7 Incredible Lego Technic Toys for STEM Learning Fun

Lego Technic, the advanced version of the classic colored building blocks, takes the fun to another level – and kicks the learning up a gear or two! Budding engineers and technicians will marvel at the awesomely immersive construction process, where they can learn all about how the machines around us work. Revealing the secrets of engines, hydraulics, suspension, steering, and more, Lego Technic offers a truly engaging challenge to children of all ages – and adults, too!

These best Lego sets are fantastic for helping eager minds develop the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills that are so heavily in demand in the modern world.  What I love most about Lego Technic building kits is the way adults and children, parents, and kids can work on these Lego sets together in a way no screen or app can match.

Ready to get those cogs turning? Here are my picks for the best Lego Technic sets available today!

Best Lego Technic Toys

LEGO Technic Mobile Crane
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LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator
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LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
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LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator
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LEGO Technic Fast & Furious Doms Dodge Charger
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Lego Technic Fire Plane
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LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane
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LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 42043 Building Kit
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Lego Technic Dragster 42103
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The Top Lego Technic Sets Reviewed

1. Best Overall Building Kit: LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron Race Car Building Kit

The Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron is our top pick for the overall best Lego Technic set. It’s got the right mix of art and engineering that provides not only hours of fun building this 1:8 replica of the world-famous Bugatti Chiron but also makes you appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the build well after you are done.

It’s also the closest most people are going to come to see one of these cars since only 250 of them have been made in the entire world by this French luxury supercar manufacturer. Don’t worry; the Lego Technic version won’t leave you feeling short-changed.

From the moment you open the box, you’ll know the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron super car is going to be a special and unique set. You wouldn’t think the way the inner boxes work are designed could have such a powerful effect – but they really do. At this price point, you should expect an entire experience – and LEGO delivers. Heck, each car has its own unique serial number (take a look under the hood).

Lego designers went all out with the Chiron – you’ll follow the actual build process that is used on a real Bugatti Chiron as you put together the model. First, you’ll create the 16-cylinder engine and the fully-functional 8-speed gearbox separately – then mate them together in the rest of the body. Seriously – you’ll be amazed by the precision that’s needed to fit everything together in this set.

You’ll get double-digit hours of enjoyment building the Chiron – one of the rarest of the supercar genre. The set includes 3599 pieces. Our only complaint was there is no way to “motorize” this Lego model. It would have been awesome to be able to hook up a motor out of the box – but there’s nothing stopping you from engineering a solution on your own!

2. Best Crane Set For 2022: LEGO Technic Mobile Crane

Lego Technic Mobile Crane Building Kit

Your construction fan will love the Lego Technic 42108 Mobile Crane. It’s tons of fun to play with and is one of the best Lego sets for people looking to go from building to play in one day. In my opinion, it’s one of the “purest” Lego models to the original Technic ideal at a quite reasonable price.

It’s not the biggest set, nor does it have the most pieces. What this building kit does have is an exceptionally clever design. As you are building it, you will likely wonder how exactly the turning mechanism is going to function when it’s all put together. I won’t spoil the surprise but be assured it does work in an elegant fashion. You also get a very long linear actuator to extend the crane arm out to over 30 inches long. The crane systems actuator is great to have not only in this project but for when you are building your own creations down the road.

Overall this Lego Technic set features eight-wheel steering, independent outriggers to lift the crane off the ground when activated, full 360-degree crane rotation, and working crane arm boom and hook. I think it’s a great introductory Lego kit to bring both kids and teens into the world of Technic sets.

3. The Best RC Excavator Kit in 2024: LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator

Outstanding LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator 42100 Building Kit

There’s a new Technic excavator on the market to buy in 2024! The real-life Lego Liebherr R 9800 mining excavator is almost too massive to imagine. While the real thing weighs in at over 810 tons, you can now experience the engineering miracle in your own living room!

This is one of the best Lego Technic sets for adults – though a highly motivated kid or teen could tackle this building kit as well. The excavator is remote-controlled through your smartphone or tablet running the Lego Technic CONTROL+ app. The Lego set features two smart hubs to control the seven motors (3 XL and 4 L-sized) to drive this behemoth of a machine. You’ll need to provide your own power – the 6AA batteries that bring the juice aren’t included. If that annoys you, look on the bright side – the real Liebherr uses hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel per KWhour of work!

Using the app, you will be able to drive forward and backward, rotate the superstructure in both directions, move the boom, and tilt the bucket. The bucket and boom are moved by linear actuators – something you don’t see every day. Don’t expect this giant to move fast – once again, it’s staying true to the original. Then again, did you expect a Lego model that has 1000 steps to complete to be a speed demon?

Here’s a tip to avoid some hassle: when building this Lego Technic model, you will be asked to test the mechanics as you build. If you are having trouble getting the app to connect during a test (usually the second hub), plug all the motors into the second hub just for the test. It should work, and you can move on with the building process.

4. Best Lego Technic Muscle Car: LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093 Building Kit (579 Pieces)

I’ll admit it – I’m not much of a car guy. Sure, I wouldn’t turn down a Porsche 911 GT3 RS if you gave it to me for free, but having the best or newest cars on the block doesn’t do it for me.

However….even I can get into the LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette building kit! The sweet orange + black color scheme and kickin’ spoiler really does make this model look like the muscle car we all know and love.

To begin with, this is a relatively quick build of a cool American classic. You can probably finish the Corvette during the time you’d normally watch an NFL football game. For that little time investment, you’ll get one of the best Lego Technic Sets for illustrating how an engine and driveshaft work together.

The V8 engine has moving pistons that work in tandem with the rear axle. Since this is one of the non-motorized Lego Technic sets, you move the pistons by pushing the car. However, I have seen people show off builds where they added their own Power Up Contol+ or other motors from existing technic sets. It seems like a great idea.

It’s also a sneaky-deaky, 2 in 1 model Lego set. You likely won’t find it in the printed instructions, but if you grab the Lego Building Instructions App for your smart device, you’ll find directions to create a hot rod-style race car with these pieces.

5. Best Starter Lego Technic Model: Lego Technic Dragster 42103

LEGO Technic Dragster 42103 Pull-Back Racing Toy Building Kit, New For 2020

First introduced in 2014, the Lego Technic Record Breaker was traditionally the best starter Lego building model. Now that it’s been discontinued, prices on that set have risen so it’s not as great a value as it once was.

Luckily Lego introduced in 2020 the Lego Technic Dragster to fill that void. This is among the best Technic sets for beginner builders – both for ease of build and fun pull-back motor design.

It doesn’t have a ton of pieces so it’s not intimidating to a kid or beginner adults. That doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot with those 225 pieces. On the contrary, this is a 2 in 1 build – you get two dragster models in one set.

With its fully functional pull-back motor, the Lego Technic Dragster lets you shoot off at breakneck speeds and set new land speed records! A pull-back motor works just as it sounds – and in this model, you can have it speed away or pop a wheelie upon release.

The sturdy design means that it can take quite a bashing without falling apart – but if it does, you can always put it back together again. You have multiple ways to access the instructions – either through paper or through the Instructions Plus app.

Ages: 7 and up

LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 Construction Toy

This is one HEFTY Lego Technic set! Weighing in over 7 pounds when complete, the Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator is living up to its real-life namesake. This is one of the best Technic sets for teens and adults looking for a challenge. The instruction manual features 669 steps to complete the main machine!

This is a motorized, 2-in-1 model. Once you finish creating the bucket wheel excavator, you’ll be able to move it with power functions on the built-in remote control (such as forward and backward motion, moving the boom on the rotating bucket wheel, and turning on and off the conveyor belt transporting your “excavation”.) When you feel the need, you can take this model apart and use the building kit to create a Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant.

A bucket-wheel excavator is used in large mining operations. It’s quite powerful, but due to the enormous size it also moves slower than you’d expect. The real-life machine this model is fashioned off of only reaches top speeds of less than 0.4 mph. That is replicated in this building kit – it’s not the speediest Lego model you’ll ever see, but that’s by design. The attention to realism is one of the selling points of Technic sets.

One of the added bonuses of this set is not only the raw number of pieces (over 3900) but the type of Lego bricks included. There are a ton of square frame and other moving parts, which are great for replay value – they really come in handy when coming up with your own designs in combination with other Lego Technic sets.

This model was originally introduced in 2016 (when it was the largest set by the number of pieces) and is now a retired product. At the time, it probably was the best Lego Technic Set manufactured. Since it is retired, that means you can still find the sets brand-new from some retailers, but there aren’t plans to make more. What exists today is the last of these Lego Technic sets. If this mechanical marvel seems like a challenge you want to take on, my advice is to buy it sooner rather than later.

7. Best For Fast and Furious Racing Car Fans: LEGO Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger

 LEGO Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111 Race Car Building Set, New 2020 (1,077 Pieces)

You don’t have to admit it to me. But I’ll admit it to you – I made my son watch most of the Fast & Furious movies just so I’d have an excuse to watch them myself.

So when I saw the Lego had dropped a LEGO Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger building kit, I was a little excited. The good news is, it’s a cool Lego Technic set on its own – even if you don’t love the movies.

The Dodge Charger R/T of the 1970s is an iconic automobile. With the V8 engine and air blower hanging out of the hood, you’d likely recognize it driving down the street. At 15 inches long, this building set doesn’t fail to represent. You might start to feel a little more like a real mechanic when you are done with this build.

It’s among the best Lego Technic sets for street race car enthusiasts – and you get a lot of features in this kit. For one, the moving pistons, timing belt/chain, and air blower all operate without battery power. Others have rigged it up to motors from other sets, but you don’t have to. There’s a full working suspension – it’s hard to find that in other Technic Lego sets at this price range.

You’ll find some pieces not found in other lego model sets – always a bonus for improving your future creative potential. If you or your children are into cool classic cars, this is a top choice for the best Lego Technic building kit for you.

8. Best Technic Lego Set For Aviators: Lego Technic Fire Plane

LEGO Technic 42040 Fire Plane Building Kit

Unleash your inner firefighter with this amazing airplane! The 2-in-1 Lego Technic Fire Plane comes with some seriously cool features. The propeller spins as you wheel it along before take-off. You can control the wing flaps and elevators with the included yoke. And best of all, you can open the cargo hold to drop Lego water onto raging forest fires! And that’s not to mention the intricate two-cylinder engine!

Feel like a change? Take it all apart and reassemble the 578 pieces into its alternate design: an amazing high-speed Jet Plane! It’s a 2 in 1 model. This design features many movable parts – including a retractable cockpit, elevators, air brakes, and landing gear. Whichever model takes your fancy, get building and take to the skies!

The Lego Technic Fire Plane was among the best Lego Technic sets introduced in 2015, but it has recently been retired from production. I hope Lego decides to introduce some more airplane sets soon. Flying a Lego model is an American tradition, dangit! If you are on the fence about buying or collecting this building kit – you should make your decision soon. LEGO isn’t manufacturing any more of these sets, so supply is limited.

Ages: 9-16

9. Great For Heavy-Duty Construction: LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane

LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane 42082 Building Kit (4056 Pieces)

I’m not sure what it is, but some of the most popular 2 in 1 Lego Technic sets are model cranes.

Yes, cranes. Double the popularity if there are remote controlled.

I guess it’s the fact that when you are done, you can..you know…actually move stuff with these Lego sets. In this regard, the Lego Technic Rough Terrain Crane is a stellar performer. The remote control allows you to take charge of the upper and lower functions of the crane. You can drop or raise the stabilizers, operate the lifting winch, or extend the boom more than 3 feet high. There are a lot of rc moving parts with this model, including a separate gearbox for the upper and lower portions.

It’s a bit of beast to put together at 4056 pieces and 1170 steps, but like all Technic sets, the build itself is a good part of the fun. The product guide is clear, which is helpful when you need to break up the assembly sets into different days. Nothing is worse than not being able to tell where you left off in a building kit – that’s not an issue with this model.

It’s also quite nice to look at. The red and black color scheme is fitting, and there’s something about the proportions that just makes it look sturdy. As one of the flagship Technic sets of 2018, it’s designed to not only be played with but put on display. No matter what path you choose, this model will work.

10. Two Awesome Construction Vehicles In One Set: LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 42043 Building Kit

LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 42043 Building Kit - Best Mercedes-Benz Technic Truck

The ultimate Lego Technic building experience! With 2,793 individual pieces, the Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a genuine engineering project. In fact, for those with interest in how things work, it is one of the best lego technic toys out there!

The finished battery-operated toy can do everything a heavy-duty truck with a hydraulic crane can – and you can learn how it all works by putting one together yourself! It has an incredibly authentic internal system, and it’s a dream to play with. What’s more, when you’re ready for a new challenge, you can take it all apart and use the same pieces to create a fully functional Articulated Construction Truck!

Under the hood (actually, the cab tilts to reveal the engine but still) you’ll find a 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons. There’s twin-axle steering through the Mercedes-branded steering wheel. It comes with not only a motor but an entire pneumatic system – as far as I know, it’s the only Lego Technic building kit with air pressure.

The black, white and grey color scheme is true to the original truck colors. The Mercedes Benz Arocs was among the best Lego Technic sets introduced in 2016, but it has recently been retired from production. If you are looking for a great building kit to collect, or just want to build and play with it – you should hurry. LEGO isn’t making any more of these sets.

11. Best Technic Motorcycle Set: Lego Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R

Much like a monster truck, everyone loves the idea of motorcycles – but not everyone wants to own or drive one. For the less adventurous among us, the Lego Technic Ducati Panigale motorcycle set gives us a chance to bring the cycle fantasy to life without much real commitment – just 646 Lego pieces and some of your spare time.

Much like the Ducati Panigale, this Lego Technic set on its own is a groundbreaker. It’s the first Technic motorcycle to include a 2-speed gearbox. Among the working moving parts featured on this build, you’ll find working front and rear disc brakes and functioning independent suspension. That type of precision means it’s not the easiest of the Lego Technic sets to build. It’s best for someone looking for a challenge.

It’s a beautiful build to look at. The Italian red color is a Ducati classic and really calls attention to the creation. Even the engine design is fun to see. True to the Technic tradition, you can create and put on display this Lego set with the included parking stand.

12. Best Technic Jet: Lego Technic Display Team Jet

Best Technic LEGO Aircraft - LEGO Technic Display Team Jet 42044 Building Kit

The Lego Technic Display Team Jet is an awesome 2-in-1 model plane toy at an affordable price. It comes with 113 Lego pieces and instructions for how to build them into two different models: a display team jet and a stunt plane.

In its jet form, a retractable landing gear means that you can have an aerodynamic design in-flight and then pop out the wheels for a smooth landing. And in its plane form, a flick of the propeller really makes it spin. Either way, this Lego Technic build is perfect for daring air show displays!

As a retired Lego Technic model, Lego is no longer building new sets at their facility. See the section below on retired Lego sets for more information – but make sure you are price-conscious when shopping for this building kit. The price can move quite a bit in a short period of time. Of course, if you are made of money, don’t let me stop you from buying this Technic set – it is one of the best.

Ages: 7-14

13. Lego Technic Arctic Truck

 LEGO Technic Arctic Truck (42038)

One of the things I LOVE about Lego Technic sets is how they allow people to build machines and vehicles they might not ever be able to use in real life. The Lego Technic Arctic Truck is one of those Lego sets – I have no desire to visit the Arctic. It’s cold enough where I live!

Nonetheless, this snow crawler is a cool Lego set to build. It’s one of the 2 in 1 Lego sets, so you get more play for your dollar. With 913 pieces, this Lego Technic set comes loaded with authentic features, like fully functional crawler tracks, an incredible suspension system, and hand-operated crane and cargo. You can change the crane to battery power with an additional motor set. The alternate design option is a Quad Track Pickup Truck with an attached trailer and satellite link-up device. Both designs use the same Lego bricks and pieces – how cools is that!

It’s not that complicated a design, and the crane has been a source of contention since this building kit was introduced in 2015. It’s a retired product these days – so LEGO isn’t making any new ones in 2020 and beyond. This building set is fun on its own, and might be worth picking up just for the snow crawler track pieces to use in your own creative build.

FAQ About LEGO Technic Sets in 2022

Where Can I Buy LEGO Technic Kits?

Most LEGO Technic sets seem to be harder to find at local brick-and-mortar stores versus an “average” LEGO brick kit. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe it’s the higher price point.

Regardless, you can usually find them at either the LEGO store or Amazon. One online store we’ve recently discovered is Zavvi – they have a good inventory of LEGO Technic kits at reasonable prices.

Are LEGOs Good For STEM?

LEGO sets are not just pieces of bricks but a fun activity that teaches kids the basics of STEM for all ages, from novices to advanced builders. The LEGO brand sets feature STEM inspiration designs providing exciting hands-on learning and strengthening fine motor skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, design skills, and other engineering challenges. 

A LEGO STEM toy is a cool activity for kids, a fun challenge that creates an interest in STEM careers by introducing STEM principles like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

What Is LEGO Technic Range Of Toys?

LEGO Technic sets are an extensive collection of LEGO toys that challenge kids to build advanced models using engineering principles. The sets include standard LEGO blocks with engineering components like axles, engine parts, wheels, and other realistic features to build an awesome piece of machinery. A LEGO Technic model building kit is an upscale LEGO version of the standard LEGO Brick sets. 

The LEGO Technic sets include various types of vehicles, machines, and robots with authentic details that fit your child’s interest, skill level, and tech challenge.

Can I Motoroize A LEGO Technic Set?

Some LEGO Technic sets come with motorized functions, for example, movable solar panels that unfold, robots with an extending arm, or opening fuselage. LEGO Technic builders with advanced building skills can build unique motorized LEGO designs. 

Which LEGO Technic Set Has The Most Pieces?

The LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator has 51 more pieces than the previous Tech giant, the Rough Terrain Crane. With 4108 components, realistic features, and motorized functions, it is a great project for ages 12 and up; it may be too challenging for younger kids in elementary school. However, some young builders have more LEGO engineering skills and hands-on experience than many adults. 

The set is also one of the biggest sets, with finished dimensions of 25 inches in length.

What Is The Age Proper Age For LEGO Technic Builders?

 LEGO Technic sets are a good choice for builders aged 11-16 years or younger builders with Technic experience. Some LEGO Technic building sets are designed for eight-year-old boys or girls. 

Other Top Technic Lego Sets We Should Mention – The Retired Ones:

Lego has a habit of retiring Lego Technic sets when you least expect it. They have a page explaining why on their site.

That does mean some of the fan favorites from one year are no longer manufactured in the next. You will still be able to buy those Technic sets – either new or used – from places like Amazon or eBay for years to come.

But should you buy these Lego Technic sets?

As with most things in a semi-free market system, when the supply dries up with demand staying the same, the price will rise until demand falls. This same phenomenon happens with retired Technic Lego sets.

The bottom line for you: Many Lego Technic sets that have been recently retired will sell at a substantial premium to the old list price. This happens even more so for the best lego sets. Sometimes they move in and out of stock quite quickly. Therefore, we’ve put together some shorter reviews of these absolutely great retired Technic building kits that you’ll want to make sure to check the price on before ordering. In the end, only you can decide if the market price is fair for your set or not.

14.Lego Technic 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck

It was a sad day for both Lego fans and tow truck lovers when Lego announced the retirement of their best Technic 2 in 1 Tow Truck building kit. The truck is powered by two motors which can be controlled by remote control. Power functions include a crane and winch, extendable outriggers, steering, and direction.

You can also create a research vehicle with this Lego set. It’s not for a beginner, but from the gearbox to the crane, it’s a high-quality building kit. The high-profile tires look good too. I guess you’d need them on an all-terrain tow truck. The set consists of 1862 pieces to put together.

15. Lego Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter

Best Helicopter Set - LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter 42052 Advanced Building Toy

Another Lego technical marvel, the Lego Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter comes with multiple battery-powered functions. These include power functions such as contra-rotating rotors, opening cargo bay doors, and a fully functional winch. Its design is not only stylish but sturdy, too. In other words, you can swing this Lego Technic set through the air without fear of it falling apart!

Its 1,042 individual Lego pieces present an immersive and rewarding building challenge that lets you learn all about the inner workings of real-life helicopters. It’s among the best building helicopter sets you can find. And when you’re ready to roll your sleeves up again, you can check out the alternate Technic design option: the stunning and fully functional Tandem Rotor Helicopter. Honestly, with this outstanding Lego toy, the sky’s the limit!

Ages: 10-16

16. Lego Technic Compact Crawler Crane

This is a big crane - REALLY big

The Lego Technic Compact Crawler Crane isn’t technically retired, but it is often sold out at most retailers (including LEGO itself). Targeted at younger (10+) builders, this 2 in 1 model can be rebuilt into a Compact Tower Crane. I can see kids having fun picking up other toy cars with this Lego set.

When fully extended this crawler crane set can take up a lot of space. Luckily, it can be retracted into “travel” mode which makes it much more manageable. The original design has brought some complaints about the boom hitting the outrigger legs. What’s great about this Lego Technic model is, like all Lego sets, you can make modifications to improve the build.

17. Lego Technic Dozer Compactor Building Kit

You know what a Dozer Compactor is, right? The large construction vehicle that smushes anything in it’s way – be that soil, gravel asphalt, cars, limbs (wait – what?) It’s also called a road roller – and man, are they AWESOME!

Of course, I’ll never drive one. But Lego has brought some of the heavy-roller fun to the table with the Lego Technic Dozer Compactor. It has all the necessary features – including a driver’s cab, heavy blade and steering, and tough compactor wheels.

It’s also a 2 in 1 Lego Technic set. If you get bored of the compactor, you can build a pretty sweet articulated truck to play with. It comes with a manageable 171 pieces – so kids as young as 8 can have fun putting together this Lego Technic building kit. It’s in the running for the best Lego Technic construction machine ever made – so if the price is right give it a look.

18. Lego Technic Street Motorcycle

Get ready for the best motorcycle ride of your life! The 2-in-1 Lego Technic Street Motorcycle is the epitome of stylish construction. Its sleek and curvaceous three-tone design oozes class, and its mechanics are spectacular. Remove the side panel to see the inner workings of the motorbike’s engine and reveal how it gets the machine moving. With realistic steering, a movable kickstand, and awesome front and rear suspension, the Lego Technic Street Motorcycle model is a joy to construct – and to play with! The 375 individual pieces can also be used to create an alternate design: an amazing Retro Bike. Just choose your style, follow the clear instructions, and you’re all set to hit the road!

Age: 9-16

Did we leave out your favorite Lego Technic building set? Or have you got any tips for making your own Technic designs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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