Giant Jenga and Other Oversized Games for Jumbo-Sized Fun

Go big or go jumbo with giant lawn games! But, of course, playing giant Jenga games isn’t’ just toys for kids —that’s why it didn’t take us a couple of hours but way longer to go through over 40 games to compile a list of our favorite games. We based our list of recommendations on outdoor fun suitable for the family, is great for weekend party games, and of course the large format. Our research in finding the best games included reading reviews, finding affordable games, and our personal favorites since childhood, but just in a giant-sized version.

By the way, with the whole family watching, the pressure isn’t’ less when playing a giant ring toss game, throwing a giant bowling ball, making a move with giant checkers, or any other classic game like scrabble, lawn croquet, darts, or tic tac toe. And to all the relatives who ALWAYS win, cheating with oversized cards isn’t that easy.

If you detect unusual traffic to your backyard, know a giant outdoor yard game is about to begin. 

And if it’s’ your turn to pick the next jumbo family game, here’s our list of the best games for backyard fun. 

What Makes A Great Giant Outdoor Game Fun?

Yard games are engaging for kids and adults and a fun way to liven up garden parties. Exciting games have standard features and characteristics that make them fun for the entire family, not just drinking games. For example, you could entertain wedding guests with giant checkers, pick-up sticks, lawn darts, and other oversized games while newlyweds finish their photographs.

Who will participate in the outdoor jumbo game? Is the lawn game for families, a bbq game for adults, or an outdoor party game for kids? Fun games for kids should be age-appropriate and safe. For example, a tumbling tower outdoor game for adults features heavier blocks than a stacking tower game for kids. It’s because heavy tumbling blocks with sharp edges can cause injuries to youngsters. 

Like any standard-sized game, consider the number of players. Giant or standard, some games, like, chess, are limited to two players, while others are best for large families or friends group games

A carrying bag holds all the game pieces conveniently for storage. Make sure the carrying case is a heavy-duty carry bag and portable if you like to take the jumbo game to picnics, camping, and other outdoor fun activities. 

Most giant Jenga games are outdoor games that work on any surface, from the backyard to a concrete driveway. But of course, there are exceptions, like a classic lawn game is best played on a lawn, and a family board game needs a level surface to correctly place the gameboard. 

Consider the difficulty level when playing with younger kids or relatives joining in who aren’t game players. Choose easy-to-learn outdoor games they can learn quickly that don’t require advanced skills for non-game players and youngsters.

Classic games like volleyball, basketball, capture the flag, or toy guns are great exercises, but when you toss a horseshoe or multiple bean bags or play cornhole and foosball, your legs aren’t exercised. Unlike standard games, giant games are great exercise for everyone; it keeps players moving, and kids develop gross and fine motor skills. 

You need to walk around or across a giant gameboard to move items when it’s your turn to play or ensure eager kids are ready to join in the fun and carry pieces to desired locations. Toss across a lawn any oversized items like horseshoes or bean bags or throw lawn darts at a huge dartboard – you only need to do it once to know it’s not just in the wrist. 

Top Giant Games for Full-On Fun!

Molkky Wooden Pin And Skittles Game
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Giant Wooden Yard Dice
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Super Jumbo Oversize Playing Cards
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Giant Jenga Premium Hardwood Game
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Giant Uno
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Giant Wooden 4 In A Row
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MegaChess Giant Chess Set
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chess board
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giant set of dominoes
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Best Giant Games For Indoor And Outdoor Fun Reviewed

Overall Best Giant Gam Fun For Lawn Games: Molkky Wooden Pin And Skittles Game

The Molkky Wooden Pin And Skittles Game is overall the best family game for kids and adults. If you can toss or throw, you can play Molkky, the number one outdoor game in Europe.

It’s a great game for everyone with a mixture of strategy, skill, and chance. Set 12 wooden pins up in a diamond shape and toss the throwing pin with an underhand throw ten feet away. The goal is to get exactly 50 points first. The closer you get to 50 points, the more strategy and precision are needed. If you score more than 50, your score goes back to 25 points—it may cost you the game! 

Knock one pin, score the number on the pin or knock down multiple pins and receive one point for each pin. The merriment escalates to the next round when pins are placed where they landed the previous round. 

Play the game on any terrain in the backyard, lawn, park, beach, or camp. The giant game comes with a sturdy carrying case for storage and portability. With the Molkky app, you can keep scores, take photos of players, and see the history of previous games. 

The eco-friendly game is made from 100% sustainable wood sourced from PEFC-certified Finnish forests. Made from non-toxic, non-chemical materials, the easy-to-clean set is safe for kids.

Molkky is the perfect giant outdoor game for family gatherings. The official rules allow for up to 26 players, more players than most games, so everyone can play. The set includes 12 numbered pins, a throwing pin, an official scorebook, and instructions. 


  • Fun game for everyone and multiple players, perfect for large parties
  • Easy to understand the rules for children and first-timers
  • Play the outdoor game anywhere at the park, beach, football field, lawn, or backyard
  • Competitive and precision game to challenge players 


  • This game is best played on grass; pins roll too far on hard surfaces, and it is more challenging to knock pins over on the sand

Best For Age: 6+

Number Of Players: 2-26

Best Yard Games For Gaming Dice Games: Giant Wooden Yard Dice

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The six beautifully crafted Giant Wooden Yard Dice are great yard games for poolside entertainment, birthday parties, and barbeques. Instead of a standard set with a small die that disappears in the grass, players have six giant 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches gaming dice to roll outside.

The yard dice is a great choice for games like Yardkle and Yardzee, designed to play with a complete set of dice. Just like a regular dice game, a player rolls the dice. No worries, little kids can toss the dice into bushes or throw the dice away, it’s too big, and young kids need two hands to toss one gaming die. Also, with the waterproof scorecards, it is safe to play near the pool, and no worries if your excitement causes you to spill your drink.

An Oxford drawstring bag conveniently stores the six gaming dice, scoresheet with game rules, and dry erasers. The durable pine wood with sanded edges won’t chip, and the branded dots won’t rub off. The smooth finish and rounded edges are crack resistant and provide a soft roll; friends won’t complain about splinters.


  • Six giant dice for yard games like Yardkle and Yardzee
  • Sanded wood and round edges won’t scratch or crack
  • No quality issues; branded dots won’t wear off
  • Waterproof scorecards avoid damage from spillage
  • Canvas carrying bag safely stores dice and scoresheet


  • Gaming dice could be too big and heavy for youngsters to hold and maneuver, but most kids can hold a game die with two hands to toss

Best For Age: 3+

Number Of Players: 2+

Best Giant Playing Cards For Game Nights: Midway Monsters Super Jumbo Oversize Playing Cards

 Change game nights forever with these Super Jumbo Oversize Playing Cards. You don’t have to wait for a carnival or a royal flush to astonish friends. Instead, spark their curiosity with the Monster mega deck box. And watch their faces when you start shuffling the giant deck of playing cards.

You can play an entire game of cards on your living room table or deal friends a hand in your backyard if you don’t have the space indoors. Eight times bigger than a standard deck of cards, the playing cards measure 8.25 x 11.75 inches. The giant size makes them perfect for party decorations or to see at a distance in a school hall or Card Bingo; it’s ideal for older people who love to play cards but can’t see the small numbers on standard gaming cards.

The complete deck, including jokers, is clear coated for durability and longevity, just like a standard deck of playing cards. Shuffling takes practice and hand-eye coordination to avoid dropping a giant card. Great for any season, this deck of jumbo cards is entertaining and fabulous gifts for kids, siblings, and friends.


  • Giant cards for entertaining card games indoors or outdoor fun
  • Large-format cards feature a durable transparent coating for longevity
  • Easier to see at a distance for fun games, ideal for card fanatics with poor vision
  • Versatile use for playing card games, decorations, scrapbooking, and laughs


  • Shuffling giant cards is challenging and requires practice
  • The card box can tear, just like most boxes with regular usage and rough handling by kids

Best For Age: 7+

Number Of Players: depends on card games

Best Giant Jenga For Classic Jenga Game: Giant Jenga Premium Hardwood Game

The Giant Jenga Premium Hardwood Game is the giant version of a classic Jenga game – a great game for kids. With multiple awards, including Major Fun, Parent’s Choice, and 10 Best Dr. Toy’s Games Awards, the Giant Jenga game is perfect for summer parties, entertaining younger children, and a competitive sport for teens and adults.

Whether you’re playing outdoors at a picnic, wedding, or casual get-together, everyone will want to get in on the action of giant Jenga. But, of course, you can also play indoors should the weather spoil your outdoor barbeque or garden party plans.

The giant Jenga setup starts at about 22 inches as a base; stacking block-by-block, enthusiastic kids could aim to reach space—well, almost—or until the tower topples. This great Giant Jenga game stacks over 4 feet tall, and with the Booster Pack sold separately, the tower stacks over 5 feet.

Measuring 6 x 2 x 1.2 inches, each giant Jenga block is eight times the size of the Classic Jenga, and each Jenga block can stand independently. The blocks are large but manageable, perfect for kids’ games. People with larger hands find the Jenga giant pieces more manageable to control for delicate moves.

The stacking tower toy is suitable for boys ad girls eight and older and is one of the best games for only one or multiple players. However, adult supervision is recommended to watch the tumbling and impact zone.


  • Great stacking game for playing outdoors or indoors
  • Larger hands maneuver the bigger blocks easier for strategy moves
  • 54 over-sized blocks ideal size for children and grownups
  • Playable on the table, floor, or yard
  • Fantastic for one-player or multi-player entertainment at special events
  • Ideal only one-player game or play with multiple kids


  • Adult supervision is recommended to keep kiddies out of the impact zone

Best for Age: 8+

Number of Players: 1+

Best Amusement For Bunch Of Friends: Giant Uno Giant Game

Uno, another classic card game, has been super-sized, and Giant Uno is now even more entertaining for hours and hours of merriment. The cards are big, or as one of my dear friends put it, “holy frijoles, the cards are huge!” They’re made of rigid cardboard, which means the playing cards can handle quite a bit of wear and tear. Like its smaller cousin, Giant Uno is entertaining for everyone from 3 years old to 103.

It’s a delightful gift for Uno fans, and if you were looking for larger print, you’ve got it! Of course, if you are ready for a sneaky move, hiding behind your cards is advantageous. However, be careful that your neighbor doesn’t see your cards. Giant Uno is ideal party entertainment for a bunch of friends and makes the perfect gift for card players.


  • Classic card game all can enjoy
  • Larger cards mean larger print for players struggling to see standard cards
  • Sturdy cards that will last for years
  • A collection item for Uno fans


  • Although a popular game today, the deck of cards is hard to shuffle

Best for Age: 7+

Number of Players: 2–10

Best Giant Peg Four Board Game: GoSports Giant Wooden 4 In A Row

Weather and fade resistant, Giant Wooden 4 In A Row classic is played outdoors or inside. Connect four is excellent for birthday parties, holiday clubs, get-togethers, after-school programs, and even the classroom.

To giant connect four colored rings in a row, young players learn and develop teamwork and cooperation skills. The popular game also encourages strategic thinking and cause and effect. While giant connect-4 is ideal for two players, it is also played in teams, like kids vs. grownups or girls vs. boys.

The portable board measuring 3 feet wide and 32 inches tall, is easy to set up without any tools on any level surface. Active toddlers can move around, enjoying the sun while waiting for their turn. Disassemble within seconds and store in the carrying case with the rest of the party games until the next lawn party.

The giant connect-4 set includes 21 red and 21 blue highly durable plastic coins that won’t break no matter how tough the next move is. The 100% wooden construction comes in a classic white finish and a stunning dark stain; coins stand out with both displays.


  • Set up in seconds without any tools for indoor or outdoor events
  • Disassemble and transport safely in carrying case
  • Plastic coins are incredibly durable and won’t break
  • Board measures 3 feet wide and 32 inches, ideal for strategizing at various angles
  • A wooden stand supports the board on any level surface


  • Some reviewers experienced the chips as loud when hitting the bottom of the board

Best For Age: 3+

Number of Players: 2+

Best Giant Bowling Game: Hey! Play! Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

The kids Giant Bowling Lawn Game set is entertaining for everyone. Little hands like that; it’s so easy to set up, and because the ball and pins are big and hard to miss, they’ll get a few strikes in. For college students and parents, it’s a great way to relax and spend quality time with friends and relatives.

The durable New Zealand pine wood pins with high-quality polished finishes will last a long time indoors or outside. A nylon mesh carrying pouch stores and transports the bowling pins and ball for yard events or indoor challenges.

Whether you like playing European Skittle Ball or Classic Ten Pin, this lawn bowling set is ideal. The blue and white (or purple and yellow) bowling pins measure 8 inches tall, and the colorful bowling balls are 2.5 inches in diameter. Included are ten bowling pins and two bowling balls that neatly fit in the pouch.


  • Carrying pouch for effortless transport and storage
  • Beautifully constructed with a high-quality finish for long-lasting
  • Ideal for Ten Pin and European Skittle Ball
  • Suitable for toddlers to grandparents


  • The base needs a level surface to stand, and some reviewers found pins smaller than expected

Best for Age: 3+

Number of Players: 1+

Best Giant Chess For Strategy Fans: MegaChess Giant Oversized Premium Complete Set Of Chess

The MegaChess Giant Chess Set is a great way to get people interested in the game. It’s perfect for any public area and an entertaining way to introduce “the game of kings” to younger players at schools, holiday clubs, and play areas.

These giant chess pieces make the game more approachable, literally and figuratively. Youngsters will love moving these lightweight 16-25-inch tall pieces. And being in the midst may inspire a love for chess—and perhaps a future chess champion.

Additional inserts, purchased separately, increase the chess set to 37-49 inches tall. The modular constructions also allow adding sand and water to add weight to the bases. The jumbo set construction is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic that is waterproof, UV-resistant, injection molded, and tough enough to withstand outdoors for years. Although many kids’ toys are made from polypropylene and other hard, brittle plastics, PVC and polyethylene could be more durable for outdoor games.

The chess board is sold separately, which gives chess enthusiasts the option to create their unique lawn or paved chess boards. If you already have a giant checkers board, you can use that for a game of chess.

The giant chess set brings yard games to life and is a real crowd-pleaser—it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Worth adding to your collection over the holidays.


  • Impressive size but lightweight for children to maneuver
  • Durable HDPE plastic pieces that are weather-resistant and last
  • Modular construction allows the extension to taller pieces
  • Can fill the base with water or sand to weigh down in windy areas


  • The chess board is sold separately, which is perfect if you already have a large-format gameboard like a gameboard for lawn checkers

Best for Age: 14+

Number of Players: 2

Best Giant Dominoes For Challegnign Outdoor Fun: Get Out! Giant Wooden Dominoes 28-Piece Set & Bag

The giant set of dominoes takes fun to a whole new level. Using sustainable sources, the 28 pieces are handcrafted and painted black with white pips. The wooden dominoes’ edges are wide enough to stand, stack, or build a giant domino line.

The pouch is included, which means you can take your giant dominoes on holiday, camping trips, day trips, or anywhere there’s going to be a group of people. The versatile giant dominoes function as a stacking game or family game of dominoes challenges.


  • Giant dominoes for a classic family game experience
  • Play anywhere indoors, on the patio, yard, on grass
  • Pieces stand on edges for building tumbling structures
  • For young and old, with easy-to-read giant pips
  • Drawstring pouch for portability and storage


  • Some reviewers found the edges too thin for intricate stacking

Best for Age: 4+

Number of Players: 1+

Best Giant Beer Pong Game For The Yard: Juegoal Yard Pong Outdoor Giant Yard Games

The Juegoal Yard Pong Set—some know it as a giant beer pong game—is the new giant-sized “cup” in town, and it’s not necessarily a drinking game but fabulous entertainment for all ages and any season. The giant yard pong is ideal for team sports and games for youths and grownups.

Tossing the ball in the opponent’s bucket requires hand-eye coordination, which makes it highly competitive, and the merriment could compete with a good snowball fight—maybe.

The set includes 12 durable buckets and four balls, two white for beach pong and two yellow tennis balls for other terrains. With buckets in various color options and sets with unique beach balls and glowing balls for nighttime, there is no escaping playing for your team. You can even toss a ball from dad’s shoulders.

The bucket design is wear-and-tear resistant and made from extra-thick heavy-duty plastic. A durable set that won’t break easily and last for years. Highly portable and for compact storage, you can store the stackable buckets with the balls in the drawstring carrying pouch.


  • Competitive tossing game for teams
  • Use any time with sets designed for the yard, beach, and nighttime
  • Portable with a drawstring bag and stackable buckets
  • Heavy-duty plastic for durability and wear and tear
  • Known as beer pong but a game for every age


  • Some reviewers found the buckets smaller than expected and glowing balls break

Best for Age: All ages!

Number of Players: 1+

Have you discovered any traditional games in a giant form that were a massive hit with players? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, rolle@bassfire.

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