9 Fun Cooking and Baking Games for Kitchen-Crazy Kids

Baking and cooking are fun activities all parents and teachers can do with their kids. Even the youngest kids can mix up the ingredients to make some buns or biscuits, and with a bit of parental guidance, everyone will be eating some delicious treats in less than an hour. Baking games are a fun way to combine learning and play. Kids learn quickly through play, and if the game is really good, they will want to play it repeatedly.

Cooking and baking teach kids how to follow instructions. Practical baking games are a fun way to learn new skills within the safe environment of a game. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing cooking and baking games, so if you want to teach your kids a few kitchen skills, check out the following list of nine of the best.

Cooking and Baking Games for Kids

Ravensburger Dream Cakes
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Brownie Match Board Game
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Cooking Mama Lets Cook!
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Cupcake Cooking Game
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Chet the Cat and Friends Baking Set
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My Cake Maker
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Cookbook Master
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1. Ravensburger Dream Cakes

Ravensburger Dream Cakes – Baking Games

The Ravensburger Dream Cakes children’s game is a fun, interactive game for kids aged 4 years and above. The set contains 75 different cake pieces, 15 ribbon cards, a cake measuring stick, a spinner, and some easy to follow instruction cards. The game is easy to play and the child with the most cards wins. Kids will adore playing in this super sweet play bakery. It is one of the most fun, creative baking games we have seen. The Dream Cakes game is perfect for up to four players, so the whole family can have a go!


2. Cake Pops Kids Cooking Games

Cake Pops Kids Cooking Games for Android

The Cake Pops game for Android devices lets kids bake cake pops without messing up the kitchen. Kids can choose from a ton of flavors, including blueberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, orange bomb and confetti birthday. This is a fun game for kids of all ages; it is also especially intuitive for younger children. All kids have to do is pick their flavor, put the ingredients in a bowl, mix and bake.


3. Brownie Match Board Game

Brownie Match Board Game by Educational Insights

If your kids love baking games, they will have lots of fun playing the Brownie Match board game. This game is dead easy to play. All kids have to do is find and flip the matching brownies. It is a fun memory game for preschoolers – even toddlers will be able to play – and it is a useful tool for developing memory and number recognition skills. The game includes 16 brownie pieces, a spatula and spinner, and 4 plates for up to four players.


4. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook! Game for Android

The Cooking Mama Let’s Cook game is a fun game for Android devices. Kids of all ages can bake cakes and prepare delicious food with this easy to use game. The in-game controls are so much fun it will feel as if you are really cooking. Kids can select any two recipes and make up delicious combination dishes. Children receive one stamp per day, and if they collect seven stamps, they earn a new recipe! This is a great game for encouraging your kids to get creative in the kitchen.


5. Cupcake Cooking Game

Cupcake Cooking Game

The Cupcake Cooking Game is available for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire HDX. Kids use real ingredients to make their very own cupcakes for tea parties, birthday parties, and just to snack on. The aim of the game is really simple: children select a cupcake flavor, put the ingredients in, bake and decorate it. The game helps to develop a child’s creativity, so give the game to different siblings and see how different their cupcake creations are.


6. Pizza Maker Kids Cooking Game

Pizza Maker Kids Cooking Game

The Pizza Maker kids’ cooking game is available for Android devices. This is one of the easiest to use baking games, as the user interface is incredibly intuitive, especially for younger children. Gameplay on the Pizza Maker app is infinite, with unlimited pizza making combinations. The game includes fun animated scenes for baking and of course eating delicious pizza. Kids can choose from a range of different ingredients: seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices. They can also save their favorite pizza combinations to show their friends.


7. Chet the Cat and Friends Baking Set

Educational Insights Chet the Cat and Friends Baking Set - Baking Games

Baking games and imaginary play go hand in hand with the Chet the Cat and Friends Baking Set from Educational Insights. The set includes a rolling pin, mixing bowl, pie pan, three measuring cups, mixing spool, spatula, and cookie sheet. Each item is made from food-grade melamine and is completely dishwasher safe, so your kids will have hours of fun baking cookies and enjoying imaginary games with Chet the Cat and his friends.


8. My Cake Maker

My Cake Maker from Tapps

The My Cake Maker app is a fun download for Android devices. There are over 60 fun recipes to try. Use classic cake ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs and baking powder to create scrumptious cakes. There are 25 appetizing cake dough flavors to choose from, including everyone’s favorites chocolate, vanilla and lemon. Kids can also add cute toppings such as candles, hearts and stars. The My Cake Baker is perfect for kids aged 6-10 years.


9. Cookbook Master

Cookbook Master from Tapps

Kids can learn how to be a top baker and chef when they download the Cookbook Master game for Android. This is a fun way to experiment with different ingredients and recipes, without making a huge mess in the kitchen. Kids start off with basic utensils and ingredients, and as they develop their baking and cookery skills, they unlock new recipes and ingredients. There are more than 40 different ingredients to choose from and over 30 recipes to master. Let your kids learn how to make spaghetti Bolognese or bake an apple cinnamon Bundt cake. The only thing to remember is that your child will start to feel super hungry when playing the game!


Baking and cooking games are fun, but remember to supervise your child if they are using real ingredients in a real kitchen.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, stevendepolo.

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