7 Underwater Cameras to Capture the Moment

Capturing exactly what you see during any underwater adventure can be tricky if you don’t have the right underwater camera. An underwater camera is specially designed to maintain quality of your photos and videos while you dive, swim or snorkel. Every camera is different and can be used in differing depths, water types and offer various features. Find an underwater camera for your next sea life photoshoot and capture your below sea level memories.

The Best Underwater Camera for All Purposes

SeaLife Underwater Digital Camera
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Marcum Underwater Camera with 8-Inch Screen
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4. eTTg Digital Underwater Camera/Video Camera
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Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera with 16GB Accessory Bundle
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1. Wi-Fi Underwater Camera by ODRVModrvm-wifi-cam

The ODRVM Wi-Fi Underwater Camera is the perfect underwater camera for action enthusiasts. It captures not only still underwater shots, but records live video action. This 12 megapixel camera also features a high definition screen, which is perfect for instant playback. The camera goes to depths of 30+ feet without issue and takes recordings up to 70 minutes long. Because of its compact size, it doesn’t add bulk while swimming. The built in Wi-Fi works by downloading an app to your smartphone and you can view everything right on your phone. The waterproof casing protects and gives peace of mind for preserving your memories safely.

Price Point: around $200

Camera weight: 5 ounces

Internal Memory: None, you must purchase SD Card separately

2. SeaLife Underwater Digital Camera

sealife-digSeaLife Underwater Digital Camera is the perfect camera to capture your underwater memories safely and securely. Diving as deep as 200 feet is completely safe and doesn’t cause any issues with picture quality or the camera itself. The casing is airtight and has seals which are perfect for all underwater adventures. Because it features “piano key” controls, you can use the camera with ease underwater. This camera is versatile enough to use on land as well. You can record video and watch it on-screen easily or plug in to the covered USB ports for viewability on a tablet or PC. SeaLife Underwater Camera has 13 megapixels which means it will output high quality photos.

Price Point: $400

Camera Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Internal Memory: 16GB

3. Marcum Underwater Camera with 8-Inch Screen


The Marcum Underwater Camera with 8-inch Screen is an underwater fish-finding system that allows you to view what is below the water’s surface from above on the 8-inch screen. It comes with a 75 foot cable, perfect for capturing images at deeper depths. The display is waterproof for worry-free viewing and has an 800 x 600 pixel resolution. It won’t matter whether you are diving in salt water or fresh water, since this camera is calibrated for both. If the waters are dark or murky, you won’t miss out on finding the fish since it features Darkwater lighting. The price point is a on the high end so users should be prepared to pay for the great features this fish-finding underwater camera offers.

Price Point: around $700

Camera Weight: 14lbs.

Internal Memory: None, you must purchase SD Card separately

4. eTTg Digital Underwater Camera/Video Camera

ettg-underwater-cameraThe eTTg Underwater Digital Camera/Video Camera is the perfect camera for anyone on a budget and still capture great photos both on land and underwater. It is safe underwater up to about 30 feet in depth. The durable casing is great for kids since it will endure falls, bumps and rugged use without fear of damage. It is important to note that when taking this camera/video camera underwater, that all ports need to be shut tightly to keep water out. Watching your video or seeing your pictures is easy on the moderately sized 2.7 inch screen. Choose from red, yellow or blue casing for a custom look.

Price Point: $85

Camera Weight: 5 oz.

Internal Memory: none but can support up to 32MB SD card

5. Fujifilm FinePix XP80


The FujiFilm FinePix XP65 camera carries the trusted Fuji brand name that most people are familiar with and which comes with an expected quality. Although this particular camera isn’t meant for deep sea diving, it still captures high quality pictures up to 50 feet. As an added bonus, it is shockproof and dustproof, which will lengthen the life of your camera. You also won’t have to worry about cold water temperatures since the camera is freezeproof too! It boasts 16 megapixels, so your photos will have quality color. If you want to record video, it is no problem since this camera is completely capable of high definition video recording. It can be used both on land and in the water, making it a great all around camera. The metallic blue coloring makes it fashionable and fun to carry along on all of your adventures.

Price Point: $169

Camera Weight: 1lb.

Internal Memory: None, must purchase SD Card separately

6. Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera with 16GB Accessory Bundle

The Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera with 16GB Accessory Bundle is a complete package to get you started right away. In this bundle there is a memory card, floating wristband, cleaning supplies, USB stick and even a tripod. It is great for land and underwater photos. Not only is it waterproof, but also shockproof and safe in colder temperatures too. The 2.7 inch LCD color display allows you to see the pictures or video you have taken. While you can record video footage, it is in 720p, therefore not the highest definition out there on the market. The handy carrying case means transporting your digital camera safely is a breeze.

Price Point: $180

Camera Weight: 1lb.

Internal Memory: None, however an external SD card is included in the bundle


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, mattii70.

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