Wordle is a popular game that kids and adults enjoy playing, and customizing it for your classroom can help target specific skills and concepts your students need to work on. In addition, the online game can easily be adapted for various classroom settings and teaching objectives.

This article explores how to customize Worldle for homeschool and school classroom. Whether you are looking for ways to reinforce grammar and vocabulary lessons, develop critical thinking skills, or have fun in the classroom, Wordle is a practical, engaging, and versatile tool. Customizing the game to your class’s specific needs makes it even more effective and engaging for your students. 

What is a wordle?

Wordles are a guessing game where one player chooses a secret word, and the other tries to guess the mystery word by suggesting one word at a time within a certain number of guesses, usually six or seven. 

The player receives feedback on each guess on how many letters in the guess are in the mystery word and how many are in the correct position. You can create a 3-15 letter word, depending on the age group that’s playing.  

Why use wordles in the classroom?

Although Wordle is a guessing game, it does require skill to play with success. Teachers can use this versatile and engaging tool to develop essential skills in the classroom. Wordle is a fun game to engage students in an entertaining activity that develops and strengthens cognitive and vocabulary skills.

  • Learn new words. After the students solve the wordle, they can look up the word’s definition.
  • Practice the new word. Challenge your students to write a sentence with the new word or use it a couple of times for the rest of the class period.
  • Strengthen math skills. Encourage students to use mathematical skills to solve wordles by converting the alphabet letters into numbers and using formulas.  
  • Encourage creativity. Have students create wordles as a fun activity to see how fast their classmates can solve the wordle. This exercise encourages creativity and improves the creator and the solver’s vocabulary. 
  • Interactive bulletin boards. Incorporate wordles in themed, seasonal, and special events interactive bulletin boards. It’s a fun way and a great conversation starter about a particular theme or topic. 
  • Start the day with focused students. For example, using a wordle to start the school day is a great warmup exercise, or start a lesson with content-specific puzzles related to the lesson. 
  • Learn new languages. A teacher can use wordles to teach students a second language by using wordles to translate words between different languages. It’s a fun way of introducing new words. 
  • Facilitates teamwork. Working in pairs or groups to solve a wordle encourages students to collaborate and communicate. Students learn to listen to classmates’ thought processes and different reasonings and to discuss the best solution. 
  • Reading comprehension. Wordle can help improve reading comprehension; students must use context clues to help guess the correct word the teacher chose.  
  • Critical thinking skills. Solving a wordle requires logic and education to decipher the correct word. In addition to strengthening their critical thinking skills, students practice reasoning and problem-solving skills. 
  • Coding skills. STEM students interested in programming and coding can create their unique wordle type of games with JavaScript projects. Creating a game is always a fun way to learn coding fundamentals and a great idea for computer science projects. This article shows students the core game logic step by step with code snippets and provides the complete code. 

2 Ways to make unique Wordles for your classroom

How to make custom wordles using Word.Rodeo

With the online Word.rodeo software, puzzle solutions can be up to 20 characters long, which means the teacher can create 3-15 letter wordles for the class. 

The customization features allow teachers to create custom games with different rules, introductions and help text. In addition, the custom version can match the school brand design with custom titles, logos, and background colors. Word.rodeo is also available in French, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Sioux, and Spanish. 

The puzzle countdown timer to the next challenge keeps students informed when to expect the next wordle and creates an expectancy. In addition, the leaderboard scores inspire healthy competition. 

  • Set the language in the popup box. 
  • Add the word in the text box.
  • Advanced options support a hint, message to solvers, and the number of tries allowed ranging from three to twelve guesses. 
  • Click on the button to create the wordle. 
  • Copy the link to share with your students or create another puzzle. 
  • Test the wordle in an incognito window. 

How to customize Wordles with mywordle.me

The solution word can be of any length, and teachers can choose between English language, Spanish, and French. However, by selecting no dictionary, teachers can create wordles in other languages using English transcripts. Features include colorblind mode and nighttime mode. 

  • Enter the word in the text box.
  • Click on generate a link to share the wordle. 

Other solutions for how to create wordles:

wordler.net for teachers

Wordler.net is another excellent option for teachers. 

  • Create a unique title.
  • Select your category. Categories include fun categories like movies, music, and fashion and STEM-related topics like science and technology. 
  • You have the option to use images.
  • Select yes or no to check the word against a dictionary excluding proper nouns.
  • Add the clue for hints.
  • Add the solution word.
  • Lastly, you can delete, preview, reset, or save the wordle.
  • Copy the link to share with students.


The online wordlegame.org allows words with common letters from four to eleven. The unique settings for custom wordle games include

  • daily mode with a countdown timer,
  • dark mode,
  • letter hints for letters appearing twice or more,
  • colorblind mode,
  • confetti animation when the puzzle is solved and 
  • in hard mode revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses. 

NY Times wordle

With this wordle maker, you can play a new wordle every day. Customizing features include hard mode, dark mode, and high contrast mode. Players can link their stats to a free New York Times account. 

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