on adding the best material to help students learn and progress.

So, enough chit-chat, let’s dive in and take a look at what is involved in creating your very own education App. Before you know it, your class will learning, playing and assessing with a fresh new App created just for them!


Building your Education App with Cleverlize

Building an Education App

Once you have set up a free account on Cleverlize, the first step is choosing your content.  This is effectively the most important part of your App. Much like the offline world, students will only be as engaged as the content presented.

The best part about Cleverlize is that you have a number of pre-made content types, making it as simple as possible to add new features to your App. These are the current (although it will grow) content types available:

  • Article – A general content piece (text, links, tables, images, video)
  • Test – Assessment question (multiple choice, fill in the blank, sorting and more)
  • Flashcards – Standard flashcard
  • RSS – Import articles from RSS feed (eg. http://feeds.feedburner.com/FractusLearning)
  • Custom – Custom text and media


Designing the Look and Feel of your App

Designing an Education App

Once your content is configured, the next step is to decide on a look and feel. Cleverlize offers a number of pre-defined designs, but you also have the ability to choose your own background and header images. This can be a real opportunity to brand your app uniquely to your students, class, school or self and make sure it is as visually engaging as possible.


Configuring your App

Configuring an Education App

The final step before bringing your App to life is configuration. This step covers the basic organisation of your App, finalising the Title, Description, Category and Tags. At this stage you also have the ability to set a custom icon and splashscreen for when the App launches.


Testing and Publishing your App

Publishing an Education App

With your App now built, you can try it out using your browser or smartphone. Simply scan the QR code or click the generated URL and you can see your App in action.


And Voilà!

And here is the finished product. Like I said, created in minutes!


Now obviously, if you are creating an App of any value it will take more than minutes. Putting together engaging learning material is no simple task, but at least using a tool like Cleverlize, the technology is no longer the major hurdle.


The Future

It’s just the beginning – the Cleverlize App Editor and its publishing possibilities are just the first step of a next generation learning experience. Further versions of Cleverlize will contain intelligent analytics features, gamification templates and integration of social networks.


Do you see education Apps having a permanent place in the classroom? And what ways have you ventured into the world of creating your own?


Images courtesy of the Cleverlize website.


  1. hello

    i want build a educational app but i have some question

    1.can we test the app before published ?

    2.can we dowmload apk file of our app in free site.?

    3. can we hiper link a picture of JPEG or any format in our app?

    4.after build a app can we earn money

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