Resources for Reluctant Readers

Resources for Reluctant Readers

1. MeeGenius

A reading app for the iPhone and iPad, MeeGenius presents digital versions of children’s stories, old and new with the addition of great features like read-along technology and audio playback to help learners make reading easy and fun! Text and audio personalisation tools are also available on some platforms, tailoring the story to the particular reader and thereby making the program even more exciting and engaging for younger readers.


2. Book Glutton

The ideal tool for reluctant older readers, Book Glutton uses digital tools to connect readers with one another and create an interactive online book-sharing experience. Social reading allows readers to chat ‘within’ chapters, adding notes, opinions or ideas to specific paragraphs and discussing them with other readers. Meanwhile, virtual reading groups allow discussion with and encouragement of other readers, helping spur reluctant readers on to complete books when they might otherwise have given up half way through.


3. Storyline

A great way to introduce literature to frustrated or reluctant readers whose skills aren’t yet honed enough to let them experience the full pleasure of reading whole stories quickly. This online video-streaming programme features professional actors reading children’s books aloud, with the added bonus of accompanying activities and lesson ideas to match each story. An exciting selection of different stories to choose from means that this library of ‘brought-to-life’ stories is the perfect addition to the classroom or the home.


Reading Together

4. Book Adventure 

A fantastic fun, free way to encourage your children or students to read, Book Adventure gives children the opportunity to search for books that excite them, read them offline, then come back online to take fun quizzes and earn prizes for their reading success and progress!


5. Whichbook

Some reluctant readers can be extremely choosy about the specific type of books they enjoy, and whether adults or children, finding the right book to excite and entice them is absolutely vital to encouraging them to keep working on their reading. This great website allows users to input lots of different specifications for the type of book they want to read, from length to type to mood, and then suggests tailored choices ideally suited to excite and entertain readers.

Bonus: Tuck Sleep has put together a comprehensive guide to getting children into a bedtime sleep routine.


What are your favourite resources for reluctant readers? Let us know below!


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