9 of the Best Laptop Cart Options For Schools

In today’s classroom landscape, laptops, Chromebooks, and various tablet devices are standard educational tools. However, for a school with its own technology distributed to students, a laptop cart is the best way to store and charge laptops safely.

We’ve spent time researching the best charging carts for schools. I realize students use diverse multimedia technology at their desks, including notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and Android mobile devices. These products may be user-friendly, like toys, expensive toys that need looking after, stored securely, and always charged ready for use.

I believe a top-quality laptop charging station and Chromebook cart should have a convenient way to store a certain number of devices and charge them simultaneously. In addition, I think the device charging cart should be adequately ventilated to avoid devices overheating while charging. I like user-friendly charging carts; students and teachers should be able to remove and replace laptops easily, and a good laptop cart locks securely and is easy to move in the classroom or other classrooms.

Let’s look at what products are on the market today and our top picks for the best device charging stations.

Top Tablet Devices And Chromebook Charging Carts For Schools Compared

Line Leader Compact 30
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Mobile Storage & Charging Cart
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Best Tablet, Chromebook, Notebook, And Laptop Charging Cart For School Classrooms Reviewed

1. Best Laptop Charging Station For School Classrooms: LUXOR LLTP24-B Chromebook Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart

LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart - laptop cart

The LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart is a sturdy and functional charging cart for school that works as a laptop cart, Chromebook storage cart, and also tablet cart. Depending on the size of the laptops or tablets, this cart can hold and charge up to 24 devices at once with two 12-outlet power strips. This tech cart is spacious and can hold classroom devices with a 13-inch screen size with two 12-outlet power strips. In addition, padded dividers separate the devices, and the adjustable steel slot shelves can be moved and configured for various storage and charging uses.

The charging cart is well ventilated to keep electronics cool when charging and has casters and a convenient handle so teachers can quickly move the cart from one place to the next. A padded top provides a great workstation for the teacher, and its 40-inch height makes it perfect. Finally, the included lock should keep out all but the most dedicated criminals.

Pros Of Owning A LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart

  • Great security with lockable steel doors, front and rear, to protect valuable devices
  • Well-ventilated device charging cart keeps laptops and tablets cool
  • Portable storage cart with rolling caster wheels for moving in the classroom or storage
  • Compatible with various electronic devices and teachers can charge 24 devices together
  • Padded top space functions as a teacher desk or workstation
  • Bottom shelf to conveniently store accessories, headphones, and students’ mobile devices during class

Cons Of This LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart

  • Although a reasonable price, some reviewers mentioned the laptop device mobile charging and storage cart lack cable organization

2. Best Inexpensive Laptop Charging Cart For School: Line Leader Compact Charging Cart

Double Sided Chromebook Chargers For Schools

The Line Leader Compact 30 stores Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets safely and efficiently, taking up little space in the classroom. The charging station has front and back doors, allowing easier access and better cord management than one-sided door units. A hook to the side keeps power cables tidy when not in use. In addition, each 4″ caster swivels and handle, making maneuvering tighter classroom situations a breeze!

Each device has a slot for storage and charging, and ventilation holes on each side passively cool laptops, Chromebooks, and tablet devices to prevent overheating. Lock the cabinet doors with the key, and up to 30 laptops are completely secure. This is one of the most inexpensive mobile laptop carts, a charging solution with great value at an affordable price. 

Pros Of Owning A Line Leader Mobile Charging Cart

  • Storage solution that conveniently charges 30 laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets simultaneously, ready for use.
  • Ventilation from all sides prevents devices from overheating
  • Keys for front and rear locking charging cart provide secure dual access
  • Rubber-coated dividers protect and separate notebooks and tablets
  • Pushes quickly with full-swivel casters and stationed when wheels lock in place

Cons Of Owning A Line Leader Mobile Charging Cart

  • Although compatible with most devices, this mobile cart is not compatible with Apple USB-C laptop power adapters.
  • Some larger-size charging block adapters for the Samsung Chromebook USB-C and 20W Apple iPad take up more space limiting the number of devices teachers can charge together.

3. Best Device Charging Station With Keypad For Convenience: ECR4Kids 30-Bay Locking Laptop and Tablet Charging Station Cart with Keypad Entry

great keypad cart

The ECR4Kids Keypad Locking Laptop Charing Station is an outstanding laptop/ Chromebook cart for all-sized classrooms. The lock on this cart is an electronic keypad, so no worries about losing the key during a school year, and the school won’t need to make additional keys if multiple teachers use the laptop charging station for their classrooms.

The locking charging cart fits up to 30 laptops or Chromebooks but does efficiently and sturdily. The shelves can be moved and adjusted for the best possible storage configuration for your classroom’s needs. The laptop cart has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Locking the front and back doors allow easy access to Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets stored on the shelves inside. The casters are designed not to mark floors, and a handle makes the cart easy to move for uninterrupted workflow.

Pros Of Owning A ECRA4Kids 30-Bay Locking Charging Station Cart

  • The programmable keypad locking system protects against theft, and the back door locks with keys
  • With an electronic keypad, you don’t have to make extra keys for teachers sharing the charging station
  • Non-slip surface for teacher’s laptop or additional working space
  • Cart handle and non-marking locking casters maneuvers charging station between desks and classrooms
  • Adjustable shelves offer the best storage options for classroom notebooks, tablets, and phones
  • 32 Built-in outlets to efficiently store and charge notebooks, laptops, and Chromebooks

Cons Of Owning A ECRA4Kids 30-Bay Locking Charging Station Cart

  • Dividers could be too small for iPads and tablets with protective cases used in many educational places
  • Some reviews mentioned reaching to plug in device cables

4. Best Charging Cart For Multiple Notebooks And Tablets: Bretford 36 Unit Chromebook Charging Cart

Best high-capacity chromebook cart

Another large-capacity laptop cart, the Bretford 36 Unit Chromebook Charging Cart, has the highest laptop capacity of any cart on this list at up to 36 laptops or Chromebooks. Even though the tower cart can hold all of those devices, it’s still relatively small at 28 x 28 x 46 inches, easy to move between tables and chairs.

The padlock secures the notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices inside the heavy-duty all-steel storage cart. Remove the padlock, and the torque-resistant lock functions as a handle. An excellent feature is the cable hooks that position the device power cords to the front, so it’s way easier to connect and charge the various devices. 

Pros For Owning A Bretford 36 Unit Store & Charge Cart

  • Stores and charges 36 Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets, perfect for larger classrooms
  • Relatively small footprint for easy storage against a wall and moving between desks
  • Time enclosure with on/off switch doubles as cable management
  • Hooks for cables at front positions power cords above devices, easy to manage and keeps things tidy
  • Torque-resistant lock doubles as a handle

Cons For Owning A Bretford 36 Unit Store & Charge Cart

  • Pricing more than other charging stations but stores more devices than most charging storage carts

5. Best User-Friendly Charging Cart For Easy Access: Fat Catalog 30 Bay Charging Cart

The fully assembled Fat Catalog 30 Bay cart is perfect for classrooms. Teachers and students can access the laptop cart and devices from both sides, so handing out classroom electronics takes less time. Each cart has two trays, each holding 15 laptops, and the trays have convenient handles for easy removal. In addition, teachers can store accessories, students’ mobile devices, or USB headsets on the top shelf.

The single dividers are easy to remove and replace for different configurations, adjusting to devices and technology used in classrooms. Inside you’ll find 32 outlets for charging up all the devices you need for your classroom. The purchase includes 60 cable ties to keep cables tidy and manageable.

Pros of Owning A Fat Catalog 30-Bay Charging Cart

  • Trays for notebooks and tablet devices have handles to remove easily
  • Adjustable dividers easily configure to classroom needs
  • Top shelf ideal for cable storage, accessories, mobile devices
  • A non-skid work surface area the teacher can use as a desk
  • Shipped fully assembled, ready for use

Cons of Owning A Fat Catalog 30-Bay Charging Cart

  • Like many device storage carts accessing the charging cables at the back could be cumbersome.
  • Customer reviews mentioned delayed shipping issues.

6. Best Charging Station For Large Laptops And Workstation Area: Mobile Storage & Charging Cart

Mobile Storage & Charging Cart - laptop cart

The Mobile Storage & Charging Cart easily stores up to 24 laptops, even if they are all widescreen. In addition, there are 24 outlets so that all devices can charge simultaneously, and the cart is well-ventilated to prevent overheating. As a result, devices store quickly and safely when placed flat on the shelves. It’s easy for students to store their laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets at the end of each lesson.

The low, wide, and non-skid top is an excellent workstation and can fit multiple devices at one time. This laptop /Chromebook storage charging cart is also available in a 12-device version for smaller classrooms. This is one of the best laptop and tablet charging carts on wheels, a perfect solution for devices in a variety of sizes. 

Pros Of Owning A Mobile Storage & Charging Cart 24 Devices

  • Each shelf stores three laptops or tablet devices of any height, ideal for widescreen laptops or iPads with protective cases
  • Placed flat on the shelves protects the laptops and tablet devices from damage and makes it easy for kids to store
  • 24 Power outlets for simultaneous charging of Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets.
  • Versatile charging cart for library or classroom with large top surface desk area

Cons Of Owning A Mobile Storage & Charging Cart 24 Devices

  • The storage cart could be too wide for small classrooms, but the 12-device Chromebook cart is a great alternative

What Makes The Best Chromebook Charging Station/Laptop Charging Cart + Why

When you are researching the right charging cart for your classroom, there are some things you need to keep in mind. These are qualities and characteristics that make a charging station one of the best:

While wheels on your laptop storage cabinet or cart are generally a good idea, they will REALLY matter if you rotate between classes or have a long distance to cover. Also, make sure the wheels can lock – especially important if you teach younger children.

Quality casters that swivel helps with moving the laptop charging carts and device storage cabinets between school desks, tables, and chairs, and over rugs and mats. In addition, cart handles help transport the charging carts between classrooms.

Chromebooks and laptops cost real money. The doors on your laptop carts must have some lock to deter theft and crimes of opportunity. If your charging station is only used for the school day and kids take their devices home, you don’t need as sophisticated a locking system as you would for overnight charging and storage. Choose a steel cart with quality locks if you store Chromebooks or laptops overnight.

Some laptop and tablet charging carts feature electric keypads, padlocks, or locking systems with keys. Keypads are convenient because there aren’t any keys a teacher can lose, and you don’t have to make extra keys if teachers share the school’s charging cart.

Most Chromebook carts are made of one of these three materials – steel, aluminum, or wood. While steel is the most expensive, it will last the longest and is very difficult to break into. Aluminum isn’t as sturdy but lighter and should last a long time. Wood is nice to look at and will likely match your classroom decor and furniture, but it will be easier to break into this laptop storage cabinet.

Take a look at both how many outlets and where they are located if charging is essential to you. For example, you might want to look elsewhere if they are located in an out-of-the-way area or cramped together.

You will generate heat if you charge a bundle of electronic items at once. Unfortunately, heat is the enemy of all computers. Metal chassis will help with cooling, but see what other cooling features are built-in. Look for holes, slots for airflow, or even an active fan if you use higher-powered laptops in your classroom.

Charging carts and storage stations come in different sizes. You need to match both the amount of device storage and needed charging capacity to fit your needs. Of course, it’s always better to go a little bigger in case we get more devices in the future.

Of course, if your students take their laptops and Chromebooks home, you don’t need to pay extra for recharging capacity.

Also, check out our Best iPad Charging Carts choices if you are looking for tablet devices and iPad storage ideas.

Laptop carts are a convenient way to store and charge many notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablet devices for use in the classroom. Does your classroom use a laptop or Chromebook cart? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Travis Isaacs.

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