7 Cool Toys and Unique Gifts

Searching for the perfect gift for the kid who has everything? Want something out-of-the-box? Foldable? …Buildable? …Throwable? We’ve compiled a list of seven cool toys that’ll be sure to surprise and delight anyone, even the picky and the hard-to-please. There’s a gift for every interest, from sports to robots, and everything in between!

Cool Toys and Unique Gifts

1. Cozmocozmo

Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out.” One of the most responsive robots available on the market, Cozmo reacts to human interaction and can even express emotions! Keep Cozmo happy by playing games that continuously unlock the more you play. With a moveable arm and pixelated “face,” the robot is more pet than toy. Reviewers love the little robot for his life-like movements and engaging activities. Advanced users can program Cozmo to follow commands on its SDK platform. The set also includes three Power Cubes, which change color and initiate responses in the robot. Interact using the free Cozmo app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Great gift for: Future coders
Ages: 8+ years

2. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

Fortnite has taken pop culture by storm, with it’s colorful graphics, easy-gameplay and cross-device game play.  Monopoly:Fortnite Edition from Hasbro is a great way to get your kid and her friends off the screen and back into “real life”. The gameplay has been changed to make games shorter, so multiple rounds can be played in a sitting. There’s still a lot left from the original rules – you’ll feel comfortable enough playing this hot new game with your child.

Great gift for: Fortnite Fanatics
Ages: 9+ years

3. Farm Animals Paper Toys

There’s this game you might have heard of…it’s called FortniteFarm Animals Paper Toys from pukaca are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. Cut, fold, and glue for tons of 3D fun (the animals even have moveable heads)! Your child will be proud of their creation, and excited to play. Best of all, the toys are made from recycled paper, making them more environmentally responsible than their plastic counterparts.  Pukaca has got it all—from a medieval castle paper theater, to a DIY tropical forest paper toy. Check out all of their creations to find the perfect paper plaything!

Great gift for: Crafty kiddos

4. Hog Wild Air Strike Catapult

Heads up! Gift the Hog Wild Air Strike Catapult if you dare, and become the coolest grown-up around. At eight inches tall, this pivot-based catapult can launch objects up to forty feet through the air. With simple assembly instructions and included “ammunition,” you can start launching just minutes after opening. The set comes with six spiky foam balls–purchase refills from Hog Wild or basic ping pong balls for extra fun. Set up a can pyramid or line up other toys for target practice. Hog Wild makes toys that are fun for children and adults, like “Power Popper” pistols and chocolate milk mixers (we won’t tell anyone if you test out the catapult after playtime is over).

Great gift for: High-flying fun
Ages: 6 months-10 years

5. SpringOriginals Custom Toy from Drawing

Bring your child’s Picassos to life with the SpringOriginals Custom Toy from Drawing. They’ll be delighted to see their favorite work of art in a huggable, squeezable plush toy sewn just for them. SpringOrignals will carefully translate the drawing into a 10-inch toy, matching the colors, shapes, and expressions of the original design. The “stuffed drawing” is a unique way to creatively preserve childhood memories. Buy a custom drawing toy at each stage of your child’s artistic development, and be amazed at how far they’ve progressed.

Great gift for: Young artists

6. Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Diggin Active Dodge Tag will provide hours of physical jumping and dodging fun. Manufacturer Diggin says their dodge tag set will “help kids learn hand-eye coordination, timing and encourage active play.” A recipient of multiple market awards, including the Family Fun T.O.Y. Award and Parent’s Magazine Best Toy Award, the set is a “non-violent” alternative to traditional dodgeball. Players put on the air mesh vests and throw the soft, foam balls at their opponents. If the ball sticks, you’re out–and it’s time to start another round. Buy multiple sets and invite friends for a dodgeball party! 

Great gift for: High-energy competitors
Ages: 5-12 years

7. Chameleon Vision Goggles

Ever wonder what it’s like to have 360 degree vision? Discover how it feels with Chameleon Vision Goggles from Uncle Milton in partnership with National Geographic. The hard plastic mask expands your vision range–you can even see what’s going on behind you with hidden side mirrors! These goggles make a great addition to a costume, or a fun gift for animal lovers. Kids will be fascinated by the detailed design and rotating eye sockets. Mask measures 6 x 3 x 4 inches, and includes adjustable strap.

Great gift for: Animal enthusiasts
Ages: 5-15 years

8. 3-D Solar Powered Wood Truck Puzzle

This 3-D Solar Powered Wood Truck Puzzle is a thoughtful gift for a young engineer or transportation enthusiast. The kit comes with everything your child needs to complete a functioning, solar-powered toy. Assembly takes just ten to twenty minutes to complete, so they’ll be able to get “driving” right away. The beautiful geometric, laser-cut pieces make this a great toy and display piece. Final model measures 6 x 4 x 4 inches.

Great gift for: Puzzle pros
Ages: 8+ years


Feature image courtesy of Unsplash, Markus Spiske.

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