7 Amazing Lego Games for Constructive and Creative Fun

Not every Lego toy is a great Lego set.  That’s right, there are Lego-themed board games available as well.

With its adaptable design and gameplay, the innovative Lego games series brings board games to the next level. There are three stages to playing with any Lego Game: construction, gameplay, and alteration. Players can build their own boards, alter the special Lego Dice, and even add their own rules. This flexibility adds an ingenious twist that pushes boundaries and keeps the games fresh from one round to the next. You’ll be surprised how these games hold your child’s attention as well as say playing with the top Lego video games or the best Star Wars Lego sets.

In addition to providing countless hours of family fun, Lego games are also highly educational. They get kids’ creative juices flowing, inspire critical thinking through tactical challenges, and test their fine motor skills. Here are seven of the best!

7 of the Best Lego Games for Kids

Heroica Castle Fortaan
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Ninjago – The Board Game
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Robo Champ
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Banana Balance
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1. Heroica Castle Fortaan

Lego Games Heroica Castle Fortaan

Get ready for a heroic quest for two to four players that encourages creativity, concentration, and critical thinking! Can you overcome the Goblin King and his army of monsters? With 304 pieces, 4 heroes, 11 monsters, and 11 rooms, Heroica Castle Fortaan is the biggest and best set in the Heroica range. Looking for an even bigger challenge? Like all Heroica games, Castle Fortaan can be enjoyed alone or combined with the other Lego games in the series: Draida Bay, Waldurk Forest, Caverns of Nathuz, Ilrion, and/or Ganrash. Time to be a hero!

Ages: 8+


2. Ninjago – The Board Game

Lego Games Ninjago The Board Game

Does your family have the stealth and solidarity required to be successful ninjas? Ninjago – The Board Game will test your ninja knowhow! What sets Ninjago apart from its more competitive alternatives is its cooperative aspect. Two to four players must work together to defeat the evil skeleton general and his bony henchmen. This fun family game comes with 234 pieces, 10 Ninjago figurines, and an adaptable die and rulebook. Prepare yourself for some serious spinjitzu teamwork!

Ages: 8+


3. Minotaurus

Lego Games Minotaurus

Become a legend with Minotaurus! Inspired by the Greek myth, the goal of this game is to guide your heroes to the temple at the center of the board. It’s not as simple as it sounds, however, as you also have to avoid the roving Minotaur. Roll the adaptable Lego die to move your heroes or the Minotaur – or to set up a barrier to block your foes. Strategic thinking is required in this deceptively simple game with incredible replay value.

Age: 7+


4. Robo Champ

Lego Games Robo Champ

Who can build their robot the fastest? Robo Champ is a fast and furious 119-piece game for two to three players. Choose your tactics carefully: Should you take the piece that’s available or steal one from your competitor? Should you focus on building your own robot or on sabotaging others’? Put on your overalls and see if you have what it takes to lift the Robo Champ Trophy!

Ages: 6+


5. Banana Balance

Lego Games Banana Balance

Go bananas with this brilliant balancing game! Construct your tree and take turns building it up. Roll your Lego die to see if you can add a leaf, attach a banana, or move the monkey to grab some fruit for you. Collect as many bananas as you can – without toppling over the tree. Banana Balance helps develop kids’ forward planning, hand-eye coordination, and understanding of balance and weight distribution. It’s tree-mendous fun!

Age: 6+


6. Lego Maze

Lego Ideas Maze

This design kit is genuinely amazing! Craft your own 3D wheel-controlled tilting marble labyrinths with Lego Maze. To begin, choose either the classical or medieval style and then get creative. Make your maze as tough or as easy as you like – and challenge your friends and family to see if they can complete it. Add walls, holes, cottages, trees, and even a medieval archway and castle. With 769 pieces, it’s a budding engineer’s dream. It sure is puzzling – but try not to lose your marbles!

Ages: 10+


7. Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

The Lego Dimensions Starter Pack brings characters from all your favorite books, movies, and TV shows together: The Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, and more. But this clever concept also adds a brand new dimension to both virtual and real-world gaming.

In the real world, construct your vehicles and gadgets – each of which can be arranged into three possible designs. When you’re ready, drop up to seven toys onto the accompanying Toy Pad – and watch in awe as they immediately appear on screen, ready to play!

It’s challenging, immersive, and fun – and working your way through the game requires critical thinking and cooperation. The starter pack provides hours of gameplay, but there are also a huge collection of expansion kits available. So, if you want to throw Doc Brown or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man into the mix, just get the expansion and drop them on the pad!

Available on Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Nintendo WiiU.

Ages: 10+


Do you own any of these sets? Or do you have a favorite Lego Games set not mentioned on this list? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I have everything of LEGO DIMENSIONS AND EXPANSION PACKS AM A LEGO. MANICAL FAN I have the video games as well and waiting for the Lego Star wars:the Skywalker saga for Nintendo switch to get release in spring of 2022

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