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One of the things I love about the modern web is the willingness of talented people to share their amazing content for free. Online communities that encourage individuals to share their work in return for broad exposure and the respect and credibility that this builds. One of the strongest and most vibrant  communities fostering this culture is SlideShare.

SlideShare is a priceless resource and one that is often overlooked when searching and creating content on the web. For example, I am part of a  small group that meets regularly to share ideas. As part of this I often prepare my own slides to present, but before doing so, I will often check SlideShare to see if someone with more credibility, knowledge and experience has done this before me. I am happy to attribute the work of others and share their slides, knowing that my audience is better for it and the creator will gain a number of new fans.

With this in mind, here are six great educational SlideShares that you may like to share with your school audience.


Re-envisioning Modern Pedagogy: Educators As Curators

This very sharp and well designed set of slides focuses on curation of content for students and teachers. Presented by @corrinnew and @shannabutler at SXSWedu this year, the set is a great presentation to show staff the value of using modern online tools to find valuable information. Covering eight key steps to successful curation, this SlideShare is a perfect example of practicing what you preach and creating a meaningful online conversation.


How I Flipped My Classroom

A very hands-on slide deck, this presentation delves into the process that teacher, Michelle Pacansky-Brock, used to flip her classroom. Incorporating embedded YouTube videos, the SlideShare details the tools Michelle used to flip her method of student interaction. Some great examples using VoiceThread in the classroom, and interesting testimonials from students, make this a must watch for any teacher looking to flip their own class.


The End Of Teaching

A really simple and powerful presentation, ‘The End Of Teaching’ is a series of quotes and images that look at how technology is changing the education space. Put together by @agalorda, the SlideShare is short, sharp and shiny and would be perfect to present to any staff or parents with questions over the value of Tech in education.


Using Diigo in the Classroom

A more practical and instructional set of slides, this presentation discusses the value of Social Bookmarking tool Diigo. Taking screen-shots from the tool and overlaying information and direction, the deck would be a great starting point for introducing students or staff to the tool. Similar to a past Fractus Learning article, “Convince Your School That Diigo Rocks In Just 7 Slides” this slide set takes using Diggo to a much more detailed level.


QR Codes in the Classroom & Library, Too!

Guided by the cartoon avatar of Gwyneth Jones, the “Daring Librarian” presents the history and the uses for QR codes in education. Using various pop culture references the presentation takes what could be a fairly bland topic and gives it a fun and practical edge. Filled with lots of usable QR codes, the presentation is well worth a look for any teachers or librarians looking to dive into the world of QR codes.


Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011

As advertised, this presentation takes the top 100 tools for learning and puts them out there slide by slide. Although you may be well familiar with most of the tools, with 100 to choose from, you are bound to find one or two hidden gems.


Are you sharing your presentations online? Is there anything that worries you about putting your slides up for all to see? Drop us a comment and share some of your great presentations.


Image courtesy of Flickr, Robert S. Donovan


  1. SQUEE! Thank you so much for including my QR Code Preso in this article!
    You just made my day!
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian (& her cartoon avatar!)

    1. Gwyenth! Thanks for commenting and thanks even more for putting together such a great presentation. One of the most engaging and fun decks we found.

      Great work and please keep us posted on any future slides you post.


      1. Sure! If you subscribe to my SlideShare you’ll be sure to see the wacky stuff I produce! Cheers!

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