11 Kids Bookshelf Ideas for Bedrooms, Playrooms and Classrooms

The importance of books is often lost as we race out to buy our children the latest technological gadgets. A kid’s bookshelf might not compare to the latest games console, but a healthy collection of books in the bedroom offers several significant benefits.

Children who learn to love books grow up into adults who continue to enjoy the world of literary fiction. Books demand our undivided attention, and nothing beats the pleasure of being submerged in a fictional world between the pages of a book. They widen your child’s understanding of the world, feed their imagination, and encourage them to think critically about the words on the page.

A kid’s bookshelf provides an excellent place to store your kids’ books, so at bedtime or on a rainy afternoon, your child can choose their favorite book, cuddle up with you, and enjoy some special time while you read together. Here are our recommendations for the perfect kid’s bookcases.

Best Kids Bookshelf Ideas for Your Little Readers

Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Floating Wall Shelves
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ECRA4Kids Single-Sided Bookcase Display Shelves
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Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Animal Wooden 3 Shelves Kids Bookshelf
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RiverRidge 6-Cubby 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet
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Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves
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C & A Home Tree Bookshelf, Bamboo Wood Bookcase
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Sauder Pogo Bookshelf/Footboard
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Kidcraft Puzzle Book Shelf
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KidKraft Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase
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Best Nursery Bookcases: Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Floating Wall Shelves

Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Floating Wall Shelves

The Wallniture Utah Ste of 2 Floating Wall Shelves organizes your baby’s books and plush toys neatly without taking up floor space. The set of two kid’s book racks mount easily to the wall as functional wall decor. Mount each bookshelf at a comfortable height to avoid unnecessary bending when selecting a toy or book for story reading at bedtime.

Although smaller than adult bookshelves, the kids’ bookcase has plenty of storage space for board books or displaying your little one’s stuffed animals, favorite books, and toys. Your child may outgrow the bookcase over time; use the bookcase then as a spice rack, bathroom shelf, or instead of a book display, exhibit LEGO toys.

The two durable book racks are made from sturdy wood, and the white finish should complement any nursery or kid’s room. The book rack set is an excellent gift idea for new parents or housewarming gifts. Mounting is quick with the included wall mounting anchors and screws. The shelves support up to 12 pounds mounted on drywall and up to 20 pounds when directly mounted on the studs or wooden walls.

Best Toddler Bookcases: Humble Crew Book Rack Storage Bookshelf

Humble Crew Book Rack Storage Bookshelf

The Humble Crew Kids Storage Book Rack in bright primary colors is a modern version of a traditional kid’s bookshelf. This cute fabric book-shelf has five nylon storage pockets for books of various sizes and is perfect for toddlers. It will look great as a furniture piece in a child’s room or place a bench next to the bookcase, creating a reading nook in the playroom.

The bookcase holds different-sized books with plenty of shelf space, including larger books for toddlers. Books face forward for easy identification and book selection for reading sessions. The display of enticing book covers may stimulate children to discover what stories and adventures hide inside the pages.

The bookcases’ sturdy wood construction should endure handling for a long time. The bookcases come in different color choices. The colorful primary fabric slings hang from a natural finish or white finish frame. The white finish also comes with pastel-colored bookshelves or pink and purple shelves.

The bookcase with 25 x 11 x 24 inches dimensions offers plenty of space to hold books but doesn’t take up too much floor area. It is also a convenient height for toddlers and preschoolers to select their favorite books and put all the books back after the reading sessions.

Best Classroom Bookcases: ECRA4Kids Single-Sided Bookcase Display Shelves

ECRA4Kids-ELR-0339 Single-Sided Bookcase Display Shelves

The ECRA4Kids-ELR-0339 Hardwood Single-Sided Bookcase Display is one of the best homeschooling and classroom options. The shelves are within reach for children, and with the one-sided display, kids can see their book collection and find their favorites at a glance.

Constructed from high-quality, sustainably harvested birch plywood, the bookcase will last for years. The wood lacquer gives the bookshelves a natural look, makes it durable, and scratch-resistant so that it stays neat. The finish is easy to wipe clean.

The ECRA4-Kids bookcases are GreenGuard Gold certified; they make it from BPA-free, lead-free, non-toxic material that is TSCA, CARB Phase 2, Prop 65, Lacey Act, and CPSIA-compliant. The eco-friendly furniture with its rounded corners is kid-safe and safe for indoor use.

An appealing open-shelf book display helps children explore the library collection and could entice them to reach out and take a book from the shelf. Storytime is so much fun when children choose the stories they want to hear or read. The five-tier bookcase places the books within reach for little ones.

The single-sided bookcase can stand against the wall using unused space. A double-sided bookcase is also available for older kids with more extensive book collections.

Best Jungle Animal Bookcases: Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Animal Wooden 3 Shelves Kids Bookshelf

Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Animal Wooden 3 Shelves Kids Bookshelf

The 3-shelf Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Animal Bookcase tells its own story with the hand-crafted and hand-painted animals. The animal design brings the bookcase to life; you almost expect the animals to pop off the wooden shelves and hand the kids their favorite books.

The animal print bookcase comes with three bookshelves and a drawer to organize toys, games, and stuffed animals. Kids can store books and other collectibles on the three levels.

The fun design bookcase is safe and functional too. Safely attached to the wall (mounting hardware and hooks included in the purchase), a child, from toddler to baby, can grab onto the 3-shelf bookcase without parents worrying that the bookshelf will topple over and injure their little one.

If the jungle animal design is not what you were looking for, the Fantasy Fields bookcases come in other thematic designs. Perhaps a house-shaped bookcase, enchanted woodlands, dinosaurs, outer space, or magic garden will appeal more to your child. There are even bookcases with themes for sports fans and firefighters.

Best Corner Bookcases: RiverRidge 6-Cubby 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet

RiverRidge 6-Cubby 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet

The RiverRidge 6-Cubby 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet fits in a corner using an often dead space area. With its neutral design, the bookcase is one of the best solutions for storing books and toys in the living room or other rooms in the house. The cabinet may be in the corner but don’t underestimate its organization and versatility potential.

The bookcase comprises six cubbies, three angled shelves, and a large open-top shelf for displaying photos, ornaments, or crafted hobby items. The bookcase comes in a gray or white option and blends in with any room’s decor and furniture in the house.

Sometimes a traditional bookcase with shelves is not enough, and your kid’s toys and books require a multipurpose bookcase with versatile storage space and toy bins. The cubby’s dimensions are 10.8125 x 10. 6875 x 10,875 inches, which stores different sized books, toys, and other items.

Anchored to the wall provides additional stability, and kids can safely use the bookcase. The shelf options make it an excellent bookcase in a parent’s study or hobby room.

Best Traditional Wood Bookcase: Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Peter's Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves is aesthetically pleasing in a rustic environment or for those who prefer traditional-looking bookcases. The classic bookcase shelf’s design should blend in with any room’s decor.

If you need a functional bookcase for your children’s books, bathroom accessories, or displaying trinkets, this durable two-tier bookshelf is an excellent pick. The sustainably sourced paulownia wood is strong and will last for a long time. The high-quality materials are known for its density and being warp and water-resistant means you don’t have to worry if a child accidentally spills fluid on it.

Strong steel frames support the wooden shelves. The frames come in black, silver, or white, and the shelving in rustic brown, black or white. Mount it at a convenient height for a child’s easy access to their toys and books without a parent’s help.

The wood floating bookshelf comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Best Tree Bookcases: C & A Home Tree Bookshelf, Bamboo Wood Bookcase

C & A Home Tree Bookshelf, Bamboo Wood Bookcase

If your little one loves reading or paging books at bedtime, the C & A Home Tree Bookshelf, with its small footprint, can easily fit at your kid’s bedside. It is the ideal bookshelf for small spaces, a reading nook, an unused corner with a seating area, or a hallway.

The fun tree concept adds character to the nursery or child’s room; it complements themes about forests, woods, animals, magical places, and other adventures. The oak-red or retro brown tree bookshelf also blends in with the living room, office, or bedroom decor; create a reading nook anywhere in your home.

The branches hold five to ten books each and support a loading capacity of 15 pounds. Use the branches to organize favorite books according to categories. The bookshelf 17.2 x 7.2 x 45.5 inches dimensions take up little floor space. The stylish tree shape design stores books and magazines within reach. The bottom branches are low to the ground for kids sitting on the floor, and the highest branch’s height is not too high for your little one to reach.

A triangle support board carries the weight of the upper branch, increasing the tree bookshelf’s stability. The bottom branch connects seamlessly with the base for additional strength. Rubber footpads reduce friction between the base and floor and prevent scratching.

The bamboo tree bookcase with its unique design offers lots of space for storing books, is perfect for small spaces, and presents the books appealingly for a reading nook in a child’s room.

Best Organizers Bookcases: Sauder Pogo Bookshelf/Footboard

Sauder Pogo Bookshelf Footboard

The Sauder Pogo bookshelf/footboard has a soft, white finish and makes a lovely cubbyhole for kids’ favorite books and toys. This kids-bookcase is versatile enough to slot in anywhere, so it will not look out of place in adult rooms. Keep the clutter off the floor with creative organization solutions; use the top shelves for books and the bottom cabinets for storage.

Most bookcases store books, the Sauder Pogo bookcase key features are its book display and practical storage options. The versatile combination of the top shelf, cubbyhole shelves, and toy storage bins offers a storage solution that keeps kids’ books, stuffed animals, toys, extra pillows, and blankets organized.

The book racks provide plenty of storage capacity with deep shelves for holding different sized books neatly stacked or with the back or front book covers facing forward. Display toys and collections with easy access on the top shelf or safely in the cubbyhole storage shelves.

Each storage bin has an ID tag identifying its content. Use the ID tags to teach your little ones how to organize and store their belongings. The ID tags help mom find an item without unpacking both bins, searching for specific craft supplies, a plush toy, or a blanket.

Assembled, the bookcase dimensions are 441.102 x 14.488 x 32.835 inches. This type of bookcase could fit in any room, and your child can continue using it as they grow up, and their interests change.

Best Designs Kids Bookcases: Kidcraft Puzzle Book Shelf

Kidcraft Puzzle Book Shelf

The Kidcraft Puzzle Book Shelf is one of the cutest kids’ bookcases made from wood. It is designed to look like jigsaw puzzle pieces slotted together to make an addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

There are three shelves in red, green, and blue with plenty of space for children’s books. It is large enough to hold lots of books of different shapes and sizes, without taking up too much space in a room. The kid’s bookcase dimensions are 24.7 x 11.6 x 38.25 inches, which is an excellent height for toddlers and young kids to select a book from the shelf for story reading time.

The bookshelves are sturdy, attractive, and almost untippable, making the bookcase a safe furniture feature in any kid’s room.

Best Storage Space Kids Bookcases: KidKraft Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase

KidKraft Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase

The Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase by KidKraft is a stylish piece of furniture in a classic design. The shelves are deep and wide for extra storage, and the construction is nice and sturdy.

Each shelf offers storage space for items like a globe, picture books, stuffed toys, and things a child would like to store on the bookshelves. The 23.75 x 11.5 x 32 inches dimensions offer plenty of space to keep all the books in one place; your kid can stack the books on top of each other, sideways, or have a book display with covers facing forward.

Painted in white, the sturdy wood construction with Wainscoting detail should blend in with the rest of the furniture in the nursery or your kid’s room. The high-quality Nantucket kids bookcase with lots of space is perfect for larger, heavier books and would look great in a boy’s or girl’s bedroom. Included in the product package is the step-by-step assembly instructions.

Best Face-Out Fabric Bookcases: KidKraft Sling Bookshelf

KidKraft Sling Bookshelf

The KidKraft Sling Bookshelf for Kids has soft canvas fabric shelving for books. Display books with the front or back cover facing forward, so titles are easy to find if children want to choose their own book to read.

The canvas shelves are deep enough to hold books of varying sizes, including larger titles. The soft canvas fabric protects your kid’s precious book display from being damaged. It’s easy to store books according to categories or themes in the four storage pockets.

With dimensions of 24 x 11.75 x 28 inches, the bookcase is the perfect height for kids, not too tall to reach the top shelves. The baby can happily reach for their favorite stories stored in the bottom canvas sling pocket. The bookcase frame is made from MDF wood, so it is very sturdy and would look great in any room in your home. The high-quality recycled wood fibers ensure durability; the bookshelf won’t crack or warp but last for a long time.


You should always try to make room for books, but if you already have a great bookcase for your kids, tell us more about it in the comments section!

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