Library Themed Bulletin Boards

Library bulletin boards and displays are excellent ways to celebrate reading and inspire kids in all grades to read and to want to read more. Here is a list of great ideas for teachers and librarians to create their book-theme classroom or library bulletin board.

We tried to cover topics on everything to inspire you. We’ve included the link to the source post (where we could find them) – click on the header links to find more information. We categorized the different types of bulletin board ideas; you will find ideas on book fairs, seasons, Valentine, space theme, science theme, and more.

Best School Library Bulletin Board Ideas and Displays

Book Fair Themes Bulletin Board

Growl If You Like The Book Fair

Growl If You Like The Book Fair Library Bulletin Board

Wonder if it eats books or just growls? This project is an excellent idea for a monster-themed book fair for the school library or classroom library.  It’s a great board from Miami Lakes K-8 Center that isn’t only fun to look at but probably fun to build as well.

Shipwreck Under The Sea Book Fair Library Display

Shipwreck Under The Sea Book Fair Library Display

The ocean is so mysterious – and kids’ imaginations run wild about what’s in the depths of the deep blue sea.  This outstanding library display is absolutely stunning! A ship at the bottom of the sea and a humpback whale hovering over it.

Explore An Ocean of Books

Explore An Ocean Of Books

The fish are so realistic it feels like you are in the ocean.

Nacho Ordinary Books

Book Fair Fiesta Libary Display

When in doubt for your display – choose a fun pun! It’s a fiesta-themed book fair classroom library display with all the adorable fiesta cutouts and details. If you still don’t see the connection, the “Nacho ordinary books” tag explains it.

Other Great Bulletin Board Inspirational Articles:

Story Laboratory

Story Laboratory Library Entrance Bulletin Board Display

A fantastic library entrance for a science-themed book fair! The colorful bulletin board design features a periodic table of reading, an element+radioatcie warning message, and a beaker and test tube ceiling display.

Reading Oasis Library

Reading Oasis Library Book Fair Decor

Hieroglyphics, sphinx, 3D palm trees, and more to celebrate an Egyptian-themed book fair. It must have been a wonderful back-in-time experience for teachers and students.

Banned Books Displays And Bulletin Board Ideas

Do NOT Read These Books

Do Not Read These Books

“Do NOT read these books” is an invitation for any curious child to want to read one of these books.

Someone Doesn’t Want You To Read These Books

Someone Doesnt Want You To Read These Books

Intriguing! Wonder what the books are hiding inside the paper bag?

Chained Banned Books Bulletin Board Display

Chained Banned Books Library Bulletin Board

Banned Books week is usually celebrated during the last week of September to recognize the books that offend people on all sides of the political spectrum. Celebrate your library remaining a bastion of intellectual freedom with this understated display.   The chained books will definitely bring the message across.

Dangerous Books

Dangerous Books

Locked in a cage…must be very dangerous books. Wonder if I’ve read any of them.

Season Theme Library Bulletin Boards

Hibernate With A Good Book

Hibernate With A Good Book Library Bulletin Board

Who doesn’t like to curl up next to the fire or in bed on a winter’s day with a good book! This bulletin board So cozy the cuddly bear wrapped in a blanket with a good book-preparing for the winter season.

It’s Snow Secret Books Are Cool

It's Snow Secret Books Are Cool Bulletin Board

I love the wordplay for a winter library board. It’s cute and shouldn’t take all day to create.

Spring Forecast It’s Raining Books

Spring Forecast Its Raining Books Library Bulletin Board

April Showers with a book twist. You can place small book cover images or book title tags in the raindrops and a bucket of books at the end of the rainbow.

Spring Into A Good Book

Spring Into A Good Book

I like the Spring season wordplay and colorful yellow school library display.

Fascinating Fall Reads

Fascinating Fall Reads

Beautiful colorful leaves. The light blue is an excellent background to promote book titles and covers.

Rake In A Good Read

Rake In A Good Read Library Bulletin Board Display

I love the book between the rake’s teeth! The librarian created a very colorful presentation from paper; the tree is made from recycled brown paper, and the rake is rolled up piece.

April Showers Bring May Bookworms

April Showers Bring May Book Worms Bulletin Board

A nice twist to the traditional April showers/May flowers bulletin board ideas. The large umbrella and raindrops set the background for an exciting Spring theme school library bulletin board.

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom Library Display

Beautiful! The details in the flowers are just unique! The teacher explains how she made the school library bulletin board for K-8 graders.

Holidays Library Bulletin Boards

Blind Date Book

Blind Date Book Library Bulletin Board

Library matchmaking! Each wrapped book in the brown paper has a note stating the reader’s age and enough information about the book to intrigue.

Books Are Like A Box Of Chocolates…

Books Are Like A Box Of Chocolates Library Window Display

…”You Never Know What You’re Going To Get.” A lovely Valentine library window decoration and a great way to lure students into the library.

Love Your Library

Love Your Library Display

Lovely 3D swirly hearts! The library Valentine’s day bulletin board is an excellent way to get kids from any grade involved. Instead of boasting with student work, kids can write something on a heart like names of loved ones, why they love books or something they like about themselves.

Back to School Library Bulletin Boards

Back To The Books

Back To The Books

A very clever idea for a back-to-school library bulletin board. The librarian re-used book covers from the previous displays. Students enjoyed seeing which books they’ve read and which ones they would like to read.

Are You A Book Worm?

Are You A Book Worm Bulletin Board

Cute little worm! Kids fill out the form about the books they read the summer and give it a star rating.

Space/Science Themed Library Bulletin Boards

Reading Is Out Of This World

Reading Is Out Of This World

This corner display with all its stars, planets, rockets, and cute aliens are out of this world too!

Reading Is A Blast

Reading Is A Blast

Students of any grade level will have a blast discovering the books in this classroom library. You can find the information and details on making the spaceship and the rest of the bulletin board design on the website.

Take Me To Your Readers

Take Me To Your Readers Lirary Bulletin Board Display

Cutest space dog! The awesome space-themed library bulletin board was designed for junior high students. However, these original library sayings are great ideas for any school library.

Science + You A Great Mixture

Science Plus You A Great Mixture Library Bulletin Board

This science-themed bulletin board is a fun way to incorporate science lesson plans and inspiration to read more.

More Library Posters and Bulletin Board Ideas

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

So true! Sometimes the movie doesn’t tell it all, and you have to read the book to get those details.

Vote For Your Favorite Book

Vote For Your Favorite Book Bulletin Board

Teachers can use this bulletin board idea in their classroom or library to create interest in books and incorporate lesson plans on the voting system.

Stuck On Reading

Stuck On Reading

So funny and inspirational!! The principal is on the bulletin board; she is stuck on reading in front of the library, celebrating the students reading goals.

Graphic Novels Get Them Here

Graphic Novels Geth Them Here

Original and interesting idea to present a specific genre of books. The yellow letters with red background draw your attention to see all the other things on the bulletin board.

Be A Reading Superhero

Be A Reading Superhero

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero, and if reading books can get you there, it’s worth a try.

Get Wild About Reading

Get Wild About Reading Bulletin Board

This library board is an excellent way to display a topic and entice kids to read non-fiction and information books. The animal print letters and the leaves create the atmosphere for adventures to happen.

Which library or classroom bulletin board idea is your favorite?

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