11 Horse Toys Kids Will Love

From plastic figurines to the classic rocking horse, horse toys have long been a favorite for children of all ages. Nothing inspires imaginative play like riding a rocking horse and pretending you’re in a rodeo or setting up a set of plastic horses for a pretend race or horse show. Horse stuffed animals are the cuddly version of a beautiful, majestic animal kids love and dream about. My own daughter is a big fan of horses. This has led to a love of all things horse-related, especially horse toys. Here are some of the best horse toys for your young horse enthusiast!

Top Horse Toys for Kids

RockRider Darby Rocking Horse
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Take-Along Horse Show Stable Play Set
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Paint Your Own Breyer My Dream Horse
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Rockin Rider Legacy Grow-With-Me Pony
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Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse
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Plush Horse Barn With Horses
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Mega Bloks Horse Stable Construction Set
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Sunny Days Deluxe Horse
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Wild Republic Horse Plush
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1. Rock’Rider Darby Rocking Horse

Image of RockRider Darby Rocking Horse

Rock’Rider Darby Rocking Horse has a beautiful classical rocking wooden base with a sturdy metal frame. The Darby Rocking horse is soft, stuffed, and plush, perfect for hugging and cuddling.

Colorful, sparkling eyes and a realistic mane and tail invites the child to climb onto the horse. The saddle height is 18 inches which is not too high to climb onto and not too low that a child’s feet will drag on the floor.

The high-back saddle supports the child’s back, avoiding bending backward and falling off the horse. It’s soft and comfortable for toddlers and preschoolers to sit on while rocking. The rocking horse is fitted with a bridle with reins and wooden handles to hold onto for balance and pretend play riding the horse.

Press the horse’s ears to hear the “I’m a little Pony” song and other fun talking phrases.  The horse’s mouth moves and tail swishes while it makes realistic horse sounds.

Age: 3-7 years and up to 65 pounds

2. Take-Along Horse Show Stable Play Set

Take-Along Horse Show Stable Play Set comes with eight horses and a wooden stable. The stable includes name tags so your child can name each horse and assign them their own stall. This high-quality set inspires hours of creative play. My daughter enjoys setting up races or horse shows. She also pretends the horses are friends and talking to each other. The stable is intended as a carrying case and the entire set can be brought as an on-the-go-toy for trips or outings. It’s wonderful to find horse toys that are both fun and portable.

Ages: 36 months to 7 years

3. Paint Your Own Breyer My Dream Horse

Paint Your Own Breyer My Dream Horse is unique among collectible horse toys because your child can truly make it their own. I collected Breyer Horses when I was young and now my daughter is interested in these gorgeous plastic toys. This Breyer Horse allows horse fans to express their artistic skills and creativity on the two included model horses. The kit includes paints, brushes and directions for turning these horses into your child’s own version of the Breyer Horse.

Ages: The manufacturer recommends this for ages 3+. It is best suited for ages 5+.

4. Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-With-Me Pony

Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-With-Me Pony is a versatile toy meant to last your child from nine months to three years old. This horse starts out as a bouncer for your baby, converts to a rocking horse and then a spring horse for your growing toddler. This amazing horse toy even talks and sings. There isn’t much it won’t do. The horse is soft and huggable and has a multitude of safety features. As a mom, I appreciate getting so many years of use out of one toy.

Ages: 9 months to 3 years

5. Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse

Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse is the perfect toy for when your kids are bouncing off the walls. My daughter has owned Rody for a couple of years and he has withstood plenty of enthusiastic toddler bouncing. Rody’s level of inflation can be adjusted to fit the size and age of your child. He is a great toy for indoor physical activity. And bouncing on Rody helps build balance and coordination skills. This bouncing horse is high quality and durable. I’ve been impressed by the hard use it has withstood from my daughter and the children in my home daycare. He has been a favorite toy for a couple of years.

Ages: 3 to 5 years

6. Plush Horse Barn With Horses

Plush Horse Barn With Horses is a good option when you’re looking at plush horse toys. The small plush horses are soft and cute. And each horse is completely different from the others in the set. My kids like using these in creative play as the babies of their larger plush toy horses. The horses are small but not so small they aren’t fun to play with. The barn carrying case is useful for keeping these small horses organized when it’s time to put them away. These horses are also washable and I can personally attest they will survive a trip through your washer if needed.

Ages: 3+

7. Mega Bloks Horse Stable Construction Set

Mega Bloks Horse Stable Construction Set is a terrific set for the price. There are enough Mega Bloks and accessories included to play with this set alone. And if you happen to already own Mega Bloks they will add a lot of fun options to your collection. In this set alone, you get the horse stables, stalls, the horse, the rider, fencing, a ladder, a dog and dog house and much more. Unlike many Mega Bloks sets, this one is intended for use by older kids, around 8-12 years. If you collected Mega Bloks when your children were younger, this set and similar ones are a fun way to extend the playability years of the blocks.

Ages: 8-12

8. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Little Tikes Rocking Horse is a wonderful first rocker for a young toddler. The supportive seat keeps little ones from falling forward or backward. And the low height makes for easy independent off and on by a young toddler. I love the simplicity of this toy for my young kids. They love the rocking motion and the ability to use it without assistance. I love that it works both indoors and outdoors. And it is lightweight enough to move around as needed.

Ages: 12 months to 3 years

9. Sunny Days Deluxe Horse

Sunny Days Deluxe Horse will be fun for young horse fans interested in pretend grooming or imaginative role playing with a horse figurine. This horse comes with a number of accessories , including a grooming brush, a saddle, and championship trophy. When your child moves the head, they will enjoy the whinnying and trotting sounds this horse makes as well. I loved toys like these as a kid and so will many young horse enthusiasts that enjoy grooming and fixing up their horse toys as part of their play.

Ages: 4 to 12 years

10. Wild Republic Horse Plush

Wild Republic Horse Plush is a high quality, realistic looking stuffed toy. My daughter owns two of these. One in black and one is brown with a white blaze and white feet. They are two of her favorite stuffed animals. We spotted them in a shop near our home and I ended up ordering the first from Amazon for Christmas last year when she wouldn’t stop talking about it. The second came when she requested a friend for the first. These are super soft and snuggly. Perfect bed time friends for young kids. The straight legs actually make it possible for these plush horses to stand up during play time. They are great snuggle companions and also fun horses for use in imaginative play.

Ages: 0 to 8 years

11. Craft Color And Cuddle Washable Pony

Craft Color And Cuddle Washable Pony comes with a horse plush, removable clothing and four colorful markers. The markers can be used to color both the horse and the clothing. All of which is washable and free to be colored again after each wash. Kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play and artistic fun with this unique horse toy. I love washable toys in general because of the inevitable messes that come with kids, this is even better because kids can create a new look for their horse with every wash.

Ages: 3+

Have your little ones got any horse toys they simply adore? Let us know in the comments below.


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