End Of School Bulletin Boards

We had so much fun creating the list, searching for the best end-of-year bulletin board ideas! Fantastic creativity and ideas out there! Here are our top 21 bulletin boards to delight teachers and kids.

Our bulletin board categories include summer bucket list ideas, classroom memories, preschool bulletin board ideas, summer bulletin boards, end-of-year countdown bulletin boards, and more.

Some bulletin board ideas come with detailed information on creating the boards, and others include printables to save time. For most of the ideas, you can change things around and create your unique boards for your group of kids.

Have fun! We trust these exceptional end-of-year bulletin boards will inspire more innovative ideas and create lasting memories in a child’s mind.


Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For 2021

Kindergarten/Preschool End of Year Bulletin Boards

Pre-K is so much fun we don’t want to LEGO!

Prek Is So Much Fun We Dont Want To Lego

Yes, it is, and I’m sure LEGO fans would agree! The happy Mini-figure and LEGO building blocks will have all preschoolers smiling, even the non-LEGO enthusiasts (I don’t think you’ll find a kid who doesn’t enjoy building blocks…)

Inching Toward Kindergarten

Inching Towards Kindergarten

How cute the little worm with its blue graduation hat inching its way up the branch. Make the tree with blue, red, brown-colored bulletin board paper and the little worm and smaller pieces from construction paper. Use two of each and stuff with recycled paper or cotton for a 3D effect. Give the little worm a smile with a permanent marker.

End Of The School Year Bulletin Boards

Up, Up And Away To The Next Grade Level

Up Up And Way To Next Grade Level

Keep them guessing as you build the superhero bulletin board, first the city outline and then the faceless bodies. Wait with the students’ superhero photos (taken earlier in the year) until the very end. Let each student color in a headless body. Then, finally, add their pictures and enjoy your students’ reactions!

The Future’s So Bright We Have To Wear Shades

The Futures So Bright We Need To Wear Shades

A cool end-of-year bulletin board; the shades will have students eagerly pose for their pic-some with style and others funny and cool. The teacher bought the shades at Walmart and took the pics at the beginning of the school year. She used the sun cutouts as name tags.

Memories Bulletin Board Ideas

Kindergarten Was A Hoot

Kindergarten Was A Hoot

A double unique idea-the tree and the journal entries! What a great idea to place the bulletin board display in the classroom’s corner with branches on two walls. There is enough space for every little owl in the class. Place the journal display with your students’ memories close to the tree where parents and kids can read and enjoy. The teacher can inspire creative writing by giving kids writing-prompt ideas.

Memories Frog Craftivity Bulletin Board

This Year Was Toad Ally Cool

Cutest! Cutest frogs! Made from paper plates, these frogs are so adorable. Each little one painted their paper-plate frog and cut-and-pasted eyes, tongue, and legs.

Un Frog Ettable Memories

The teacher went a step further by creating lily pad memories. Kids could write or draw their memories directly on the lily pad or paste it to the lily pad.

Countdown Bulletin Board Ideas

Balloon Pop Countdown Fun

Balloon Pop Countdown Fun

Double classroom excitement; it’s almost the end of the year, and there are lots of balloons on the bulletin board to pop. Add a lesson activity inside each balloon and wait for the bang!

Let’s End The Year With A Bang

Lets End The Year With A Bang

Another favorite bulletin board with balloons. The colorful bulletin board letters and balloons will inspire any student. Imagine the student’s excitement when popping the balloon and finding their name inside, making them the VIP kid for the day. Yes, the VIP inspiration comes from Kirsten Joy, a 2nd-grade teacher. Each day a student is the VIP for the day; they get extra privileges and sit in the VIP area with a friend.

Other Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas:

Bubble Gum Buble Gum In A Bowl How Many Days To Go

Bubble Gum Bubble Gum In A Bowl How Many Days To Go

A fantastic idea to use pink balloons as bubble gum bubbles. By pushing the balloon through a small slit in the mouth area, it looks like the kids are blowing bubbles. The teacher cleverly attached rolled tape to each gumball to move the right number to the opening slot.

Preschool May Bulletin Boards

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Smiling flowers, glittery butterflies…and a darling winking rain cloud! Say goodbye to the rain and welcome in Summer and end-of-year fun with this delightful bulletin board. The warm yellow and red colors contrast the blue skies with rain. The detail is lovely and should have students smile every time they look at the bulletin board.

Kinder “Garden” Where Your Mind Blossoms And Grow

Kinder Garden Where Your Mind Blossoms And Grow

Kinder-Garden, how deliciously cute wordplay. People identify with photos of them. Making the flower centers photos of the students help them identify with the saying.

Rain Or Shine Toddlers Rock All The Time

Rain Or Shine Our Toddlers Rock All The Time

Of all the end-of-year bulletin boards, this saying is probably the cutest. It is a door display that is easily adapted for a bulletin board.

Summer Bulletin Boards

We R2 Excited For Summer

We R2 Excited For Summer

Star War fans are going to love this Summer bulletin board with R2 and BB. An exciting idea is creating a sum students must solve to know how many days before summer.

Hang In There

Hang In There Only X Number Of Days Left

A sunny beach, happy parrots…and a hanging monkey! Just look how the monkey is dangling… will its tail keep him hanging long enough until the end of the school year? One of my favorite summer bulletin boards.

Summer Bucket List Bulletin Boards

Our Bucket List

Our Bucket List

Innovative 3D sand and spade idea. So simple, yet very effective. The teacher used brown paper for the sand. See how cleverly the spade handles were pasted to create a 3D digging effect. The spade handles are name tags, and the spades contain the students’ journal memories written with writing prompts.

My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

How delightfully creative the “Kids At Work” frame. The buckets hold the student’s memories, and the attached spades function as name tags.

End Of Year Grades and Graduation Bulletin Boards

Turning the Page To A New Chapter

Turning The Page To A New Chapter

A brilliant idea for a before and after comparison of students’ growth. The 3D open book gives the idea of turning the pages. Students and parents will be delighted to see the child’s progress. Attach their photo to the creative writing samples for easy identification and inspiration.

Grinning Graduates

Grinning Graduates

It requires no name tags to identify these carefree students. Decorate the end of the year bulletin board with smiling faces and memory certificates. Each student drew a selfie-face and added a graduation cap. The graduation certificates comprise each child’s favorite memory of the school year.

Back To School Bulletin Boards

Back To School Buses

Back To School Buses

I just love the detail- the rounded wheels, backlights, and the license plate with the child’s name on it. Don’t forget the window for the self-portrait. The teacher used orange, black, red, white paper, and crayons for the kids.

That’s A Wrap

Thats A Wrap

Inspiration is in the details! These giant paper plate candies draw you to this end-of-the-school-year bulletin board. Close-up, you notice letters from the current third-graders to next year’s students. The letters share what the newbies can look forward to and advise how to succeed in the teacher’s class.

Preschool Is Wooly Cool

Preschool Is Wooly Cool

Adorably inspired! This end-of-the-year bulletin board is one of my favorites for a library or reading nook; the school bulletin board ideas come from picture books. For example, the picture book title Llama, Llama Misses Mama inspired this cotton ball cuddly llama bulletin board. Students can make more cotton ball llamas friends.


Which bulletin board ideas did you like the most? Please share your favorite end-of-school-year bulletin board idea.


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