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Ginger Software is one of the top online grammar and spell checker tools. How does Ginger Software compare with its competitors? Does it compete with accurate spelling and grammar checkers like Grammarly and the detailed multiple reports ProWritingAid offers? This Ginger Writing review uncovers Ginger’s unique features and why people would use Ginger to catch their spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes, and more.

Changing all grammar errors in an entire sentence with one click intrigued me as an excellent timesaving feature. It made me want to dig deeper to uncover more features I could share in the Ginger review. Accuracy when correcting different writing types is essential, but so is sentence structure, overuse of the passive voice, and writing practice.

Ginger Software

Innovative & Unique Features

While Ginger has all the normal features you’d expect from a top-tier grammar checker, the additional audio features are a LIFESAVER for dyslexics and others that work phonetically. 

Is Ginger going to convince me it is the right grammar checker for my writing? Find out what I discovered… This detailed Ginger Software review should give you enough information to decide for yourself whether Ginger is the best grammar checker for you. So, let us find out together…

What Is Ginger Software And What Does It Do?

Ginger Software is an online grammar checker software that uses groundbreaking technology to detect grammar and spelling errors in writing content. Although it is a grammar checker tool, it works differently than other grammar checking tools.

When detecting errors, the AI technology compares the writer’s texts to semantically and grammatically characteristics of proper sentences. The Ginger Software program is a contextual grammar and spell checker that automatically corrects misused words, unusual spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes.

That is not all Ginger Software does…

Who Should Use Ginger Software?

Who would benefit from using Ginger Software? The Ginger Software’s ability to analyze complete sentences and not just a word makes it one of the best proofreading programs for

  • People with spelling disorders and writing disabilities, like dyslexia, spell phonetically or drop letters they don’t hear. They benefit from Ginger’s text to speech feature and its ability to check a word in context.
  • Bloggers who write blog posts and social media posts want their content published without grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • People who aren’t always sure about the grammar rules and use grammar checker software to fix their errors.
  • A company that conducts business internationally whose employees need to communicate in different languages. They can benefit from the translation software, text to speech reader, spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker.
  • Writers who want to improve their writing styles by learning from their mistakes.
  • Freelancers, copywriters, and professional writers often have to rephrase the same idea over and over. The Sentence Rephraser may help them write clearly and concisely.
  • Anyone who writes emails in Gmail, social media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, website pages, and other content online for an audience may benefit from the Ginger computer software features.

Is Ginger Software Application Easy to Use?

Ease of use is almost as essential as the accuracy of any grammar review and spellcheck computer program. A user-friendly and easy-to-use interface saves time and therefore money.

Languages Ease of Use

The Ginger grammar checker supports American English and British English. However, unlike other grammar checkers, Ginger has a translating tool that translates between 62 languages for ease of use. Instead of using Google’s translation tool, an individual or business has immediate access to Ginger’s translation service features.


The Chrome extension offers automatic changes that save time. By hovering over any underlined word, the entire sentence with suggestions in blue pops up. When you move your mouse to the suggestion window, the cursor changes to a hand, allowing you to correct the entire sentence with one click. Alternatively, you can choose the check-mark symbol over each error to accept the suggestion or the cross-symbol to discard the suggestion.

Ease of Use

The Ginger Writer add-in has a computer keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C+C) for ease of use, or you can open the grammar checker in a sidebar by clicking on the Ginger Writer icon in the ribbon.

Keyboard Shortcut

The keyboard shortcut gives quick access to the Ginger review editing tool. Type directly in the editor to edit, rephrase, replace or translate the document. Alternatively, select the relevant texts and then use the keyboard shortcut. Now, the editor opens with the document already copied to it.

The language translation feature is available when using the keyboard shortcut, but not when clicking on the ribbon icon. It works the same way in the web browser; you need to click on the arrows at the bottom right to access the Ginger Writer app. Inside the Ginger Writer, you can use the dictionary, synonyms, and the language translation service. It may confuse new users until they become used to the best way to access features in various Ginger products. Before you list the learning curve under cons, compare it with the other Ginger benefits; you may conclude that learning how new products work, a small price to pay for all the advantages it offers.

Add On Icon

The Microsoft Office app doesn’t open automatically with suggestions; you need to select one of three features: grammar and spelling check, style enhancement, or hearing the document in audio (for premium users). By keeping these features separate, a person can focus on the relevant one at that moment. For example, when searching for a synonym or rephrasing a sentence during the creative writing phase, you don’t want to be distracted by editing the sentence structure, a punctuation error, or correcting miss-spelled words.

The grammar corrector takes a few seconds to connect to the web, and then it gives an overall score of the number of sentences checked, a general error score, and the suggested text corrections in each sentence where it found errors. When you click on the sentence, it shows you where the mistakes are and the options to accept the suggestions, skip the recommendation, or listen to the audio sentence.

Ginger Software Products on Multiple Platforms

  • Ginger for browser automatically highlights spelling and grammar issues. The Ginger Software supports Chrome and Safari browser extensions.
  • The web editor isn’t a separate app; it is part of the Ginger browser extension. When you click on the Chrome or Safari extension icon, the editor opens.
  • Ginger Writer Add-in is the software application for Windows and Microsoft Office (The previous program was Ginger Page). You have the keyboard shortcut option (Ctrl+C+C) or launch the Ginger Writer as a sidebar. In Microsoft Word, the integration label reads “Spell Check Ginger Writer Add-in,” and in MS Outlook, it changes to “Reply With Ginger” when responding to an email.
  • Ginger has a Ginger Writer for Mac app for Word documents. I used Windows and didn’t test the Mac app for this Ginger grammar app review.
  • Ginger Page, the mobile app, works well on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad users) devices. The writing and translation app is purchased separately and not included in the Ginger Premium free or premium version.
  • Ginger Keyboard is available for Android devices but not for iOS devices yet.

Ginger Software Free Vs. Ginger Software Premium—What’s The Difference?

I started by using the free version first. The option to fix all errors in an entire sentence at once, or change one error at a time, pleasantly surprised me. After ten corrections, I reached the weekly limit, disabling the automatic correction feature. The grammar checker suggestions continued, but now I had to correct the spelling and grammar issues manually.

The Ginger Software premium version offers unlimited grammar check features for longer documents and unlimited rephrasing, saving a lot of time. The current pricing structure is excellent value for money; it is an easy decision to pay a premium subscription price.

How Much Does Ginger Cost?

Ginger pricing plans offer per month, annual, and two-year subscriptions to individuals. While writing the Ginger review, the cost was low at a 60% discount on all pricing plans. The screenshot displays the pricing details.

Ginger Plans For Individuals

The standard monthly subscription fee of $29.96 per month costs $11,98 during the sale. The annual subscription costs $59.88, and the two-year rate $95. 76. Even at regular prices, the yearly and two-year pricing plans are affordable prices for most. Ginger pricing competes well with Ginger Software competitors like Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

What Is Ginger Software Premium? Is Ginger Software Premium Worth Paying For?

Is Ginger Premium worth the cost? The conveniences of unlimited rephrasing and grammar checks make it worthwhile. The extra features add value for money:

  • Unlimited rephrasing and synonyms offer various ways to say the same thing. Bloggers, authors, freelance writers, and employees often need to rephrase the same idea repeatedly, especially in product descriptions, recurring emails, and sales pieces. The synonym and rephrase features help them accomplish their task.
  • Instantly translate text between 62 different languages. You may live in the United States and conduct business internationally. Communication is essential in the business world; saying it the right way in other languages and cultures is vital.
  • The unlimited grammar checks feature checks and correct longer text in the Ginger Writer paid subscription than the free trial version.
  • AI-based synonyms give you alternative words to help writers to express themselves correctly.
  • A company can build a personal dictionary with their brand and products’ lingo.

How Can Ginger Software Help You—And How Accurate Is It REALLY

How Accurate Is Ginger Software?

We gave the Ginger Software a grammar test that even human editors would find a challenge. Ginger wasn’t the most accurate of the various proofreading software. However, it was interesting to see the unique Ginger technology in action, checking the word in sentence context. For example, Ginger caught the incorrect usage of “excepted” in a sentence and made the right suggestion of using the word “accepted.” Its competitors missed it. Ginger’s rephrase product offered various ways of rewriting a sentence in the passive voice in a stronger, active voice.

Ginger Software Features Overview

Ginger Software products come with exciting additions that are fun and helpful for native English speakers and those learning the language.

Sentence Rephraser

Sentence Reprhaser

The Sentence Rephraser helps writers say the same thing in different and better ways. It is readily available in all Ginger applications and on the Ginger website too.

Authors, copywriters, and employees often have to rephrase sentences; sometimes, it is challenging to find the best way of getting your point of view across. Ginger’s rephrasing application offers enough examples to help them write compelling sentences.

Phrase Of The Day

Phrase Of The Day

When someone uses a common English phrase, most people understand the underlying meaning but don’t always know its origins. The Ginger Phrase of the Day provides facts about the phrase and examples, giving a better understanding. It is also helpful to those learning English at school or as a second language.

Personal Trainer

The English Personal Trainer offers personalized practice sessions to learn and improve your English. The tool identifies areas you can boost your writing and provides lessons to improve your English writing skills.

Text Reader

One of the most effective ways to proofread text is to read it aloud, especially when proofreading your content. Writers often miss grammar mistakes, passive voice, sentence structure, punctuation errors and overestimate the text’s readability because they proofread not the actual written words but their intent.

The Text Reader solves this dilemma; it reads the written words in a native English accent. The writer benefits twofold. You hear how it sounds to the reader, which makes proofreading easier. Second, you hear the correct pronunciation of words which helps you to pronounce the words correctly. The text to speech feature is an excellent tool for students and adults learning the English language.

Ginger Translation Service

The Ginger Translate software translates text between 62 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, French, and less familiar languages like Afrikaans and Azerbaijani. The translation software will help business people, students, and professionals translate sentences and phrases when communicating in other languages. AI translation software is faster than human translators, but human translation is preferable with complicated and technical documents. The Ginger Translate product compares closely with Google translation; it’s like having the Google translation benefits inside the proofreading program.

Define Dictionary

Synonym Feature In Ginger

Gingers Define software is an English dictionary with word definitions and AI-based synonyms. The tool helps you understand the true meaning of words in sentences.

By clicking on a word, Ginger gives multiple synonyms you can use in the sentence.

Spell Checker

The Ginger Spell Checker corrects more than a standard spell checker; it catches phonetic mistakes, misused words in context, typos, and severe spelling mistakes.

Ginger Spelling Book

The Ginger Spelling book will help individuals learning English, students who misspell words, and employees who want to use the correct words in emails, social media posts, or replying to a memo from their manager.

Spelling Book

The Ginger Spelling Book contains a list of commonly misspelled words, the definition of the word, how to use it in a sentence, and examples of how others misspelled the word.

Ginger Software Confusing Words

The Confusing Word index lists words that sound the same with different meanings. Ginger gives the definitions and examples of the words. With most examples, Ginger Spelling Book also includes a short animated video explaining the differences between the confusing words.

How I Use Ginger Software For Daily Writing

In the short time, I’ve been using Ginger Software, Ginger’s add-on features impressed me enough in wanting to write a Ginger Software review. The more I explored and used Ginger, the more application features I discovered.

What I Love About Ginger Software

  • I love its option to correct the entire sentence automatically; it saves tons of time. You look at the suggestions displayed above the text, and then you can decide if you want to accept all recommendations or only some. With one click, I correct the entire sentence; no need to click one at a time. Love it! Love it!
  • I thought the Microsoft Office app’s changing icon label cute. When writing a new email, the icon reads “Spell Check,” the same as the icon in MS Word ribbon, but when responding to an email, the icon changes to “Reply With Ginger.” The latter is like a prompt that motivates you to want to use Ginger when responding to emails.
  • Ginger Software is one of the best grammar checkers for people who struggle with spelling or have other writing challenges like switching letters. I applaud the way the company started. The company founders, Yael Karov and Avner Zangvil, created AI-software to help people with dyslexia and similar writing and spelling disorders.
  • The Chrome browser extension with its automatic correction is a time saver. The ease of use of clicking on the icon to open the web editor is very convenient. I like the idea that Ginger offers a Safari browser extension for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users.
  • Some words I always spell the wrong way. The Ginger Spelling Book gives me the confidence to spell and use words correctly.
  • The Sentence Rephraser application is one of Ginger’s pros. I write a lot, and sometimes I can’t find the right way of expressing myself. Having multiple rephrasing examples at hand is not only convenient, but it also saves me time and motivates me to write even more.

What I’d Change

The free version allows a few automatic corrections of grammar errors, and then its limited mode activates; you need to wait until Monday for it to reset. I would increase the number of free grammar corrections and not limited it to ten per week. Alternatively, offer a free trial so that writers can test the Ginger software before they decide to purchase it. Ginger has plenty to offer compared to the Ginger software alternatives, which you may not discover using the free grammar version.

Both Grammarly and ProWritingAid integrate with Google Docs. If Ginger Software integrates with Google Docs, a company’s employees, who share content on Google Docs, will have access to the Ginger features.


Ginger Software Vs. Grammarly Vs. ProWritingAid—How Do They Stack Up?

The Ginger Software editor is one of the top grammar checkers and competes well with Grammarly and ProWritingAid. All three editors are excellent value for money, each with its unique features. Ginger’s AI grammar review technology and the language translation feature will benefit some users more than Ginger Software alternatives.

Grammarly may be the most accurate, but Ginger’s add-on features make it a worthwhile contender.

Does Ginger software Work For Mac Users?

Yes, Mac users can download the Ginger desktop app for Mac and the Safari browser extension with an online editor for writing web pages, social media, and online content.

Is The Ginger Software Application Safe?

According to Ginger Support Help Center, on the Ginger Software website, Ginger doesn’t store any texts; the application sends the text to the correction servers and returns it with corrections.

Can Ginger Software Help Improve Your Writing?

The Ginger Personal Trainer uses your texts to help you learn English and improve your writing. With personalized practice sessions online, you learn from your writing errors. The tool analyzes your writing and identifies writing weaknesses. The personalized lessons focus on how to improve these weaknesses.

Does Ginger Software Work Offline?

Ginger is a cloud-based grammar checking software and therefore requires an Internet connection. Like most grammar checker software, you cannot access Ginger without the internet.

Does Ginger Have a Plagiarism Checker?

No, a plagiarism checker is not one of Ginger’s features. Ginger is a value-for-money grammar check software that focuses on correcting writing errors and improving your writing style.


Ginger Software is an excellent proofreading source. Like ProWritingAid and Grammarly, the AI Ginger Software is not a human proofreader, and you cannot expect it to act like a human editor.

The bottom line is that the pros overshadow the cons; the spelling checker, language translation feature, Sentence Rephraser, Spelling Book, and text-to-speech audio application make it one of the top grammar checkers to help improve a person’s writing skills. As a Ginger Software user, what do you list as Ginger’s pros and cons?

If you haven’t used Ginger Software before, why not try it? Its exciting features may pleasantly surprise you, give you a sense of your common mistakes, and it could improve your writing too. It challenged me to focus on my mistakes and to write more creatively.


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