Best iPad Car Mount Options for Safe and Fun Family Trips

Are we there yet?“, “Are we there yet?“… Yes, family trips are some of the most magical times you will get to spend with your kids. But getting to your holiday destination can often be a rather trying experience. Entertaining a family for the duration of a drive can be a challenge but with mobile devices and games at hand, it’s not quite as painful as it once was. And with the right iPad car mount, you can transform your mobile device into a safe and secure in-car entertainment system.

Having recently bought the TechMatte MagGrip for mounting my own phone on the dash, I was blown away by all the innovative ways devices are being transplanted into vehicles. On forums and reviews, I’ve read of parents using Bluetooth speakers to boost volume in the back, or buying headphones to quieten it down back there. There are folks who are really turning the back seat of their car into an interactive entertainment hub! Here are seven ideas to get you started.

Best iPad Car Mount Kits

1. TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder

TFY iPad Car Mount Holder

Simply constructed with a soft protective sleeve and fully adjustable strap, the TFY iPad Car Mount fixes securely to the back of just about any headrest. Generally fixed to the back of the driver or passenger seat, the solid iPad mount offers perfect viewing for children in the back of the vehicle, while keeping the device just high enough to prevent any knocks or bumps when getting in or out of the car. Fitting all iPad types and a number of other tablet devices, this iPad car mount can also be used just about anywhere you require. In reverse, for children in baby seats. Around the house affixed to the furniture. It can even be attached to airplane tray tables for those long haul trips!

Best for: Back Seat, Kids, Device Protection, Portrait, Versatile, Airplanes

Suitable for: iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Fire HD, Google Nexus 7


2. Jarv Multi Passenger Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount

Multi Passenger Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount

The Jarv Cradle Car Mount is another iPad car mount that affixes to the back of your vehicle’s headrest. Gripping firmly to the passenger headrest rails, the mount allows your device to be maneuvered centrally for viewing by one or more passengers. This is perfect if you are traveling multiple children and want to put on a film or television show. The mount can even be rotated 360 degrees allowing viewing in both portrait and landscape mode. Designed with an adjustable grip, the mount can securely hold just about any device (7-12 inch tablets) both in a case or without.

Best for: Back Seat, Central, Multiple Passengers, Portrait and Landscape

Suitable for: All iPad and tablet devices (7-12 inch)


3. iKross 2-in-1 Adjustable Swing Cup Mount Holder

iKross 2-in-1 Adjustable Swing Cup Mount Holder

An innovative iPad car mount, the iKross 2-in-1 fits snuggly into your vehicle’s cup holder, positioning it front row center for those long car trips. Similar to the Jarv, the iKross uses an adjustable grip allowing it to secure just about any tablet device (7 to 10.2 inches). And as a bonus, the iKross also includes a second smaller attachment allowing it to grip your phone. While the holder is fixed in landscape mode, the mount does allow a 360-degree swivel for viewing from any angle as well as a tilt and lock mechanism to position your device in just the right spot.

Best for: Front Seat, Central, Tablet and Phone, Landscape

Suitable for: All iPad and tablet devices (7-10.2 inch) and phones


4. TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

Designed specifically for kids, the TFY Headrest Mount is a colorful and fun way to travel with a tablet. The iPad car mount is designed in two separate parts; a soft colored silicone case for holding the device and a thick velcro band that wraps around the car headrest. This design allows the device to simply and securely attaches to the headrest and velcro without the need to slide in or out of sleeves. It also means your device is well protected in a case built with bulged corners to help small hands grip the device.

Best for: Back Seat, Kids, Protection, Easy to Use, Portrait and Landscape

Suitable for: iPad 2, 3, 4 & 9.7″ Tablets, iPad Air, iPad Mini


5. Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount Holder

Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent iPad Car Mount Holder

The Okra Tablet Car Mount uses a novel approach where the air vents on your car dashboard are used to secure an iPad or tablet in place. With this secure fitting and adjustable grips, the iPad car mount can accommodate nearly any tablet (7-11 inch) and allows pivoting for both portrait and landscape modes. This central positioning and free movement make the Okra an excellent mount for navigation or when you are traveling with just one other passenger.

Best for: Front Seat, Dashboard, Central, Portrait and Landscape

Suitable for: All iPad and tablet devices (7-11 inch)


6. Jarv 360° Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount

Jarv 360° Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount

A very strong and robust iPad car mount, the Jarv Seat Bolt Mount fixes directly into the floor or seat of your vehicle using a flexible 18-inch arm. The arm is rigid enough to securely hold your device while allowing enough movement that it can be positioned and maneuvered to just the right spot. A little more effort to install, but infinitely more secure, this mount is best suited to a more permanent home for your iPad or tablet device. With similar grips to those mentioned above, any device size can be accommodated and rotation allows viewing in both portrait and landscape mode.

Best for: Front Seat, Permanent, Fixed, Portrait and Landscape

Suitable for: All iPad and tablet devices


7. Macally Car Tablet Headrest Mount Holder

Image of Macally Car Tablet Headrest Mount

The Macally Car Tablet Headrest Mount is the newer version of the Macally HRMOUNTPRO. The iPad car mount fits behind the car seat for one passenger or between the seats for multiple passengers. A ball-head rotates 360 degrees allowing viewing from various angles for passenger comfort. The sturdy aluminum shaft keeps the tablet stable and prevents unnecessary bouncing.

No need to take turns charging the devices on a long trip, the package includes 4 Smart IC USB car charging ports, two for the front and two for the back. The ability to charge up to four devices is an excellent addition to the Macally HRMOUNTPRO4UAC.

Clamping the mount onto any standard round headrest poles 2-9 inches wide, and you’re ready to go. The cradle fits most tablets, even the bulkiest casings, and mobile devices between 4.5-10 inches wide.

Best for: Back Seat, Center, Multiple Passengers. Tablet and Phone, Charge 4 Devices

Suitable for: All Tablets (7-10 inches) and Mobile Devices (3-8 inches)


8. Tyrone Car Headrest Mount

Image of Tyrone Care Headrest Mount with stretchable arm

The stretchable arm of the upgraded Tyrone Car Headrest Mount makes closeup viewing possible. The 10.6 inches extension brings the device closer to the passenger. No more squinting to try and focus. Within arm’s length, kids can play games using joysticks or the touchscreen. The headphone jack helps to keep noise levels to a minimum for the rest of the passengers.

Install and release the iPad car mount with one hand; it’s that easy. The mount fits between the two metal posts of the headrest; posts should be 4.9-5.9 inches apart. Silicone pads won’t scratch the posts.

The iPad car mount is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with diagonal screen measurements of 4.7-10.5 inches. With multi-angle rotation, the mount adjusts to give the passenger the best viewing angle.

The Tyrone car mount is also available without the stretchable arm in colors red or black.

Best for: Back Seat, Tablet and Phone, Closer Viewing

Suitable for:  All Smartphones and Tablets (4-10.6 inches diagonal measurement)


9. APPS2Car Tablet Car Mount

Image of APPS2Car Tablet Car Mount

With the APPS2Car Tablet Mount’s long 13-inch gooseneck extension, your tablet or smartphone is accessible anywhere in the vehicle. Kids can play games without needing to hold the tablet in their hands. The gooseneck extension arm is made from a durable rubberized aluminum pipe that flexes and bends in any direction and angle.

The suction cup of the iPad Car mount sticks to the windscreen, dashboard, or a wall or any other even surface at home. When the sticky gel pad loses some of its stickiness, rinse with warm water and air dry to revive optimum functionality.

Best for: Windscreen, Dashboard, Tablets or Phones, Multiple Passengers

Suitable for: All Tablets (7-11 inches) and Smartphones (4-7 inches)


10. Kebelo M-CD2 Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount Holder

Image of Kebelo M CD2 Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount Holder

The Kebelo M-CD2 Car mount uses the car’s CD loading port as a grip for the iPad Car Mount. There’s no cradle either that may limit the kind of device you would like to mount. A robust magnetic pad secures the device. A 360-degree swivel head rotates the tablet or smartphone in any direction or angle for easy viewing.

Inserting the metal plate into the CD loading port is the only installation necessary. The mount won’t interfere with the functioning of the CD player; you can play music with the inserted mount.

Best for: CD Players, Tablets or Phones, Portrait or Landscape

Suitable for: iPad, Kindle Fire, Tablets and Smartphones


11. Macally 2-in-1 Tablet and Smartphone Car Cup Holder Mount

Image of Macally 2 in 1 Tablet and Smartphone Car Cup Holder Mount

The upgraded Macally MCUPTABPRO has extended the gooseneck to 12 inches for more versatility in device placement and reach. The MCUPTAB, however, with its 8-inch gooseneck, is ideal for cars with limited mounting space. A 360-degree rotatable arm lets drivers or passengers maneuver the device at their convenience.

With a sturdier base, the iPad car mount is designed for standard cup holders 2.5-4 inches. It fits securely for a hands-free experience for drivers or to keep kids occupied in the back seat. The universal multi-device compatibility fits any smartphone or tablet with screen width 3.5-8 inches.

Best for: Front and Back Seat, Tablets and Phones, Versatile

Suitable for: All Smartphones and Tablets (3.5-8 inches)


12. DIY iPad Car Mount

There is a heap of different ways to create your own iPad car mount. A quick Google will give you examples using hairclips, suction cups, magnets and a whole list of obscure items. Here is just one idea courtesy of Dan at to get your creative juices flowing.


What have you found to be the best iPad or tablet car mount? What innovative ways are you attaching devices in your vehicle? Let us know your tips and recommendations in the comments below.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Delwin Steven Campbell.

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