Rock tumbling is an activity I highly recommend for introducing young scientists to geology. It’s a straightforward process that involves adding rough rocks, grit, and water to a rock tumbler and letting it work its magic. Taking a stone from rough to jewelry-ready requires patience and time, as the process can take up to several weeks! Throughout the process, young geologists can enjoy each step, from gathering stones to observing them during each stage, and finally collecting their polished stones.

The four-step smoothing process, which includes the coarse grind, medium grind, fine grind, and polish, is a great opportunity for young geologists to learn about different textures and finishes. There are various rock tumblers on the market that cater to beginners, advanced enthusiasts, and even commercial use. When selecting a rock tumbler, it’s crucial to choose one that is durable enough for your particular use and will produce satisfactory results. Once you have the right rock tumbler, all that’s left is to sit back and watch the transformation happen. It’s like magic!

Top Rock Tumbling and Rock Tumbler Options Compared

Dan & Darci Advanced Rock Tumbler Kit
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Dan&Darci Rock Tumbler Grit Refill Kit
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National Geographic Rock Tumbler kit 3Lb Extra-Large Capacity
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National Geographic Starter Rock Tumbler Kit
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Leegol Electric Rotary Rock Tumbler Double Drum
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Best Rock Tumblers For Tumbling Rocks Reviewed

Best Rock Tumbler Overall: Dan & Darci Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit

The Dan & Darci Advanced Rock Tumbler Kit is our editor’s choice because of the high-quality rubber material, leak-resistant barrel, powerful motor, ease-of-use, low-noise barrel, and advanced features. This fun and educational gift is the perfect STEM project for all ages. 

Everything a child will need to turn a collection of rocks into colorful gemstones is included in the kit; just add water. The complete rock tumbler kit consists of a rock tumbling machine, one pound low-noise rubber barrel, 0.5 pounds assorted rough stones, four grit packets, jewelry fastenings, mesh strainer, a gem storage bag, power cord, spare motor belt, and an instruction-learning guide booklet. 

The powerful, heavy-duty motor with the leak-resistant barrel runs quietly. The rubber material reduces the noise level, and the durable motor is sturdy enough to tumble rough stones for years to come. 

Advanced features, like the digital 9-day polishing timer, a three-speed control setting, and two beautiful LCD screens, make you feel professional. The 9-day timer shuts off automatically when set between one to nine days. Pausing the rock tumbling process won’t erase the settings. With three speed-control settings, kids control the power output for more granular tumbling results. Two LCD screens clearly display the number of days left on the timer and the speed setting. Be careful that the barrel doesn’t slip off at higher speed settings. 

The rock tumbler machine is suitable for intermediate level and kids who are fast learners and enjoy the challenges of learning something new. Whether your child enjoys rock collecting or prefers turning polished gems into jewelry, the Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler kit is one of the best rock tumbling kits. You can purchase more rocks and polishing grits with additional accessories like the Dan&Darci Rock Tumbler Grit Refill Kit and the Dan& Darci Mega Rock Tumbler Refill Kit

Best Rock Tumbler For Hobbyists: National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

The National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit is one of the best affordable rock tumblers that offers excellent value for money. It is a fun and exciting way to develop an interest in geology and to inspire creativity in jewelry making. 

It’s easy to transform rough stones into beautifully polished gemstones with National Geographic’s hobby rock tumbling kit’s durable and straightforward design. The complete hobby tumbling kit includes the tumbler, four polishing grits, nine types of rough stones, a sifter, and a detailed full-color learning guide for boys and girls. The detailed instruction guide comes with interesting facts about all the gemstone specimens tweens, and teens can add to their rock collection. Beginners won’t have trouble following the rock tumbling instructions.

Control the tumbling time with the easy-to-use one-touch setting, and the automatic shutoff feature prevents extended tumbling if kids forget to shut off the tumbler machine. The tire rubber barrel absorbs sound; it’s 75% quieter than plastic tumbler barrels. The durable, powerful motor with a leakproof barrel stainless steel lid will tumble rocks for years.

The National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbling set is an excellent gift for curious kids who enjoy an interactive science project. The comprehensive kit with real gemstones and jewelry-making material will engage craft and hobbyists who want projects that require their hands-on involvement from beginning to end. They can wear homemade jewelry or give it to friends and family as Christmas and birthday gifts. 

Best Rock Tumbler For Dazzling Gemstones: National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit 3LB Extra-Large Capacity

This great rock tumbler works great with stones like lapidary, amerthyst, quartz crystals and jasper.  Not for diamonds.  It's known for the ease of tumbling rocks use in polishing and tumbling - for the hobbyists rather than just experts.

The National Geographic Rock Tumbler kit 3Lb Extra-Large Capacity is different than most rock tumblers. Its reusable GemFoam rock polisher gives gemstones an incredible shine, and you save money by reusing the GemFoam. The complete kit includes the tumbling machine, three pounds of rough rocks, four grit levels, five jewelry fastenings for homemade jewelry, a strainer, and the unique GemFoam rock polisher. 

With the automatic shutoff timer and speed control settings, hobbyists can set the tumbling time for each grit stage. When the pre-set time expires, the machine automatically switches off. Kids can transform rough rocks into fabulous stones for jewelry with the labeled tumbling grit, reliable, long-lasting motor, and leakproof, noise-reduction tumbler barrel. 

For that dazzling shine, add GemFoam, instead of tumbling grit, to the barrel containing the stones and water; you’ll be surprised at the outcome three days later. The unique GemFoam features make this tumbling kit one of the best educational and fun toys for boys and girls – beginners, hobbyists, and kids who enjoy STEM-related entertainment. 

Best Rock Tumbler Kit For Beginners: National Geographic Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

The National Geographic Starter Rock Tumbler Kit is one of the best rock tumbler kits for beginners; it’s fuss-free, easy to use irrespective of experience, and exceptional value for money. The starter kit contains everything a child needs to start the fun process, and the additional jewelry-making material can turn polished gemstones into beautiful jewelry for kids.  

With this great starter kit, your child is introduced to rock tumbling, a great STEM educational toy. The starter kit includes the tumbler, one-half pound of rocks with nine different types of gemstones, five jewelry fastenings (key chain,  necklace, ring, and two clip-on earrings) for jewelry enthusiasts, and the four-stages rock polishing grit (polish grit, fine grit, medium grit, and coarse grit). 

Suppose this is your child’s introduction to the fun hobby of tumbling rocks and polishing gemstones. In that case, they will appreciate the full-color learning guide with step-by-step instructions and fascinating details about how rocks are naturally polished. The tumbling grit with its labeled tumbling stages makes it easy for novices.  

The starter kit also features a sturdy base, a powerful motor, and an upgraded leakproof barrel with rubber lining to absorb sound. Easy to use without much adult supervision, The National Geographic Starter Tumbler Kit is the best tumbler introduction kit to learn the fun process of rock tumblers. 

Best Double Barrel Rotary Rock Tumbler: Leegol Electric Rotary Rock Tumbler Doube Drum

The Leegol Electric Rotary Rock Tumbler Double Drum has double the capacity of a single barrel. With its powerful quality motor, rocks tumble in the rotary barrel smoothing rocks into gemstones continuously for days at a time. 

The Leegol Electric Rotary Rock Tumbler Double Drum is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to tumble a larger quantity of rocks at once. Instead of sand, the rotary tumbler uses abrasive media in the turning barrel to grind rocks to round and smooth sharp edges. Changing the grain size (powdered-sized grains to large-sized grains) weekly makes the stones smoothen faster than the natural process in oceans and flowing waters. 

The package includes two 0.5 ponds of walnut shell media, the two times 3lb double barrel tumbler with 120V/60Hz barrel capacity, five V-belt, and instructions. The rubber tumbler barrel reduces the noise. The Leegol Electric Rotary Tumbler comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

It is the perfect gift for children 12 years and older, beginners, hobbyists, and advanced users. 

Best Rock Tumbler For Adults: Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler

Looking to tumble rocks? The Lortone 33B Rotary double barrel Rock Tumbler in a good rock tumbler. For polishing rocks or jewelry, the great rotary tumbler includes a large durable motor. This best rock tumbler is more for professional users or experts than a beginner to use.  It is metal, with a long rock tumbler kit machine.

If you’re in the market for a larger, professional tumbler, the Lortone 33B Rotary Tumbler is an excellent choice. It’s a double-barrel tumbler with a total capacity of six pounds. The two molded rubber barrels open while the barrel is in a vertical position which reduces spills when changing out grit or just looking at the polishing progress. Finally, it’s sturdy, durable, and relatively quiet to operate.

Best Rock Polisher: Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler and Geology Kit

Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler and Geology Kit with Grit and Accessory Kit. This tumbling grit motor won't require much maintenance and has a warranty.  It is a professional quality motor polisher.

The Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler and Geology Kit is an extremely well-appointed rock tumbler kit. The high-quality tumbler has a three-pound capacity and is an excellent tumbler choice for anyone from beginners to experts, and even for schools. The kit includes everything needed for lots of rock polishing fun including four types of grit, a detailed instruction guide, jewelry findings, and four pounds of rough rocks. There is no need to buy any other supplies.

NSI Rock Tumbler Classic

This great rock tumbler is simple. The NSI Rock Tumbler Classic takes rough rocks and makes them smooth.  It includespolishing grit to polish stones.  Makle gemstones pretty. It has a motor, is made of plastic, great for hobby types to use. A top starter kit.

The NSI Rock Tumbler Classic calls itself  ‘The Original’ tumbler. 50-80 revolutions per minute turn rough rocks into beautiful, smooth stones that are excellent for jewelry making or simply collecting. Before starting on your rock polishing journey, read the included instructions very carefully. The high-quality tumbler does require some lubrication and like all rock polishing projects, going from rough rock to shiny stone is a multi-step process. This particular brand of tumbler has been a popular choice for years, and reviewers like that it stands the test of time. The kit comes with everything needed for polishing rocks and creating jewelry including raw stones, grit, and jewelry findings.

Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher

Thumler's Tumbler Rock Polisher - rock tumbler

A smaller version of the heavy-duty 15-pound capacity tumbler, the Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher has a three-pound capacity and is perfect for smaller projects and younger geology enthusiasts. This is a fully-appointed kit with a detailed instruction manual, four types of polishing grit, starter rocks, and jewelry findings. The 155V motor is protected against heat overload and the liner and barrel are both guaranteed. A one-year warranty projects the entire tumbler against defects. Reviewers report that this tumbler is relatively quiet compared to others on the market.

What Makes The Best Rock Tumbler or Rock Polisher?

When selecting the best rock tumbler for kids, there are some features to consider. Quality rock tumbling kits have these characteristics to help you choose the best rock tumbler for your child.

The two types of rock tumblers are rotary and vibratory tumblers. Rotary tumblers are the most common type used during the shaping and smoothing rock tumbling process. The barrel holding the rocks, abrasive grit, and water rotates, mimicking the way stones, sand, and water crash against each other in rivers and oceans. The process can take weeks. 

Although a rotary tumbler can also polish rocks during the final stage, a vibratory rock tumbler is faster and the better option. The vibratory tumbler motor vibrates the barrel base below the bowl or barrel, holding the rocks, water, and abrasive rock tumbler grit. The grinding action causes friction between rocks and abrasive grit cleaning and polishing the stones within 7-10 days.

Single barrel rock tumblers run one type of rock (according to gemstone hardness) at a time, and the rock tumbling process takes weeks. With multi-barrel rock tumblers, you can run several batches in different stages and don’t have to wait for the cycle to complete before tumbling the next batch. 

Multi-barrel rock tumblers work well for large amounts of rocks, but the single barrel is cheaper and good enough if you aren’t in a hurry. 

Barrel size, measured in weight, is one of the essential features to consider.

  • A 3-4lb barrel is the most common size for beginners and kids. A 3lb barrel loads two pounds of rock and one pound of water and grit. 
  • A 6-12lb barrel is for serious hobbyists. 
  • A 20-40lb barrel is a heavy-duty machine for commercial use. 

The size also dictates the rock size and how many rocks you tumble at a time. Tumbling fewer rocks than recommended for the barrel size can crack or break the rocks. A too-small barrel limits the size of the rocks and how many rocks you can tumble in a cycle. Tumbling can take up to six weeks before you can load the next batch in a single barrel. 

The maximum rock size shouldn’t exceed a third of the barrel’s diameter. 

A load should contain various size rocks for optimal effect. For example, the largest stone in a four-inch barrel diameter shouldn’t exceed 1.33 inches. In a three-pound tumbler, 50% of the barrel should be 0.25-0.5 inch diameter rocks, and 25% should be 1-1.5 inches diameter rocks. 

Plastic and rubber are the most common rock tumbler materials. Cheap, toy tumblers use plastic materials, high-end rock tumblers use durable rubber, and commercial tumblers use metal casing with a rubber lining. 

The cushioned surface of a rubber barrel protects rocks against damage and roll rocks better than a plastic barrel.

Rock tumblers can be very noisy. Rubber barrels have better noise reduction abilities than plastic barrels; some electric motors operate quieter than others. Rock tumblers work continuously 24 hours per day for weeks at a time; it can become noisy. If you can’t use the rock tumbler in a remote location like a basement or garage, opt for the rock tumblers labeled “quiet operation.”

You need space to place the rock tumbler and available working room to replace the barrels and change out the grit. You also need access to a power source for the motor to run. 

Have you used a rock tumbler at home or in the classroom? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


  1. Hi! Thank you for the review. Could you be so kindly to tell me the difference between the National Geographic Profession tumbler ( VS. the one with “extra large capacity ( The one with extra large capicity is only $6 more. This is a gift, and I would really appreciate the help. Please feel free to email me in the email I include. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jenna. From the Q&A section of each product, the Professional tumbler holds 2 lbs of rocks max, while the “extra large capacity” one can take up to 3lbs.

      I hope that helps.

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