With new #EdTech ‘dailies’ published on Twitter every moment, whole sites dedicated to online resources for teachers and more educators hosting their own blogs than ever before, the plethora of online material for teachers to use can be bewildering to navigate. Some sites do a fantastic job of pulling together resources from all over the web in one place and sorting them clearly by subject or area of interest, making a teacher’s life much easier and providing just one simple bookmark to remember rather than hundreds. Here are our top picks of the best collections of #EdTech resources on the web…


Collections of EdTech Resources

1. Web 2.0 Guru

Recently moved to a new website but still as fantastic as ever, this is a diverse and exciting collection of electronic teaching devices helpfully sorted by both category and subject, making it incredibly quick and easy to use. From Desktop Publishing to Virtual Games in Education, the resources are everything a teacher (particularly one new to #EdTech) needs to launch their students on the web, from learning to code to starting a class blog.


2. Cool Tools for Schools

A brilliant site for practical tools teachers can use in the classroom, from video and slideshow resources to imaging and audio tools. Again, the fantastic categorisation system makes it quick and easy for teachers to find what they’re looking for, and the layout is simple enough for students to use easily too, so they can find helpful tools for presentation, revision or communication.


3. EdTech Toolbox

Perhaps very slightly less clearly laid out, this enormous list of resources is sorted by alphabetical order, so it’s a great place to come to find a resource you remember the name of but less useful for searching by category. Nonetheless, it deserves a mention for the sheer number of teaching tools collected here – teachers could spend years exploring this treasure trove of resources and never make it to the bottom of the list! Definitely one for dipping into when you feel like a change, or finding something new to liven up the classroom.


4. Edudemic Tools

Updated extremely regularly, this part of the fantastic Edudemic site provides a constantly growing selection of tools and ideas for teachers, from using Google Glass in the classroom to making your own infographics. Definitely a site to bookmark and check regularly to stay at the cutting edge of #EdTech developments, as well as taking advantage of frequent tool lists, such as ‘The 200 Best Special Education Apps’ or ’50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About’.


5. Tech the Plunge

This great website about classroom technology is run by teacher Jeff Thomas, a consultant on #EdTech integration in the classroom. It is most famous for the weekly ‘Treasure Chest’ blogs, updating readers every Sunday on ‘Edtech resources you may have missed’. A great way to keep up with the latest developments and new resources in one handy weekly post!


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