It’s no secret that it’s tough at the top. As a leader, it can be difficult to gain respect, make changes and deliver results (and I don’t mean academic results).

However, in a minimum of 21 days, new habits can form, so grit your teeth, think of the three P’s, and you’ll be well on your way to being a dynamic school leader!

Ask yourself:

  • Am I acting in a principled manner?
  • Is my decision going to be the best and most progressive move for my organization?
  • Am I passionate about this decision or action?


Using and Viewing the Graphic

Creative Commons License The above infographic is published under Creative Commons. Feel free to share on your own blog, school site or social network.

Click here to download a PDF or here for a high-res image. You could print it out and stick it on your wall or put it as your screensaver as a reminder.


Read the original article by Jonathan Royce here.

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