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Hispanic Heritage Month bulletin board ideas are excellent ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, from Thursday, September 15th to Saturday, October 15th. Hispanic Heritage Month starts with seven countries celebrating their anniversary of independence; five Latin American countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, on September 15, Mexico on September 16, and Chile on the 17th.

Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to join 329 million native speakers and learn Spanish, the world’s number 2 language. It is the ideal month to engage students with fun activities and lesson plans on Hispanic cultural aspects and learn more about the history, civil rights, entertainment, and culture of all the Spanish-speaking countries. The terms Hispanic and Latino heritage are used interchangeably in America for Hispanic Americans and people of origin from Spanish-speaking countries. 

We’ve researched the best Hispanic Heritage Month bulletin board ideas to give teachers new ideas to celebrate this month. Teachers can create Spanish version and English version bulletin boards as classroom decor and expand classroom culture by introducing historical and modern-day Latino culture.

Hispanic Heritage Month Music Bulletin Boards

Spanish Children’s Music Bulletin Board Decor

spanish childrens music bulletin board idea

Your favorite collection of Spanish songs as classroom wall decorations! The bulletin board features CD covers of Spanish songs for kids ranging from famous artists to the contemporary sound of new musicians. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Music Madness

hispanic heriatge month music maddness

Celebrate the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world with authentic Spanish music. Create a playlist of 22 songs, a song for each school day. Teachers can even play a song during the Hispanic Heritage month at morning announcements. Teachers can play a song each day and have the children guess the song and artist.  

Hispanic Heritage With Music

hispanic heritage with music

Inside the cheerful, bulletin board borders are various musical instruments you’ll find in any Hispanic country. Most instruments are familiar to students, but a few could require some explaining. 

Activity For Students Bulletin Board Ideas

Latin America Biography Research Activity Bulletin Board

biography research activity bulletin board

The individual bulletin board pieces represent famous Hispanics across the globe. Students can study these prominent individuals. They will learn about people like civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, astronaut Danny Olivas, and government official Irma Rangel.

Famous Individuals From Spanish Speaking Countries

famous individuals from hispanic speaking countries

An exciting activity for elementary school students celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The banner bulletin board features a list of famous Hispanics important to history and Latino culture. Students select a person from the list and research their country of origin, who they are, and why they are famous. Their writing assignment is ideal for creating a follow-up Hispanic culture bulletin board. 

Diego Rivera Mural Bulletin Board Activity

diego rivera murals bulletin board activity 1

Amazing! School kids absolutely love creating these beautiful bulletin board displays. Students work together on the mural, each creating a section while learning more about the artist. This folk art project is a community project for students in all grades, from elementary school to high school. Teachers can use the same idea for folk art from different countries.

Hispanic Heritage Month Door Displays

Art Class Hispanic Heritage Month Door Display

art hispanic heritage month door display

Stunning tissue paper flowers! The art teacher and students in grades 5-8 have truly captured the essence of the Spanish-speaking world. Although not a door display per se, it is perfect for a classroom door display celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Spanish Meme Classroom Door Display

spanish meme classroom door display

A brilliant idea to inspire bilingual language development. If you are interested in reading the collection of memes, you must learn Spanish quickly or find bilingual children to translate.

Celebrating Hispanic Artists Door Display

celebrating hispanic artists

A door with a difference! Students contributed a decoration that represented Latinos and Hispanic culture and history. The activity is an excellent opportunity to instigate a biography research project to deepen their understanding of the achievements of Hispanic people. 

Celebrating Mexico Door Display

celebrating mexico door display

Amazing! I love the extension of the door display to the sides and the Mexican flag reaching the skies. The door display tells the story of Mexico, its history, commemorating Cinco de Mayo, culture, entertainment, food, and geography.

Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Plans

Spanish Speaking Countries Flags

spanish speaking country flags

Create a fantastic geography bulletin board with the colorful continents as the background to the flags representing Hispanic countries. Teachers can also use country posters or create banners from construction paper.

Hispanic Heritage Month Poems

hispanic heritage month poems

The cheerful bulletin board is filled with amazing poems. The Spanish teacher sent out a request for lyrics and was amazed at the comeback. English teachers can use this amazing idea to inspire English language learners to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Histagram Bulletin Board

histagram bulletin board

A fun social media-related bulletin board to celebrate September 15 to October 15. Students recognize the Instagram-type of display and enjoy learning fun facts related to Hispanic history. The board features 27 profiles of prominent contributors and leaders from Spnaish-speaking counties. 

Hispanic Role Models

hispanic role models

A unique bulletin board represents famous American role models whose ancestors came from South America, Central America, Meixonc, Spain, and the Caribbean. Middle school teachers can use Hispanic Heritage month to celebrate astronaut Ellen Ochoa, teacher Jaime Escalante, author Pat Mora, baseball player Roberto Clemente, and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Mario Molina. 

Hispanic Culture Bulletin Board Ideas

Spanish Mama Bulletin Board

spanish mama bulletin board

Colorful celebration! This Hispanic Heritage Month bulletin board is an absolute delight to look at. The bulletin board is the perfect inspiration to research famous female individuals like Dolores Huerta, Ellen Ochoa, Sandra Cisnero, Frida Kahlo, and more. 

Hispanic Culture Celebrated Bulletin Board Display

hispanic culture celebrated bulletin board

Such a vibrant bulletin board display of actions vs. culture. Class activities are fun for all grades, and this amazing display is an excellent elementary activity and middle school activity. The kids learned new Spanish words as they colored and added bright patterns to their creations. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Culture Display

hispanic heritage month culture display

Celebrate authentic music and sing along with these famous artists, classic songs, and modern Hispanic music bracket. The bulletin board features Selena Quintanilla, Tito Puente, and Celia Cruz.

September 15 to October 15 is a month in the school year where the class can experience and celebrate the wonderful flavors of the Spanish language, Latino food, Hispanic culture, and a glimpse into the life of people from other parts of the world.

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