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People will be amazed at the classroom decorating ideas Fall season inspires in teachers. Teachers used scarecrows, trees, apples, and even owls for all types of bullet boards, from information bulletin board ideas to back-to-school bulletin boards.

We’ve created a list of our favorite classroom decorating treasures. You’ll have to “leaf” through the list to discover your ultimate bulletin board, “find.”

We’ve linked back to the original sources where we were able. If you have any more bulletin boards that should be added to the list, please let us know in the comments!

Library Fall Bulletin Boards Ideas

Reading Leaves You Happy Bulletin Board

reading leaves you happy library fall bulletin borad

I love the smiling tree and its cute arms! Using the blue background and bright colors for the border pops the tree even more. It shows you what creative teachers can do with a piece of butcher paper. 

Fall Into A Good Book Bulletin Board Idea

fall into a good book fall bulletin board

Those eyes are so focused on the book; it must be one of the tree’s favorite books. In its simplicity, this appealing board, with its bright background, colorful leaves, and pink book cover, presents a beautiful autumn display with a message – reading is fun.  

Fall For Books Bulletin Board Decorations

fall for books bulletin board decorations

Excellent idea to extend the yellow background from the bulletin board designs to the table in front of the tree. Teachers and librarians can easily display favorite ideas and books on the table. 

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Apples For The Teacher Bulletin Board

apples for the teacher fall bulletin board

Cute apple activities; the preschool teacher asked each preschooler what color apple they wanted. Then they created handprint apples in that color to hang on the apple tree made from brown butcher paper. 

Happy Fall, Y’all Preschool Fall Bulletin Board

happy fall yall preschool fall bulletin board

Happy faces are wearing cute little hats. Students’ handprints make colorful decorations for the Fall bulletin board and the fence – I like the decorated fence below the bulletin board. 

Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch Fall Bulletin Board

welcome to our pumpkin patch bulletin board

Pumpkins made from hexagons, octagons, squares, and triangles – who knew math could be so much fun in Autumn. Each pumpkin in the bushel is unique; even their teeth are different – some pumpkins have plenty of space for more teeth while others have more than enough. 

Interactive Fall Bulletin Boards For Preschool

Apple Tree Counting Bulletin Board

apples counting bulletin board

One of my favorite apple ideas for bulletin boards is this fun number recognition interactive bulletin board for preschoolers. The slit at the top of the tree allows kids to slide the apple sticks onto the tree. The number on the tree trunk shapes tells the kid how many apples to add to each tree. 

Tree-Mendous Toddlers Fall Bulletin Board Idea

tree mendous toddlers fall bulletin board

Look at that worm moving! The tissue paper tree is full of ripe, red apples to pick. The Fall bulletin board is covered with toddler art. The board accents are one of the best board borders for bullet board designs.

Fall Into Learning Autumn Bulletin Board

fall nouns and adjectives buletin board

Pumpkin fresh class projects! Students wrote on paper strips all the adjectives and nouns that described the season. Then they made 3D pumpkins from these strips. 

Fall Board Ideas For Classroom Door Decoration

Look Who’s Hiding In The Leaves

look whos hiding in the leaves door display

One of my favorite Fall bulletin board ideas! I like the idea of extending the door display to the wall. Teachers are so creative! Check all those cute kids hiding in the leaves.  

Fun Fall And Thanksgiving Classroom Door

fun fall and thanksgiving classroom door

A great idea to combine the autumn season and Thanksgiving holiday to decorate the classroom door. The birdhouses are a cute addition, and the falling leaves give a realistic feel of leaves falling.

The Giving Tree Door Decoration

the giving tree door decoration

Take what you need, and give what you can! An amazing Fall bulletin board display for a classroom door. The giving tree is a huge tree covering the door, and each leaf has something to offer. 

Fall Bulletin Board Themes

We’ve Got Lots To Crow About Bulletin Boards

weve got lots to crow about fall bulletin board

The scarecrow is too cute to scare unwanted birds. The three-dimensional scarecrow will draw anyone to the adorable Fall bulletin board for closer inspection. Teachers can also add pics of students inside the budding corn.  

Apple Core Classroom Bulletin Board

apple core fall bulletin board

Using apple cores instead of traditional apple shapes makes an interesting school bulletin board display. Each student’s name tag identifies their apple art. 

Blessings Owl Around Bulletin Board Ideas

blessings owl around fall bulletin board

The most adorable colorful owls to cover a blank wall space. These cute little owls were made from fabric and glued on the burlap background. Pipe cleaner talons easily grabbed the branch for balance. The bulletin board functions as classroom decor and celebrates the Fall season and being grateful.

Scarecrows Information Bulletin Boards

scarecrows bulletin board

Theme type of bulletin boards is fun to create. These paper plate scarecrows are so adorable; use the bulletin board idea as an information bulletin board or as an additional board for the season or holidays. 

Fall Bulletin Boards For School

Fine Arts Autumn Bulletin Board

fine arts autumn bulletin board

Simply amazing! I had to share this Fall bulletin board. Check the close-ups on the website. The detail is phenomenal; you’ll spend hours discovering new things in the scene – the white sign says, “Help us find Wilson the worm.” 

Fall Truck Load Bulletin Boards

fall truck load bulletin board

A crate of pumpkins! Each pumpkin has a student’s name on it, and the truck is easy enough to design. The leaves lying on the road below the truck are a nice touch.

Fall Themed Classroom Management Bulletin Boards

fall themed classroom management bulletin board

The brilliant way teachers use Fall themes to display news, notes, or rules is an amazing bulletin board find. They created an awesome bulletin board for classroom management. With bright background colors, a pumpkin patch, and lots of autumn leaves, the board was ready to display sticky notes, news, anchor charts, and event notices in the center space left bare for that reason.  

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas For Elementary School And Middle School

Falling For Art Bulletin Boards

falling for art bulletin board

Love it! An excellent idea for classroom decoration. The 1 st grade teacher used the students’ art and created a colorful bulletin board with a fall theme. 

Playing In The Leaves Fall Bulletin Board

playing in the leaves fall bulletin boarx

Amazing! The classroom bulletin board was created with photos of the students pretending to throw leaves in the air. The white background and green hills create depth to this amazing wall decor for pre-school, elementary, and middle school classrooms. 

Back To School Fall Bulletin Boards

Colorful Back-To-School Wall And Door Display

colorufl back to school wall and door display

Crayons, gift cards, and pompoms welcome little ones back to school. The door is decorated with students’ names printed on blank cards, and colorful crayons inspire color identification before the lessons start! The black-and-white pompoms function as bookends to the array of colorful pompoms. The idea could also work for book titles on a library door. 

Happiness Is Making New Friends

happiness is making new friends back to school bulletin board

Do you recognize your favorite Peanuts character? They are all there, ready to welcome students back to school. 

Which Fallen bulletin board is your favorite?

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