Free Science Apps

1. 3D Cell 

This fantastic free app helps biology students get to grips with cells and their components. Learners can rotate the cell 360 degrees and zoom in on any specific structure plus create their own ‘stained’ cell image, with the option to e-mail their creation to others.


2. Exoplanet

A comprehensive visual database of all known exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars), this free app offers facts and details on each planet. It also features interactive visualizations and animations, but the most exciting feature is the augmented reality sky map, which allows users simply to point a device at the sky to identify planets!


3. Molecules

A clever app that brings chemistry to life by offering students a digital 3D representation of molecules which they can move, zoom and rotate using their fingers.


Nature App

4. Nature App

Introduce children to biology using this fantastic free app with details and images on hundreds of birds, reptiles, insects, flowers and more. Brilliant games encourage students to learn in an interactive and engaging way, such as matching birds to their songs.



This great app from NASA introduces students not only to the night sky (through a range of images and featured content) but also to the workings of NASA itself, with current mission information and videos from around the agency.


6. Biobots Under Sea Rescue

Biobots Under Sea RescueThis brilliant interactive adventure game sets players a mission: to design an underwater robot inspired by the evolutionary biology of different marine creatures. Once designed, players must navigate the robot through predators and natural obstacles, maintaining energy and oxygen! The app is a great way to introduce students to the complexity of marine biology.


7. Xperica

Bringing the experience of touch to various science experiments to foster better understanding, this interactive virtual laboratory allows students to carry out various laboratory experiments and watch realistic reactions. Some free experiments are included but extra ones can be purchased.


What are your favourite free science apps? Let us know below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, x-ray delta one. 1st image courtesy of Flickr, Patrick Hoesly. 2nd image courtesy of Flickr, phalinn. 3rd image courtesy of Flickr, kohane


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