Top 9 Kids Violin Toys for Young Musicians

Being able to play a musical instrument is a talent that can open doors, start conversations, and even lead to a career in later life. Your child might not end up on America’s Got Talent, but they’ll have a lot of fun being able to make music. Parents can choose from many different instruments if their musical prodigy is keen to explore their inner Beethoven. And though $20 million for the 300+-year-old Messiah Antonio Stradivari violin is not an option, neither is chalkboard nail scratching screeching.

So, I began researching the best child violin because I believe playing a musical instrument as a child has tons of benefits. Music teaches children many things. For example, plucking the strings on a real violin will teach them about sympathetic and harmonic vibrations, which is basic physics. String instruments like kids’ violins also encourage fine motor skill development, coordination, and ambidexterity.

And let’s not forget – learning to play an instrument requires a great deal of patience; for parents and kids! Even a four-year-old can learn patience, routine, and discipline with violin lessons.

The listening and motor skills used for playing an instrument lead to enhanced learning and memory, which can make kids better students. Research has also shown that musical training improves sensory development, reading skills, and speech, and playing the violin helps children control their emotions and can reduce anxiety.

However, it’s essential to match the stringed instrument to the child. If you think your child has the right temperament to learn to play the violin, here is our list of the top eight kids’ violins and toy violins for toddlers and preschoolers we recommend.

Best beginner kids’ violins toys

1. Overall best beginner violin for kids: Mendini 1/2 MV500 + 92D Solid Wood Violin

The Mendini 1/2 MV500+92D solid maple wood violin is an elegant instrument with a warm sound. Mendini violins are great gifts for kids, and the MV500 model comes in a full-size violin for teens in high school but also smaller sizes like the half-size violin for elementary school children.

Known for using quality materials and elegant designs, this Mendini children’s violin is no exception. Our editor’s pick, the violin, is made of hand-carved one-piece maple wood back, neck, and sides with a spruce wood top. The antique varnish finish and inlaid purfling detail complete the elegant design. In addition, these quality violins come in three violin sizes, 1/2, 3/4, and full size 4/4; your child can start learning violin anytime.

A durable hard case protects the violin and accessories during transport; the plush-lined nylon-covered case is lightweight and easy to carry with backpack and shoulder straps. The pupil violin kit includes an extra bow and an extra set of strings if you accidentally snap a string. In addition, you will find important essentials like quality rosin powder to maintain the bow hairs for a clearer sound and adjustable padded shoulder rest for comfort during play.

The violin kit also includes a chromatic tuner with a metronome. The easy-to-read tuner features a large LCD. The metronome tempo ranges from 36 bpm to 230 bpm, and the audible beat provides an easy-to-find downbeat in any compound or duple meter setting. This allows for complex beats for violin players at any level.

If playing violin music like Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa-Mae is your child’s dream, this is an excellent pick; many violin teachers approved these Mendini by Cecilino violins for kids to learn violin musical instruments. This is a good investment and a perfect gift for kids eager to start playing violin lessons and for advanced musicians.

Pros: What I like about the Mendini MV500 models

I like the refined materials and high-quality wood, maple, ebony, and spruce wood, used for these violins. This violin is a fantastic gift for kids at an affordable price. The student violin kit includes everything your young musician needs, the hard shell case, an easy-to-read chromatic tuner with a metronome, two bows, an extra set of strings, quality rosin, and adjustable padded chin rest.

One of my favorite features is the free chromatic tuner and metronome. Beginner to advanced musicians can achieve complex beats by delving into the history of violins to everyday folk, disco, or rock. The three violin sizes cover your child through their school years; they can start taking violin lessons any time. 

Cons: What I would improve

One reviewer on Amazon mentioned that the bridges are too thick.

2. Top children’s violin for learning the violin: Kmise Solid Wood Fiddle 4/4 Ful Size Violin

The Kmise Solid Wood Fiddle is an excellent contender to the Mendini acoustic violin. Both are high-quality instruments with beautiful sounds designed to be played by beginners or intermediate learners who want to play modern or classical music.

Each acoustic violin is carefully handcrafted by professional violin makers for that professional violin look and feel. Unlike other violin brands, Kmise violins are hand polished by professionals, and then skilled technicians do a quality inspection before shipping the violin. The violin sides are hand-slotted and embedded, not painted, with black lines to prevent cracking and for a full sound. The polished scroll and high-quality pegs reduce how often the violin needs tuning. 

For high-quality sound, the laser F hole of the acoustic violin has a small cutting surface with moderate air volume in the sound cavity. The solid ebony wood body absorbs noises and strengthens the good sound resonance. The violin kit includes a set of replacement strings, a rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest, the bow, and a case with a hygrometer to measure humidity. Everything your child needs is included except the sheet music lesson book and your violin instructor. 

Pros: What I like about the 4/4 full-size Kmise solid wood fiddle

I like the high-quality violin hand-carved by professional luthiers with its beautiful varnish finish. The student violin comes with an extra set of replacement strings and a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the violin case. It’s ideal for beginners and intermediate players. 

Cons: What I would improve

This violin doesn’t come with setup and tuning instructions, but there are online videos newbies can watch. 

3. Awesome electric acoustic combo for teens: Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE Acoustic Electric Violin

The 4/4 CVNAE Acoustic Electric Violin is an excellent gift for kids who wants an electric violin that plugs into an amp for a beautiful sound but has the classic violin look. With this combo Cecelio violin, your child can learn to play the acoustic violin and elevate the sound with the electric violin when playing in venus. I also like that the electric violin allows them to practice silently through headphones.  

This Cecilio violin instrument comes in pearl white, metallic black, and classic antique varnish. It features a hand-carved solid spruce wood top, a solid maple wood back and sides, and a tailpiece with four nickel-plated fine tuners. In addition, the violin has volume and tone control on the side, ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, and chin rest. Learning to play with an acoustic violin gives your child the foundations of what a violin should sound like, so when they play an electric violin, it helps set tone control.  

The electric acoustic violin kit includes a brazilwood bow with genuine Mongolian horsehair, a bridge that keeps the strings tight, the AUX cable, and the violin case for transport. Your kid can hook this beautiful violin to a speaker, computer, or guitar amplifier. The student violin has a solid rechargeable battery, and the Cecilio violin has a 1-year warranty.

Pros: What I like about the Cecilio electric acoustic violin

I love the unique design and the versatility of all-in-one acoustic and electric violins for beginners and fun performances; it breaks the mold that violins are limited to specific music genres. As a bystander, the ability to plug in headphones for silent practice since your teen controls the volume is a brilliant feature – well, at least during violin practice. However, this Cecilio violin is not a professional violin, but the antique varnish gives it a traditional feel with a modern electric vibe – an excellent combo for teens. In addition, this one has a solid rechargeable battery.

Cons: What I would improve

Being a combo, acoustic-electronic toy violin, the complete Cecilio violin outfit could be heavy for younger players to carry from classroom to music lessons. 

4. Best beginner violin for kids in bright colors: Mendini Violin For Beginners (MV violin model)

You could opt for the antique-looking varnish, but why if this Mendini by Cecilio violin for beginners comes in black, blue, white, and purple? The fun is the same whether your kid takes music lessons playing the violin in bright colors or the more natural and traditional antique violins.

I love purple, so as a kid, playing a purple violin would make me want to practice even harder because I would feel unique irrespective of my musical talent – I’ll play for sheer joy, smiling every time I pick up my fun-colored violin. However, for kids who don’t like bright colors, the MV200 violin model has a natural finish, and the MV300 model has a satin finish.

These quality violins come in 4/4 full size for older kids. In addition, the range of violin sizes features smaller sizes for all age groups, even the 1/32 child violin for the smallest preschooler – an excellent gift for a toddler who wants a real violin toy, including a horsehair bow and case.

This violin has a beautiful finish with a maple wood back, neck, and sides, a solid wood hand-carved spruce top, and an alloy tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners. All you need is included in the starter violin kit; it comes with a bow, extra violin strings, an adjustable padded shoulder strap with rubber feet, and a lightweight hard case with straps to carry the violin easily.

Pros: What I like about the colorful Mendini beginners violin

I love the bright colors of the MV model Cecilio violin and the choices of natural and antique-looking designs. The adjustable shoulder rest and availability in different sizes ensure you can purchase the perfect size violin for your child, from toddlers to teens. In addition, it comes with extra strings, which is great because they often break at the most awkward times and must be replaced sooner or later.

Cons: What I would improve

Some reviewers didn’t like the idea that the bridge wasn’t set up with shipping. Although mentioned as one of the cons, it’s not because it’s done to avoid damaging the violin during travel, unlike purchasing at a violin shop. However, it would be best if you learned how to set up the violin; the learning curve could be negative for some.

5. Fun starter violin for easy violin lessons for kids: Onchine Acoustic Violion Set

The Onchine Acoustic Violin is the perfect gift for kids who want to play music and loves bright colors. Whether a blue, black, white, red, green, or pink violin appeals to your little violinist, you can make your baby happy without spending hours shopping at retailers, looking for a colorful student violin.

The head, body, back, and sides are made from maple and basswood; the fingerboard, tailpieces, chin rest, and pegs are plastic. This is a great beginner violin to test your child’s dedication and love for playing music, specifically stringed instruments like the violin.

This children’s toy violin package features all the essentials children need to play music, including the arbor and horsehair bow, rosin, and the case with a soft protective interior. Parents don’t have to buy extras, except for music sheets, and pay the violin teacher for violin lessons.

Pros: What I like about the Onchine violin for kids

I love the fun colors for a young violin student; I imagine a child would think it’s easier to play kids’ music on such a colorful, beautiful instrument and perhaps be more enthusiastic about violin practice. The product has what you need: the violin, rosin, horsehair bow, and a violin case with a soft, protective interior; no extra costs except violin lessons.

Cons: What I would improve

Most people had a good experience with the violin, but some customer ratings reviews mentioned the product didn’t come with high-quality strings and the violin strings were broken. While not a very expensive purchase, you’ll want to make sure the retailer you buy from has a good return policy in case you are one of the unlucky buyers. 

6. Best beginner child’s violin set for preschoolers: Kcelarec Wood Fiddle With Violin Bow

The Kcelraec Wood Fiddle is a good child violin toy for preschoolers. Designed for beginners, it’s an affordable violin for youngsters who want a real violin but are unsure if they will continue practicing for the lessons violin teachers offer.

You don’t have to spend a lot of dollars purchasing a student violin to embark your preschooler on their musical adventure. The 1/8 sizing is perfect for 4-6 years olds, and the 1/4 and 3/4 are suited for elementary and middle school (there is no half-size violin).

This beginner violin is made from basswood and blacked wood materials that are non-toxic and safe as kids’ violin toys. The fiddle set already includes the acoustic violin with all its fittings, rosin, bow, and case.

Pros: What I like about the Kcelarec violin for kids

I love the three options that make the experience unique for little ones, the cheerful pink violin, the acoustic look, and the trendy black violin; these stringed instruments look like real violins but don’t cost what real violins cost. The violin sizing will suit preschoolers to middle school arm lengths. They are perfect cheap violins to buy for beginners whose interest may fade soon for the next hobby. 

Cons: What I would improve

Some reviews mentioned that these acoustic violins are pretty small, which is slightly confusing because the violin sizing design is for the group’s smallest and youngest. So you should ensure you know your child’s sizing before you buy the perfect size instrument for your child.

7. Best violin kids play for sound quality: Debeijin Kids & Adults Premium Violin Outfit For Beginners

The Debeijin Violin for kids and adults is a quality instrument for beginner violinists five years and older. This acoustic violin outfit features everything you need to start playing, all the essentials, and more.

Experienced violin makers handcrafted this children’s violin from quality materials with an antique varnish finish. Designed for kids or adult beginners, the violin comes in four sizes, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4, that should fit the arm-length of elementary to high school violin students.

The package includes more than most violin outfits contain, and everything fits nicely in the violin case. So, your child won’t forget something at home or on their way to their violin music lessons. You will find the acoustic violin with adjustable shoulder rest, the lightweight canvas violin case, a cleaning cloth, a finger guide, extra strings, two decent rosins, a digital tuner with a metronome, a violin practice mute, and an instruction book.

Comfortable to hold and lightweight, this violin toy has a nice sound and plays music beautifully as long as your kiddo practice. The two fun features I appreciate are the mute violin practice and the digital tuner. With the violin practice mute feature, parents and pets are relieved to enjoy the peace while the youngsters are getting used to their new string musical instrument.

The chromatic digital tuner with a metronome requires a battery, which is not included in the package. In addition, this new tuning style is easy to master, and with clear instructions, your child’s violin will always be tuned. 

This acoustic violin is one of the best beginner violins for kids and adults. This is an excellent value for your dollar purchase, made from quality wood, with a warm sound and all the extras that fit in the case. 

Pros: What I like about the Debeijin beginners violin

My favorite features are the digital tuner and the violin practice mute board. I love the idea that your child can practice freely with minimum disturbance to the household. I like the different sizes of this comfortable, lightweight child’s violin, which means there is a size for 5-year-olds to adult newbies.

Cons: What I would improve

Violins bought as online shop products will require tuning after shipping; you’ll find the bridge is not set, and sometimes the violin strings are loose. The loose bridge is to protect the violin strings from breaking. Although loose violin strings aren’t necessary for shipping, it’s not a big issue because you must tune your violin before playing. One reviewer felt the loose strings made it look like a cheap violin.  

8. Amazing toy violin for toddlers: LilPals Amazing Child Prodigy Violin Toy – musical toys

Develop your toddler’s appetite for music with this cute LilPals Amazing Child Prodigy Violin Toy, available in pink and blue. Kids love bright colors and noise; this cute violin toy has both. 

When your toddler moves the bow across the violin pad, it plays several preset songs and notes. This is perfect for kids mimicking musicians but not ready to play themselves. 

What makes this a great gift for toddlers is in addition to the fun features of preset songs, there is a free play option. This allows your toddler to practice and play a nice sound. 

Pros: What I like about the LilPals violin for toddlers

I love the bright colors of this music toy and the realistic size that is the perfect size for youngsters. My favorite features are the choice of playing preset songs and free play. Made from durable material, the violin toy should withstand toddler musicians, at least for a while. 

Cons: What I would improve

The violin bow could be too fragile for an eager toddler or future musicians younger than three. 

The Arabian rabab and rebec were actually the ancestors of the modern violin. According to the history of the violin, the two earliest violin makers who made some of the finest instruments were Andre Amati from Cremona and Gasparo di Bartolotti from Salon. The violin and the violin viola were both constructed during the 16th century.

So, if your young prodigy is ready to progress from a toy violin for kids to more expensive instruments for good quality violin practice, here is the violin Cremona to consider.

Have any of your own kids violin recommendations? Let us know your top picks in the comments below.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, NickiMM.

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